Chapter 0539: Ares Battle Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor

Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman.

After the Imperial General finished speaking, everyone had already lapsed into a deathly silence.

The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators were gloomy, watching the emaciated and stiffening Yan Huang City Lord. They were all at a loss as to what to say.

Conversely, it was the Yan Huang City Lord who was unworried. He said, "Everyone, there is no need to be sad. It is worth celebrating that these talismans are actually effective. 10 months or more. That is my guarantee. However, it is indeed a pity that when they are released from the imprisoned world, I will probably not be able to fight them alongside everyone."

There was a kind of person who would dedicate their entire life to guarding. Taking on the divine continent as their own responsibility, they would sacrifice their own life without hesitation. The word "hero" alone was not enough to describe him. That was the kind of person who the Yan Huang City Lord was.

If there really had to be a word, it would probably be "guardian."

To lay oneself down for the people, for the divine continent, with death the only reward.

The Yan Huang City Lord's death was an irreversible reality.

Although he himself was easy about it, everyone's hearts were heavy. Led by the Taixu Sage Master, the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators all knelt before the Yan Huang City Lord. A gesture of respect.

Finally, only Ying Huang and Zhu Huang were left. They were not very comfortable, but from their expressions, they were still very respectful of the sacrifices that the Yan Huang City Lord had made. And so they too took a knee.

The Yan Huang City Lord smiled weakly. "In this lifetime, to earn the respect of such august people, I can die here with no regrets. But the two people that have been sealed is the one matter that I cannot rest easy about. Right now, we have time to prepare. We can only hope that we have sufficient ways to kill them on the spot on the day that they emerge. There are two things that must be done in order to achieve that."

"City Lord, please tell us." At this moment, the Taixu Sage Master was also solemn, head bent towards him. Actually, his eyes were glistening with tears. If the Yan Huang City Lord was gone, he would no longer have an equal in the human race.

The Yan Huang City Lord's dry, reedy voice said gently, "The first thing is that I would ask everyone to spend a majority of their time within the ancient city, and do all you can to prepare. Once the day comes, you must think of the best way to destroy those two in unison, giving them not a single moment of preparation. Of course, you must also prepare for a contingency. For example, the evacuation routes, establishing the foundations of sects. These should go without saying." This was a matter concerning the entire divine continent. When the day came, no one could act alone. That was why the first command was also a request for all those present.

But evidently, from their experience in the battle against the Ghostly Emperor, this first preparation was merely a desperate move.

Everyone waited for the Yan Huang City Lord to speak about the second preparation.

At this time, the Yan Huang City Lord's gaze fell on Wu Yu. Seeing his grave expression, the Yan Huang City Lord's features lit up. He said, "Wu Yu, come forth."

Right now, he was just a senior and an elder. His tone was like that of an ordinary grandfather. Wu Yu had never seen his, but it was roughly the same feeling that Sun Wudao had given him. 

Arriving in front of the Yan Huang City Lord, he bade Wu Yu sit on the floor, and immediately cut to the chase. "You're about to bag the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, aren't you?" He had absolute confidence in Wu Yu.

Even if he had known that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and He Taijun were lined up against him. 

Right now, Wu Yu had already defeated those two, which was why he nodded. "Just about."

This outcome was what the Yan Huang City Lord had anticipated.

He turned to the crowd, saying, "My second preparation is to have Wu Yu enter the Taigu Immortal Path and have him take away the Taigu Immortal Talismans of those from the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and reach there with speed. This is the fastest method of reaching the Yan Huang Ancient Region. After all, we are simply too far from the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and there might be all kinds of accidents. After Wu Yu reaches the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he can seek out those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and report the situation of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent’s Yan Huang Imperial City. News of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord should be enough to alarm them. It would be best if the Yan Huang Ancient Country sent their elites to demolish these two."

That was indeed a viable method.

After all, Yan Huang Imperial City was ultimately a branch of the Martial Cultivation Kingdom's Yan Huang Ancient Country in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was also the designated place for the sealing of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!

Although there was no guarantee of success, it was at least a hope.

Right now, Wu Yu and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had already concluded their battle, so Ying Huang and Zhu Huang had no opinions on the matter either. Actually, to go to a place like the Yan Huang Ancient Country, it had to be someone like Wu Yu, who had cultivated the dignified techniques of the Yan Huang Imperial City. No one else would do.

"These two preparations are well thought out. We will take responsibility to attack these two Heaven Devouring Evil Lord puppets, while Wu Yu must bear the burden of being our hope and creating a miracle! You have indeed been thorough in your considerations," the Taixu Sage Master said with deep feeling.

Everyone was very impressed by these two considerations. Under such dire circumstances, the Yan Huang City Lord had given up his own life and then even arranged everything else....

10 months or more was indeed enough for them to prepare well.

He had truly risen to the occasion.

The Yan Huang City Lord gently patted his shoulder. "Wu Yu, I have no choice but to lay such an important duty on you...."

"City Lord, leave Yan Huang Imperial City to me. The divine continent raised me after all. No matter what, it is my duty to do whatever I can in this situation. I will definitely do my best!"

Wu Yu vowed with iron conviction.

He was still afraid that he could do nothing to help.

The Yan Huang City Lord had given such an important mission to him. Wu Yu would definitely not let down the hopes of another guardian.

Seeing the wizened Yan Huang City Lord, his chest tightened with an indescribable pain and frustration. At the same time, he felt rage and indignation. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord beneath his feet, and the pair that were trapped in the other world - Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas. They had become his enemies that he had to kill in his lifetime!

No matter how much time passed, Wu Yu would not forget this day, the day that the Yan Huang City Lord had given up his life for the divine continent.

He was their benefactor, and had been a role model for the braves of the divine continent.

Seeing Wu Yu's emotions waver and flicker like the Imperial General, the Yan Huang City Lord's lips trembled a little. He shook his head, saying, "Wu Yu, you must know that as long as we martial cultivators cannot reach immortalhood, we cannot escape the finiteness of our lifespans. We cannot shrug off the perils of life. If I were to survive today, there would definitely be another day when my body perished and withered. This is the law of nature, and no one can defy it.

"As gently as a down feather falling, or during an epic struggle - it is all death. Although my death today is not that earth-shaking, I have no regrets. In my life, there have been myths, gore, guilt. At this age, I have seen everything, I have had everything. The only grave responsibility I have left is to pass down the legacy of Yan Huang Imperial City. That will fulfill my charge, but reality has seen to foil my efforts. But at least I died protecting the divine continent. To me, that is a great honor, a splendid transformation. You have no need to mourn my passing. Instead, celebrate for me. At least the life of I, Di Yan, has been an interesting one. Even until the final conclusion! I am already satisfied. As for the final legacy that I passed on, after seeing you, I know that I have been successful."

The Yan Huang City Lord spoke for a long time with many pauses.

About life and death, about his duty, and about legacy.

The great limit of life and death was one that no one would escape. One day, everyone would be buried by time. Even white bone would be reduced to grey ash. Wu Yu's dream of becoming immortal was precisely to escape this great limit of life and death.

And right now, the hardship of life and death had appeared right before Wu Yu. Perhaps the Yan Huang City Lord had accepted it, but Wu Yu could not. He was not someone who would bow his head to death. He was bent on becoming immortal.

And yet, he understood that this was indeed the case for the Yan Huang City Lord. They would die, and he had lived a full life. That was why what he feared was not death, but a meaningless death!

And therefore, even at his moment of passing, the Yan Huang City Lord was happy!

"Brothers and sisters of the divine continent, before everyone's eyes, I wish to pass two things on."

Saying thus, the Yan Huang City Lord removed the golden battle armor from his body and transformed it into a small, golden cloth, which fell to his hand. He said, "This is the Ares Battle Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor. From today onwards, its new owner is Wu Yu."

Wu Yu started, saying, "City Lord, this will not do. It should be left to the successor of the City Lord."

The Yan Huang City Lord shook his head and chuckled. "Don't get worried. I will not make you become the City Lord. But they are still a ways away from being able to rule a dao treasure. That is why it will be in your keeping for now. One day, when they reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and assume the mantle of new City Lord, you will give it to them.  At that time, given your talent, you will probably have no need for it anymore."

Saying thus, he gave the Ares Battle Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor to Wu Yu.

"You are going to the Taigu Immortal Path. The place is fraught with peril, and I hope that this dao treasure can protect you. Having it around is like having me around."


Because he would eventually return it, Wu Yu accepted it. He had an important task to fulfill, and this was no time to be wishy-washy.

Closely following, the Yan Huang City Lord retrieved the Emperor's Pagoda. This was the best dao treasure, and also the first treasure of the Yan Huang City Lord. The Yan Huang City Lord also handed it to Wu Yu, saying, "This is yours too. If you feel emotionally burdened by it, return it to Yan Huang Imperial City in the future. These two dao treasures are my last possessions. I hope that they can accompany you to a brighter future!

"Finally, this egg. I have protected it."

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