Chapter 0522: First Battle

Ying Huang had made his reputation on hard-headed domination, and was not about to cow down just because the martial cultivators were the majority.

"A pity that Dubhe and Merak aren't here, or I would wipe out all seven of you Shushan Immortals." Ying Huang smirked.

The Mizar Sword Immortal had already been hard pressed to control himself. The rude taunt rubbed his already rash personality, and he saw red. Not only him, but seeing Ying Huang so brazen was difficult to bear for the Megrez Sword Immortal, Alioth Sword Immortal, Ursae Sword Immortal, and Alkaid Sword Immortal as well. Even before the competitors had begun fighting, the five of them had already pulled out their dao treasure longswords, and the entire Shushan camp was whistling with sword qi.

Seeing their intention, the demons exploded into a frenzy as well. Demons loved to fight, heedless of the consequences. Instantly, demonic aura filled the air, along with hordes of demons rampaging and howling. Roiling, black clouds billowed threateningly towards the Shushan Immortal Sect.

Danger was imminent, but the ordinary sects did not dare intervene. If they were to take side, a majority of them would stand with the Shushan Immortal Sect. Although they were not allowed to attack the demons during the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial because of their ancestral rules, if the demons offered the challenge first, then they could not be to blame.

Just at this juncture, the main organizer, Taixu Sage Master called out, halting the entire field. "Let us set our personal enmities aside until after the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial." 

"Don't be anxious, all of you. There are plenty of chances. But by our ancestral rules, we still have to finish the Heavenly Dragon Trial." The Imperial General appeared at this point as well, halting the clash.

The Taixu Sage Master had to stop things here because this was the Shangyuan Dao Sect. If the killing broke out, it would be his Shangyuan Dao Sect disciples who would suffer the brunt of these attacks.

As for Jin Shengshen and Liu Xuexian, their Tianyi Race was already distanced from the demons, which was why they did not have that significant of a conflict with the Endless Demon Seas. That was why, from their view, there was no need for unnecessary chaos. They too counseled for both sides to back down.

Actually, Ying Huang had calculated that they would not dare to act either, which was why he had dared to mouth those taunts. Before the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial ended, nobody would wish to make the first move.

"Ying Huang, if you have the balls, stay back after the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial ends!" The Mizar Sword Immortal, under the urging of those beside him, had calmed down a little.

Ying Huang scoffed. "If I wish to leave, I'll leave. If I wish to stay, I'll stay. As it pleases my mood. Whether I concede to stay or otherwise depends on your luck. You don't even dare to fight now. What a scaredy cat. If I was your woman, I would be thoroughly disappointed, you know."

"Enough. This is meaningless. Each to your sides. Settle this personally!" the Taixu Sage Master said.

The Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial was incomparably important. Conflicts before the trial would only cause this sacred ritual to end. That was why, no matter how much Ying Huang taunted, the Taixu Sage Master would not allow this battle to occur. This was also a responsibility for the Shushan Immortal Sect.

Even though they were ready for it, the Shushan Immortal Sect had not expected to be fighting before the trial. But seeing the sworn enemy of the Mizar Sword Immortal, and being taunted thus, it was hard to bear indeed!

Right now at the Shushan Immortal Sect’s side, with the Ursae Sword Immortal and the others holding him back, Nangong Xuan was a bit calmer. He shut his eyes and retreated. What he couldn't see wouldn't hurt him.

But Nangong Wei could not do this. She had not uttered a single word from the start, but her nine-colored eyes blazed with the flames of her destiny.

Wu Yu saw all of this.

One's destiny could not be avoided. He too had no idea how Nangong Wei would end up.

But without a doubt, this heated exchange would only add spice to the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, especially for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Right now, he was the ultimate target on this battlefield, and all the participants could not resist looking at him. Some were intense, some shifty. A majority were worried that an encounter with him might end up with their ashy demise.

The entire flow of the event was controlled by the Taixu Sage Master. After the taunts and exchanges, he announced, "Since everyone is present, and no one need any rest, then the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial can begin. Who will be at the top of the divine continent and lead the pack? Come with me, everyone. A feast for your eyes awaits."

After his announcement, the entire field subsided.

The rules of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial were simple. They would fight randomly, two by two! The winner would enter the next round.

As for how they were matched, this too was guided by an ancient tradition. The Taixu Sage Master had already prepared it. Before him stood a child of but two or three years old. He looked at everyone uncomprehendingly, his eyes full of curiosity. Once he found out that he was standing above the clouds, he was both excited and a little scared.

This was actually a mortal!

A mortal child, as blank as a sheet of white paper. Here on the battlefield of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, his tender, young legs bore him amidst the immortals as he walked on curiously, looking about him.

It was because he was too young. If he were a few years older, and knew more about the world, he would be fainting with fear.

Wu Yu knew this rule. It was to find a completely innocent mortal child to draw the lottery before everyone's eyes. Because mortals were innocent and without power, their choices would be the most random.

At this time, guided by the Taixu Sage Master, they walked to a box of white jade. There was only one opening on the white jade box, and 32 balls inside. Each ball held a name. Each time the mortal child took out two balls, the names on it would be opponents.

Everyone watched, and not a single bit of dao technique could be used, lest everyone saw. This sort of picking was definitely random. Of course, this was also a tradition. Each child that picked the balls, no matter their status, could stay at the hosting sect.

Right now, under the instructions of the Taixu Sage Master, the child had already reached his hand into the white jade box.

Once chosen, the battle would commence immediately. Right now, it was not just the competitors that were anxious. For the first battle, the opening battle, the mental pressure would be greater.

Watched by everyone, the mortal child was very happy. He reached his hand into the white jade box and fished for a very long time before pulling out a small ball. He was just about to play with it when the ball ended up in the Taixu Sage Master's hand. The Taixu Sage Master looked at it, then raised it high towards the direction of Yan Huang Imperial City.

This was the first battle!

Wu Yu started. How much of a coincidence would it be if he was going to be the to first battle?

Taixu Sage Master announced: "Yan Huang Imperial City, Shen Qiuyan."

It wasn't him.

No matter what, Wu Yu still wanted to watch others fight first.

Shen Qiuyan had a commanding air about him. After hearing he was first up, his face did not change. After greeting the Imperial General, he leaped off Di Yi's Warship, landing on the vast Upper Immortal Battle Ground.

Shen Qiuyan was also a hot favorite! Out of the three Yan Huang Imperial City contenders, he was publicly recognized as the most likely to win. With him taking the field, many cheered.

The mortal child pouted as his little ball had been taken away, his mouth moving in preparation to cry. At this time, the Taixu Sage Master allowed him to take another ball, and only then did the kid break out into a watery smile. He craned his neck, happily shaking the balls in the box. After a while, he finally pulled one out.

When the Taixu Sage Master took the ball and looked at it, his expression changed somewhat. It became a little grave and serious.

The audience held their breath.

Everyone wanted to be first in the divine continent. In such a direct elimination system, with little rest in between, the match-up was very important. There had been instances where some had fought weaker opponents all the way, and finally triumphed over a stronger opponent because they were uninjured and in their top condition, taking first place.

At this moment, the Taixu Sage Master looked towards the demons and announced, "Demons, Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, take the field!"

With these words, a huge uproar broke out!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was of the highest class within the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. A definite point of contest! Of course, Shen Qiuyan was not bad himself. Both were eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. This battle was definitely a monumental one!

Ordinarily, it was not considered lucky for such championship seeds to meet prematurely.

However, for the opening battle to be such an important one between Yan Huang Imperial City and the demons stoked the entire Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. Everyone could not help but hold their breath!

Of course, once he knew that his first opponent was actually the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, Shen Qiuyan's expression changed as well, but he very quickly took a breath, his eyes regaining their fortitude anew. Actually, he had long prepared for this battle against the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, it was just that he had not expected for the battle to come this quickly.

"Me?" The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu pointed a finger at himself, a little uncomprehending. He very quickly laughed, saying, "Then let me begin the performance. Let me make this Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial a little more interesting."

His expression and attitude belied that he did not take his opponent seriously at all. Compared to Shen Qiuyan's prudence,the  Blood Dragon of Mount Wu left the black cloud in a lackadaisical, careless manner. As the demons hooted their support, he landed on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. A few hundred zhang away from him was Shen Qiuyan!

"Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, your reputation precedes you. Be that as it may, I'm sorry to say that I will send you back to the Endless Demon Seas in the first round," Shen Qiuyan said. He pulled out his immortal treasure as he advanced.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu screamed his laughter. He said, "Against you, I need only a lick of skill. The one who's going home is you. Little pawn, I don't even know what your name is."

At that moment, the tension was rising! Everyone held their breath, watching these formidable talents charge at each other without wasting any words!

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