Chapter 0052: Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts

In front of everyone, Wu Yu had done something.

Mo Shishu had said that when you killed someone for their treasures, you would take their Sumeru Pouch.

Currently, the condemned Spectral Concubine had been executed. Her Sumeru Pouch and Soul Summoning Banner would definitely be scavenged by Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian if Wu Yu did not take them.

Since someone was going to take them, why not Wu Yu?

All treasures could be used. Especially immortal treasures - hadn't they reached where they were today only after changing hands many times?

However, Wu Yu indeed could not use something like the Soul Summoning Banner, as it was a thing of ghostly cultivation. He had to bring it back to the Heavenly Sword Sect for Feng Xueya to deal with.

As for her Sumeru Pouch, this was not the time to inspect it. Wu Yu hooked it on his belt. Only after he finished this did Wu Yu walk to stand in front of the Nine Regicides King in a few short steps.

"The Basics of the Sword says that martial cultivators should not slaughter mortals, or they undo their own work. In all things, even flying and becoming an immortal, one will have a harder time than usual."

The martial cultivators believed this. It was something that the ghostly cultivators did not believe in, with their willingness to slaughter.

Exactly because of this, Wu Yu was not prepared to kill the Nine Regicides King. Besides, Su Yanli and the others had also cautioned him against influencing the affairs of mortals. If he killed Nine Regicides King, then the East Sea 38 Islands would be thrown anew into chaos.

In the instant the Spectral Concubine had died in battle, the Nine Regicides King's laughing face had stiffened. Even now, that tanned face was still pale. When Wu Yu neared, he had already scrambled down from the back of his horse, sniveling, "Heavenly Immortal Sun, I will not marry Princess Wu You. Please take her away with you. Don't kill me!"

From a towering tyrant, he had suddenly become a child.

In Capital Wu, the Nine Regicides King was nothing without the Spectral Concubine.

He kowtowed and kowtowed, the eight generals behind him so frightened that they wet themselves.

Spectral Concubine, killed!

The only disciple of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Immortals had actually been killed in Capital Wu!

The Nine Regicides King was reeling inside, unable to regain his composure. Presently, Wu Yu seemed godlike. His intimidating aura had already overwhelmed him to the point where his bladder control was in danger.

The East Sea’s emperor was now a miserable worm.

"Nine Regicides King." Wu Yu used the Demon Subduing Staff to tap him on the head.

"I will not kill you," Wu Yu said.

"Praises to Heavenly Immortal Sun!" Nine Regicides King blubbed happily through his tears.


Wu Yu's Demon Subduing Staff's tap had crushed his eye. He only had one eye originally, and now the other eye gave way with a sickening sound, spurting blood. He would not be able to use it in the future.

"Ahhh.... I can't see!"

Nine Regicides King rolled on the floor in agony.

"Return to your East Sea. From today onwards, the East Sea pirates are not allowed to set foot in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom." Wu Yu knew that, as a martial cultivator, he was not disposed to interfere in such affairs. But he had said it simply for the Nine Regicides King's benefit.

Besides, the problem of East Sea had been his preoccupation before he had ascended the throne.

"Yes!" The Nine Regicides King was gnashing his teeth in pain and had to be propped up by his aide.

"Get out."

"Right!" With help from the eight generals, the Nine Regicides King crawled and stumbled to his warhorse, and they left.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with them. After the Nine Regicides King left, only Princess Wu You remained. Seeing her was out of this world. As Wu Yu and Princess Wu You hugged, a wave of cheers burst forth from Capital Wu.

Their epic love story.

Only, they did not know that this was not the love of romance, but of family.

Although they had different mothers, to Wu Yu, there was no difference.

"Sister...." That he had managed to protect Princess Wu You's life this time was a breath of life snatched from the jaws of death. Actually, Wu Yu had already prepared himself to die.

On his path of martial cultivation, he had never dealt with risk on such a level.

Zhao Chuan, Situ Jin, Ye Guyu, Situ Minglang, all of them had been beaten handily enough by Wu Yu. Only during this battle with the Spectral Concubine had he been dancing so closely with death.

"I'm glad you're alive...." Princess Wu You patted him lightly on the back. She was crying as well. In such a blissful moment, she savored the warmth from Wu Yu's body.

This was proof that he was still alive. Neither had anything to say.

One smile told all.

This obstacle was passed.

"I hear that the Spectral Concubine has seven terrifying masters over at the East Sea, called the Scarlet Sea's Seven Immortals. They will definitely get news that you let Nine Regicides King go. If they come here, you...." Wu You said worriedly.

Although this battle was over, the trouble was not.

Wu Yu said, "Even if I had not let the Nine Regicides King off, they would still know. For a martial cultivator like myself, such things could not be avoided.”

Wu Yu understood that dealing with ghostly cultivators like the Spectral Concubine was his duty. Even if Feng Xueya had been standing there, given the way he was, he would also bid Wu Yu destroy such a sinful woman.

As for the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, those were old devils on the level of Feng Xueya. As long as he informed Feng Xueya about this matter, Feng Xueya would definitely take care of it. Wu Yu was prepared to send a letter to Feng Xueya that very night. Although messenger pigeons could not reach the Bipo Mountain Range, a Heavenly Cloud Roc could.

This was a perk of being Feng Xueya's disciple.

Wu Yu told Wu You about how he planned to handle it, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

At this juncture, Wu Yu could already feel a stare boring into him. It was Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, who stood behind him.

Wu Yu understood his current situation.

"Now that I’ve completed the Invincible Vajra Body's first realm, I basically have a body of steel, impervious to common steel and resistant to water and fire. I have 10,000 warhorses worth of power, and even if I break a limb, I can regenerate it if connected. My physical defense, explosive power, and stamina are all more than 10 times that of those at the 10th tier of the martial way. It surpasses the usual Qi Condensation stage.”

The first realm of the Invincible Vajra Body was virtually more powerful than any of the Body Refining Realm techniques.

"Besides, I saw that there were about 10,000 words for the Invincible Vajra Body, and I have only cultivated 1,000. There must be more to follow. After I finish cultivating it, I will be like it described. After I complete it, I will be invincible, able to destroy the 8,000 heavenly palaces, and also smash the 10,000 levels of hell! One would possess a skull of copper and bones of steel, a body forged with a myriad of metals. The weapons of gods and immortals would cause no harm. The Heavenly Dao's immortals cannot vanquish you! This first realm is only the beginning!

"What I don't know is when the Ruyi Jingu Bang will allow me to reach the second realm of the art. Or is it possible that I will never be able to attain it? Or perhaps once I successfully condense my qi?"

Wu Yu was now pondering the difference between himself and Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

After the battle with the Spectral Concubine, he understood that the Spectral Concubine was basically at the second tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. She was one level higher than Situ Minglang.

As for Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, he outclassed the Spectral Concubine. Although he usually kept a low profile, he was still a strong opponent. Yet he should only be at the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

And Jiang Junlin, who had not shown his face recently, had to be even higher, perhaps at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm or higher.

And now Wu Yu was at the 10th tier of the Body Refining Realm. Having gone through Spirit Ascension, he already had more than 10,000 warhorses worth of power even without using the Immortal Ape Transformation. Many disciples in the Qi Condensation Realm could not possibly achieve such levels of power, unless they cultivated dao techniques that strengthened the body.

Besides, he still had the ultimate move of A Staff to Ascension.

"With all guns blazing, I can probably fight at the second tier of Qi Condensation Realm. But against Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, who has been cultivating for more than a century, I probably still fall short by a little. I don't have a good chance of winning, so I still have to endure for a while more...."

This was precisely the reason why Wu Yu was in no hurry to seek a showdown with Hao Tian.

Besides, he had to first determine that Jiang Junlin was nowhere near Capital Wu.

This Jiang Junlin was not only powerful, and a genius of Su Yanli's level, but he also had an esteemed status. Wu Yu knew that he was a presence best left undisturbed.

"Presently, at the 10th tier of the martial way, I only need to hold at my current level before I can utilize the Spirit Concentration Pill. I need to figure out how to condense my qi. Once it succeeds, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian will not be my match...."

He looked coldly at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. Wu Yu was already devising and planning, calculating the odds with clarity.

Wu Yu's instincts told him that given his current level of knowledge, condensing qi would be even easier than achieving Spirit Ascension, especially with the help of the Spirit Concentration Pill. In Capital Wu, he had already overcome the toughest obstacle.

"This Hao Tian originally intended for Yuan Hao to ally with the East God Nation and expand the territory of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. He wanted to use the Spectral Concubine as a tool to kill me and avenge Wan Qing. A pity that they went for the wool and got shorn instead. Fools." 

Wu Yu knew what they were thinking. Suddenly, he felt that his opponent's solemn expression was very cunning.

As expected, they had started to cause trouble for him.

"Sun Wudao, you are foolish! You are a Heavenly Immortal of the Heavenly Sword Sect! You dare to fall in love with a mortal? That aside, you would actually kill the East Sea's Spectral Concubine over this foolish love? You have caused too much trouble! This time, you have really brought disaster on yourself. Let me tell you, you are doomed!" Hao Tian was trembling with anger.

He had blinked and the Spectral Concubine had died.

He had thought Wu Yu to be the one who had died in that moment. He had felt the power of the Spectral Concubine's terrifying dao techniques.

Wu Yu was a greenhorn in his eyes. He immediately affected the pose of a greenhorn, saying stubbornly, "Hao Tian, enough. My heart for Princess Wu You is true. This is why heaven brought me to Capital Wu, to meet her. I cannot give up. As for offending the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, don't worry about that. It's my own affair, and I will shoulder it."

"What are you shouldering? If I were you, I would run away immediately!" Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian said with a malicious glint in his eye.

"No way. I'm the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. I must protect Capital Wu. Please do not worry. I will not interfere with your affairs. From today onwards, Princess Wu You and I will be at Heavenly Immortal Peak, out of your way. If the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts cause trouble for you, you can send them my way. I will take responsibility. Besides, with Jiang Junlin around Capital Wu, even the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts would not act rashly," Wu Yu said.

"You'll take responsibility? Can you?" Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian sneered. But no matter what he said, this was indeed Wu Yu's own business. And with Jiang Junlin around Capital Wu, he indeed had no cause to be afraid of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts.

He was only resentful that Wu Yu had spoiled his plans to expand Dong Yue Wu's territory.

But he could not say this out loud, because it was forbidden for martial cultivators to be involved in such national affairs.

"I will definitely not cause trouble for you," Wu Yu said.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was burning inside. He stared at Wu You and said, "Sun Wudao, Wu You is a princess of Dong Wu. If you wish to be with her, you have to get my permission."

He had panicked, saying such a thing.

Wu Yu started, saying, "Hao Tian, are you quite well? Wu You being a princess of Dong Yue Wu is correct, but what does that have to do with you? You are only a disciple of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. You are not Princess Wu You's father. What right do you have to say such a thing?"

Wu You was obviously not of his get. Wu Yu had simply said this to taunt him. After all, it was Yuan Hao and Yuan Chen who were his real sons.

At this time, Wu You had also spoke up. "Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, I am willing to go with him, of my own free will. Neither the Empress Dowager nor Yuan Hao can make this decision for me. You had best stay out of it as well."

"Hmph!" Hao Tian was shaking with anger, and left in a huff.

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