Chapter 0553: Prince Cloud


Bai Xueyuan was right. Anyone who had broken away from their planet and arrived at the endless cosmos would spot the dazzling, white spot amidst the boundless darkness. 

That was just like a bright lamp amid the darkness, attracting everyone's attention. 

Both of them got ready to move. 

Bai Xueyuan tilted her head and looked at him. Her expression was gentle and she said, "When we get closer to that place, there will likely be quite a number of people gathered there. Those who entered the Taigu Immortal Path are all competitors. Moreover, some of them might be archenemies with one another. Perhaps there might even be a racial feud. There are even sea region demons to throw into the mix. Some of them might engage in life or death battles upon encountering us. Both we are definitely considered weak amongst them. Therefore, we have to be careful in everything we do. You have hidden your strength such that you appear to be a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. Instead of diverting attention from yourself, you will be especially attention-grabbing." 

After speaking for so long, she finally got to the main point. Since she would be going with Wu Yu, she naturally wouldn't want Wu Yu to be too attention-grabbing. 

Wu Yu couldn't do anything about this. He shook his head and replied, "There's nothing I can do about this. I'm sorry." 

Bai Xueyuan was just giving him pointers. If he wouldn't change, she wouldn’t bother to insist otherwise. Both of them flew rapidly towards the dazzling, white spot. When she saw Wu Yu flying on his sword, she exclaimed in surprise, "You are a sword cultivator?" 

Wu Yu shook his head. 

They continued their journey and went past several planets along the way. There were some people in those planets that saw them. At this time, they were thinking hard of a way to escape. Therefore, they shouted loudly and asked. However, Bai Xueyuan signalled to Wu Yu to ignore them. 

"They are all competitors. The longer they are trapped, the more advantageous it will be for us." 

As such, Wu Yu ignored them. The truth was that Wu Yu wanted to encounter more people. This way, he could look for the target whom he would snatch the Taigu Immortal Talisman away from. 

However, he realized that most people on these planets had in fact left the confines of the spirit designs already. Those who could come to this place were all otherworldly geniuses. Seeing through the setup of the spirit design wasn't particularly difficult. 

There were already lots of people who had headed towards that bright spot. 

"Wu Yu, I have never heard of your name. The Yan Huang Ancient Country is really vast. Which continent are you from? Which residence are you from?" 

The Yan Huang Ancient Country spanned across a total of three continents. 

She was a little interested in Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu answered, "I'm just a small fry. It isn't just you. Even if you took the Central Region Divine Continent into perspective, there are likely few who know me." 

The Central Region Divine Continent was one of the three regions. The reason he said this name was because Wu Yu only knew about the Central Region Divine Continent. 

"So you are from the Central Region Divine Continent. It's not surprising now that you have such means." Bai Xueyuan's expression changed slightly. This made Wu Yu realize that the Central Region Divine Continent was probably terrifying among the 19 continents of the Jambu Realm. Moreover, as its core was the real center of Yan Huang Ancient Region, that had to be where the central land was located. 

Through occasional chats, Wu Yu attempted to estimate the qualities of the people who were at the Taigu Immortal Path. For example, their strength, cultivation levels, and others. 

This was his initial intention for moving together with Bai Xueyuan. 

Naturally, having a beautiful girl to chat with along the way was also really enjoyable.... 

"What she is trying to say is likely that among the people who have entered the Taigu Immortal Path, most of them are at least eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Moreover, these eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators have talents that exceed their cultivation level. Even ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators would be considered weak. Among them, there might even be a large number of Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. Moreover, all of them are under the age of 50." 

The Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was emulating the rules from the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

"They are so young and yet so many of them have reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. That's really incredible! It's not surprising that people in the Yan Huang Ancient Region still stand a chance in becoming immortal!" 

Wu Yu was shaken to his core. At the very least least, dealing with ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators was his limit. If that was the case, his strength would indeed be classified as below average in the group. 

However, this further triggered his fighting spirit. He wasn't a person that would admit defeat so easily and willingly. 

After a long journey of several days, they finally arrived at the vicinity of the dazzling, white spot. When they reached this place, they indeed found that the opening was exceptionally huge. The dazzling, white glow before them took up at least half of their field of vision! 

Along the way, Bai Xueyuan tried to find out more about Wu Yu's identity, background, and other information. However, her plan was always foiled by Wu Yu. 

Instead, Wu Yu learnt many other things from her. 

Judging from the huge commotion behind them, there was likely a large number of people who broke out from their planets. The truth was that there would always be people who would spread the method to get off the planets after they learned about it. As the information spread, all the people would know towards the end. Therefore, when Wu Yu was almost there, there were probably a few hundred people rushing towards this place. 

Obviously, there were also many people who had arrived before them. When they reached the place, Wu Yu saw several dozen black figures before the white light. They had stopped at this place and no one stepped into the white light. They were probably considering and investigating. 

In fact, the numbers were way larger. Many were hidden in the vicinity to avoid attention. 

However, those who had arrived at this place earlier were basically really strong. When Wu Yu got closer, he didn't dare to move ahead immediately. This was because from his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could tell that among the several dozens of people before him, at least 80% of them were young Primordial Spirit Transformation experts. There were humans and also demons! 

In fact, some of them felt even stronger than the Taixu Sage Master! Compared to the people on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, these people were probably true demon-like existences! 

With so many obscenely powerful people gathered here, each of them elite cultivators that exceeded the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, Wu Yu had to keep a low profile. With so many people around, even if there were people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country and he had identified a target, he wouldn't dare to make a move here. 

Bai Xueyuan and him moved towards a corner and hid themselves. No one had stepped into the white light at this moment, and everyone was pondering and waiting for others' reactions. Occasionally, there might be people conversing. Other than that, the cosmos was deathly silent. 

As time passed, more and more people gathered in this place. Soon after, at least counting those visible to him, there were several hundred people. This was still just those who remained after the selection round on the planets. Otherwise, there would definitely be more people. 

Experts were everywhere in this place. Wu Yu observed from the dark, and it was indeed an eye-opener. At least in this place, geniuses seemed absurdly common. Taking Bai Xueyuan as an example, she could defeat the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and would definitely be basking in the limelight. However, in this place, she could only hide in a corner, keep a low profile, and not move recklessly. 

"Don't look around recklessly," Bai Xueyuan reminded softly. If Wu Yu attracted the attention of those insane geniuses, she would suffer collateral damage as she was standing beside Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu kept his actions in check a little. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Region was truly too huge. 

At this moment, a portion of the core participants were discussing who should enter the interior of the dazzling, white area to investigate first. 

There would always be people who were brave enough to enter first. If there were any benefits, they would definitely be the first to get them. Naturally, if there were dangers, they would also be the first to be eliminated. 

The only worrying thing would be dangers that wouldn't give them the time to react and activate their Taigu Immortal Talismans. 

At this moment, a group of people from afar seemed to have spotted Bai Xueyuan and were moving towards her. There were five of them, and every single one was really young with an extraordinary demeanor. It was as though they were from the immortal world. 

One of them flew ahead with his hands behind him and said to Bai Xueyuan, "You must be Junior Sister Bai from the Snow Expanse. Have you seen Li Changgong from our Cloud Immortal Kingdom?" 

Wu Yu was shocked. They were from the Cloud Immortal Kingdom! Or at the very least, the one who spoke was. This man was even younger than Li Changgong. However, it was clear that he was a 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator and wasn't any different from the Grand Architect Sword Sage of Shushan. The Grand Architect Sword Sage was a grandmaster in Shushan, and this person was just a teenager.....

Bai Xueyuan smiled faintly and said, "I happened to end up on the same planet a Li Changgong. However, Li Changgong lost to him and has returned to the Cloud Immortal Kingdom." 

She was fluent and smooth and seemed to have prepared for it. 

"I'm sorry. This person hid his true strength. Li Changgong and I were careless and allowed him to ambush us successfully. I came with him on purpose so I could tell Prince Cloud what happened to Senior Brother Li." 

Wu Yu was pretty impressed by Bai Xueyuan. She hadn't grumbled at all along the way and had showed no displeasure before Prince Cloud’s arrival. The moment the other party asked, she turned the blame towards Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had not expected the prince of the Cloud Immortal Kingdom to be among this group of people. The moment Bai Xueyuan finished her words, the other party had him surrounded. The remaining few were all 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Every single one of them was not to be messed with, and they had all locked Wu Yu down. 

Wu Yu wasn't particularly worried. He exclaimed with a surprised look and said, "Ms. Bai, it's you who came looking for me to defeat Li Changgong together! Why are you pushing all the blame to me now?" 

Since she was framing him, Wu Yu retorted and wouldn't let her off easily. 

After all, with each side making their claims, who would know what the truth was? 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, Bai Xueyuan's expression changed. She said, "Wu Yu! Don't malign me! It's you...." 

Wu Yu interrupted her and said, "As the saying goes, 'a woman could turn vicious in a moment'. You must be thinking of joining their group and therefore chose to betray me! This is really ruthless! I'm impressed!" 

Bai Xueyuan had framed him first, so she couldn't blame Wu Yu for what he was doing. 

Clearly, the prince of the Cloud Immortal Kingdom had no patience to determine who was right. He said solemnly, "Stop your bickering. Both of you, know what's best for you and get out of the Taigu Immortal Path. Don't ever let me see either of you again. Be smart and don't anger me. If I have to send you guys out personally, it won't end well." 

This time, Bai Xueyuan had caused harm to herself while trying to harm others. 

Her tears were flowing while she panicked and she cried pitifully, "Prince Cloud, this person hid his true strength on purpose and is extremely cunning. Please don't believe him! Li Changgong fell for his plot! My Snow Expanse has always maintained a cordial relationship with the Cloud Immortal Kingdom. You can't do this to me...." 

At this point, a girl beside Prince Cloud stepped forward. She was more domineering than Bai Xueyuan and shouted, "Bitch! Don't act pitiful before my dao companion. Get lost immediately." 

Prince Cloud was probably wary because his dao companion was around. Otherwise, he wouldn't have completely ignored Bai Xueyuan without even taking a glance at her. 

It was unfortunately tragic for Bai Xueyuan. 

"I'll count to three. If you still don't know what's best for you. I'll let you experience it yourself," Prince Cloud remarked coldly. 

Bai Xueyuan was tearing from anger. She looked vengefully at Wu Yu and growled, "I remember you now!" 

The truth was, she was afraid of Prince Cloud too. Therefore, she crushed her Taigu Immortal Talisman and left, fuming with hatred. 

Wu Yu was next. 

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