Chapter 0556: The Third Kind of Spirit of the Universe

Conquering the Thunder Source Crystal Beast was no walk in the park. However, giving up now was not something Wu Yu would do.

Prince Cloud had grabbed the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal and placed it directly into his Sumeru Pouch.

What this meant was that Wu Yu would have to obtain an overwhelming victory, crush Prince Cloud, and physically retrieve the crystal from him. However, it wouldn't be that easy.

Everyone on the Taigu Immortal Path was a genius among geniuses. All of them could surpass opponents of a higher cultivation level. Yet this fight was necessary.

Wu Yu quickly retrieved his doppelgangers and dispersed the Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique, seemingly giving up and preparing to escape without a scuffle.

Prince Cloud had expected Wu Yu to understand his own position and escape. He had never imagined that at this moment, Wu Yu would suddenly use this brief moment when Prince Cloud's guard was down to surround him with his doppelgangers again! Each and every one valiant and domineering, reluctant to give in. 

Prince Cloud burst into laughter at these theatrics. "Looks like you've decided to make a move. You truly are capable. This mystique seems quite unique and your ability to hide your cultivation level isn't bad. You have made some progress into body refinement. However, are you sure you want to suffer at my hands instead of escaping?

"I'm afraid that those who test my patience may not even have the opportunity to crush their Taigu Immortal Talisman!" As the Cloud Immortal Kingdom's crown prince, ever since he was born, he possessed the best teachers, the best resources. Although the Jambu Realm was incomparably wide, facing a nameless, minor character like Wu Yu was of no concern to him. 

Being able to toy with his opponent would also be enjoyable.

Wu Yu had previously escaped from right under his nose and yet dared to strike now. This was a clear provocation. Despite being all smiles, he was fuming inside. The esteemed him was being taunted by a small fry.

Instead, the reply he had received was Wu Yu's explosive assault!

"You deem yourself respected and above me? Do you think you're the only crown prince?" Wu Yu was also a prince once.

In his berserk frenzy, the doppelgangers began to act, channelling the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique.

This Supreme God Technique was impressive and the opponent, having already witnessed it, would no doubt have taken countermeasures.

However, Prince Cloud had yet to see Wu Yu's 72 Transformations. Wu Yu immediately utilized the Violent Art combined with his Immortal Ape Transformation. His physical strength soared multiple times. Combined with his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, the force was enough to overturn the sea! This single staff strike plummeted towards Prince Cloud's head.

Wu Yu used his own actions at this point to prove to this fool that he was never afraid of him!

The Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique was used both to entrap the opponent and to protect Wu Yu. He knew that the opponent was one of those geniuses that was matchless amongst anyone below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. To win, he had to put in all his effort!

"Small efforts from an insect!" Prince Cloud gave a cold harrumph. Deep down, he was exploding with fury. His noble self was being harassed by this tiny Wu Yu.

"Cloud Immortal Palace!" Facing Wu Yu's two-pronged assault, Prince Cloud had originally wanted to just put a little effort into shrugging off his efforts, but that single staff strike gave him a bad feeling. 

With his life being threatened, Prince Cloud immediately produced his dao treasure.

In the Taigu Immortal Path, it seemed that most of the geniuses possessed a dao treasure. In other words, even the weaklings like Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan possessed dao treasures. It could be said that all these geniuses were not below him.

However, even dao treasures belonged to different grades. Comparing Li Changgong's Star Chasing Arrow and Prince Cloud's Cloud Immortal Palace, although they were both dao treasures, their abilities were on completely different levels.

An immortal palace appeared above Prince Cloud's head, one surrounded by clouds. It looked dignified and holy, befitting the abode of an immortal, possessing an aura that transcended the heavens and earth. Just the sight of it would frighten mere mortals. 

The immortal palace directly protected Prince Cloud. It immediately expanded and served as a barrier. In order to attack Prince Cloud, one would have to first break through this Cloud Immortal Palace.

Bang, bang, bang!

In just brief moments, the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique descended and surrounded the Cloud Immortal Palace. It rapidly expanded into a blazing, black fireball, fiercely incinerating all!

However, Wu Yu knew that the situation with the Thunder Source Crystal Beast would not repeat here. With the Cloud Immortal Palace's protection, the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique had no way of harming Prince Cloud. This dao treasure's protective ability far surpassed that of the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor.

It was almost at the same level as the Yan Huang City Lord's Emperor's Pagoda.

Wu Yu's heaven-defying strike created shockwaves as it struck downwards. The black fire receded around it to give way as the staff directly collided with the immortal palace.


An explosion resounded!

The immortal palace, struck with Wu Yu's explosive violence, was knocked flying like a baseball! This was Wu Yu's strongest strike, utilizing pure brute force. At this point, he could clearly hear the Prince Cloud letting out a loud groan.

The Cloud Immortal Palace was knocked silly amidst the sea. It only stabilized after flying several hundred zhang, but the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique was still affixed upon it.

At this point, the Cloud Immortal Palace suddenly exhumed immense amounts of fog and mist, swallowing up the black flames. An apparition of Prince Cloud's face floated out. That single staff strike had even caused his appearance to become disheveled. His eyes were blood red as he screamed, "You're looking to die!" He was unable to suppress Wu Yu and had even taken a strike, which made him absolutely furious.

"Daring to snatch my treasures is to look for death. I've remembered your name. If the opportunity appears, I will definitely make you pay a heavy price! Remember the name! It's Wu Yu!" 

His strongest assault had not even harmed the opponent. Although Wu Yu felt dissatisfied, he had at least managed to release some pent-up frustration. His thoughts were clear and he knew that the only way he could retrieve his belongings would be to make further breakthroughs.

In this mysterious Taigu Immortal Path, opportunities and dangers came hand in hand. Wu Yu knew that the day he would take his revenge would come soon.

"You want to run?" Prince Cloud bellowed. He rushed out of his Cloud Immortal Palace and made a mad dash towards Wu Yu.

"You finally dare to leave that turtle shell? You feel indignant? It's a pity - with your turtle-like speed, how can you catch me?" Wu Yu taunted belligerently. Although he was unable to snatch the crystal back, the one who was clearly aggravated was Prince Cloud. Many a time, being clouded by anger was already one's loss.

He had been taken for a ride by Wu Yu, and Prince Cloud wished to vent. He stowed his Cloud Immortal Palace, but Wu Yu also retrieved his doppelgangers.

The Swift Art was used to great effect in the Taigu Immortal Path as its speed was unmatched. Wu Yu quickly left Prince Cloud in the dust as he escaped.

Although he had managed to vent slightly, he still felt quite depressed. However, he understood the situation and knew that there was no better option. 

"With my current strength, I'm just a stepping stone in this Taigu Immortal Path. I can't even beat the prince of a minor kingdom, and he even stole one of my belongings. Trying to steal a Taigu Immortal Talisman will be no easy feat.

"There are still eight more months of time. I don't have to be so anxious; I should find a location to increase my strength to improve my odds of success." He may have just risen a tier, but the Taigu Immortal Path was a mysterious place riddled with opportunities. It was possible that Wu Yu would find a way to take another step forward. The Yan Huang City Lord had once said that there were all sorts of mystical treasures that gave people untold opportunities here. Some had even leapt a few tiers in cultivation forward. The chance still existed.

Turning back, he could no longer see even a shadow of Prince Cloud. Wu Yu squinted his eyes. "No one has ever robbed me before. I will get my things back in the future!" Flames were roiling beneath his irises.

After defeating the Thunder Source Crystal Beast, he finally understood what all the geniuses were searching for. He continued to advance, to search for a lucky shot that belonged solely to him.

Charging into a current, he was swept away.

Two days later, Wu Yu was ambling within the dark sea. He had suddenly heard the sounds of battle. It was likely to be a Spirit of the Universe, and he swiftly made his way over.

The closer he got to the source of sound, the stronger the waves got. He was able to hear the grunts of a beast. Could this be a Thunder Source Crystal Beast or a Water Source Crystal Beast? Looking at the tremors, there was clearly someone engaging in a battle with it.

The weird thing was that as he approached, the temperature of the water gradually rose, to a point where it became scorching and steam was emitted all around.

Eventually, he could see a blaze in front of him.

Wu Yu had thought that it was spiritual qi emitted by a cultivator, but it was not.

An inferno raged as a golden flames swept across, a sea of flames blanketing the entire area, wreathing the surroundings in glorious amber. 

What was most important was the fact that amidst the flames could be seen a Spirit of the Universe. It looked like a Thunder Source Crystal Beast but was golden yellow, its entire body cloaked in flames. It ought to be a Fire Source Crystal Beast by logical extension.

They truly did exist.

If that was the case, there might even be Wind Source Crystal Beasts and Earth Source Crystal Beasts.

This Fire Source Crystal Beast definitely possessed a Fire Source Ancient Crystal.

However, the obstruction around it was even greater than that of the one before.

This was because there were two individuals fighting amongst each other to claim the prize. They both possessed immense strength, surpassing Wu Yu's by miles.

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