Chapter 0524: Nangong's Transformation

This was still the first battle of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, and already the demons had taken the martial cultivators down a peg. Especially with regards to Yan Huang Imperial City.

After that battle, even the most elite experts present could not help but be affected by such a one-sided defeat, no matter how many troubles they had weathered themselves in the past. Therefore, everyone was in low spirits, and this would greatly affect the psyche of those that would fight afterward.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had already returned to the folds of the demons. His every move and that cold, smug, arrogance in his smile were etched deeply into their hearts.

The demons had very long lifespans. Once the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu matured, the strength of the Endless Demon Seas would definitely grow. Many people were beginning to worry. They knew that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was difficult to deal with, but did not know that he was this terrifying!

"Now, we can only look towards He Taijun of the Tianyi Race, and hope he can stop the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu."

"He Taijun is the only ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, he's the only possibility."

"If any other participant meets the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, they're just unlucky...."

Right now, beside the wildly whooping demons on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground, the humans were all gloomy and cowed.

However, the battle still had to continue.

The Taixu Sage Master continued to have the mortal child draw the lottery, assigning the next battle. It was between the fighters of the Heavenly Ares Sect and the Heavenly Wing Sect. The battle was intense. Both sides were evenly matched, and both were their respective sect's only hope. Bearing the glory of their sects on their backs, they fought viciously, and the fight was intense. Both were very skilled, and finally the fighter from the Heavenly Wing Sect had a bit more luck, besting his opponent to enter the top 16.

After the battle, both went to nurse their wounds. The victor's case was more urgent, because he had to prepare for the next battle. Evidently, the next battle would be even more horrifying.

Match after match continued, and they were extremely exhilarating. But no matter how spectacular they were, they could not compete with the reeling blow that had been the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and Shen Qiuyan. Although He Taijun had easily finished off his opponent, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu continued to smirk uncaringly, unfazed by this potential rival.

After five matches, the lottery continued. Wu Yu felt like it would be his turn before long. Right now, the humans were being completely intimidated by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's presence, and he wanted to face off against the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu quickly.

The first ball came out. A look from the Taixu Sage Master, who announced, "Shushan Immortal Sect, Nangong Wei."

The previous fight had seen the Shushan Immortal Sect compete, but they had lost to the fighter from the Imperial Thunderbolt Palace. This year, the Shushan Immortal Sect's luck was not good. Without Shen Xingyao, it seemed like their group would not go far, let alone win the championship.

However, Nangong Wei was still closely watched by many as she took to the field. Wu Yu was, of course, amongst their number.

In truth, amongst the 32, Nangong Wei, a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, was one of the weakest. Wu Yu was also worried that she would meet a cruel opponent and get herself badly injured.

Before the crowd's gazes, she wore a fire-red sword lanyard, and her elegance was compelling. A young woman of unparalleled beauty, standing on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. It was a riveting sight.

Following closely, the Taixu Sage Master had already received Nangong Wei's opponent. He looked at the little ball and then glanced first at Wu Yu. Wu Yu's heart jolted. Seeing this look, everyone had to ask themselves - could Nangong Wei's opponent be Wu Yu?

That would be something....

Recalling that before the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, at the Shushan Immortal Sect, Wu Yu had beaten the combination of Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei.

Wu Yu had even prepared to take to the field, when the Taixu Sage Master said, "Demons, Jiu Ying."

Wu Yu halted. It wasn't him.

He now knew why the Taixu Sage Master had looked at him. So it was because Nangong Wei's opponent was Jiu Ying. What a coincidence.

Many people knew that Wu Yu had been cast out of Shushan and had a falling out with Nangong Wei because of Jiu Ying. Right now, she had actually met the son of her nemesis, and they could fight personally. And this was in a situation where Wu Yu could not intervene. This battle was special to Wu Yu.

Jiu Ying had not expected it to be him either....

He looked at Wu Yu, a little hesitant as to what he should do.

"The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu has already won. You can't shame me by losing in the first round." From the side, Ying Huang shot him a glance.

Jiu Ying knew that this was a struggle between him and Zhu Huang. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu held the advantage in years, and was indeed powerful. But Ying Huang did not want to lose too badly. At least he had to pass the first battle!

"No problem." Jiu Ying took a deep breath. No matter who the opponent was, he just had to think about winning. Therefore, he calmed down and descended onto the battlefield.

Hearing that her opponent was Jiu Ying, Nangong Wei's face indeed changed. She looked calm, but was frigid. Although Wu Yu had faith in Jiu Ying, he was worried that Nangong Wei would stop at nothing. And in that case....

When the two met on the battlefield, a feeling crept forth, followed by killing intent fueled by hatred. It came sidling forth.


Meanwhile, in a location far away from the Shangyuan Dao Sect

"They've started."

Calculating the time, Duomingshan Shengxue felt that it was about right. They were currently at the entrance of Yan Huang Imperial City.

"Then let's do it," Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas said stealthily.

"No rush. We have to wait for the highest moment, where they cannot leave. But we have to infiltrate Yan Huang Imperial City first, and make ready to strike," Duomingshan Shengxue said.

"Whatever you say, Daddy." Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas smiled adoringly.

"It's thanks to the Evil Lord that we can enter Yan Huang Imperial City. Otherwise, it would be difficult to even get in."

The two shapeshifted. Miraculously, their guises changed. They took out suits of Yan Huang Immortal Armor and equipped them. They looked like Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers now.

Actually, they had killed two Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers beforehand and had now taken their forms. Right now, they could walk boldly around Yan Huang Imperial City, and no one would suspect them.

After all, firstly their cultivation methods were that of the Immortal Dao, which was why they did not have the aura of ghostly qi.

Secondly, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas had been in Yan Huang Imperial City for many years, so she was familiar with every blade of grass here. She would not leave a single trace. And even the two that they had killed - Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas had known them. That was why they could walk with abandon within the inner city and not face any problems.

The two of them shared a smile. They headed into Yan Huang Imperial City and laughed and chatted with the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers on guard duty. They could call out each person's name. Who would suspect them?

In the days that Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas had been in Yan Huang Imperial City, she had arranged to know everybody and familiarize herself with all the places, exactly for this day. It was no wonder that Qin Fuyao had built up such a reputation for herself.

They entered the outer city easily and then moved into the inner city. Finally, they returned to camp, where they, too, recognized everyone.

When the two entered the inner city, they even came across the City Lord and exchanged a smile. Duomingshan Shengxue said, "Preparations are all complete. Now we can devour some Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers to grow a bit stronger. When the time comes, we must work together. I will hold the Yan Huang City Lord back and you will rescue the Evil Lord."

"A piece of cake."

Before they struck, they would make use of the huge resources of Yan Huang Imperial City to fortify themselves.  They would act carefully. Yan Huang Imperial City was huge, and hundreds of people disappeared everyday. It was hard to discover. And after all, even people close to them would assume they were in seclusion, or had gone out for a mission.

"In just a few days, the divine continent will be the Evil Lord's domain. And then the world!"

The two cracked out grins of anticipation.

"Most importantly, I will personally kill the Taixu Sage Master!"

After their laughter subsided, Duomingshan Shengxue's face turned grim again, his eyes revealing the depth of his hatred.


Nangong Wei and Jiu Ying were facing off on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground.

Jiu Ying bore the burden of Ying Huang, which was why he calmed himself and focused on his goal of defeating Nangong Wei. Of course, because of his relationship with Wu Yu, he also did not want Nangong Wei to be hurt.

But in the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, he could not afford to hold back.

At this moment, Jiu Ying was not yet at the overwhelming position that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was at. Without a word, he immediately revealed his true form. Instantly, the nine-headed demon appeared on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. Jiu Ying's body had already toughened tremendously. Many were seeing his true form for the first time: a hellish beast of black that exuded demonic aura. He commanded respect from all!

Just in terms of appearance alone, juxtaposed to a mystical dragon of Luo Pin's magnificence, Jiu Ying's appearance was too savage, too bloodthirsty, and too cruel. It left many feeling uneasy.

Besides, Jiu Ying was Ying Huang's son. Even though he had helped Wu Yu clean up Emperor Yan's Hall in the Eastern Sea, a majority did not feel a sense of security.

Wicked stares persisted.

Of course, the humans were hoping that Nangong Wei could beat him.

And for Nangong Wei, this was the son of her nemesis, a debt of life!

The hopes of the human race against the demons, and then revenge for her mother. At that moment, Nangong Wei reached a limit that she had never reached before. Even Wu Yu could feel a terrific change in her body!

Against a huge beast like Jiu Ying, Nangong Wei looked minuscule.

But at that moment, Nangong Wei let out a startling bird screech. Her body burst into nine-colored flames that surged towards the skies!

Within the flames, Nangong Wei's body was changing. She had changed from a person to something the size of Jiu Ying... a bird.

Or rather, a phoenix.

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