Chapter 0552: The Way Out

The descent of the seven stars were like seven huge mountains, or perhaps seven huge worlds, falling on Wu Yu's head. 

The might of the dao treasure suffocated the person below. 

Coupled with the strong gravity of the planet itself, Wu Yu felt rather miserable at the moment. 

Li Changgong was indeed not weak. In comparison, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu wouldn't be a match for him. 

"However, so what if that's so!?" 

Wu Yu suddenly exploded, and with the rod in his hand, he charged towards the sky. 

He didn't just have a single dao treasure on him! At this moment, Wu Yu triggered the main design, the Battle God Guardian Formation of the Prime Heavenly Emperor, on the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor. At that instant, his body, skin, and armor color changed drastically into gold! 

The current Wu Yu was just as though he was forged from gold. On top of his Invincible Vajra Body, he had an additional layer of protection. 

What was more important was that the secondary design was activated. When his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy interacted with the power of the dao treasure armor, it was amplified and greatly strengthened. When Wu Yu injected the strengthened energy into the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, the domineering force instantly caused the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean to become even more aggressive. A raging blue dragon circled the dao treasure as though it was a real dragon, and a deafening roar could be heard from it! 

"Violent Art!" 

With the stacking of an art from the 72 Transformations, his physical body had also grown exceptionally aggressive and savage. 

While being suppressed by the opponent's dao treasure, Wu Yu released the pinnacle of his individual strength. He was extremely violent and intense and rather explosive! At this time, the Seven Stars suppressed down from his head. Li Changgong smirked coldly and his eyes were filled with contempt. He was confident that Wu Yu wouldn't find his real location within the Above Clouds Realm. After all, the Seven Stars covered a huge area. 

However, the moment Wu Yu took off violently, he had locked down on his location. 

He didn't just use Abyss to lock down on his location. Following which, he triggered the second tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Purgatory Chains! The formless flames from his eyes and the might of his mystique penetrated into Li Changgong's body directly and torched his soul. Before one reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, one's soul was formless. Even when it was formless, it wouldn't be able to withstand Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains! 

It would be hard for Purgatory Chains to kill someone. However, it could greatly weaken an opponent's battle prowess. It was just like stabbing a dagger into the vitals of one's body at the most critical juncture. 

Li Changgong was flabbergasted. The pain his soul felt was unprecedented. 

At this moment, Wu Yu broke through the Above Clouds Realm and suddenly appeared below the Seven Stars. The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was fully triggered. With extreme dominance, Wu Yu smashed across. The Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design also shot into the sky and unfolded as the angry dragon rumbled. At that instant, Purgatory Chains and the might of the dao treasure were released at the same time. At the same time, the might of the second dao treasure, the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor, and the stacking of Violent Art had pushed Wu Yu to release his pinnacle strength within this seemingly simple strike! 


This time, in a contest of absolute strength, Wu Yu destroyed Li Changgong's attack in the most violent way. The Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design collapsed completely and was broken apart by brute strength. The moment it was broken, Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean broke through the Above Clouds Realm and landed on the chest of Li Changgong. One could only hear cracking sounds and the blood-curdling screams of Li Changgong. The entire Above Clouds Realm suddenly collapsed and everything became as clear as day. Li Changgong smashed into the spiritual design in the sky before crashing onto the ground, completely drenched in blood at this moment! 

As the battle progressed, Li Changgong was utterly defeated. 

Wu Yu gave chase and appeared before him instantly. Li Changgong held on to his Chasing Stars Above Clouds Spear and was struggling on the ground desperately. Wu Yu had finally defeated an opponent and wanted to see if he could snatch his Taigu Immortal Talisman. After all, a Taigu Immortal Talisman to the Cloud Immortal Kingdom could still serve as a layer of safety net. 

"You have lost!" 

Wu Yu pressed against Li Changgong's chest with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean to lock him down. 

Li Changgong was astonished and looked at Wu Yu in defeat. He growled, "I had never expected you to hide your strength. No matter what means you have employed, such actions are truly despicable and shameful! Who would have known that my journey on the Taigu Immortal Path would end in your hands! I remember your name now! Your name is Wu Yu! I'll tell you this! This is not the end between us! When you are back in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, I'll definitely look for you to settle this!" 

After finishing his sentence and while Wu Yu was searching for the Taigu Immortal Talisman on him with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he triggered the Taigu Immortal Talisman. He was shrouded in white light, sucked away, and disappeared before the eyes of Wu Yu. 

It seemed like the majority of the people who had entered the Taigu Immortal Path were focused on remaining alive and wouldn't take much risk. After being utterly defeated by Wu Yu, Li Changgong didn't hesitate and didn't appear to be unwilling to leave. Instead, he fled immediately, and this was him admitting his defeat. 

This battle was brief but intense. Luckily, Wu Yu had the upper hand in a confrontation of absolute strength. 

However, just as he had expected, he didn't get anything after defeating Li Changgong. 

Now that Li Changgong had left and the Above Clouds Realm had dissipated, Wu Yu was left behind alone. When the Taigu Immortal Talisman was triggered, the spirit design above him changed and seemed to have weakened further. Wu Yu lifted the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and poked upwards. Initially, he felt some resistance. However, it was clear that the spirit design had loosened! Wu Yu was a little surprised. 

"The spirit design has almost lost its effect. Who would have known that we could escape just by eliminating two people!" 

In that case, he wouldn't have to deal with Bai Xueyuan anymore. Clearly, he had executed the Violent Art. If he had to deal with Bai Xueyuan in close succession, he might not be a match for her. 

Since the effects of the spiritual design had weakened substantially, Wu Yu felt that he couldn't hesitate further. When the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean could barely penetrate the spirit design, he mustered all his strength and charged upwards explosively. Using the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean to open the path, he pushed upwards. The spirit design was just like a swamp. When Wu Yu dived into it, leaving was tenuous. There was still a huge force wrapping around his body. However, after exerting and expending huge strength and energy, he managed to squeeze out of the spirit design forcefully like a mudskipper. 

When he broke free from the spirit design, Wu Yu felt the gravity of the planet disappear instantly and the weight on his body vanished. He almost flew away in a straight line. 

Now he was amidst the endless cosmos. Everything looked extremely far and empty. When he looked down at the planet from a high spot, the planet looked rather small. 

"Senior Brother Li, this is great. The spirit design has lost its effect...." From the other end of the planet, an alluring girl with silver hair and blue eyes flashed across rapidly. She was exhilarated and looked relieved. Perhaps she felt that it was easy, considering that she would no longer have to duel it out with Li Changgong. 

She rushed over in ecstasy, but to her surprise, she saw Wu Yu before her upon lifting her head. That moment, her expression was truly spectacular....

Her pupils widened and her smile stiffened. She was completely taken aback and stopped on her tracks abruptly. She remained stationary within the cosmos and stared blankly at Wu Yu. Her red lips were slightly apart and shivering. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.... 

"You... I...." 

Wu Yu looked at her and felt embarrassed on her behalf. 

"If I snatch her Taigu Immortal Talisman, I will end up in the vicinity of the Snow Expanse in the Northern Hell Snow Continent. That would likely be within the scope of influence of the Snow Expanse. Her people would be waiting for her return. How would I explain myself to her people if I ended up there?

"Therefore, it would be best if I could find someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. That would be more suitable. It's still early now, so I don't have to be in such a rush." 

After all, he had just come in. It would still be eight months, or perhaps even longer, till the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman lost its effect. 

If he were to end up in the Snow Expanse and lose his life in the process, things would get problematic. 

As such, he had no intention or reason to fight with Bai Xueyuan. When he defeated Li Changgong previously, the other party instantly hated him. 

Bai Xueyuan took a long time to react to the situation. She probably understood that Wu Yu had defeated Li Changgong. While feeling astonished, she still flew towards Wu Yu bravely and attempted to verify her thoughts. "You... did you defeat Li Changgong?" 

Wu Yu nodded his head. 

Bai Xueyuan pursed her lips. No matter how much she couldn't believe it, she had to accept that it was true. She chuckled and said, "Your ability to hide your cultivation level is truly astounding. I thought you were a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator! The Yan Huang Ancient Country truly has lots of young talents. I won't underestimate you ever again. I'm sorry." 

She was able to go with the flow. She had completely forgotten about Li Changgong and was trying to get close to Wu Yu now. 

However, the fact that she failed to address Wu Yu by name despite Wu Yu introducing himself previously had shown that she had forgotten his name. 

Wu Yu had just left the planet at this time. The Taigu Immortal Path was too creepy, so he didn't dare to roam recklessly. At this moment, he was observing his surroundings. 

Seeing this, Bai Xueyuan smiled adoringly and said, "It's fate that brought us to the same planet. The Taigu Immortal Path is magical and yet strange. Having a companion to look after you would make things easier and increase the chances of getting something. If you don't mind, why don't we ally together to search around?" For her, it was just a change of person. 

Wu Yu thought about it. Initially, he was too lazy to entertain her. However, after giving it much thought, having someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Region by his side would increase his chances of blending in with the teams of geniuses of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. This would be a great option too. Therefore, he nodded his head and said, "I believe Ms. Bai might not have heard my name clearly previously. I'm Wu Yu and I'll be in your care." 

Seeing that Wu Yu had agreed, Bai Xueyuan smiled flirtatiously. She knew that Wu Yu wasn't a talkative person and thus didn't stray off topic. Instead, she focused on the task at hand and said, "There are several planets around us, and most of the people are likely still trapped on them. However, there must be people who have gotten out. Those that have will definitely look around. We need to identify a direction to move." 

"You're right." 

Wu Yu looked ahead. He chose to move to an open area with no planets blocking his vision so he could see further. He looked around him. 

"That place is a little strange." However, Bai Xueyuan was the one who found something first. She extended her arm and pointed in a direction. Following her line of sight and beyond a few planets, one could see that in the depths of this pitch-black and vast cosmos, there was a patch of white light. It was as though the cosmos was just a curtain screen and there was a crack in that position which allowed white light in. 

Looking from his position, that patch of white light was several times bigger than the surrounding planets. Based on the distance, it would likely be humongous if they got closer. 

“The way out should be right there. I believe anyone who has gotten out will head in that direction," said Bai Xueyuan. 

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