Chapter 0551: Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design

"Normally, if you are trapped within the same planet with people you aren't familiar with, the chances of a fight breaking out are pretty high. Even if one isn't aware of the workings of the spirit design, it is clear that there would be people who escape from this weird planet through fighting amongst themselves." 

Therefore, as time passed, the majority of the people involved would likely find the way to escape.

After roughly getting the idea of how to get away, Wu Yu had a slight headache at the thought of Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan. 

"Both of them are on the same side and definitely would advance or retreat together. It would be best if two more people had to be eliminated, as they would have to fight it out among themselves too. However, if only one more person were required to be eliminated, they would clearly work together to finish me off.

"If this elimination method is the only way, I'll have no other options even though they extended a helping hand to me before," Wu Yu thought to himself. 

"Don't be silly. If they knew about this, they would definitely have eliminated you first," said Ming Long. 

"Alright. In that case, I'll wait for them to take the first move," answered Wu Yu. 

When it came to his own values, they had helped him previously and therefore he couldn't possibly take the initiative to ambush them. 

"To save time, I'll look for them directly and explain the situation to them." 

The crux now was that Wu Yu didn't know if one or two additional people had to be eliminated for him to obtain sufficient guarantee. Nonetheless, they definitely wouldn't know either. As such, he would have to monitor the situation after taking someone's talisman first. 

As such, Wu Yu started looking for them as though he had done so numerous times. The planet wasn't big, and he chose to just shout, "Hey, both of you! I have a way to get off this planet. Please come look for me as soon as possible!" 

His voice reverberated across and soon spread throughout the entire planet. 

"Stand there and don't move!" After some time, he received a response from Li Changgong. 

Wu Yu stood upright while waiting for them. He had nothing to hide and would simply see what Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan would choose to do before reacting to it. 

Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan traced the source of the voice to determine his current location. Soon, Wu Yu saw both of them. 

Both of them looked a little strange. After meeting up with Wu Yu, Li Changgong said, "Hey, brat, don't joke with us on this. This is really important." 

He thought that Wu Yu was messing with them. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to hold him against his haughty attitude and said directly, "I've looked into the spirit design above us. There are four locations on it that are connected to the Taigu Immortal Talismans we have on us. After the Sea-Breaking Lobster left, his Taigu Immortal Talisman lost the connection with the spirit design. Therefore, the spirit design is a little weaker than before. The objective of the Taigu Immortal Path is likely for us to battle each other on this planet to determine the strongest person, or perhaps two, before letting us leave this place to roam the true Taigu Immortal Path." 

He was straight and direct to the point as he waited to see Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan's response. 

Their first reaction was shock. And then they opened up some distance between each other subconsciously. 

It would appear that despite them being lovey-dovey for several days, there wasn't a true and trusting connection between them. 

Their subconscious reactions were the real reflections of what they truly felt. 

However, they didn't believe Wu Yu's one-sided remarks completely. Both of them went over to investigate the spirit design. With Wu Yu pointing them in the general direction, they knew what to do and were able to verify Wu Yu's claim after a while. 

At this time, their expressions changed a little. 

"Sister Bai, I had never expected such a setup. This is indeed a little troublesome, but things aren't that bad yet. At the very least, let's monitor the situation after we finish him off?" Li Changgong asked softly as he directed the focus towards Wu Yu. 

Bai Xueyuan didn't ponder for long before nodding her head and saying, "Alright. Let's finish him off first. If it still doesn't work, I'll have a fair competition with Senior Brother Li. If I lose, I won't grumble about it." 

Li Changgong looked a little disappointed and said, "That's the only plausible way now. I have no other options. Sister Bai, please don't bear a grudge against me because of this." 

"Why would I? Moreover, it's not certain who will be eliminated!" Although Bai Xueyuan was still wearing a smile, she was being a little confrontational in her words. 

Li Changgong broke into a silent laugh. However, he was confident and said, "Alright then. Take a break first while I'll send this little brat out of this place. It will only take a while." 

Wu Yu was staring at them throughout the whole process and couldn't help but feel speechless. Indeed, both of them were never concerned about him. During their conversation, they spoke casually about eliminating him without showing any restraints. If that's what they were saying, he wouldn't have to be courteous to them either. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't confident in facing off against two extreme talents of the Yan Huang Ancient Region at the same time. He still had to separate them before dealing with them individually. 

At this time, Li Changgong and Bai Xueyuan had completed their discussion. As a man, he took up the mission to send Wu Yu out of this place alone. He looked towards Wu Yu, waved his hand, and asked, "You told us about this and I'm sure you thought that we would send you out of this place. The strange thing is, why wouldn't you run away first? Moreover, what do you stand to gain from telling us this piece of information?" 

Wu Yu wasn't as anxious as Li Changgong thought he would be. He smiled faintly and said, "That's how it's supposed to be. However, you wouldn't be able to catch me." 

The moment Wu Yu completed his sentence, he executed the Swift Art and escaped in the opposite direction. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared from Li Changgong's sight. The effects of the Swift Art were on full display in this place. At least in the aspect of speed, Wu Yu was much quicker than anyone who was below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

"So quick? It seems like he has some means to stay alive. Sister Bai, wait a moment for me." Li Changgong was astonished and gave chase immediately, leaving Bai Xueyuan behind. 

"Senior Brother Li, you don't have to rush. Take your time." 

Bai Xueyuan chuckled and remained on the spot. After seeing Li Changgong off, she stared into the sky and mumbled, "If there's only one person who could get out of here, it will definitely be me. Li Changgong, just you wait and see.

"Initially, I thought I'd be able to find someone to protect me on the Taigu Immortal Path. I have wasted so much effort now!" 

Bai Xueyuan didn't give chase. Instead, she remained on the spot while waiting for news. 


Wu Yu controlled his speed so as to allow Li Changgong to barely keep up with him. Otherwise, he would have left him in the dust long ago. 

"What's your name again? Don't bother trying to escape. You won't get anything if this drags on, and all of us would just be trapped in this place. It's already commendable that you could make it onto the Taigu Immortal Path. Don't delay others from moving on." Li Changgong continued nagging while chasing. 

The shame was that he wasn't even willing to remember Wu Yu's name. As such, Wu Yu wouldn't be bothered to be courteous with him. 

He made a rough calculation, and based on his conjecture, Bai Xueyuan would have remained where she was. She would wait for Li Changgong to defeat him before having a final fight with Li Changgong. When Wu Yu reached the location furthest away from Bai Xueyuan, he suddenly stopped. Using the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could see that Bai Xueyuan had not given chase. It was then that he felt a little relieved. 

"Looks like you know what's best for you." Seeing Wu Yu stopping, Li Changgong was exhilarated. 

He believed that Wu Yu had stopped because he was intimidated. 

Li Changgong was extremely conceited. In his perspective, he wouldn't have to use his dao treasure against a meagre fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. It would be sufficient if he just use a little of his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and casually executed a Heaven Earth Void technique. From the exterior of his arms, he condensed a dazzling arm from starlight and smashed down towards Wu Yu's head. At the same time, he shouted, "Activate your Taigu Immortal Talisman immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me when you lose your life!" 

"This guy is pretty pretentious." Wu Yu snorted coldly. Since the other party had belittled him, all the more he wouldn't have to hold back. He took out his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean immediately. At this moment, that starlight arm was smashing down from above. Wu Yu held on to one end of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and swung it fiercely towards that palm. Upon contact, Li Changgong's starlight arm was smashed into smithereens! 



Li Changgong cried out in pain and surprise as he was sent flying away. When he stabilized himself on the planet, one could see that his arm was drenched in blood and was sagging as though it were crippled. 

At this moment, he looked at Wu Yu with shock and disbelief. It was especially so for the dao treasure in Wu Yu's hands. 

Li Changgong grimaced and couldn't help but roar, "With your cultivation level, how could you possibly own a dao treasure!? How can you have such battle prowess!?" 

He suddenly recalled that Wu Yu once told him that he had made it into Taigu Immortal Path through his capability and not luck. However, Li Changgong wasn't interested in listening to him at that time. 

Now that he was injured by Wu Yu, he felt the huge discrepancies between what he thought and what had happened. It was inevitable that burning rage welled up inside him. 

"Face me as an equal. Otherwise, you will only lose more miserably. At that time, you can't blame anyone but yourself," Wu Yu remarked emotionlessly as he manipulated the savage Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and charged rapidly towards Li Changgong. 

"Lose?" Li Changgong was enraged. With his intelligence, he finally understood that Wu Yu had not come in by luck. He suddenly realized that if the other party dared to tell him how to get out of this place, it would only mean that he had the confidence to do so. 

This made Li Changgong understand that this would devolve into an intense battle! 

The next instant, he no longer hesitated and retrieved his dao treasure, the Chasing Stars Above Clouds Spear. He held it in one hand and the starlight he emitted abruptly from his body illuminated the sky and ground! At the same time, he activated another force to execute his Great Dao Mystique. 

"Above Clouds Realm"

Suddenly, with his body as the core, endless clouds were released. They were exceptionally heavy white clouds, and they swept outwards rapidly. In an instant, heavy and dense clouds shrouded almost half the planet. 

Wu Yu had never witnessed such heavy, white clouds. While being shrouded in the white clouds, an ordinary person's vision would be completely masked and they wouldn't be able to see a thing. 

"How does it feel, being a blind man within my Above Clouds Realm?" Li Changgong's cold laughter came from all directions. 

"Small tricks!" Wu Yu couldn't help but laugh. He had the perfect counter for it as he had the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Now his eyes changed and symbols surfaced. Li Changgong's location within the Above Clouds Realm was as clear as day for him. 

At this moment, Li Changgong had made his way above his head. He triggered the dao treasure, the Chasing Stars Above Clouds Spear, and spun as he dived down. On the dao treasure, all the spirit designs were triggered. The might of the dao treasure was released instantaneously and the blinding starlight dyed the entire Above Clouds Realm purple. 

"Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design!" 

Li Changgong was exerting all his strength to circulate the attacking spirit design on his dao treasure. At that instant, the image of the big dipper was flickering above his head! 

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