Chapter 0530: Star Chasing Celestial Arrow

Everyone felt like Wu Yu's luck was truly atrocious as he encountered the only one who many regarded as being a match for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. They felt pity towards him. 

However, to their astonishment, Wu Yu had stepped into the battle ground first and was very brazen! 

It was just like a rabbit taunting a lion. 

If Wu Yu person was someone else, the crowd would have burst into laughter. Luckily, Wu Yu had created miracle after miracle as he constantly challenged the limits of the crowd's imagination. Therefore, the crowd didn't laugh. 

Wu Yu's actions would have been seen as comical if another person had committed them instead. 

Before the eyes of thousands and hearing Wu Yu's provocation, there were still some who broke into laughter. It was especially so in the area where the Tianyi Race were. He Taijun, who was surrounded by a crowd, couldn't help but chuckle. 

"Brother Taijun, he's looking down on you! He's even asking you to go down and fight him if you aren't convinced." 

A group of cute and beautiful girls from the Tianyi Race chatted and laughed constantly around He Taijun. 

The girls from the Tianyi Race looked identical. Nonetheless, they were indeed rather good-looking. 

"Haha! I'm dying from laughter. Yan Huang Imperial City is just average in my opinion. If this goes on, within 100 years, the title of number one might just be ours." 

Although the Tianyi Race was located in a quaint and rustic area of the divine continent, they had always believed they were the core. In fact, their historical records indicated that a few thousand years ago, their Tianyi Race ruled the divine continent. Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shushan Immortal Sect, and the Shangyuan Dao Sect weren't a match for them even if they were to ally together. 

Facing the crisp laughter of the surrounding beautiful girls, He Taijun put on a gentle smile. He was mature and composed, with an elegant demeanor. Overall, he looked righteous. One could see him waving his hand and saying, "Wu Yu is a prominent character right now. It's my honor to be his opponent. You guys shouldn't look down on him.  Perhaps I might lose to him!" 

The truth was that he meant the exact opposite, and everyone around could understand this. Therefore, the crowd suddenly started laughing even louder. The Tianyi Race was rather relaxed. From the very beginning till now, their objective had remained unchanged. That would be to defeat the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and clinch the reputation of being number one on the divine continent. 

He Taijun was acting rather carefree at this moment. His looks were outstanding and he was extremely handsome. He also had the vibes of an older brother. At this moment, he jumped from where the Tianyi Race was to the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. Behind him, over 100 beautiful girls from the Tianyi Race, who had come with him, screamed in unison and cheered for him raucously.  

"Brother Taijun, you gotta put him through the mill~" 

"Show the ignorant frog from Yan Huang Imperial City how strong our our sect really is!" 

"This kid is lucky and has a huge reputation. Therefore, he is a little arrogant. Show him that there's always someone better and keep him in check." 

The beautiful girls chattered without any reserve. Those that had come from Yan Huang Imperial City were at least the level of a chiliarch. Therefore, they wouldn't be offended by this group of small girls. As for who would be the true powerhouse of the continent, one could only see after this battle. 

He Taijun landed on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground at this moment. He put on a confident smile, looked towards Wu Yu with the friendly eyes of an elder, and said, "Son, did you know that when I was competing with your dear master, Shen Xingyao, you weren't even born! You sure have guts today! You think that I'm just average?  In other words, do you think that Shen Xingyao is just average?" 

When the topic implicated the Galaxy Sword Sage, the crowd turned their attention to the Shushan Immortal Sect and found Shen Xingyao, who was carrying his sword in his embrace at this moment. 

Wu Yu lifted his head and took a look. Shen Xingyao smiled gently and Wu Yu instantly understood that he didn't mind. 

Wu Yu looked to He Taijun once again and said, "I respect the Galaxy Sword Sage. However, this has nothing to do with strength.  After all, I'll overtake him and will crush you. This is a fact.  Let's skip the nonsense and see how capable you really are in battle." 

The verbal trap that He Taijun had spent a long time coming up with was easily resolved by Wu Yu. Moreover, he was subtly overwhelmed. He Taijun had not shown his higher cultivation level to Wu Yu. Although his gaze was still friendly at this moment, carrying the light of a senior, he had made up his mind to teach this fearless junior a tough lesson he would not forget. 

"As you wish," He Taijun replied with a gentle smile, appearing to not have taken Wu Yu's provocation to heart. At this moment, before the eyes of the crowd, he took several steps back to open up sufficient space between Wu Yu and him. This range was the most essential thing for the Tianyi Race when executing their bow and arrow techniques. 

From this exchange of words, everyone could tell that He Taijun was the more composed and mature one. He had the bearing of a champion amongst men. Obviously, Wu Yu was younger. If it was about the future, Wu Yu would definitely be more incredible. However, based on the current circumstances, He Taijun was still a significantly trying opponent for Wu Yu. 

Regardless, this was the anticipated clash! 

He Taijun wasn't holding back at all. As an elite expert of the Tianyi Race, he retrieved his immortal treasures right away. Although these two immortal treasure weren't dao treasures, they were close to the level of one. Both the bow and arrow had several thousand spirit designs. 

Supreme immortal treasures of this level released might infinitely close to that of a dao treasure. It was especially so when they were used together. 

The perfect combination and double stacking of the bow and arrow were the greatest gifts of the Tianyi Race. This was similar to Wu Yu using two different swords. 

He Taijun's bow and arrow were bestowed the names of Rainbow-Piercing Bow and Star-Chasing Celestial Arrow respectively! 

Both of them were famous immortal treasures that had been passed down within the Tianyi Race.  Every single past owner of them was the pillar of the younger generation in the Tianyi Race. They had undoubtedly become overlords of their eras.  For example, the current male clan leader of the Tianyi Race, Jin Shengshen, was their previous owner. 

When Jin Shengshen handed down this pair of supreme immortal treasures to He Taijun, it was also signalling that He Taijun would be the next male clan leader and the most direct candidate. If he could reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he would succeed the role when Jin Shengshen reached his age limit and passed away. 

Therefore, the appearance of the Rainbow Piercing Bow and Star Chasing Celestial Arrow instantly drew the berserk screams of the young girls from the Tianyi Race. It was as though they were infatuated as they looked at He Taijun with fervor. No matter how beautiful a girl was, she would seem cheap when she displayed such frenzied fanaticism. 

He Taijun had gotten used to this long ago and hence smiled contentedly. Holding the bow in one hand and the arrow in the other, he placed the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow onto the Rainbow Piercing Bow. At that instant, he was just like a god from ancient times who had traveled through time. With his strength as a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, infinitely close to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, the pressure he brought to Wu Yu was indeed unprecedentedly huge! 

It was especially so from the tip of the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow. The glow was constantly aiming for the space between Wu Yu's eyebrows. This was similar to having a sword placed directly between Wu Yu's eyebrows. 

"An insolent brat dares to challenge me?" He Taijun sneered. Once he completed his preparation with the bow and arrow, he started executing his mystique. Suddenly, a blinding light came from between his eyebrows. Subsequently, that golden light spread and shrouded his entire body, keeping him in a cocoon made of light. Complicated markings circled around the cocoon of light! 

At this moment, Wu Yu could feel the changes to the blazing sun in the sky. As he expected, that unreachable blazing sun seemed to be attracted to He Taijun. A ray of almost golden light was shot out and illuminated He Taijun's body. This seemingly gave He Taijun the support of the blazing sun. He Taijun had the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator initially. Together with the support from the blazing sun, it felt as though countless forms of powers had been injected into him, making him look exceptionally domineering and more like an immortal who had descended. 

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes.

"The third tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold allows me to absorb the real fire of the sun and gather it in my eyes. When released explosively, it has the destructive force of a fatal attack capable of destroying everything. The mystique, Spirit of the Fuming Day, of He Taijun has a similar effect! It absorbed the heat from the sun and gathered it on his immortal treasures!  This is different but also similar. Nonetheless, the Eyes of Fire and Gold are definitely a notch better!" 

Wu Yu had also delved into the third tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold some time ago. It was just that he had not reaped much of a reward. 

However, after seeing He Taijun's mystique, Spirit of the Fuming Day, he did understand something. 

After executing Spirit of the Fuming Day, the human, bow, and arrow merged into one. His cultivation level was his greatest advantage. At this moment, his vigorous and full Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy released explosively. If one were to describe the other participants' Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as a small lake, He Taijun's would be a vast sea! 

With the support of his vast sea, no matter if it was a Heaven Earth Void technique or Great Dao Mystique, its might would be extraordinary. 

"10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows!" 

He Taijun pulled his arrow and released it within an extremely short time. During the process, his Heaven Earth Void technique was fully executed. As the Star Chasing Celestial Arrow shot out from the Rainbow Piercing Bow, the arrow was separated into 10,000 arrows. 

Those 10,000 Star Chasing Celestial Arrows exploded initially and fell down like a downpour. The next instant, they flexed abruptly and came down towards Wu Yu from all directions! 

This arrow technique was indeed exceptional!

With so many Star Chasing Celestial Arrows carrying lethal force as 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows, one could imagine that not even a shred of Wu Yu's physical body would remain. 

He Taijun had used such a tough move the moment he struck so as to deny Wu Yu an opportunity to retaliate. 

That 10,000 Heart Piercing Arrows astounded everyone. The Star Chasing Arrows that filled the entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground were just like the countless stars in the night sky. Moreover, they were descending at terrifying speed. 

Facing a dao technique like this, Wu Yu appeared to be overmatched. The crowd couldn't help but be worried if the unlucky Wu Yu could withstand the attacks. Since ancient times, there were cases of geniuses being killed by accident in the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. 

Being in a situation like this, Wu Yu was calmer than everyone else. In fact, nothing had gone beyond his control and his eyes were chilling. A transformation similar to Nangong Wei. However, he wasn't turning into a phoenix, but a golden ape instead. 

After which, Wu Yu plucked 1,000 strands of hair and blew at them casually. Those golden hairs spread out instantly, making thumping sounds as golden apes that resembled Wu Yu appeared.

A total of 1,000 apes assembled. Together with Wu Yu, it would be 1,001! 

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