Chapter 0516: Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique

Wu Yu had initially thought of exchanging for a new technique with Inner Sea essence pills. 

However, it was clear that the most elite Heaven Earth Void technique that he could exchange for in Yan Huang Imperial City would still be no way as good as the one Yan Huang City Lord imparted to him personally. 

Now that he was preparing to leave Dong Sheng Divine Continent and roamed in a larger world, Wu Yu wouldn't be courteous if Yan Huang City Lord was to give him something. 

After all, if he had succeeded, he would have brought glory to Yan Huang Imperial City. 

For Wu Yu, no matter if it was the City Lord or the Imperial General, they were both elders they he had fully respected. It was especially so for Imperial General. When he returned to Shushan previously, it was all because of him that he could go get the victory with his pride. 

If Yan Huang Imperial City needed assistance, he definitely wouldn't say no. 

"If you are willing to take over the Yan Huang Imperial City in the future, I'll be glad. The only shame is that your ambitions don't lie here. Haha! Naturally, this is something great." 

Yan Huang City Lord also felt that a talent like Wu Yu would definitely make Yan Huang Imperial City even stronger if he chose to stay behind. However, he also had great respect for Wu Yu's decision. After all, the decision of Wu Yu's future was too important for Wu Yu. 

"If the opportunity arises, I will definitely repay the kindness shown to me by the City Lord." Wu Yu said sincerely. 

"That's natural. Even if you decide to leave, you will still be someone from our Yan Huang Imperial City." 

Now that the incident of the ghostly cultivators from the East Sea was settled, Yan Huang City Lord was in a great mood. While conversing, he was open to more jokes. 

Subsequently, Yan Huang City Lord retrieved two cultivation books and handed them to Wu Yu. 

From the looks of it, those were two elite Heaven Earth Void techniques. One of them was entirely golden and made of metal entirely. The materials used were definitely imbued with spiritual marks. 

The other was entirely black and was also forged from precious metal with spiritual marks. Moreover, black flames were still circulating on the black metal. Even though Wu Yu had his Invincible Vajra Body, he still found it to be scorching hot. 

The two books of Heaven Earth Void technique didn't look ordinary at all! 

Yan Huang City Lord said, "You wouldn't be able to exchange for these two Heaven Earth Void techniques with Inner Sea essence pills. These are unique techniques of our Yan Huang Imperial City. Typically, they would only be imparted to the inheritors of the City Lord or the Imperial General.  Since the inheritors have not been chosen  and you are leaving the divine continent, it wouldn't matter even if you master them.  Basically, these are the strongest Heaven Earth Void techniques available to us.  I'm also curious as to how it would look like when you execute them with all your doppelgangers." 

The strongest Heaven Earth Void techniques! 

Only the inheritors of the City Lord and Imperial General could learn. 

Simply from these two standpoints, it was sufficient to say that these Heaven Earth Void techniques weren't easily available and couldn't be exchanged for regardless of the numbers of Inner Sea essence pills. 

Wu Yu took a closer look. 

On the golden book, there were several words engraved. This Heaven Earth Void technique was probably only imparted to the inheritors of the Yan Huang City Lord. It was known as Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique! 

Just from learning the name, one could sense the domineering, vigorous and authority of a Heavenly Lord.  Yan Huang Imperial City was established by the people of Yan Huang Ancient Region from the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Clearly, this Heaven Earth Void technique was from that Yan Huang Ancient Region.  It had likely been passed down through long periods of time. 

Wu Yu didn't flip open the book. Instead, he looked at the black book. If he was right, this should be the Heaven Earth Void Technique that only the inheritor of the Imperial General could practice. 

Its name was Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God TEchnique! 

These two Supreme God Techniques had huge significance.  Wu Yu had initially thought that Yan Huang City Lord would just retrieve some random technique for him. It would now seem that these two Heaven Earth Void techniques were extremely precious. It would very likely be the very best that Wu Yu had practiced thus far. 

"Using these two Heaven Earth Void techniques would also be a symbol of being a descendant of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. If you could enter the Yan Huang Ancient Region, they would then recognize your identity," Yan Huang City Lord reminded solemnly. 

No wonder!

Yan Huang City Lord had considered deeply and had planned for his future. Wu Yu couldn't help but feel grateful. After accepting the two Heaven Earth Void techniques, he made a deep bow at Yan Huang City Lord and thanked him. 

"There's no need for that. As to what kind of a person you are, we are well aware. Your attitude and decision to protect the Heavenly Sword Sect had also allowed us to understand that you, Wu Yu, is a person who wouldn't shun from your responsibilities. You knew about gratitude and we are assured of your character.  It is also fate that you have come to Yan Huang Imperial City. With this fate, helping you along would just be something we should do." 

Previously, when they were above Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, Wu Yu would rather choose to go against the Ghostly Emperor instead of abandoning his kins behind immediately. At the very least, his actions were proven right at this juncture.  It was also then that he won the respect of everyone, including Yan Huang City Lord. 

After discussing some details with Yan Huang City Lord, Wu Yu left the Yan Huang Ancient Well and headed back to Heaven's Equal camp to prepare himself. 

He had reached bottlenecks in various aspects. If he could fully internalize the two Heaven Earth Void techniques before the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, together with the might of the new Dao Treasure he mastered, his battling prowess would undoubtedly be off the charts. If the strongest was just a eight tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, he wouldn't be afraid at all. 

He was determined to clinch the number one for the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. This wasn't for glory but for what he wanted to pursue! 

He wanted to pursue Luo Pin and Immortal Dao! 


East Seas. The waves were tumbling and the sky and land was of the same color. 

Amidst the vast sea, a warship was heading towards the west. This was a miniature version of the Yan Huang Warship. It was entirely gold and black and wasn't huge at all with a capacity of roughly two hundred people. 

At this moment, there were roughly a hundred-plus people on the warship. 

There was a flag flying on the warship with the words "Wind Chopping Camp" embroidered on it. 

This was a camp from the Yan Huang Imperial City. 

The name of the centurion of the Wind Chopping Camp was Liu Yicheng. At this moment, Liu Yicheng was steering the warship ahead. From where he stood, one could see the coastline of Dong Sheng Divine Continent in the west direction. 

Upon seeing Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the hundred-odd people on the warship were exhilarated and started cheering. 

"We are finally back!" 

"After pursuing and killing ghostly cultivators for several months and rounding them up, we are finally back. It hasn't been easy!" 

"All the ghostly cultivators have basically been eliminated. We wouldn't have to be away from our homes so far away anymore. Now that I have accumulated lots of merits and treasures, I have to exchange them for an elite immortal treasure after returning to the Imperial City." 

"The ghostly cultivators are devoid of all morals. It is just a matter of time that a cultivation dao like the Ghostly Dao would be completely eliminated. Speaking of which, although we have contributed minimally in terms of strength, the merits we made could still be considered as limitless." 

Seeing the fervent discussion of the Yan Huang Immortal soldiers, Liu Yicheng also showed a warm smile. 

Killing and rounding up the ghostly cultivators were their mission. Naturally, they had requested to do so. Numerous Kingdoms along the coastline of the divine continent had suffered from the catastrophes. They had seen it with their own eyes. Having the young blood in them boiling, they naturally had a deep feud against the ghostly cultivators.  

Now, they had taken their revenge and the ghostly cultivators had disappeared from sight. Within the near future, even if there were remains, they wouldn't dare to show themselves and wrecked havoc. 

After emerging from this catastrophe, the divine continent would definitely be even more prosperous in the future. With a character like Wu Yu who valued affection and personal loyalty appearing in Yan Huang Imperial City now, he would definitely rule supreme in the world in the future." Liu Yicheng couldn't help but worship Wu Yu a little. 

After all,  even that immortal mystical dragon seemed to be on good terms with him. 

"Commander Liu, now that we have made huge merits and returning victoriously, aren't you feeling a little agitated?" Several young Yan Huang Immortal soldiers started cheering. 

Liu Yicheng smiled. 

After which, someone said immediately, "Commander Liu is probably thinking of his dao companion now!  And his two cute kids. I've seen Commander Liu sending several message talismans each day. He must be missing his lover dearly. Now that we are heading back, at least for the next year, Commander Liu wouldn't be paying attention to people like us." 

"Haha! How sweet! I'm so envious of Commander Liu to have a dao companion." 

"You can find one yourself too!" 

"It's easier to say than done. Finding a dao companion is extremely difficult. My talents are limited and no one would be willing to follow me." 

As the group conversed joyously, Liu Yicheng steered the warship closer and closer towards the divine continent. At the thought of his wife and childrens, he was indeed getting anxious. It had been a long time since he had seen them. The message talismans weren't able to quench his thoughts. 

"Soon... Soon..." Liu Yicheng couldn't help but started to count down on the days till he would be back. 

Just as the group was conversing and cheering, suddenly!  The space darkened suddenly and the warship seemed to have entered into pitch-black darkness. The seas and the sky disappeared instantly. The group was greatly shocked and completely dumbfounded. At this moment, a terrifying force was pulling the warship. While everyone was in panic, they felt clearly that the warship was being pulled into the deep sea. 

Liu Yicheng was astonished. 

As a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea centurion, his first reaction was to request for reinforcement! 

Therefore, he had released a core-tail talisman towards the nearby centurions. He knew that there would be numerous other warships that were returning. 

However, the moment the core-tail talisman was released, it was shrouded by the surrounding darkness instantly. Clearly, someone had thought about it and prevented him from communicating with the outside world. 

This instantly let Liu Yicheng knew the seriousness of the matter. 

However, he had not expected it to be so serious. 

When everyone was falling over from the sudden movements, the warship stopped abruptly deep under the seas as it smashed onto the seabed. The Yan Huang Immortal soldiers had a hard time getting up. They were shocked and afraid as they stared at their surroundings vigilantly. Some of their faces were as white as snow. 

"What's happening?  Message talismans can't be sent out?" 

"Who's playing the joke on us?  Or could there be other ghostly cultivators?  Commander, what's going on?" 

The group looked towards Liu Yicheng as though hoping he would clear their doubts. 

"Everyone, don't panic." Liu Yicheng was still rather composed. Amidst the darkness, the darkness had isolated them from the seas. 

At this juncture, Liu Yicheng was about to strike to destroy the darkness. Suddenly, ripples appeared across the darkness and from within the ripples, two greyish human figures emerged and walked towards the group. When they stopped in front of the group, the group realized that there was a man and lady. The middle-aged man was stunning and young girl was enchanting. They recognized the enchanting young girl instantly. This was because she was none other than Qin Fuyao, who had once charmed thousands and thousands of young guys from Yan Huang Imperial City.  However, everyone now knew that her real name was Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas. 

Liu Yicheng was greatly shocked! 

He knew that this was the remains of the ghostly cultivators, the eighth Hell Emperor and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas! 

At this moment, their eyes seemed to nest greyish vortexes and greyish mist tumble around their bodies. They looked even creepier than before. 

"Both of you......" Just as Liu Yicheng spoke, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas suddenly stuck out her small tongue. 

"Should I start by devouring these people?" She said with a coquettish tone. 

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