Chapter 0538: Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman

The current situation and reactions of the brothers had exceeded the group's expectations. 

It would appear that whatever had happened was worse than what they had imagined. 

Wu Yu was also panicking. However, he knew that the Yan Huang City Lord would explain things clearly. Therefore, he remained silent like the rest of the group. 

The Taixu Sage Master heaved a sigh before saying, "Tell us. What's the situation now? How did things get to this stage?" 

Truthfully speaking, before the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, the Yan Huang City Lord was his only competitor on the divine continent. Constantly struggling and seeking to be better than the other was what kept driving him. And now, the Yan Huang City Lord was in a terrible state, perhaps no longer to be a fellow companion of the dao.

The Yan Huang City Lord coughed a few times, and his voice was weak and hoarse. He was no different from a mortal old man who was about to die. When he spoke, he had to break his sentences into phrases. 

"The Ghostly Emperor is dead, but the lingering soul of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that escaped from here isn't. He took control of Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas and turned them into new Ghostly Emperors. Taking advantage of the fact that all of you were at Shangyuan Dao Sect, they came to this place." 

Although his condition was terrible, at least his mind was clear. Therefore, in just a few short sentences, he had managed to explain the whole matter clearly. 

Although the sentences were short, the information they delivered was unimaginably horrifying. Once, a single Ghostly Emperor was sufficiently dreadful. Who would have expected that the lingering soul of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was capable of reaching this stage? These unbelievable feats were something that ordinary cultivators like them could never have thought of.

It wasn't that they weren't guarding against it. It was simply that no one had expected something like this to happen. When one had not reached such a level of strength, one could not possibly fathom the enemy’s capabilities.

What the Yan Huang City Lord had said had exceeded their imaginations. Moreover, even if they had made preparations in advance, their efforts would likely have been ineffective. 

"Shengxue!" Upon hearing this name, the Taixu Sage Master's expression sank further. This name was the blight in his entire life. Up till today, an indescribable fury would well up inside him whenever he heard the name of Duomingshan Shengxue. 

The Imperial General's expression was terrifyingly solemn. His eyes were red as he remarked word by word, "The 5,000 Yan Huang Immortal soldiers that have gone missing over the last few days must have been devoured by them! Just like how the Ghostly Emperor devoured the rest. Devour. Why would there be such an ability in the world of cultivators?" 

Sorrow gleamed in the eyes of the Yan Huang City Lord. He said, "So there are so many of our sons that have become victim to them. I was guarding here and yet I knew nothing of that! I've let those young men down...." 

At this moment, the atmosphere had undoubtedly become as sorrowful as it could get. 

Wu Yu recalled the looks of them when he destroyed the Emperor Yan's Hall. He had also not expected that they could make a comeback, let alone as puppets of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

What were there here for? 

While everyone held their breath, the Yan Huang City Lord continued, "Within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, the remaining soul of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord still exists. Regardless of whether it was Ghostly Emperor previously or them this time, their real objective is to let it out and truly revive it. If the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is really revived, he will be a lot more dreadful than Ghostly Emperor and the rest.”

Speaking till this point, everyone got anxious. 

If they were here to release the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, what would the outcome be? 

How strong were those two after they gained the abilities of the Necro Lord? If they had strength similar to that of the Ghostly Emperor, the Yan Huang City Lord wouldn't be able to stop them. After all, there were two of them now. 

Without regard to the Yan Huang City Lord's life or death, Ying Huang asked, "Speak quicker! Where are the two of them? Has the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord been released yet?" 

The Imperial General was infuriated as he turned around and roared. "Shut your dog mouth!" He was probably the one who felt the most grief at this juncture. Wu Yu had the lingering feeling that the Imperial General knew more than the rest. The crux should be about what he had said. The City Lord had used something. 

Ying Huang chuckled and didn't say a further word. 

The City Lord didn't pay attention to Ying Huang. He seemed to have seen past his impending death. He said in a calm and plain tone, "After devouring thousands of our Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, although both of them weren't as strong as the Ghostly Emperor at his peak, Duomingshan Shengxue was still stronger than me. Even that Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas has become extremely hard to deal with. Among which, Duomingshan Shengxue attempted to intercept me while Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas thought of destroying the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence to release the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord." 

"Did they succeed?" The Taixu Sage Master asked the question that everyone was most concerned with. 

At least from what they were seeing, the Yan Huang City Lord was still sitting on the round platform. Moreover, the round platform didn't seem to have been damaged. 

"No," the Yan Huang City Lord answered. 

When he said the word, the group heaved a collective sigh of relief and clearly felt the weights over their hearts released. Some even smiled after the tension was lifted. 

"The City Lord is truly incredible to stop two Ghostly Emperors." 

"We are lucky to have the City Lord stationed here. Otherwise, we would be in a perilous state. Who would have thought that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was so creepy? With just its lingering soul, it remained undead!" 

"This catastrophe was averted solely because of the Yan Huang City Lord!" 

The Yan Huang City Lord was in terrible shape, but at least he was still alive. All the other sect leaders couldn't help but look at the Yan Huang City Lord with eyes of respect and admiration. 

However, Wu Yu noticed that the expression of the Imperial General hadn't changed at all despite hearing the good news. He was still struggling and, in fact, looked to be fuming. If the Yan Huang City Lord hadn’t placed his emaciated palm on his shoulder, the Imperial General would likely not be able to contain his emotions. 

Why would he be fuming? 

There had to be a reason for it. 

Just as everyone felt relieved, the Yan Huang City Lord interrupted them. He said, "I'm sorry, everyone. This catastrophe isn't over yet. Although they have not succeeded, I'm still not a match for both of them and have not truly eliminated the both of them." 

"Have they escaped?" the Dubhe Sword Immortal asked. 

That's what the others were thinking. Therefore, they said, "Now that we are all gathered here, we definitely must round them up before they become as dreadful as the Ghostly Emperor." 

To their surprise, the Yan Huang City Lord shook his head bitterly. His condition was exceptionally poor. Even while speaking, he seemed to be struggling. He said, "They have not escaped either. I shall not beat around the bush - I’ll go straight to the point. The truth is that they should have succeeded and I was defeated by them. In the end, I chose to activate something. When I was in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the senior that sent me back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent gave it to me. It was a talisman known as the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman, and it was crafted by a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Dao Querying Realm. It's incredible and capable of ripping open a space in our Jambu Realm to form a prison and suck the enemy in. I have activated this Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman to imprison the two of them. In other words, they are still within the Yan Huang Ancient Well. It is just that they are now sealed away in a separate space. Please take a look over there." 

Following the instruction from the Yan Huang City Lord, the group looked towards a wall a short distance away. To their surprise, they saw a drawing on that wall. That drawing was drawn using black lines. There was a man and a woman. The man looked dignified and was exceptionally stunning. As for the woman, she was a femme fatale with an alluring figure. The man and woman weren't moving. However, if one gave it a closer look, they would be able to sense the terrifying aura from within the lines. The aura was just like a vortex that pulled everyone's attention. In fact, one could even feel their mind being sucked in. 

This was the effect of the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman! 

No one had heard of this talisman before. However, since it was from a pinnacle Dao Querying Realm cultivator, that meant that it was made by a cultivator on the brink of becoming an immortal. Clearly, it wouldn't be simple. 

It was just that from the looks of the drawing, everyone could sense that the talisman seemed incapable of trapping them forever. 

"How long can we trap them?" asked the Taixu Sage Master. 

"A maximum of 18 months and a minimum of 10 months. As for the exact time, it should be within this range. After all, this is a talisman that is far beyond my capability. It was already commendable that I could reach this stage. The puppets of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, regardless of who, are extremely dreadful. The most terrifying thing about them is their devouring ability. As long as they aren't dead, they can grow stronger just by devouring." For the group, although the threat wasn't resolved, they still had 10 months at the very least. 

Therefore, this piece of news wasn't particularly bad. Everyone present was an expert of the divine continent, and they were always confident. What they were thinking of was probably working together to kill the two puppets of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord when the seal failed. 

At this moment, the Imperial General remarked, "All of you are feeling relieved now. However, why aren't any of you asking why we didn't use it when dealing with the Ghostly Emperor? Why didn't he use the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman and had to wait till today before using?" 

The group gave it some thought and found it was truly as such. 

Perhaps the Yan Huang City Lord didn't want to explain. However, the Imperial General couldn't hold it back. He stood up at this moment and looked extremely wretched and irritated. In a rather hysterical voice, he said, "That's because the price of using the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman is exhausting one's life! He had to consume his lifespan to trigger the effect. When facing the Ghostly Emperor, we did not reach the stage where everything seemed hopeless. And now, he has used this talisman. This signifies that his life has been exhausted and that he will be dying soon!" 


The words that the Imperial General had struggled to say and the words that seemed a little hysterical were like a bolt from the blue. 

Initially, the group was rather relaxed. However, upon hearing what the Imperial General had said, their expressions stiffened. They looked blankly at the Yan Huang City Lord and finally understood why the Yan Huang City Lord would appear to be so emaciated at this moment! 

So he still wasn't a match for the two of them alone! 

So he had exhausted his life to trigger the talisman to buy time for the group to arrive here safely and sufficiently long time for preparations. 

When they arrived at this place, everything was peaceful and silent as though nothing had happened. However, this was because the Yan Huang City Lord had traded this for his life.... 

After learning the truth, the Yan Huang City Lord changed in their eyes. Everyone perked up and was filled with sorrow. Some were staring blankly at the Yan Huang City Lord. Or perhaps the group wasn't even aware of what they should be feeling at this juncture.... 

For Wu Yu, he could clearly see how the Yan Huang City Lord had withered to the extreme with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Now, he was standing at the brink of death. Perhaps he would perish at the very next moment.... 


Wu Yu had never experienced such a heavy blow from someone's impending death. 

Even breathing seemed to have become difficult.... 

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