Chapter 0554: Thunder Source Crystal Beast

Bai Xueyuan left without hesitation.

Of course, this only served as proof of this Prince Cloud's great power.

The Yan Huang City Lord had said before that the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the divine continent were different. The competition here was stronger and it was on the level of countries. Once the competition between political influence and power, natural resources, and dao treasures and immortal treasures erupted recklessly, it would often become a real war of the Immortal Dao. 

The Battle of Ghosts and Gods between the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the ghostly cultivators was child's play here.

Here, there were many generations of hatred between countries and powers. And the influential power of politics was sometimes scarier than battle power. For instance, Bai Xueyuan and her group were actually more afraid of their identities.

These people did not consider Wu Yu a threat at all. Until now, they only stared at Wu Yu coldly and waited for Wu Yu to leave by himself.

One of them looked at Wu Yu and muttered, "Fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator? You are really lucky to be able to enter this place by coincidence." 

"Don't waste time here, they are all entering." Someone looked towards the white light. He was getting anxious.

Prince Cloud saw the situation and looked at Wu Yu again. Wu Yu actually did not move at all. He raised his authoritative aura and said, "Are you refusing to leave? Do you want me to personally send you to your death?"

Wu Yu smiled and replied, "Prince Cloud, you don't have to worry about me, I'll leave on my own." When they heard his words, Prince Cloud and the others thought that Wu Yu was quite understanding. However, what happened next made all of them freeze on the spot.

Wu Yu used the Swift Art and instantly flew off on his sword. When he flew on his sword, he rushed straight ahead. His speed could be raised to five times the maximum. Hence, in the blink of an eye, Wu Yu vanished before them.

By the time they reacted, Wu Yu had long run away.

When they raised their heads and looked into the pitch black starry sky, they had no idea where Wu Yu had gone to.

"Prince Cloud, this nameless pawn toyed with you!" A handsome, noble young man mocked and laughed. 

Prince Cloud's expression darkened. He wanted to chase Wu Yu to teach him a lesson, but the problem was that he was very shocked too because even he could not catch up to the speed that Wu Yu had exhibited just now….

"Do you guys think that this nameless pawn's speed is shockingly fast?"

"Even if he was faster and we did not expect any movements from him, he shouldn't have been able to escape the encirclement..."

Prince Cloud nodded his head and said, "That guy is just a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He should be a citizen of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. His speed is so shocking because he possesses something special. He should count himself lucky. This was unexpected. If he meets me again, I'll make him pay for tricking me!"

"Alright, brothers, let's not waste time on some stranger. Let's go. They already went in!"

At this moment, a few hundred top geniuses of the Jambu Realm were gathered here.

Each time someone entered that white light, others would fight to rush in. Every one of them was rushing into it.

In an instant, a huge crowd gathered.

After leaving Prince Cloud and his group, Wu Yu hid in the crowd. In the crowd, he was not outstanding. There were too many terrifying existences in the crowd. They were all the cream of the crop. Yet he felt even more shocked when he saw the sight himself. Some of the strongest of these geniuses were no longer with the group. They must have already rushed into the white light from the get go.

"What is inside?"

Whilst everyone chose to enter it, Wu Yu could not stay behind outside.

He hid within the crowd and his body was swallowed by that white light very quickly. At the instant he was swallowed, he felt as though he was floating in a river. He was surrounded by gentle river water. Whilst he passed through that white light, it was as though he had entered another world. When he looked carefully, he saw that he had gone from the starry sky into the sea. Wu Yu was now in some sort of sea.

This sea was endless and dark, as though the water was black. Under the usual circumstances, it was difficult to see far.

Wu Yu realized that there was no one in his surroundings.

Just as he was about to use the Eyes of Fire and Gold to observe his surroundings, a crazy wave of sea water suddenly surged forward. It was quite unbelievable to see a wave in these peaceful waters. The surprising thing was that the power of this violent wave was actually quite significant. It washed Wu Yu away in an instant. Engulfed by this turbulence, he did not know how far away the water would drag him.

Wu Yu expended all his energy but failed to steady his own body. He was practically giddy from the turbulence. 

He only regained his balance after this turbulence subsided. He looked at his surroundings again. This seemed like a pitch black, endless sea. It was still very quiet, but there were random violent movements. These turbulent motions appeared out of nowhere. They appeared  suddenly and might possibly bring Wu Yu to other places.

Wu Yu was once again dragged away by this sudden current, bringing him to another position. Wu Yu quickly used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to investigate his surroundings. This was still an endless sea. However, there was a person not too far away. He was also a young genius of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

He looked over when Wu Yu arrived.

But just as he saw Wu Yu, Wu Yu saw yet another strange current suddenly appearing behind that person, and it instantly washed him away. Wu Yu had not even taken a clear look at that person's face.

"Looks like this is an endless sea with random turbulence that can take people anywhere. Such a mysterious place can only appear in the Taigu Immortal Path! I heard that the scenarios in Taigu Immortal Path have never appeared twice in the 50-year cycles. How big is this Taigu Immortal Path?

"They found out that I'm from the Yan Huang Ancient Country so easily. Obviously, people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country have very obvious characteristics. This random turbulence is my chance to see if I can find people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Thinking about that, Wu Yu quickly changed his position and paid special attention to the surrounding turbulence. However, even so, he was washed away a few times, and in the meantime, he met many people. However, all these people were moving carefully and none of them paid attention to Wu Yu.

He could vaguely sense that others were moving though the deep sea. There were conversations and there were groups, especially between sea region demons. This place was practically the world of these demons. Wu Yu had seen a few sea region demons, but they also could not escape from being dragged along.

He met one sea region demon who saw that Wu Yu was weak and wanted to attack him. In the end, he was washed away by the random current to somewhere unknown.

"I think that everyone should be in this sea." When he listened hard, it seemed like his surroundings were getting noisier. Sometimes, there were sounds of battle. Obviously, they were fighting.

But as time passed, Wu Yu could tell from the sea waves that battles were getting more frequent. Usually, when in such a place, people would only battle and fight when something worth fighting for had appeared.

"Perhaps other than these random turbulence, there is something else in this ocean?" Wu Yu was also searching.

About 15 minutes later, a random current suddenly brought two people to Wu Yu. These two seemed to have just been in a fight. They looked depressed. One of them said to the other, "It's all your fault! You did not attack decisively. If not, we could have captured that Thunder Source Crystal Beast! Now someone got that Water Source Ancient Crystal! How can we let go of such a precious treasure!?"

"Alright, stop talking about it. Let's continue searching! You cannot blame me for this. If not for these random currents, how could we have let that Thunder Source Crystal Beast escape?"

Wu Yu was just in front of them and he asked, "What is a Thunder Source Crystal Beast?"

The two of them took one look at Wu Yu and one of them coldly said, "You want to know? Give your life in exchange for it!"

After saying so, the two of them ignored Wu Yu and left. They ran in the direction that they came from, but they were really unlucky. They only made it out a few steps before they were washed away again. Not only that, these two were washed away in different directions and were directly split up.

"Ming Long, what is this Thunder Source Crystal Beast?"

Ming Long finally had the chance to show off. She immediately became proud and laughed. "Look at your foolish, stupid face. You still have to depend on me, Ming Long, at such crucial times. Heh heh."

"Can you not talk rubbish?"

"Nope. I want to. What are you going to do about it?."

Ming Long was like this. She always had to boast for half a day. She only explained after she was satisfied. "It seems to be a type of Spirit of the Universe. The fact that it lives in the Taigu Immortal Path means it is definitely neither human nor demon. Only Spirits of the Universe born from the heavens and earth can appear here. Just now, they were saying that there is something called the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Perhaps every Thunder Source Crystal Beast has a Thunder Source Ancient Crystal. So perhaps there are Water Source Crystal Beasts? I have not heard of such beasts, so they must be Spirits of the Universe."

There were actually Spirits of the Universe swimming about in this sea.

He remembered the last time Spirits of the Universe appeared - they were at the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Those green-colored Green Glows were etched deeply in Wu Yu's memory.

"Looking at those people, it must be something important if even they think that this Water Source Ancient Crystal is precious. There are too many miraculous treasures in this Taigu Immortal Path!"

Wu Yu also thought so. He could look around at the same time when he was searching for the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, to see if he could find anything precious. This was also very important to him.

Hence, he increased his area of activity and searched everywhere. In the meantime, he met many people, and they looked anxious too. They were searching relentlessly for something. It was not easy for Wu Yu to even want to join them.

It seemed like everyone now knew about the existence of these Spirits of the Universe. Hence, there was a hunting event going on in this ocean.

"There are Thunder Source Crystal Beasts and Water Source Crystal Beasts. After killing them, one can get the Thunder Source Ancient Crystal and Water Source Ancient Crystal inside them. This Thunder Source Ancient Crystal seem to be something really ancient and is considered a primordial chaos treasure. It actually has seven spiritual marks! Its value is high and it is very useful. I heard it can be used for training."

Wu Yu gradually collected information from other people's conversations.

"Only these two types? There's no Fire Source Crystal Beast? Fire Source Ancient Crystal? If there are primordial chaos treasures with seven spiritual marks, then perhaps they will be very useful to you, especially in large amounts," Ming Long said.

"I've not heard of them at the moment, but perhaps they exist," Wu Yu said.

But at least until now, he had not even seen a hair of these Spirits of the Universe.

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