Chapter 0533: Pinnacle Battle

Gusu Yudie left in a fit of pique. Several people from Gusu Fairy Peak went after her, while the majority remained behind. 

After all, this was the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. Leaving before the entire trial was over was against the customs and rules. 

The Tianyi Race was utterly disgraced after He Taijun, who was widely regarded as the favorite, was defeated. Yet they had not left. 

Ji Lingshuang defeated her opponent. From the initial 32, only eight people were left. Among which, Wu Yu, Ji Lingshuang, and Nangong Wei were widely regarded as incapable of making it to the top eight initially. 

However, their performances were domineering. It was especially so for Wu Yu. 

After Gusu Fairy Peak left, the Peak Master of Gusu Fairy Peak didn't say a word. However, she was definitely displeased that the Taixu Sage Master had taken away the genius from her sect in the past. Although many years had passed since, the relationship between the two sects wasn't great. 

Based on the rules of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, the new round of matches would begin right away. From the eight of them, four people would advance! 

Typically, it was more common to see clashes between the favorites at this stage. As for whether one could get a good ranking, sometimes luck would be an important component. 

Looking at the current circumstances, the strongest were Wu Yu and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Both of them were thinking of advancing through the rounds without meeting each other until the very final battle. They would then be able to complete an exhilarating pinnacle battle. 

However, if the lots were randomly chosen, situations beyond their expectations might arise. In fact, there was a possibility that the strongest two would meet in advance. Both of them might be severely injured, allowing the weaker few to have the advantage and eventually clinch the title. 

At this moment, all eight of them looked at the Taixu Sage Master while waiting for his announcement. They would know who would be going next immediately! 

At this moment, Wu Yu's physical body had just recovered after executing the Violent Art. His battle capacity had roughly recovered to its fullest. 

As for who he would be going against next, he had no preference. If he could make a request, he wouldn't want to encounter Nangong Wei. Although Nangong Wei wished to defeat him, he wouldn't want to defeat Nangong Wei. 

With a total of seven possible opponents, his chances of meeting each one were all one out of seven. 

The Taixu Sage Master didn't waste any time. These were undoubtedly the most majestic closing stages of this grand affair. The most exciting battles would typically happen at this moment! 

The participants hated one another and would guard against one another. As the matchup was uncertain, the grand affair would be even more exciting. Each draw was the most exhilarating moment. 

The truth was that if Wu Yu wanted to come in first, there would be three matches before him. Among the three matches, there would definitely be a match where he would encounter the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Therefore, Wu Yu had no preference. 

And now, the Taixu Sage Master's expression changed a little after letting the mortal child pick the first person. He announced, "Blood Dragon of Mount Wu." 

To the surprise of the crowd, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was the first to start the battle! 

Up till now, he was the most terrifying one. 

Therefore, when the rest heard his name, their nerves tightened. It was especially so for the other six contestants. That mortal child took another small ball, and that would decide the opponent of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. 

Facing the demon, the mission entrusted to them would be even more important. If one was defeated, they would just be another stepping stone for the demon. One might just be condemned by posterity. 

Nangong Wei wished to meet Wu Yu and therefore wouldn't want to meet the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu even though she hated demons. 

The moment of revelation was about to come. 

At this moment, the crowd's eyes widened as they stared at the second small ball in the Taixu Sage Master's hand. When he saw that name, he looked a little helpless. The atmosphere turned tensed suddenly. 

"Who will be the unlucky fellow?" 

This made Wu Yu a little anxious too. 

There were seven of them. The chances of him being selected was lower than not being selected. Therefore, Wu Yu didn't give much thought to it. 

At this moment, the Taixu Sage Master coughed once before announcing, "Yan Huang Imperial City. Wu Yu." 

When he made his announcement, the crowd erupted. 

For the three matches that Wu Yu had faced or would be facing, the first was Demon Wind Locust, whom many had regarded having the strength to make it to the top eight. His second battle was against He Taijun, who had the highest cultivation level. He was already regarded as having poor luck at that point. This time, it was worse. For the third match, he would have to face the strong Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. 

The two remaining participants who were publicly regarded as the strongest were meeting in the very first battle of the quarter-finals. 

For the crowd, this was just like having the finals in advance. 

If they could choose, they would want to alter the rules and leave the suspense to the very end. It didn't matter who else they might be fighting as long as they didn't encounter each other at this stage....

However, this wouldn't do. The rules were the rules, and they had not been changed throughout history. The outcome of the draw should be adhered to. 

When he heard Wu Yu's name, even the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was a little speechless. He had prepared to play with Wu Yu at the very end. 

If their battle were to end here, the subsequents battles would have no meaning. In fact, some might be able to take advantage of the situation to make it to the top. 

Everyone was just waiting to see who would emerge victoriously among the both of them. 

However, for the martial cultivators, this was a great thing. They had finally found someone who stood a chance at stopping the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Even if Wu Yu wasn't a match, as long as he could inflict some injuries to the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, they still had two other people subsequently. Stopping him would be a little easier at that point. 

"Wu Yu's luck is truly astounding. He just encountered He Taijun in the previous round. No one believed he would win and he just happened to win. Now his opponent is the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. He encountered the strongest two consecutively...." 

"Let's hope he can win! If he doesn't win, we might have to head to the demons’ territory for the next Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. It would have been the best if He Taijun and Wu Yu could have separately attempted to stop the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu." 

Suddenly, the crowd was discussing. 

Wu Yu was rather surprised. However, what came next was a strong desire to battle and ecstasy. He had not expected this moment to arrive so quickly! 

However, what was going to come would come. He had long prepared for it. He definitely had to settle the grudge he had against him! 

Therefore, he was composed but also extremely savage. He rapidly entered the mood for his final battle. 

If he could take down the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, Wu Yu would not be bothered by the other six. In other words, even if the other six were to come towards him at the same time, he wouldn't be afraid. 

This included Nangong Wei and Ji Lingshuang. 

As such, the upcoming match was undoubtedly the most important. 

On the other hand, Nangong Wei was feeling bitter. With how things were going, her plan to have an open battle against Wu Yu had basically failed. 

This was, of course, unless Wu Yu could defeat the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. However, no one really knew the odds. The crowd wasn't certain how strong the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was. At this juncture, no one had forced him to use all his strength. 

However, all this was part of luck and couldn't be swayed. 

And at this moment, Wu Yu and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu were standing on dark clouds and Di Yi's Warship respectively. Both of them jumped off. 

As the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was descending, Jiu Ying suddenly commented, "Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, you will be utterly defeated."

He was extremely solemn and was clearly implying a deeper meaning. 

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu smirked and said, "Oh? Have you recalled the promise between us? After I defeat Wu Yu, I believe there won't be much suspense left! Jiu Ying, don't forget your slaps and your declaration of being utter trash!" 

Jiu Ying answered coldly, "I believe you know clearly that my father and Zhu Huang are both here. When the time comes, don't even think of going against your words." 

"Just don't shamelessly deny and cry about it." The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu gave him a creepy smile before turning into a ray of blood of light and heading towards the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. It felt as though he had not shown his real demon form yet. 

"Why are you so confident in Wu Yu's chances?" Ying Huang was a little surprise. He had never seen Jiu Ying trust a human so deeply. 

It wasn't just among the human race. He had not seen anyone even within the demon race. 

Jiu Ying answered, "This isn't confidence, but trust. Regardless, he has never disappointed me. When he chooses to step forward, he will definitely have the resolve to defeat the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu." 

Zhu Huang laughed coldly, "Jiu Ying, aren't you a traitor, supporting the human race as a demon?" 

"Nope. I just simply can't see eye to eye with the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. I hope he gets utterly defeated and saves me the trouble of seeing him acting cockily before me," answered Jiu Ying nonchalantly. 

Without a doubt, the battle between Wu Yu and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was the greatest battle since the beginning of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. 

However, unknown to the divine continent experts, everything seemed quiet in central Yan Huang Imperial City. There were two ghostly figures who were moving around Yan Huang Imperial City secretly. 

"It's almost there. I have devoured over 2,000 people. Although they weren't strong at all, just their flesh alone would raise my power to the limit," Duomingshan Shengxue commented satisfactorily. 

Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas smiled and remarked, "I have devoured even more than you. At this juncture, how many people could possibly be a match for us together?"  

Both of them appeared outside the City Lord Residence openly. For the last few days, they have kept a low profile. Moreover, the experts of Yan Huang Imperial City weren't around and the Yan Huang City Lord was in the Yan Huang Ancient Well. Therefore, no one had discovered what had gone wrong up till this point. 

As for the people who had gone missing, no suspicions were aroused. After all, Yan Huang Imperial City was extremely big. 

Duomingshan Shengxue extended his hand to touch his daughter's stomach. In a gentle tone, he said, "You are really a glutton. Luckily, you have not exceeded the limits. The Evil Lord told us that both of us had a limit. Once we exceed this limit, both of us would explode and die. We have to work hard to lift this limit. Don't take the old path of the Necro Lord. He was dauntless and therefore were defeated rapidly. It was also because he had reached his devouring limit and his powers were in disorder." 

"I know, daddy. You are the one who dotes on me the most." Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas said sweetly. 

They had greyish vortexes as eyes. As for their expressions and changes in tone, perhaps they had not noticed themselves. 

Both of them chatted for a while before looking towards the City Lord Residence. Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas said, "Dad, it's about time. We got this in the bag and there's basically no longer any suspense. It's definitely the most exciting period at the Shangyuan Dao Sect right now, so no one would leave. This is the best opportunity for us to strike." 

Duomingshan Shengxue nodded his head with an intense gaze and said, "After we get in, I'll deal with the Yan Huang City Lord and hold him back. Go and destroy the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and bring the Evil Lord out. Have you prepared the key?" 

Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas took out a stone and spoke in a coquettish tone, "Of course, I have prepared for it."

"Let's do it then!" 

Both of them exchanged glances and smiles. 

Before their eyes were the spirit designs of the City Lord Residence. If they wanted to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Well, they would still have to go through the gauntlet of spirit designs. 

However, for the duo that had came prepared, this shouldn't be a big issue. 

After all, there were so many additional vengeful souls in Yan Huang Imperial City created by their actions….

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