Chapter 0535: Bloodsucking Curse

Wu Yu's favorite weapon type was the staff. It was simple, direct, and violent. It was straightforward!

He held the staff with his two hands and smashed it down!

A dao treasure was still a dao treasure. Although Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was not adequate, he could make up for the difference with his physical strength enhanced by the Violent Art. He also had the terrifying speed of the Swift Art. When the spirit designs were activated, the once Godly Sea Steadying Needle that could suppress the East Sea Swirls also had this power at this moment!

The Violent Art had increased his strength, and due to the Swift Art's increased speed, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could not react in an instant. Wu Yu suddenly appeared above the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and smashed down violently. This attack shook the world. It was as though the sky was collapsing. The sight of the staff falling was extremely intimidating!

This sudden blow made everyone gasp.

The staff colliding directly with the top of Blood Dragon of Mount Wu’s head produced a sight akin to an apple exploding when smashed!

This was the clearest manifestation of Wu Yu's strength at this time. It was very comprehensive, and he too seemed to be born to fight.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was just feeling conceited. At this moment, he was also stunned. In such a short period of time, and with Wu Yu's speed, the only thing the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could do was change the direction of the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword quickly. At the last moment, it blocked the dao treasure!

In an instant, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword collided head-on!

However, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was facing down directly, while the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword was facing the enemy from the side, and it was not ready at all. One attacking and one defending. Even though the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's mystique was very terrifying, with Wu Yu at an advantage, he could only be defeated!


It was an earth-shaking explosion. It was so loud that it even created a space ripple. No one knew how far it had travelled. The people outside the Shangyuan Dao Sect could probably hear it very clearly.

At this time, there was still a large number of martial cultivators gathered outside the Shangyuan Dao Sect to watch the battle.

Wu Yu's attack hit the huge dragon below him directly on the ground. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu hit the ground, raising a cloud of dust!

Wu Yu's dao treasure smashed into the side of the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword violently, almost breaking the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's bones. After all, it was hit on the side. Therefore, at this moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's Natural Mystique was completely destroyed. Even his whole tail was covered in blood!

He had been hit by Wu Yu when he was feeling the most conceited. If the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had been hit on the head, his head would have exploded on the spot.

At this time, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was covered in dust and was breathing heavily. He still got up from the ground very quickly, but it was obvious that at this time, he was in a rage. Even his breath had the stench of blood. The heavy breathing sound gave one the shivers.

However, Wu Yu was not going to be merciful! It would not be easy to suppress the opponent again. When his opponent got up from the ground with hatred, he and his doppelgangers made their attacks again!

"Wu Yu, I promise, you will die miserably!" All of a sudden, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu roared angrily, shaking the heavens and earth. There was a lot of hatred in his voice, which shocked everyone.

The martial cultivators naturally had great hope after witnessing such a scene. At this time, everyone was ecstatic and cheered for Wu Yu. The martial cultivators caused a huge uproar, completely crushing the presence of the demons.

By this time, this battle had undoubtedly reached the most intense moment!

Wu Yu had already used the Violent Art, and his body had reached the stage of exhaustion.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was injured now, but obviously, he was not seriously hurt at all!

At this moment, Wu Yu put away his dao treasure and gathered his doppelgangers. They landed in a mighty formation like a group of immortals descending from the sky.

In his mystical dragon form, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu roared angrily and continuously. You could see that his tail bone was broken and drooping behind. This was the reason why he was so angry. To the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, this was extremely humiliating. Especially when he thought of the time when he first met Wu Yu and could completely suppress him. But at this time, Wu Yu had caught up to him. This situation was unbearable to him.

He boasted that he was a man of noble blood and natural talent. At present, this martial cultivator in front of him could catch up to him in such a short period of time. Imagine what would happen in a few more years. If he did not kill him now, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had a premonition that he would die in his opponent's hands in the future.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Blood rushed to the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's head. A deep obsession exploded from within. He was roaring angrily in his heart. At this moment, when Wu Yu landed, he sneered. He suddenly raised his head, and his eyes were fixed on Wu Yu. Instead of soaring into the sky, he began to chant. Wu Yu did not know what he was chanting. It was as if he was chanting a spell.

"Wu Yu, this is his fourth mystique, Bloodsucking Curse! You must defeat him before the curse is activated, or else all your blood will be sucked away and you will die!"

When the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu did not attack Wu Yu but began chanting, Jiu Ying was very worried and secretly reminded Wu Yu. Wu Yu was curious about what his opponent was doing. Hearing this, he was shocked. It sounded like his opponent was going to devour all his blood.

He had to be quick!

And Wu Yu's quickest ability, no doubt, was the Eyes of Fire and Gold and Purgatory Chains! When he landed, his doppelgangers started to take action. And Wu Yu himself used the Purgatory Chains to burn his opponent's soul directly through his eyes!

Under the assault of the Purgatory Chains, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was obviously interrupted. He looked like he was struggling and in extreme pain. The power of Purgatory Chains was quite terrifying. However, in a short period of time, it was difficult to seriously hurt the opponent just by the strength of the Purgatory Chains.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had very strong willpower. At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot and he was gritting his teeth. He was still persisting under the pressure of the Purgatory Chains. It was just that the speed of the chanting had slowed down. That Bloodsucking Curse was still going on!

At this time, Wu Yu felt that his body had some changes, especially his blood. There seemed to be an incredible power within him. Followed by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's voice, the curse entered his body and melted into his blood. For a while, he felt like his blood was going to burn and evaporate. If this continued, Wu Yu could imagine all his blood burning, and soon he would become a mummy!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's four Natural Mystiques had been awakened. Whether it was the curse controlling Wu Yu at the beginning, or the Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse, or the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword, they were all quite scary, but the most amazing one was the Bloodsucking Curse.

This was a Natural Mystique that could burn the enemy's blood. Who could defend against it?

That was why Jiu Ying had told him that the only way to stop the Bloodsucking Curse was to cut him off and defeat him before he succeeded!

Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains were burning him, and his Bloodsucking Curse was also testing him. If this went on, Wu Yu was sure to lose. However, fortunately, Wu Yu had his doppelgangers. At this time, his doppelgangers were not affected by the Bloodsucking Curse. All of them appeared above the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

There was pride and sneer in the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's eyes. He wanted to kill Wu Yu with the Bloodsucking Curse. As for Wu Yu's doppelgangers, he was not afraid of them. Until now, these doppelgangers had never broke his defense.

He just needed to persist under the Purgatory Chains and burn away all of Wu Yu's blood!

It was a tense moment for everyone! Everyone was stunned to see these two fighting so calmly. They seemed to be in very bad states and looked like they were suffering. Everyone could not help but look at Wu Yu's doppelgangers, as if the victory or loss of this battle were in the hands of the doppelgangers!

There was still contempt hidden in the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's eyes. To him, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were useless.

But at this time, all the doppelgangers lined up. Each doppelganger had a black flame burning on their body. In an instant, the flames covered them and thousands of fire clusters appeared in the sky!

"Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique!"

When this scene unfolded, many Yan Huang generals and chiliarchs from Yan Huang Imperial City were present. They had a special understanding of this Heaven Earth Void technique that could only be cultivated by the City Lord or the Imperial General's successor. They all recognized the technique that Wu Yu had just used!

And it was not Wu Yu himself using the technique, but his doppelgangers all at the same time!

This was the most powerful Heaven Earth Void technique!

The flames on the doppelgangers' bodies rushed to the sky in an instant, and turned into a fireballs, each one like the sun. That fireballs were like huge furnaces of the heavens and earth, and flames were burning fiercely in the middle of each one. While they were burning, deep voices suddenly came from within. In the flames, there were many human figures. These human figures were sitting upright, dignified and domineering, and the black flames on them were burning fiercely!

There were thousands of human figures sitting upright on each black flame furnace. Associating it with the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique, everyone knew that these were the Ten Thousand Lords!


In a flash, tens of thousands of Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Techniques fell from the sky as if it was raining cats and dogs, smashing towards the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

In fact, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu did not know how powerful this Heaven Earth Void technique was at first, and he did not care much. After all, he felt that the doppelgangers were very weak. But when the people from Yan Huang Imperial City were so surprised by the Heaven Earth Void technique, and even Zhu Huang told him to be careful, he was also shocked. The key was that at this time, under the torture of Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains and in order to continue the Bloodsucking Curse, the only option was to resist it!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu clenched his teeth.

When the first huge, black flame burned him, he regretted it. That black flame suddenly spread and covered his whole body. The Ten Thousand Lords appeared one after another and occupied his body, surrounding his body with a layer of black flames. Tens of thousands of lords sat in the flames, chanting. Following their voices, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu felt that his defensive technique was collapsing very quickly. Soon, it was burning into his dragon scales, causing him bone-piercing pain!

But this was just the beginning!

Then tens of thousands of Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Techniques all burned his body. The appearance of the Ten Thousand Lords became more and more clear. It seemed like there were thousands of people sitting on him. The black flames were raging fiercely! His defensive technique was completely broken and his dragon scales were quickly burned into black charcoal. The flames were about to enter his body. In this case, he could not continue the Bloodsucking Curse, so he stopped it!

Subsequently, Wu Yu would torture him both physcially and spiritually.

At this moment, dead silence filled the whole place!

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