Chapter 0521: The Two Demon Emperors

With this, Ji Lingshuang, Nangong Wei, and Gusu Yudie, the three beautiful, young, and talented young women, had all arrived. In terms of talent, the other women competing were not their match. That was why although they drew special attention, their chances of winning were slim due to their youth.

All three girls had their own qualities. Ji Lingshuang was as cool and elegant as a fairy, serene and with her own air. Nangong Wei had the aloof air of a Shushan sword cultivator, an air of superiority that ordinary girls lacked. Her nine-colored flame was the very emblem of spicy heat. As for Gusu Yudie, she had the coy cuteness that stirred one's heart to laughter.

Everyone gathered exchanged pleasantries as the day of the battle neared. However, everyone naturally knew that two major forces had yet to arrive. One of them was the Tianyi Race. As the strongest clan of the divine continent, the Tianyi Race's influence was only slightly behind that of Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shushan Immortal Sect, and the Shangyuan Dao Sect. They were not weak either. On this battle namelist, their three contenders were all between the ages of 40 and 49, and one man and woman were eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. One of them was a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator! Another hot favorite for the championship!

In terms of cultivation level, the highest was this 48 year old from the Tianyi Race. His name was He Taijun. He was a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, about the same as Shen Xingyao.

However, although the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was an eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, it remained to be seen if this He Taijun could stop him.

A day passed, and the Tianyi Race had arrived late. However, they still viewed this event very seriously. The two sect leaders, Jin Shengshen and Liu Xuexian, had both come. The 1,000 or so that had come with them were also the cream of the Tianyi Race's crop. Such an awe-inspiring delegation was no less impressive than the Shushan Immortal Sect's!

In truth, the Tianyi Race were rather separate from the rest of the divine continent. That was why they found it difficult to enter the divine continent's circles. Their thinking and conduct was also slightly different. However, the Tianyi Race had strove very hard. Because they were a clan, their sense of unity was especially strong. When they wandered outside, martial cultivators dared not offend the Tianyi Race. Because you just had to bully one, and harsh recourse would definitely follow.

This time, the Tianyi people were extremely impressive as well. Their fierce gazes also built up their reputation for their young experts. Especially the ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator He Taijun. Ranked the highest of the 32 participants, he indeed had a good chance of winning. That was why the Tianyi Race had come this time expecting to win.

In truth, the Tianyi Race very seldom won the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. They felt that the divine continent's martial cultivators did not look up to them. Which was why this time, their resolution to take first place and shake the divine continent was especially strong. After arriving, the first words that Jin Shengshen said were: "Today is the day that we, the Tianyi Race, shoot down the sun itself. We welcome all who are gathered here today to the Tianyi Race's domain in 50 years!"

Very bold and very proud words.

The Imperial General laughed loudly upon hearing this. "Leader Jin speaks so boldly that I forgot to breathe for a moment. How frightful."

Jin Shengshen said, "Yan Huang Imperial City is first, but we of the Tianyi Race do not fear you. Besides, your three contenders don't even warrant our He Taijun taking to the field. Just Jin Tiansheng and Liu Shihai can already crush you."

The Tianyi Race was lucky this time around. Their talents in the tribe had not crossed 50 years of age and bordered the limit.

The Shushan Immortal Sect was not so lucky. Their hottest star, Shen Xingyao, was even more of a legend than He Taijun, but, unfortunately, was not qualified to enter. That was why the Shushan Immortal Sect did not have a good chance this time around.

"Everyone, stop the bantering. It's meaningless. The most important task this time is to prevent the demons from taking place away," the Taixu Sage Master said.

Speaking of the demons quieted the crowd, and their gazes turned grave. Of the demons, Jiu Ying and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu were both of the finest bloodlines. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was one of the mystical dragons, like Zhulong, although he was not recognized by the mystical dragons due to his evil nature. Jiu Ying was not that big of a threat; after all, he was still young. He was just like Wu Yu or Ji Lingshuang, but the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was about 40 years old. Given his magnificent bloodline, even though his cultivation level was not as high as He Taijun's, it was hard to judge how horrifyingly deadly he could be.

The 29 contenders, besides Wu Yu, were all hesitant about the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

Wu Yu could not wait to fight the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

Because it was time to even the score!

He looked out towards the Endless Demon Seas, waiting for the demon army to arrive!

The demons were at odds with the divine continent's martial cultivators, and many had lifetime enemies here. That was why they always arrived the latest and left the earliest. The divine continent's martial cultivators only disliked the Tianyi Race a little, but loathed the demons greatly.

That was why the demons' arrival was truly the most significant event.

Especially to the Shushan Immortal Sect, they were very different! While everyone was looking in the direction of the Endless Demon Seas, awaiting the demons' arrival, Wu Yu looked towards Shushan's Mizar Sword Immortal. His wife had died by Ying Huang's hand. This was an irreconcilable enmity. As expected, the Mizar Sword Immortal's eyes were red, sword qi potent in his gaze. Beside him, Nangong Wei was the same. Such hatred would not vanish even in a few centuries.

"Wei Er...."

Wu Yu was very conflicted.

He could sympathize with that sort of hatred. She had set her sights on killing Ying Huang. There was definitely nothing wrong with that. But for him, he was conflicted. He wanted to help, but Jiu Ying was now his best brother. Should he take a hand in killing his brother's father?

Fate was like that sometimes. Many things had no resolution. Perhaps to Wu Yu, not helping or hindering was the best choice he had.

He was very certain now that the person he wanted to chase was not Nangong Wei. Perhaps those were just adolescent feelings, and they had already passed, but in the end, he did not want Nangong Wei to suffer.

Finally, a rolling, black fog appeared in the sky. The black fog rumbled on into the skies of the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain. The demonic aura made many younger disciples feel uneasy, and even breathless. The great demon army's presence filled the air. Against so many divine continent's martial cultivators, they were not at all afraid, and in fact subdued the martial cultivators' aura. On top of the black clouds, the demons bayed and howled. A truly terrifying scene!

Within the black clouds, there were more than 1,000 demons. They were undoubtedly the strongest in the Endless Demon Seas. The demons had to send so many. Otherwise, they feared that the divine continent’s martial cultivators would take this chance to break their ancestral rules and destroy the demons. That was why they had to turn out in strength.

The demonic aura dominated the mountains of the Shangyuan Dao Sect.

The divine continent's martial cultivators did not look happy.

Wu Yu was the same. After all, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, who had caused his fate to change, as well as the Crimson Blood Demon, were both here!

Above the black cloud, the demons pranced. Some were beast-shaped, while some looked human. Amongst the beasts, there were birds, legged beasts, insects, and even fish and prawns. There were also dead objects that had turned demon, such as the puddle of tainted blood that was the Crimson Blood Demon.

However, the ones that grabbed the most attention were still the two emperors.

On the left was a woman, shrouded in black robes. The aura of death was potent, and she had the aura of a mystical dragon. Her tyrannical and sinister air marked her as Zhulong, who was Zhu Huang. He had seen her in the air above Yan Huang Imperial City before.

The other was a man in black silk clothes. He resembled Jiu Ying in appearance. His body was slim, his features elegant. His skin was pale as paper, and he exuded an insidiously intimidating air. His pupils were not round, but narrow slits like a snake's. Ordinary people would not even meet that gaze. This was the foremost demon emperor, who could even suppress Zhu Huang, hailed as Ying Huang!

To Ying Huang's left stood Jiu Ying, slightly out of place amidst the demon formation.

And to Zhu Huang's left, Wu Yu saw the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's pupils and long hair were all the color of blood. Blood-red long hair reached his waist and fluttered in the wind. A pair of blood-red eyes shone keenly. He wore a wide robe of pristine white. The contrast of blood and white was extremely jarring.

This enemy that Jiu Ying detested. When he appeared beside Jiu Ying, his wily wickedness truly made Jiu Ying look naive and immature. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had improved greatly with the years. Each of his movements had the style of Zhu Huang. He too was one of the mystical dragons, albeit an unremarkable one. But even an inferior and evil specimen of the mystical dragons was still considerably terrifying!

The demons had arrived!

Ying Huang was truly an impressive person. Without a word, he landed the black cloud directly on the battlefield, beside Yan Huang Imperial City. He squeezed a few sects out. His position was right opposite of the Shushan Immortal Sect.

The demons called and hooted. This bunch of demons was very bold. They dared to bluster thus even while on the divine continent's martial cultivators’ territory.

However, they were already bold ones to dare to come and participate in the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, surrounded by martial cultivators. Only demons would have such a disposition. They were not at all afraid that the divine continent's martial cultivators would gang up on them.

At most, they would all die together.

Presently, all the factions of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial had gathered.

After the demons arrived, the entire field fell deathly silent. Neither Zhu Huang nor Ying Huang spoke. They did not seem inclined to speak at all, as though they were just here to watch the battle.

However, to the Mizar Sword Immortal, who held the burden of his dead wife, this debt of blood was hard to bear! Even with the other Sword Immortals holding him back, his eyes flared upon seeing Ying Huang. He seemed to transform into a demon himself, glaring at Ying Huang, the killing intent from his eyes trying to pierce Ying Huang.

Nangong Wei was the same.

What would he do if such a hatred was placed on himself? Wu Yu could not imagine it. Seeing Nangong Wei this way made him feel bad. She had lost her mother at a young age. It was indeed to be pitied.

"Ying Huang!" the Mizar Sword Immortal shouted hoarsely as his entire body shook.

From above the black cloud, Ying Huang spotted him.

He gave a detached laugh and said, "It's you. Nangong Xuan. Revenge, is it? Come on, then. I don't mind bathing the so-called pristine sanctity of this Upper Immortal Battle Ground in blood before the real event begins."

Ying Huang was truly a different type of demon from Jiu Ying.

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