Chapter 0557: Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body

Wu Yu got excited at the appearance of the Fire Source Crystal Beast.

Perhaps it had just been too long since he held such a strong desire for something.

He had just lost the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal that was originally his to claim and was feeling depressed.

Now a Fire Source Ancient Crystal had appeared in front of him, and obviously this Fire Source Ancient Crystal was much more useful to him than the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal. 

Even those Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm geniuses were fighting over these seven-spiritual mark primordial chaos treasure from these Spirits of the Universe. This proved the value of these items. Wu Yu was just not clear yet on their usage.

However, he heard that the value of one such Ancient Crystal was equivalent to that of a dao treasure. Its value could be imagined.

If he could capture 10 crystals, he would have the equivalent of 10 dao treasures. Even if he simply sold them, he would receive large amounts of wealth in return.

But the situation now was that these two people were not fighting the Fire Source Crystal Beast, but fighting over it!

The Fire Source Crystal Beast was just a weak prey caught in the fight between these two people.

It was like two tigers fighting over a goat, and in this situation, the two fierce tigers were fighting and the goat was being suppressed by them and could not escape. It could only secretly wait for an opportunity to flee.


These two people held a dao treasure each, one was a dark gold chain and the other was a jade green willow leaf. Now these two dao treasures were surrounding the Fire Source Crystal Beast!

These two people fought and tugged with their dao treasures at the same time, trying to drag the Fire Source Crystal Beast away.

This Fire Source Crystal Beast was caught between the pull of two dao treasures and naturally was trapped. Caught in this tug-of-war, the beast was heavily wounded.

Wu Yu hid and observed this battle. Actually, it was even more difficult for him to steal the Fire Source Ancient Crystal now compared to snatching the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal back from Prince Cloud. Because he could see from the battle that these two were no weaker than Prince Cloud and were at least 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators.

These two fought and competed for their prey. They were quite loud. At the same time, they threatened each other.

These two were top geniuses. There was one male and one female.

"If you know me, then quickly stop. If you continue to do this, then don't blame me for asking my father to wipe out your entire tribe when I return!" the woman screamed sharply. 

The other party laughed and said, "Just based on your tiny country? Stop kidding me, your country's ability cannot even compare to my tribe. It's even more threatening if you use your dao companion's Cloud Immortal Kingdom to threaten me! But don't think that that will scare me. This Taigu Immortal Path is meant to be a fair fight for all. If you use the powers behind you to suppress your opponent, then you are just being despicable and ignorant!"

Hearing that, Wu Yu looked at the woman, and she looked familiar. He recalled that she was the Prince Cloud's dao companion. It looked like they were separated upon entry as well.

Now Wu Yu just happened to chance across her when she was fighting with another person.

"Prince Cloud, you stole my Thunder Source Ancient Crystal, looks like I'm going to have to take this risk now."

He hid and did not move. In this noisy battle, it was difficult for them to spot Wu Yu.

Wu Yu focused on their battle and looked for the perfect opportunity to strike. At the moment, both of their dao treasures were locked onto the Fire Source Crystal Beast. It would be extremely difficult to successfully sneak it away in this mess!

"Continue to fight, it's best if both of you end up heavily injured."

Wu Yu cursed patiently. 

The conclusion did not disappoint him.

These two were indeed on par. Hence, when they fought, it was practically a life or death battle. Both of them used their trump cards. They used at least two Great Dao Mystiques, countless Heaven Earth Void techniques, and dao treasures. Wu Yu was dazzled by such an intense clash. He understood that he was definitely not a match for either one of them. 

But no one won. In this intense battle, their strength was depleted rapidly, and in the end, they were not only exhausted, but had injured each other to varying degrees.

Wu Yu kept waiting and holding back. In this period of time, many opportunities presented themselves, but these were not the best chances. Hence, he continued to stalk his prey. In reality, the ideal opportunity might appear only once, and if he missed it, either one of the two could hide the Fire Source Ancient Crystal in their Sumeru Pouch and he would lose his chance.

All of a sudden, Prince Cloud's dao companion looked as though she was about to be defeated. She had feigned weakness! In that brief moment where her opponent let down his guard, she suddenly took out a talisman. That talisman was terrifyingly powerful. In an instant, it formed a black whirlpool and swallowed her opponent. The man screamed furiously, but the talisman was too powerful. It forced him to shatter his Taigu Immortal Talisman and leave this place.

"There can never be too much deceit in war. I prepared only one Black Hole Life and Death Talisman and I actually wasted it on you!"

That woman was exhausted now. Her willow leaf-like dao treasure had twisted around the Fire Source Crystal Beast. After getting rid of her opponent, she quickly activated her dao treasure. The willow leaf instantly transformed into a sharp blade and cut the Fire Source Crystal Beast. Once the Fire Source Crystal Beast died, its Fire Source Ancient Crystal appeared.

In the fraction of a second...!

This was the moment that Wu Yu had waited for, and he had waited for too long!

In an instant, 1,000 doppelgangers appeared!

His original body took the lead and rushed towards the woman. The first attack he threw at her was Purgatory Chains! Purgatory Chains took effect the fastest. When the woman was about to grab the Fire Source Ancient Crystal, she was suddenly hit by Purgatory Chains and her soul was burned. In that instant, she experienced great, piercing pain!

Wu Yu used the method that he had used to handle Prince Cloud on her!

He and most of his doppelgangers encircled and attacked her! The remaining doppelgangers snatched the Fire Source Ancient Crystal. He had prepared long ago and now his plan was executed. Faced with Wu Yu's strong and swift advances, that woman could only protect herself!

With the Violent Art, Wu Yu waved his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and smashed it down on the other party's head. Under the piercing pain of this offensive power, in addition to all the other doppelgangers' Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Techniques, the first attack from Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains, and the psychological effect of a sneak attack, she had no other option but to focus all her energy on defending herself from Wu Yu's ambush! 


The other party shrieked.

Wu Yu had experienced the depression of having his hard-earned treasure being stolen away. Hence, he could understand her furious emotions now.

In reality, before the two of them exchanged blows, Wu Yu's whole troop of doppelgangers had already successfully stolen the Fire Source Ancient Crystal. 

The other party was indeed exhausted and was injured. She was at her most defenseless moment when hit by Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains. In an instant, she was stunned, and in the next instant, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean's spirit design on its reverse scale was activated as Wu Yu bashed her on the head!


A defensive dao treasure floated out from her. It was of the same characteristic as Wu Yu's Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor, but it was a sea blue chainmail. In this rushed moment, she could only use this dao treasure to defend. However, Wu Yu's Violent Art was still powerful, and when his weapon smashed into her arms, the woman's arms immediately fractured!

The woman screamed in pain and sunk into the depths of the sea!

"Who are you?! You are courting death!" Her pitiful screams reverberated in the surroundings.

Wu Yu had already gotten what he wanted and had attacked this woman. He did not want to stay here any longer. He quickly retrieved his doppelgangers and the Fire Source Ancient Crystal, then he used the Swift Art to escape.

"Tell your Prince Cloud that I'm only taking back what he took from me! But the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal in his hands is still mine!"

After coming to this place, Wu Yu became more open. This Taigu Immortal Path was really a place where one could explore to their heart's content. 

With the Swift Art, the woman failed to see Wu Yu clearly before he disappeared. Soon, all that was left were her ear-piercing wails. However, Wu Yu did not even know her name. Hence, he was not bothered.

After he had gone a safe distance, to a place where there was no one, he took out the Fire Source Ancient Crystal and placed it in his palm.

It was a golden, translucent stone. It was spewing flames and felt hot in his palm. He could see seven deeply gouged spiritual marks. This meant that while this ancient crystal was also a seven-spiritual mark primordial chaos treasure, it was much more precious than other seven spiritual mark primordial chaos treasures as the marks were more pronounced. 

"Let me see!" Ming Long ran over hurriedly. She bent over and stared at the Fire Source Ancient Crystal. She was excited and said, "Oh, this is the thing. We used to call it by another name, the Fire Source Holy Stone. This thing is quite ancient. This is a good thing. This tiny stone contains the power of one Ravaging Ghost Volcano. The good news is that this Fire Source Ancient Crystal can help you forge the fourth tier of your Invincible Vajra Body! It can help a little. Of course, one of these is far from enough. You need more!"

Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body had been stuck at the third tier, the Nanwu Blazing Sun Golden Vajra Body, for a long time. If he stopped improving, then the advantage of his physical body could no longer be maintained. However, there were no resources in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Hence, he had placed his hopes here, but he did not expect hope to appear so quickly!

"How much more will I need?" Wu Yu asked nervously.

He also knew that one was definitely not enough.

"I'm not sure about that. I'm also not sure about the effect of this thing, but no matter what, you will need at least 10!"

"At least 10!?" This amount made Wu Yu depressed. He had expended so much effort just to find one. Where could he find 10 of these? Until now, probably only a handful of these Fire Source Crystal Beasts had appeared.

"If you didn't need at least 10, how would your Invincible Vajra Body be strong? You have to know that you are training for the fourth tier! The fourth tier is higher than the third tier and is much stronger. This is just a conservative estimate - you may need much more than 10. Do you think it will be that easy to get an Invincible Vajra Body that cannot be killed and cannot be vanquished?"

That was true. The more he needed meant the stronger he would be.

Wu Yu remembered that the fourth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body was called the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

He did not know the details, but from the name, since it was an unbeatable body, he was already nearing minor mastery of the Invincible Vajra Body.

"There is a total of 10 tiers. After reaching the fourth tier, you will achieve minor mastery of it. After you reach the eighth, then you will achieve greater mastery. It is only considered a complete mastery when you reach the 10th tier. Hence, if you can achieve the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, heh heh, with the vitality you have, sleeping with 1,000 girls in one night wouldn't even be a problem!"

It was too much to expect something appropriate from her!

Just what in the world was she talking about….

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