Chapter 0555: The Cardinal Behind

In this endless, dark sea, there were countless random currents that appeared out of nowhere. There were over 100 people here and an unknown number of Spirits of the Universe. These made up the chaotic situation now.

Wu Yu was within this sea and moving up, down, left, and right. He was frequently washed away by the currents, and after each time, he could not get bearings immediately.

Everyone he met was in a hurry to search for these Spirits of the Universe. From their discussions, quite a lot of them seemed to have already found their treasures.

"I don't know how many rare talents from the Jambu Realm are hidden within these few hundred people."

Occasionally, he would meet one or two people who looked young, but they were already at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, at a level that was no lower than the City Lord or Imperial General.

These people were those who were truly unreachable. Naturally, they ignored him. After all, even they seemed to be looking for Spirits of the Universe in this chaotic, dark sea.

Wu Yu was searching too.

He rushed to many places, and his area of search had exceeded that of many people.

There was no end to this sea.

After approximately three days, Wu Yu suddenly sensed movement at his back. He was here because of a random current. At this moment, he need not turn back to feel that the surrounding sea water possessed a numbing effect!

There was an electric current!

When he turned back, he could only see dark purple lightning snakes in the deep sea behind him. The deeper the position, the larger the density of the lightning snakes and the more twisted and vicious they got.

Wu Yu quickly used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see and immediately discovered that there was a beast about 300 zhang away from him. That beast was not big. It was about the size of a wild horse in the mortal world. However, it was very handsome. He looked carefully and found that this beast looked similar to the legendary Qilin immortal beast, especially with its whole body of mystical dragon-like scales.

This was definitely the Thunder Source Crystal Beast that they were talking about.

The Thunder Source Crystal Beast might have been big, but the lightning and thunder power surrounding it was quite terrifying. With it as the center, there were over millions of lightning snakes within 300 zhang. At this moment, they were moving crazily. Not to mention mortals, even martial cultivators at the Qi Condensation Realm would probably be electrocuted to death by the electric currents in this sea within 10 miles of this Thunder Source Crystal Beast.

This Thunder Source Crystal Beast was indeed an impressive creature.

Just as Wu Yu discovered it, it also noticed Wu Yu. Its bell-sized, authoritative eyes were staring at Wu Yu now. Instantly, an authoritative aura pressed towards Wu Yu. It was as though there were countless thunder and lightning streaks passing through his body!

When it realized that Wu Yu was alone and looked quite weak, the Thunder Source Crystal Beast who was originally ready to escape actually stopped. It raised its head proudly and was too lazy to care about Wu Yu. It continued strolling around.

"It's actually belittling me." Wu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was clearly standing in front of it, yet this prey was belittling him. This difference in treatment was too great.

"This thing is quite strong. It is a being of concentrated Thunder Source, agglomerated from the very essence of primal lightning. It possesses extreme destructive properties. You will likely not win in a fight with it. There is indeed a stone in the core of its head. That is probably the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal everyone has been looking for. That stone is the core of its power. Just one such pebble is equivalent to half a dao treasure." Ming Long actually agreed that Wu Yu might not be its match.

This annoyed Wu Yu. On this whole journey, it was bad enough that everyone here was a genius that could destroy him instantly. Even this Thunder Source Crystal Beast was something beyond his limit?


After he found the Thunder Source Crystal Beast, he did not hesitate to rush towards it. While advancing, his dao treasure, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, was already in his hands.

But this was not enough.

Hence, Wu Yu immediately summoned his doppelgangers. In an instant, his 1,000 doppelgangers surrounded the Thunder Source Crystal Beast. The average person could not differentiate which one was Wu Yu's original body, not to mention this Thunder Source Crystal Beast.

When it saw Wu Yu actually attacking, the Thunder Source Crystal Beast became furious and immediately roared. Its voice travelled far and wide. At the same time, the Thunder Source in its body exploded. The lightning snakes beside it concentrated and rushed towards all of Wu Yu's doppelgangers. The Thunder Source’s power was terrifying. In just an instant, it directly crushed over 300 of Wu Yu's doppelgangers into dust!

"So strong!"

After getting the first hand experience of the terrifying power of the Thunder Source Crystal Beast, Wu Yu dared not belittle it. At this nerve-wracking moment, when a small portion of his doppelgangers were obliterated, he quickly got all his doppelgangers to use the Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique.

In an instant, the Supreme God Technique was released and the remaining 700 doppelgangers were all like golden sculptures. With increased durability, they were no longer at the risk of being decimated instantly. Wu Yu hid amongst them and had a taste of the power of this Thunder Source. If not for the protection of the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor, he would be heavily wounded by merely a strand of the lightning emitted. 

After realizing how strong this Thunder Source Crystal Beast was, and after many people experienced difficulties catching Thunder Source Crystal Beasts, Wu Yu knew what he had to do.

He would have to take out his best abilities and finish this battle with a swift blow!

"Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique!"

The remaining doppelgangers had already encircled the Thunder Source Crystal Beast. At the instant the Thunder Source Crystal Beast was about to burst out, the doppelgangers executed their techniques simultaneously!

Raging, black flames appeared in the surroundings of the Thunder Source Crystal Beast. Once they appeared, they were densely packed. Additionally, Wu Yu's original body was also executing that technique, so the power was even stronger!

From within these black flames, godly emperors floated out one after another. Compared to the Thunder Source Crystal Beast, they were even more domineering!

In an instant, countless black flames passed through the explosive Thunder Source and quickly rushed towards the Thunder Source Crystal Beast. In an instant, the Thunder Source Crystal Beast was swallowed by the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique.

Wu Yu's explosive attacks were quite terrifying. The Thunder Source Crystal Beast was also shocked upon seeing so many identical Wu Yus.


At this moment, all the lightning on this Thunder Source Crystal Beast was swallowed by Wu Yu's Supreme God Technique. All the black flames in this sea formed into a huge, black ball of flames. There were over 100,000 godly images chanting sutras on this ball of flame. In an instant, their voices were overbearing and the Thunder Source Crystal Beast was trapped within. It roared furiously and bashed the fiery cage, but within this short period of time, it failed to break out.

One could only see an occasional purple lightning bolt escaping through that black ball of flame.

Wu Yu was manipulating his Supreme God Technique and attempting to incinerate the Thunder Source Crystal Beast directly. However, this did not prevent him from using his Great Dao Mystique. After all, the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique was already in operation. Now he only needed to power it and manipulate it carefully!

"Purgatory Chains!"

The second tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Purgatory Chains!

While this Thunder Source Crystal Beast was a Spirit of the Universe, perhaps its soul existed in some weird form. However, Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains was still effective! The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was also a Spirit of the Universe and he possessed a soul.

At this moment, the Thunder Source Crystal Beast was no doubt being burnt both physically and harmed spiritually by Wu Yu. Hence, within the Supreme God Technique, it became crazier and howled pitifully. 

Deep in the sea, the giant, black ball of flames rotated fiercely. It was covered with many Imperial Emperors who were sitting upright.

Occasionally, lightning would tear them apart and Thunder Source lightning would explode outwards and rush towards Wu Yu. At this moment, the Thunder Source Crystal Beast had already found Wu Yu's original body. However, Wu Yu was now wearing his armor dao treasure. Hence, the Thunder Source that escaped could do nothing to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was now using all his strength and attacking when it was unprepared. If he still could not defeat this Thunder Source Crystal Beast, then he really had no qualifications to take part in this hunt.

His Purgatory Chains and Supreme God Technique burned continuously for 15 minutes!

Wu Yu was really lucky that in this period of time, no currents had appeared to push him away.

The Thunder Source Crystal Beast struggled violently at first, but towards the end, it's ability to retaliate weakened, and in the end, Wu Yu finally succeeded!

This Spirit of the Universe had lost its ability to defend. Half of its body was burnt and it could not move at all.

But at this moment, Wu Yu's face was pale and he was panting. He had exhausted almost all his strength to barely defeat this Thunder Source Crystal Beast.

After the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique disappeared, Wu Yu saw the Thunder Source Crystal Beast's body disappearing within the sea. The Thunder Source Ancient Crystal appeared in place. It was about the size of a fist and was uneven. It was purple and translucent. Thunder and lightning surrounded the stone. Now, even though only this Thunder Source Ancient Crystal remained, the surrounding thunder and lightning power did not reduce at all.

After a difficult battle, he had finally gained something.

Wu Yu stretched out his hand to drew the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal to him.

This was the fruit of his difficult battle.

He did not expect a power to suddenly appear at this moment and cut off the connection between Wu Yu and the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal. Thick, heavy, white clouds actually appeared suddenly under this sea. Wu Yu was exhausted and caught off guard. He was knocked away by a violent power.

When he stood up, a young man in white with long, flowy hair stood before him, smiling. He held the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal in his hand and mocked Wu Yu. "I shall take this treasure as an apology offering for your disrespectful actions previously. In consideration of this treasure, I'll not chase you away from the Taigu Immortal Path. You aren't thinking of snatching it back, are you? Obviously, you should not be such a stupid foolish person."

He did not expect this person to be Prince Cloud of the Cloud Immortal Kingdom.

Wu Yu had just defeated the Thunder Source Crystal Beast and was slightly relaxed. But then this person suddenly appeared….

From that quick, strong action just now, it was likely that he was nearby when Wu Yu was fighting and was followed the noise. He was not in a hurry to make a move and waited until now to snatch it.

Usually, no one could snatch Wu Yu's things like this.

But this Prince Cloud was a 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator and his battle power was comparable to that of the Grand Architect Sword Sage, or maybe he was even stronger. Now that the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal was in his hands, it was a great loss for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was very unwilling, but he was exhausted. How could he be Prince Cloud's match right now?

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