Chapter 0511: Jambu Realm

No one disturbed him in the Heaven's Equal Camp. Wu Yu communicated with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and slowly became more familiar with it.

Now he had an extremely strong desire to raise his cultivation level. He was very motivated, and even though the world was peaceful now, he was enthusiastic to rush to greater heights.

There were over 100,000 spirit designs on this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. Wu Yu studied these spirit designs and compared them to what was in Luo Pin's Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon. He studied both simultaneously. The wisdom and dao understanding of predecessors were passed down via these spirit designs.

After he finished studying them, he improved in both his understanding of spirit designs and dao.

The grand dao was deep, and the more he trained, the more he felt that this sea was endless.

"If I want to become immortal, I don't know if I need to control this gigantic sea known as the grand dao!" Wu Yu sighed.

When the Yan Huang Immortal Army had killed most of the ghostly cultivators, many of them returned to Yan Huang Imperial City. Yan Huang Imperial City became lively again. The divine continent seemed to be have become friendlier after surviving this great life-threatening disaster. 

It seemed like the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General had both returned.

They had settled everything at Four Islands of the East Sun, and because they hadn’t found Duomingshan Shengxue, a few Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators stood guard there.

As for the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, Wu Yu had basically finished his study of the spirit design on the reverse scale, the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design. Once this spirit design was activated, the power of Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean would be totally released. While he did not test it, he knew how much power that was.

Jiu Ying had returned to the Endless Demon Seas. He had no other business at hand and concentrated on improving himself once more.

This day, Wu Yu was still training with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean when someone suddenly spoke to him. That person said, "Wu Yu, I'm back. Please come to the City Lord Residence."

Wu Yu was momentarily stunned, then he recalled that this was the Yan Huang City Lord's voice. He was summoning him.

He had probably returned not long ago.

Wu Yu did not hesitate. He quickly left the Heaven's Equal Camp and went towards the City Lord Residence. More people returned to the inner city. All the soldiers who saw Wu Yu looked at him with awe and respect.

After all, Wu Yu had played a part in the destruction of Emperor Yan's Hall and even in the defeat of the Ghostly Emperor.

Now everyone basically treated him as the next Yan Huang City Lord. He was placed above Murong Xu and the others. He had become the first in his generation in Yan Huang Imperial City.

Even most of the generals were very polite to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu went straight to the City Lord Residence. There was no one there and he walked in. He was not stopped.

The City Lord Residence was very empty and there was no one around. It was covered in dust, like an old residence deep in the mountain. Wu Yu went around a few times and could not find the Yan Huang City Lord. He thought that the Yan Huang City Lord must have wanted him to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Well. Hence, without hesitation, he jumped into the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

Yellow sand continued to cover the sky in the Yan Huang Ancient Well. It was like an abandoned ancient world. There were no flowers or plants. Other than sand storms, there was only dead silence.

The ancient city stood not far away. Wu Yu travelled through the yellow sand and soon arrived within the ancient city. The ancient city was very empty, but Wu Yu saw a very ordinary-looking elder from afar. He was sitting in the lotus position on a circular platform. He was the Yan Huang City Lord. 

He remembered that when he fought the Ghostly Emperor, the Yan Huang City Lord was like a conqueror. His whole body was golden and very shiny. Compared to him now, the difference was indeed big.

"You're here. I heard that you managed to gain control of a dao treasure?" When Wu Yu arrived, the Yan Huang City Lord opened his clear eyes. He was smiling warmly as he looked at Wu Yu. This was the attitude an elder held before a favored junior.

Wu Yu nodded his head and said, "It is the Godly Sea Steadying Needle that I gained from the Emperor Yan's Hall."

The Yan Huang City Lord praised him, saying, "That's not easy. Even though you did not receive its legacy, you received the recognition of the dao treasure. Our Yan Huang Imperial City's generals cannot do that. But you did it."

Of course, Wu Yu had done it with the help of Visualizing the Inner Ape. In reality, it was also because of that Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's strong spiritual power. Otherwise, he would not have been able to do it. After all, he was only at the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

But today the Yan Huang City Lord had looked for him to discuss something in detail. He asked Wu Yu to assume the lotus position on the circular platform as well.

Under the circular platform was the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

The City Lord said, "When you and Luo Pin entered it, the remnants of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's soul must have escaped with Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas and possessed the Necro Lord. Now that the Necro Lord is dead, the business with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord should pass. However, just in case, I probably need to guard here for a period of time until everything dies down. After all, no one knows how many unimaginable methods the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord possesses."

Based on Luo Pin's moves, the Necro Lord really had been torn into bits and pieces. His body had disintegrated and then was dumped into the East Sea. It was impossible to find.

"Is the egg your hands?" the Yan Huang City Lord asked.

Perhaps this was his worry.

Wu Yu nodded his head in response.

Ming Long had said that this seemed to be a newborn with no sentience. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord obviously wanted to use it as his own body after he was reborn.

But Ming Long had also said that if Wu Yu could reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, she had a way to let Wu Yu split and form a Second Primordial Spirit. At that moment, Wu Yu could use this egg as the body to hold the Second Primordial Spirit and form a true clone. If he succeeded, then this clone might be a Spirit of the Universe that had the talent of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Wu Yu had seen how terrifying the Ghostly Emperor was and naturally knew that if he succeeded, his doppelganger would be highly terrifying.

Even though the original body had received the legacy of the Great Sage and had a bright future, Wu Yu felt that if that Second Primordial Spirit clone could succeed, it would be even more terrifying than the original body.

Hence, at the moment, he could not give the egg up, even if the Yan Huang City Lord wanted to do it for safety's sake.

If not for Luo Pin, Wu Yu would have already thrown this egg away.

As expected, the Yan Huang City Lord said, "The egg is very important to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. While the Ghostly Emperor is dead, I worry that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is still around. I worry that he may reappear at some time and bring another disaster to the divine continent. It is dangerous for you to keep the egg. So, what are your plans? If you want, I can hold it. If not, you need an appropriate method of protection."

The Yan Huang City Lord did not want his belongings, he was simply worried.

Wu Yu thought about it, and, actually, it was good for the Yan Huang City Lord to hold on to it. After all, Wu Yu trusted the City Lord, and he would definitely not do anything to it without asking him. If Wu Yu kept it, it might be snatched away by someone. For instance, the missing Duomingshan Shengxue.

He thought for some time and finally handed the egg over to the Yan Huang City Lord because he was still far from reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and would have no use for the egg until then.

In fact, he would not need it for at least the next 10 years.

10 years, was it sufficient for him to catch up to Luo Pin?

After taking the egg from Wu Yu, Yan Huang City Lord nodded and said, "I know that this thing is useful to you. When you need it, just let me know. For the next few years, I'll probably stay here in the Yan Huang Ancient Well."

After he settled this, he did not ask Wu Yu to leave. Instead, he said, "I saw what happened between you and the immortal beast Luo Pin. Wu Yu, do you remember that I once asked you to take over my position, become the new Yan Huang City Lord, and manage Yan Huang Imperial City? After all, it is hopeless for me to become an immortal. One day, I'll die and my dao will disappear. However, Yan Huang Imperial City must continue to be passed down."

He had said this before fighting the Ghostly Emperor.

Wu Yu was flattered and said, "This is too important. I am talentless and not worth considering. Besides, I'm an outsider, I'm afraid no one will be convinced. Besides...."

He had thought about it carefully. To him in the past, becoming the future new Yan Huang City Lord and guarding the divine continent, becoming the leader of one great power, that was practically a miracle and dream that he would not even dare to imagine. No doubt, the Wu Yu in the past dreamt of controlling the world and receiving the respect of people in this way.

His status and position would be very high.

But the problem was that after the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, his thinking changed. Hence, when he heard the Yan Huang City Lord's intentions, his first thought was to reject him.

He indeed dared not imagine to become the Yan Huang City Lord in the past. This would definitely bring glory to his ancestors, an unimaginable honor.

But he had other goals now.

Luo Pin had told him about a wider world.

When he saw Wu Yu's hesitant expression and words, the Yan Huang City Lord chuckled. It was like he had expected it, and he said, "Actually, I understand your thinking - you don't have to feel burdened. In the past, both you and I underestimated you. After the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, I finally understood. You look to possess only ordinary talent but have managed to surprise us repeatedly. Hence, your future should be in wider world and not just Yan Huang Imperial City in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. If I make you the succeeding Yan Huang City Lord, then I'm limiting your growth. At least the current you looks to have a very bright future."

It was unexpected for the Yan Huang City Lord to be so understanding.

He easily knew what Wu Yu was thinking.

"If I stayed at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to be the Yan Huang City Lord, I would have a job and responsibilities. I would have to guard Yan Huang Imperial City. This way, my true dream to become immortal would likely never be fulfilled. Besides, my future should not be staying in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, to be a lord here. I should be looking at the wider world, to fulfill this promise of 10 years, to look for Luo Pin, to find her and be truly able to measure up to her...."

After the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, Wu Yu's heart was set. He had never desired to be qualified to truly meet her face to face so much. 

From Ming Long and Luo Pin's words, Wu Yu knew that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was just one of the worlds, and there must be wider places at the other side of the big ocean, where Ming Long and Luo Pin came from.

"Succeeding the City Lord, or leaving the divine continent to pursue the endless path of immortality, which would you choose?" The Yan Huang City Lord did not pressure him but smiled as he asked for his choice.

Wu Yu of course did not hesitate. He said, "I want to see how big this world really is."

This wider world was known as the Jambu Realm. It would be his new stage.

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