Chapter 0558: Moving Through The Pain

In the beginning, each time Wu Yu needed a spiritual art from Ming Long, he could always wheedle an exchange out of her.

And now, she did not play around with these. They had gotten familiar with each other and understood each other now.

She knew the first six tiers of the Invincible Vajra Body. At least until Wu Yu broke through to the seventh tier, she could still help him.

Wu Yu was growing stronger now, and he was beginning to realize just how powerful Ming Long truly was one yuan ago.

Her battlefield in the past had been the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It could be said that the Yan Huang Ancient Region had been her home.

In this place, she must have been powerful indeed, for people to group up on her.

She still had many stories about her past, but too much time had passed, and she was not too interested in bringing them up either.

Right now, in this deep sea, she was in Wu Yu's mind, chanting the fourth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body to Wu Yu. The Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body spiritual art.

Actually, Wu Yu had seen this spiritual art from the beginning. But because his ability had been insufficient, he had forgotten it after seeing it. Right now, he had accumulated some power and was ready to take on the challenge of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

Therefore, Ming Long only needed to read the incantation once for Wu Yu to vividly recall the details of these words. Each golden character floated before his eyes, incomparably clear and moving.

These golden words seemed to possess the Invincible Vajra Body themselves, robust, bright, indomitable. Each word shone with resplendent might.

There was a total of 10,000 words in the Invincible Vajra Body, divided into 10 tiers of 1,000 words each. It was very precise.

Right now, the 1,000 words of the fourth tier were circling throughout Wu Yu's body and pressing themselves into his flesh.

Wu Yu was immersed in these intimidating words.

"This is only the fourth tier, and it has such might. If I can truly reach the 10th tier one day, then I will truly be invulnerable. I won't even be afraid of immortals!"

He could not imagine himself then.

In truth, the Invincible Vajra Body, the Great Way of Immortality Art, and the 72 Transformations were all Heaven Dao Mystiques! These were legacies that came from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and were the reason why Wu Yu's mental fortitude was so strong. Right now, even the geniuses of the Jambu Realm did not faze him or make him despair. He believed that his legacy was superior to all!

Even if it currently seemed like everyone could crush him, who could guarantee that he, Wu Yu, would not be the one standing at the peak of the Yan Huang Ancient Region in the years to come?

His goal, from the very beginning, was to become immortal!

Even in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, only the best of the best could become immortal.


Having come here and having seen many true geniuses, his resolve to overtake them grew!

His heroic will welled within his breast!

However, this was the time for him to hunker down, grit his teeth, and hold on. Each time he refined the Invincible Vajra Body, he needed superhuman fortitude and perseverance, and the knack to endure agony. This was Wu Yu's advantage, because he was born mortal. Without question, he had the humblest beginnings in the entire Taigu Immortal Path. Exactly because this was so, he knew how difficult it was to walk the path of immortals!

"Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body."

Before, it had been the Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra and the Nanwu Blazing Sun Golden Vajra.

Right now, it was the Dragon King Buddha.

As for what this Buddha was, Wu Yu guessed that it was the transformed version of the Vajra Buddha.

A body of gold that sat in the lotus position.

Unmovable as a mountain, the invulnerable Vajra.

All matters of this world were within the palm of his hand, under his complete control.

This Dragon King Buddha was undoubtedly even more powerful.

"After you finish the fourth tier, you will have a body akin to a dragon or a Buddha's. The amalgamation of dragon and Buddha - a mystical dragon Buddha! At that time, your bones, sinew, blood vessels, and even your flesh and mind will be as good as that of a mystical dragon's. The Dragon King Buddha is the get of a mystical dragon.

"With the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, when you do those filthy things with that mystical dragon babe, you won't lose out to her. You'll even have her on her knees begging for mercy."

Ming Long had been getting quite dirty recently. She always added in reckless comments.

"You're just a little girl of a few years. How can you be so vulgar? Have you no decency?" Wu Yu blushed.

Ming Long leapt up. "You think me a little girl? Granny's years - I could be your grandmother's grandmother's eighteen times grandmother with years to spare. Granny has killed more people than you have even seen. You dare to bluster about age in front of Granny?"

Wu Yu could not be bothered with her. He was immersed in the world of this spiritual art. It has to be said that she was not wrong. The power of this fourth tier was indeed formidable. It was called “unbeatable” because it was the minor mastery of the Invincible Vajra Body. At that point, even if his limbs were broken, they would probably grow back quickly. If he could find the severed limb, he could reattach it in a trice without any wound.

Besides its formidable offensive and defensive abilities, its recuperative powers were also very strong. Wu Yu had seen the horrifyingly powerful regeneration of the Ghostly Emperor, and the Invincible Vajra Body could bring him close to that level as well. After all, the Ghostly Emperor was using the power of the Spirits of the Universe, marvellous existences that did not abide by ordinary logic.

Given the terrifying power of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, if not for the fact that he was brought low by immortals back then, he would probably be even more terrifying right now.

Wu Yu was currently anxious to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. If he could, he could then create a second Primordial Spirit, and then control the the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, becoming the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord himself!

This was something that Ming Long supported him in.

If he could possess that devouring power, then his second Primordial Spirit would very likely overtake his true form! That was why, to Wu Yu, this egg was very important to him for the time being. He was still hesitating as to whether he should throw it here.

At least he was unwilling to for now.

However, he was afraid that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord would snatch it away during his rise to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

But the matter of the second Primordial Spirit was still far away. He took out the Fire Source Ancient Crystal and focused his will on it.

"The Fire Source Ancient Crystal is only a material for forging. The true key is still the incantation of the Invincible Vajra Body.

"However, the method of forging is truly horrifying."

After Wu Yu learned of it, he too was shocked.

He clarified it with Ming Long numerous times before he finally understood.

He had to slice open his own flesh, and his own heart, and put the Fire Source Ancient Crystal within, allowing the blood in his body to flood this ancient crystal, allowing its essence to enter every corner of his body. The entire process would naturally be accompanied by his incantation of the fourth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body.

Although his powers of regeneration were quite strong, as was his physical body, it was still difficult for him to cut himself.

"In order to do great things, one must be harsh with oneself.

"If I cannot even pass this hurdle today, how can I possibly move towards higher levels in the future?

"The City Lord has pinned his hopes on me. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent needs me to bring us all out of danger! Therefore, my individual pain does not count for much...."

He thought his way through many things. Once his heart was settled and all his problems had been worked through, he no longer hesitated. Within this vast sea, Wu Yu acted decisively. Of course, he would have chosen a safe place if there was one. But within this deep and dark sea, it was unbelievably chaotic, and there was no safe place at all.

Cut and rip!

Fortunately, he could still bear this procedure, although it was a little gory. He swiftly inserted the Fire Source Ancient Crystal into himself, and his wound was already beginning to heal. In a short while, he could not even see the scar on his body!

The real pain was when the Fire Source Ancient Crystal entered his body. It contained power tantamount to that of a Ravaging Ghost Volcano. As Wu Yu chanted the scripture of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, his entire body gave a tremendous shudder. It was as though his body had been transformed into a world, with the Fire Source Ancient Crystal as the core of that world. At this moment, the blood in Wu Yu's body turned to gold. Power, keen beyond compare, surged into the Fire Source Ancient Crystal!

It was like an infinite slew of knives!

The Fire Source Ancient Crystal, swamped with blood, began to emit shrill ringing noises. The battering caused power equivalent to that of a Ravaging Ghost Volcano to burst forth.

Bang, bang, bang!

In that instant, Wu Yu became a golden man of fire!

He was not spontaneously reduced to ash by the Fire Source Ancient Crystal only because he already possessed the Nanwu Blazing Sun Golden Vajra Body. But even so, the effect was fairly terrifying. To Wu Yu, this was a fearful ordeal. The pain caused him to almost forget to recite the scripture at times. He simply wanted it to end quickly and then retrieve the Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

"Wu Yu! Don't give up! Think of how many people need you! Hang on!

"Don't shirk now. Back then, a weak girl like Old Mother here overcame it as well. If you give up now, I will disdain you!

"It will be over very soon. Hang on. This is just the beginning. After a few more times, you'll get used to it and become desensitized. Trust me - this is the hardest part!"

As Wu Yu struggled, Ming Long's frantic words came from beside his ear. She too was anxious. Perhaps even she did not understand how powerful an impact her words had on Wu Yu.

"I can't be disdained by Ming Long!

"That's right, I must endure! If I don't, how could I become immortal?"

At this moment, tears were streaming from his eyes, although they were instantly vaporized by the flames.

His entire body was consumed by the agony of immolation. Scorched again and again, he continued to mouth the Invincible Vajra Body's scripture and was reborn again and again!

The power of the Fire Source Ancient Crystal flowed to every crevice of his body under the stimulation of his blood. No corner of his body escaped the forging flames.

However, Wu Yu felt that each time he read the 1,000thousand words, a new golden dragon seemed to appear within his body. The golden dragon fastened itself to his skeleton, turning his bones into golden dragons. For example, his ribcage now felt like it had become a dozen dragons surrounding his internal organs!

Roar, roar!

From within his body came the roars of dragons.

"Wu Yu, hold on. Whether I can be rebirthed or not depends on you. I admit that for the sake of my rebirth, I’m pinning all my hopes on you. But you're a real man, and you can't give up, you hear me?"

Seeing him struggle through gritted teeth, Ming Long was suddenly moved.

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