Chapter 0055: Firestorm Horsetail Whisk

Seeing Yuan Hao claw and spit in fury, and about to aggress on Wu You, Wu Yu could sit by and watch no further.

He materialized in front of Yuan Hao and caught hold of Yuan Hao's hand, which was delivering its own slap in response towards Wu You.

"Sun Wudao, piss off! Or I will get my father to slaughter you!" Yuan Hao was so worked up, his eyes were red. His anger was uncontrolled. He was so pent up that he had even mentioned his father.

But with Wu Yu holding him, he could not move a muscle.

"Who is your father? Is he capable?" Wu Yu laughed.

"Who is my father? It’s Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! Get out!" Yuan Hao had really lost it. To be slapped by a female subordinate, he would remember this moment for a lifetime.

"Isn't Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian an immortal? Seems like he laid with Empress Dowager and gave birth to you and Yuan Chen." Wu Yu held Yuan Hao and raised a hand.

Only now did Yuan Hao realize that he had let the cat out of the bag.

However, there was only Wu Yu and Wu You here. The cat could still be contained. And seeing the hatred plain on Wu You's face, his anger still swamped his reason.

"Sun Wudao, piss off!" Yuan Hao howled again. His voice carried to the guards outside, and more than 20 armored soldiers rushed in upon hearing his voice.

"Who should piss off?"

Wu Yu raised his hand and delivered a slap to Yuan Hao's jaw. He had held back his strength, but Yuan Hao still reeled from its power, howling like a pig being slaughtered.

"Who should piss off, you say?" Another slap.


Yuan Hao spit out a mouthful of teeth. His mouth was filling with blood.

"Sun… Sun Wudao, die!" he wailed and screamed.

From the side, the guards were all frightened. But this was a heavenly immortal. They did not dare approach.

"Who should die?" Another slap.


By now, Yuan Hao's teeth had completely fallen out.

An emperor with only gums. It was quite a funny sight.

"Forget it."

This guy was out of it. Wu Yu still wanted to give him a few more good ones, but Wu You grabbed a hold of his hand.

Wu Yu only stopped now, throwing Yuan Hao to the ground. He told the guards: "Get this trash back to the palace. Don't leave such an unseemly thing lying around."


The soldiers were so scared, they pissed their pants. They hurried to shoulder Yuan Hao and left without a backward glance. Yuan Hao was still struggling. Although he was still shouting, his words were unintelligible: "Wh Yoh, Shhn WhDhh! Awh oh you wihh die! Awh oh you ah gownh to hell!"

His voice faded as they left.

Wu You was frustrated, and shook her head, saying, "It's all my fault. I couldn't control myself. I was too rash."

Wu Yu said, "There are many things in this world that are out of our control. For example, when others come to look for trouble. Don't worry. Even if Hao Tian wants to fight me, he will not pick Capital Wu as the field. Besides, he will mind my status unless the situation is extreme."

"Will he stand up for Yuan Hao?"

"With the Empress Dowager on his pillow, he definitely will."

Wu Yu had barely said that when the skies above Carefree Palace rang with the cries of a Pegasus. With a rumble, the Pegasus landed in the front yard of Carefree Palace.

Wu Yu's Heavenly Cloud Roc was there as well. The two spiritual beasts exchanged looks, then started a commotion.

Both the Heavenly Cloud Roc and Pegasus were tamed. Without the command of their immortals, neither would really fight. They would only preen and intimidate.

"Sun Wudao!"

With a loud cry, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian rushed down in a righteous manner. He wore a robe decorated with trigrams, his white hair and brows flying. He strode towards the main door of the palace.

He turned his gaze on Wu Yu. Given his spiritual power, he could suppress Wu Yu in terms of aura. However, it was not a complete shutdown.

"So strong."

This was the first time he saw Hao Tian exert pressure on him. With three major spiritual sources, his aura was truly impressive, controlling the entire field.

At present, Wu Yu only had the prototype of a spiritual source, but be could already feel the spiritual power emanating from Hao Tian's chest and forehead. There were two more places where it was weaker, which were Hao Tian’s wrists. That was where the Heaven's Gate Meridian was.

Because the Heaven's Gate Meridian had two points, it was called the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, but it was actually made out of these two positions, which added up to one spiritual source.

In terms of a straight up fight, it was dangerous at this time.

"What is it?"

Wu Yu held his ground, shielding Wu You behind him. He used his physical body to block the pressure from Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

"Watch yourself!"

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was indeed powerful. He had just arrived and had attacked without another word. Wu Yu noted the horsetail whisk in his hands. When he was a mortal, he had only just taken note of it.

But now he knew that the horsetail whisk was an immortal treasure.


Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's horsetail whisk flashed out. The silver hairs extended into a huge, silver snake. Then the hairs glowed as though they had been set on fire. They became a huge, fiery snake that lunged towards Wu Yu!


Wu Yu did not bother replying. He thrust Wu You out of the front hall and reached behind him for the Demon Subduing Staff. He wrenched it forward, clashing against the horsetail whisk.

This time, Wu Yu felt the pressure. He used a bit of his spiritual power, adding it to his 10,000 warhorses worth of strength.


With a loud rumble, the entire front hall of Carefree Palace collapsed, the dust rising to the skies.


Wu Yu was sent flying, almost losing his hold on the Demon Subduing Staff. He rolled a few rounds on the floor before standing up. Although he was uninjured, he still had a face full of ash.

Luckily, he had pushed Wu You away from the start, or she would have been buried alive.

Given the strength that Wu Yu had used, of course she had landed gently on the ground.

"Wu...." In her flustered state, Wu You had almost said Wu Yu's name. Luckily, she bit her tongue.

At this time, Wu Yu stood up, saying, "Stand back."


Wu You knew that she would be of no help at this time. She hurriedly ran further. A battle of this level was too much for mortals, and her own emotional state was in a mess.

At this time, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian sprung up from the ashes, landing before Wu Yu. He looked to be in a much better state than Wu Yu's ash-covered face.

But he did not attack, instead turning a chilly eye on Wu Yu, saying, "You only reached the Spirit Ascension tier not many days ago. Now you have already started to condense qi, with some results. That's too fast. I tested your strength, and found that you are already close to mine."

Wu Yu did not know what this old fox had up his sleeve. He said, "Stop flattering me. I'm still far from you."

As Hao Tian heard that, he laughed bitterly, saying, "If that's the case, then why do you treat me as though I don't exist? Why did you lay a hand on the Emperor even in Capital Wu? Your actions have violated the rules of our Immortal Dao. Be careful that your sect doesn't drag you back!"

He had made his opening move on Wu Yu. After, he must have been scared by Wu Yu's improvements and ceased his physical assault, switching to a verbal one instead.

Wu Yu repressed the killing intent in his heart. "You're wrong. Why did you not ask for my reasons? Firstly, that mortal emperor had killed Wu You's uncle, and then come to taunt her. More, as a mortal, he dared to be rude to me. A mere mortal asking me to piss off? I had to teach him a lesson. He did not know his place."

He had made some good progress towards condensing his qi, but he did not know if Jiang Junlin was in Capital Wu. He still could not clash with him.

Wu Yu could only keep a hold on his killing intent. However, seeing Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's face, the image of that fateful night kept surfacing within his mind. And it held the memory of his father!

As for the previous emperor, Wu Yu did not know him very well. All he knew was that he had done much good work, although he had a temper. However, at least he had favored Wu Yu, and made him a prince.

This was the boon of life, the boon of bringing him up!

"Hao Tian...." He gripped the Demon Subduing Staff tightly.

And now Wu You was behind him.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian asked, "Yuan Hao assassinated her uncle?"

He had indeed been ignorant about the matter, but it sounded like Yuan Hao's doing.

However, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian did not really care about it. "Sun Wudao, you are wrong. Wu You is just a mortal. You fell in love with her and violated the rules of our Immortal Dao. Let me tell you, if you persist in your infatuation, I will clean your sect on their behalf!"

Hearing such arrogant words, Wu Yu could not help laughing loudly.

"What are you laughing about!?" The horsetail whisk cracked threateningly in Hao Tian's hands.

That was the Firestorm Horsetail Whisk, a fairly good immortal treasure.

Wu Yu said, "I laugh because your words are so interesting."

"How are they interesting?"

Wu Yu snickered, saying, "Just now, when the mortal emperor, Yuan Hao, threatened me, he got flustered, calling you ‘father.’ He told me with his own mouth that his father would come to kill me. What I mean is, you gave birth to the emperor with the mortal Empress Dowager. How can you say this? Isn't it the pot calling the kettle black?"

"Sun Wudao!"


Hearing this, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's eyes were burning.

Seeing his stance, and with his spiritual power sparking, he had to be about to attack.

"I feel that such matters should be kept between you and me. Why get angry over it? I am in Capital Wu to accompany Wu You. As long as your son doesn't come to bother us, then we're all good."

Faced with this angry opponent, Wu Yu was still very calm.

"Sun Wudao, I will let this incident pass. See that there is no next time."

After all, this was Yuan Hao's foolishness. He had brought it on himself and then faced the consequences.

Besides, in a flash, Wu Yu had become someone he could not bully with ease.

It seemed like he still had to think about things. Leaving his parting shot, he turned to leave.

This incident was over.

Wu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a bird's shriek came from the front hall.

"Heavenly Cloud Roc!"

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