Chapter 0054: The Sternum's Spiritual Source

10 Spirit Concentration Pills.

The average person at the third tier of Qi Condensation Realm could not dream of such a hoard.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian might not have its equal either.

That Spectral Concubine must have been dearly loved by her seven masters, to be able to take nine pills with her.

Normally at the Spirit Ascension tier, one could not hold 10 Spirit Concentration Pills.

After all, even if one held many Spirit Concentration Pills, the entire process of qi condensation was extended, and the body could only endure the power of one Spirit Concentration Pill at a time.

"As for me, my body quality is excellent. In this process, I should be at least three times as strong as the average person, even up to five times as strong.”

After all, it was the first time he was condensing qi, so Wu Yu would not be too hasty. This first time, he retrieved two Spirit Concentration Pills and readied himself to use both at once to stimulate his spiritual source.

"Luckily there are 10. If there was only one, I would probably take more than a year to condense qi."

Wu Yu estimated that these 10 Spirit Concentration Pills could probably help him open his first spiritual source within tens of days. Of course, this was only an estimate. In truth, he had no idea how difficult the reality would be.

"After opening the first spiritual meridian, one's spiritual power is still not especially refined. It is easily dispelled. I need to cultivate the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art to strengthen my spiritual power, and channel power into spiritual power to make it more rigorous, and even take its own special characteristics.

"When I left the Heavenly Sword Sect, Master did not give me the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art. Looks like after I successfully condense my qi, I still have to make a trip back to the Heavenly Sword Sect.

"I hope that I can find revenge by my own hands before I go back."

It was the hatred burning in his breast that compelled Wu Yu to take two Spirit Concentration Pills at once and embark on a hasty and danger-fraught process.

In the practice room.

Two Spirit Concentration Pills entered his body at the same time.

As they entered his digestive system, the Spirit Concentration Pills turned viscous, flowing thickly and hotly through his insides. It was almost like molten lava running through Wu Yu's body!

In an instant, that hot feeling had Wu Yu bellowing uncontrollably in pain. He tensed all his muscles, his tendons bulging.

Of course, his tendons were already golden.


Luckily, the Invincible Vajra Body had made his body resilient enough. It was not just his flesh and bones, but even his internal organs were as hard as steel. Even with the lava-like flow, he could endure it.

After he endured through the first wave of heat, the Spirit Concentration Pills' potent effects began to show, permeating his body.

"Chest Meridian."

Although he did not have the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art, Wu Yu still had an understanding of the basics.

He controlled his will and flesh, directing the power of the Spirit Concentration Pill to his Chest Meridian.

In the Body Refining Realm, Wu Yu had already broken through his Chest Meridian, turning it into a golden crystal meridian within his body. A golden crystal meridian was stronger and more resilient than a normal one by a factor of 10.

As a result, when the combined potency of the two Spirit Concentration Pills entered his Chest Meridian, Wu Yu could still bear it.

Wu Yu could not help smiling his pleasure.

"I see that establishing a strong foundation in the Body Refining Realm is important for the Qi Condensation Realm. I've already cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body and strengthened my 10 spiritual orifices and all my internal organs. As a result, my endurance is manifold the norm, and I can take so much more in the Qi Condensation Realm. As long as I have Spirit Concentration Pills, my progress will be supernatural!"

The physical body was still the basis for spiritual power.

"To gather the spiritual qi into the meridian, and circulate spiritual qi into a vortex of spiritual power that never dies. That's a spiritual source.

"Spirit Concentration Pill has the nourishing spiritual qi of the world. It was born out of the fusion of other treasures, and a majority were made out of the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Although the spiritual qi is thin within Capital Wu, I can triumph thanks to these Spirit Concentration Pills."

The medicinal power of the Spirit Concentration Pills was exactly the enormous spiritual qi reserve that Wu Yu needed!

"The Chest Meridian, under the power of the pills, is currently expanding."

This was a part of the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art. In this process, the special characteristics of the 10 spiritual orifices would show themselves, becoming a treasure hoard within one's body. For example, he was currently going through an unimaginable transformation.

Wu Yu's body was currently interacting with the spiritual qi from the Spirit Concentration Pills. Controlled by his Qi Condensation Spiritual Art, it was proceeding under his direction.

It was clear that under the nurturing, the Chest Meridian had grown into its own microscopic world. Boundless spiritual qi gushed in for a time. Under Wu Yu's control, it gradually became a vortex of spiritual power as days passed.

This was the prototype of a spiritual source.

Of course, a true spiritual source would have a more defined shape and would never be put out. Limitless spiritual power would spring forth from it. The entire Chest Meridian was flushed with Wu Yu's spiritual power.

"When you think about it, this spiritual source is actually a conversion mechanism. It changes the spiritual qi of the heavens and earth into my spiritual power.

"Of course, the entire spiritual source encompasses this vortex and my Chest Meridian. The spiritual power vortex forms a spiritual source with my Chest Meridian. It is a complete whole."

The marvel of cultivation had Wu Yu exclaiming with admiration.

This was simply the first step of cultivation.

In the future, there would be even more profound paths.

At least Wu Yu knew that although Feng Xueya was hailed as a Jindan Immortal, he was not a true immortal.

Even Feng Xueya still had a long way to go.

On this path, Wu Yu's knowledge horizons had been broadened as well.

"I am not yet counted within the Qi Condensation Realm. My Chest Meridian spiritual source is only a prototype. It needs refining to complete the spiritual source. Only then will I have truly condensed my qi.

"At the start, when I first met Situ Minglang, his spiritual source was probably also a prototype. That was why he was so confident that he would definitely condense his qi."

Presently, his vortex of spiritual power was still unstable, only maintained by the medicinal powers of the Spirit Concentration Pill. It was in a wavering state, and even his Chest Meridian was still not fully mature.

"However, I can at least utilize a bit of spiritual power."

The Wu Yu today now had a foot into the Qi Condensation Realm.

"I now see that spiritual source is like this. This means that as long as you can break your opponent's spiritual source, you can render your opponent's spiritual power useless, and completely destroy the person just with the power of the mortal body."

Through his own experience, Wu Yu began to comprehend and wrestle with the wonders of dao cultivation.

He had already expended both Spirit Concentration Pills. Wu Yu opened his eyes.

The practice room stood empty. However, his vision had changed slightly. He could see the world clearer, and naturally there were some rhythms in the world that were marvellous and difficult to grasp.

"I'm afraid that what I now see is the dao.

"From now on, I am already one foot into the Immortal Dao."

He still held eight Spirit Concentration Pills. Wu Yu was preparing to take two more pills and continue training. He wanted to reach the Qi Condensation Realm as quickly as possible.

But just digesting two Spirit Concentration Pills and completing the first step had already taken close to 10 days' time.

However, he realized that there was someone else in the practice room with him.

Of course, she had not just arrived, but had been outside waiting for a long time. Only, she had not disturbed Wu Yu.

"It's Wu You."

If there was nothing wrong, why would she be waiting?

"What's happened?" Wu Yu opened the stone door of the practice room. As expected, Wu You was standing outside the door, frantic. As she lifted her head, her face looked bad. Her eyes were red, and she was frowning with some anger.

"The head of my maternal tribe, my uncle, was assassinated last night in his house. I only heard the news this morning...."

The victim was Wu You's mother's younger brother, and an important person in her family. He had often come to Capital Wu to visit the Emperor, and Wu Yu had met him a few times.

He had been on excellent terms with Wu You.

"Was this Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's doing?" Wu Yu's anger flared instantly. He was currently cultivating for revenge. To think he would do such a thing at this time!


Wu You shook her head, saying, "His status is high, so he would probably not do such a thing. Given the current state of things at Capital Wu, you and I do not want the peace disturbed, and Hao Tian cannot be bothered to cause trouble for us either."

"Then who was it?"

Wu You said, "It should be Yuan Hao. He was always a rash one since young. He possesses a vengeful streak in him. Since I did not marry into the East God Nation, he failed to harm me. He must be feeling resentful to pull off such a thing."

Wu Yu pondered it. It sounded plausible. Only Emperor Yuan Hao would be such an imbecile.

"I said I would protect your maternal tribe. That Yuan Hao!" Wu Yu hefted the Demon Subduing Staff, ready to go to the palace.

"Wu Yu, you can't." Wu You held him back, saying, "You said it yourself. You're not Hao Tian's match yet. You have to lie low for now. We will keep our heads low. We have to. I will ask the maternal tribe to ask everyone to be careful."

Wu You spoke sense. Wu Yu had only just begun to condense his qi. If he clashed prematurely with Hao Tian over Yuan Hao, then he would come out worse in the fight.

"Yuan Hao. He must die too."

At first, Wu Yu had not been bothered with him, but now he had crossed a line and earned Wu Yu's enmity.

Just as Wu Yu was preparing to continue with his cultivation, news arrived that Emperor Yuan Hao had come to Carefree Palace and asked Wu You to go meet him in the main hall.

"He must be here to gloat."

Wu You bade Wu Yu hide himself first. She went to the main hall and indeed saw the smirking face of Yuan Hao seated on high, giving her a cruel smile.

"Wu You, why are you not kneeling in obeisance before me?"

With Wu Yu around, Wu You had no need to be afraid of him. And her uncle had been assassinated, and she was angry. She looked Yuan Hao coldly in the eye and said, "I, Wu You, have no need to be kneeling before snakes!"


Yuan Hao's arrogant posture turned to anger. He held himself in high regard, and now he clutched his dragon robe and rushed down angrily, crying, "Wu You, how brazen you are to speak to me like that! Don't you know that I, Yuan Hao, am the emperor!?"

Wu You's expression did not change. Given her personality, she had never bowed her head to Yuan Hao before.

He was really here to show off.

Seeing Wu You unresponsive, he turned his anger to a laugh, saying, "You really want to kill me, don't you? But you don't dare, do you? Let me tell you straight. It was I who sent people to kill your uncle. So what? You, Wu You, dare to touch me? You might have used your despicable seduction to hook Sun Wudao, but what can Sun Wudao do against me? In Capital Wu, there is Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, Heavenly Immortal Jiang Junlin, as well as my brother, Yuan Chen!"

Exactly because he had such backers, he would dare to come here boldly.

Of course, his stupidity and rashness had a big part to play. After all, he had been put down by Wu You and Wu Yu since they were young. He had been called trash, and now that the tables were turned, how could he not press the advantage?

"Pa! "

Just as Yuan Hao's unfearing face approached Wu You, she actually raised a hand to deliver a tight, clean slap to Yuan Hao's unsuspecting face. His cheek started to swell, the pink marks of her fingers visible.

"Slut, you dare to hit the emperor? I will bid my men behead you!" Yuan Hao had lost his head in anger.

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