Chapter 0531: Slaying The King

The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was still planted in the ground, but there were now 1,000 more Wu Yus. They spread out quickly.

In a flash, it was now 1,000 Wu Yus facing the 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows!

Originally, He Taijun's 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows had been aimed at Wu Yu. All 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows had the same target. But now Wu Yu had repositioned himself. Faced with 1,000 more Wu Yus, He Taijun was temporarily stumped as to who to attack, as he did not have the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

He Taijun paused for just the briefest instant.

In that instant, he gritted his teeth. Racking his memory and vision, he guessed which sector Wu Yu was in, and then directed the 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows to it.

This Heaven Earth Void technique had devastating power. He could not possibly distribute them evenly - there would be no effect. Which was why he had targeted 10 Wu Yus!

These 10 Wu Yus had to face 1,000 Star Chasing Arrows each. Unable to run, these 10 Wu Yus were ground into dust without a hope of escape, even as the other Wu Yus scattered.

Even the ground of the Upper Immortal Battle Ground exploded under the 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows, leaving behind a huge, smoking crater.

Before He Taijun, the other Wu Yu's had already leaped into the air. Even the Godly Sea Steadying Needle had disappeared, secreted away in some Wu Yu's hand.

Evidently, these doppelgangers were still kicking, and Wu Yu's true form was hidden amongst them. He Taijun's devastating and flashy attack had only served to tickle Wu Yu, and served no real purpose.

This was a little embarrassing.

"This senior was just bragging about his own awesomeness. This seems so-so to me at best."

At this time, all the remaining Wu Yus spoke at the same time.

Each taunt was actually an attack. In order to defeat one's enemy, especially strong enemies, one had to work at their mental defenses first. This was a trick that worked well whether in the mortal or immortal world.

Naturally, for the self-acclaimed senior, the excellent He Taijun had felt superior deep down but did not act the part. Wu Yu, on the other hand, did not show such restraint.

He Taijun pulled his hand back, and the Star Chasing Celestial Arrows bunched together as one, returning back to his hand. He did not move from his position in the sky. He continued to absorb the brilliance of the sun. The huge volume of radiant energy was concentrated on his body and then, under his guidance, was funneled into the two immortal treasures along with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

The go-to attack, 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows, had failed. This was indeed beyond his expectations. But Wu Yu's words had enraged him. Before, he had not used his full strength. And now, stirred to anger, He Taijun had become even more terrifying.

"This cocky lad is taunting me and trying to make me lose my reason. A pity that I, He Taijun, have crossed more bridges than he has walked roads. I've beaten more opponents than the number of people he has met in his life. How can he possibly get a hold on my emotional state?"

He Taijun smiled coldly. He eyed Wu Yu, his mind clear. "To defeat this guy, I first have to find the real body. He thinks that the clones will suppress me. He doesn't know that I have the counter to his moves...."

Of course, he would not speak his thoughts out loud. At this time, he narrowed his eyes, again bending his bow. But naturally, this time was different from the last!

He Taijun blinked once. When his eyes reopened, they were shining with the burning brilliance of the sun. Actually, beside the Tianyi Race's bow and arrow techniques, they were known for their eye techniques. They needed to be able to see their target clearly in order to hit their mark every time! As a young leader, He Taijun was well versed in this aspect. And right now, he was using a mystique called Heavenly Cloud Eyes.

These eyes would sweep past, allowing him to distinguish Wu Yu's true form from his clones. Although the Heavenly Cloud Eyes only illuminated things for a brief moment, it would allow him to spot Wu Yu's true form amongst the crowd. And in this moment, He Taijun displayed his third mystique!

He had four mystiques!

This third mystique, according to Wu Yu's data, was known as the Heavenly Feather Arrow. It was basically He Taijun's strongest move. It was rumored that He Taijun's Heavenly Feather Arrow had directly pierced two Ghostly Sages during the Battle of Ghosts and Gods.

Locked on to the real target, he fired! The mystique was executed swiftly. As the mystique burst forth, the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow sprouted a pair of huge wings. The wings were blazing with fire, charged with He Taijun's own Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. With these fiery wings propelling it, He Taijun's mystique was nothing to be slighted!


In an instant, the Heavenly Feather Arrow burst forth. The Star Chasing Celestial Arrow shot out with fearsome speed. The Heavenly Feather Arrow was propelled with overwhelming speed and reached Wu Yu in a flash.

The fiery wings were beating furiously. Each beat made the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow's speed rack up a notch. Of course, its power was also terrifying!

Mind-bogglingly impressive!

It far surpassed Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. At this point, his advantage was clear. This mystique was a one-sided affair. The Tianyi Race had such powers. Although they usually did not look very domineering, their deadliness far surpassed one's imagination. Especially the penetrative powers of their arrows - it could topple flesh and blood, vaporize one's dao, and smash one to pieces!

When his opponent used the eye technique, Wu Yu already realized that the position of his true body had been revealed.

Which was why at this moment, he did not hide, but immediately pulled out the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. He prepared to receive his opponent's attack. Of course, he also made ready to counterattack.


The doppelgangers separated, crowding He Taijun from all directions. He Taijun tunneled on Wu Yu's true form, ignoring the clones. To him, as long as he defeated Wu Yu's true body, the others would naturally fall apart!

Of course, his thinking was not illogical!

The Heavenly Feather Arrow left the Imperial General frowning. He felt like Wu Yu was on the back foot. After all, he had yet to seize the initiative and was dealing with each move as it came. Ordinarily, only the strongest fighters had such confidence....

As the Heavenly Feather Arrow flew out, the Tianyi Race rose in unison. This arrow was like a legend come to life for them!

Everything happened in that instant!

Wu Yu did not utter a single word. In the godly body of the golden ape, he clutched the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, from which a mystical dragon of mist was rising to circle Wu Yu!

Wu Yu clutched the thick dao treasure in both hands. He had not used this move in a very long time now. It was the Violent Art. Before his opponent attacked, Wu Yu had already triggered his Violent Art, which doubled his physical strength. His Invincible Vajra Body became even more robust, even more ripped. His eyes wild, he shook with fearsome strength!

The Violent Art had just been executed when his opponent attacked.

The Heavenly Feather Arrow came torquing through, cutting the air itself.


Wu Yu bellowed, and again activated all the spirit designs on his dao treasure. He used all of them to support the offensive spirit design on the reverse scale. When all the spirit designs were activated, the power of the dao treasure was incredible as well, especially supplemented by Wu Yu's Violent Art.

The arrow was before his eyes now!

Wu Yu roared, activating the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design. His staff swept out, and his Eyes of Fire and Gold tracked the trajectory of the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow with clarity. He moved with speed as well. After the offensive spirit design was activated, all the power in the dao treasure burst forth in one instant, and the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean connected solidly with the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow!

He smashed into the arrowhead from the side!


A deafening sound!

The crowd saw Wu Yu's staff shatter the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow!

That's right, the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow burst before Wu Yu's eyes!

Such an elite supreme immortal treasure, reduced to ash before Wu Yu's eyes. The huge sound and reverberation was truly stunning.

Of course, the shockwave sent Wu Yu flying. He tumbled many times over the ground, and his face was covered in ash and dirt, a wretched sight.

But it could not be denied that he had destroyed the Heavenly Feather Arrow before everyone's eyes. Crucially, he had not been injured, but had only been winded....

And He Taijun?

He Taijun had focused all his hopes on defeating Wu Yu's true form with the Heavenly Feather Arrow, and therefore ignored the doppelgangers. When the arrow flew out, he was set on by the clones!

Wu Yu's clones simply had to use the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation to completely wreck He Taijun. Of course, this all happened in the blink of an eye. He Taijun had expected that as long as Wu Yu's true form suffered grave injury, these clones would immediately lose their potency.

But he had been mistaken.

In the end, not only was Wu Yu unharmed, but the clones became even more frenzied.

"Purgatory Chains!" After tumbling a few rounds, Wu Yu raised his head, and the Eyes of Fire and Gold pierced his opponent's eyes, latching onto his soul.

Full-body pain!

The shattering of the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow and the failure of the Heavenly Feather Arrow had already caused a huge blow to He Taijun. Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains was another traumatic blow. He was helpless before Wu Yu's clones. As the Purgatory Chains gripped him, the doppelgangers wailed on He Taijun's body with all their might. He Taijun was covered in sword scars and was about to be torn apart by Wu Yu!

"Stop!" the Taixu Sage Master bawled.

This shout saved He Taijun's life.

At this moment, He Taijun's soul was still rent. His entire body was dripping blood from his sword scars and the Nine Suns sword qi was still flowing through his body, burning him. He screamed as he keeled over to the floor.

This was the most silent that the arena had been since the commencement of the tournament. The crowd watched Wu Yu casually recall his doppelgangers, while He Taijun was completely beaten. Right now, even though Wu Yu was known to achieve the impossible, everyone found it hard to believe their own eyes....

Wu Yu had actually eliminated one of the two hot favorites for the championship....

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