Chapter 0051: The Golden Dao

For the average ignoramus, they assumed that he was a demon showing his true form. As the word spread, Wu Yu was also made out to be a terrifying presence. However, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and the Spectral Concubine were clear that Wu Yu could not possibly be a demon. But such a move indeed left them reeling from shock.

"Who knew that you had such power, to turn into a beast. The taste of your flesh will definitely be even more delicious than the average cultivator." The Spectral Concubine was not afraid, and continued to attack. As she pressed on, the ghost seemed even more savage.


The awesome Immortal Ape spun the Demon Subduing Staff within its hands as though it were an extension of its limbs. Although Wu Yu normally felt that the Demon Subduing Staff was a tad heavy, after the Immortal Ape Transformation, he felt that the weapon moved like an extension of his limbs.


This time around, his strength had increased greatly. The Demon Subduing Staff rained blows down madly, with quite a few connecting on the evil ghost. Soon, even the ground started to ripple in a few hundred meter radius with the power of his blows!


Under the frenzied onslaught from the golden Immortal Ape, the evil ghost wailed in anger, but it had no chance to retaliate. Wu Yu rained down more than a hundred blows, turning it into a stinking pulp. Nothing stirred!

"This Immortal Ape Transformation is really ridiculous!"

Wu Yu only regained a shred of his senses after he had completely demolished the evil ghost. He would not use this move unless his hand was forced. This play had made him go down a little too deeply. He could only stop when the opponent was completely destroyed!

"Spectral Concubine!"

The evil ghost vanished, and Wu Yu was left staring at the Spectral Concubine.

Unexpectedly, the Spectral Concubine gave a loud, cold laugh. She stood unmoving. Just then, Wu Yu felt a sinister wind begin to blow, with a piercing chill that cut to the bone. He whirled around violently and saw the pale-faced woman just as she crashed into him. She did not send Wu Yu flying, but actually disappeared!

"Haha! Sun Wudao, you are doomed." Seeing this scene, the Spectral Concubine held her stomach and laughed loudly, rocking back and forth. Although her voice was sweet, her face could only be described as grotesque.


Wu Yu was about to rush over and finish off the Spectral Concubine, but he suddenly reeled, his mind torn asunder. It seemed like there was something within his body that did not belong to him. It was currently taking over his consciousness at a terrifying rate.

"Sun Wudao... Sun Wudao...."

That terrifying mental will was weeping and wailing his name. Wu Yu saw the world turn red before his eyes. Everywhere he looked, he saw mountains of corpses and seas of blood!

"Get out!"

He knew that the vengeful spirit must have entered his body and was trying to control him

Wu Yu did not know how the vengeful spirit had been contrived. The world was a big place, and all he knew was the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, he also did not know how to banish the vengeful spirit from his body.

"I died so cruelly, ooooooh......" The voice continued to howl into his ears. The pale-faced woman continued to rock back and forth before his eyes.

From outside, the huge, golden ape had apparently dropped to his knees after dealing with the evil ghost. He was clutching his skull in agony. At that moment, he roared and stood up. Just as he was about to charge at the Spectral Concubine, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, as though his legs were fighting with each other. He even started beating himself with his Demon Subduing Staff.


From the carriage, Princess Wu You could not help crying as she looked upon Wu Yu's tortured countenance.

She could not even shout his name at this time.

The Nine Regicides King threw a cold look at her. "You had best be concerned about yourself, Wu You. You are quite something to have made even a Heavenly Immortal fall in love with you. I have eight brothers under me that have all taken a liking to you. Can you treat all eight nicely?"

Saying thus, he laughed out loud.

On the other side, under the anxious gazes of the crowd, the Spectral Concubine laughed out loud, saying, "Enough. I'm done playing with you."

Her methods were clearly better than Wu Yu's. She waved a hand and the Soul Summoning Banner curled on the flagpole. The flagpole seemed to become a long spear. The Spectral Concubine gripped the spear and drifted towards Wu Yu.

"Sun Wudao is dead," the Nine Regicides King chortled. Although the opponent was a Heavenly Immortal, he could not be bothered to spare any respect for someone about to die. On the contrary, he was really enjoying the struggling look on Wu You's face.

Just at this time, the Spectral Concubine continued to use her dao techniques. She chanted as she advanced, her finger continuing to jab at the Soul Summoning Banner. Each time she jabbed, a black snake appeared, entwining around the Soul Summoning Banner. After 10 times, the Soul Summoning Banner was entwined with 10 black snakes, their fangs bared and spitting venom.

"Taste my third master's ultimate move - Soul Piercing Snake Spear!"

This was the ultimate move of one of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts. It was an infamous dao technique. Thousands of righteous path disciples had died to the Soul Piercing Snake Spear! Of course, the savage and fear-inducing Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts called themselves the 'Scarlet Sea's Seven Immortals'.

The Spectral Concubine drifted towards Wu Yu like a vengeful spirit. The Soul Summoning Banner transformed into a long spear, lunging straight for Wu Yu's heart. At this moment, Wu Yu was still in the throes of the vengeful spirit's control!


Locked in a contest of wills with the vengeful spirit, Wu Yu blinked furiously. He saw the terrifying dao technique of the Spectral Concubine.

The 10 black snakes were coiling and twisting around the Soul Summoning Banner, and they seemed to be laughing at him.

"If I get hit, I'll definitely be dead!"

Wu Yu was clear on this.

This was Capital Wu, not the Heavenly Sword Sect. No one would be coming to help him!

This was a moment that made one despair!


Wu You's hot tears rolled down as she watched his imminent death.

Before his death, the whole world suddenly quietened. It was a curious feeling.

Actually, when Wu Yu was put in this position, he had already started to feel it. In the last month, he had sought peace, which he could not find. But he had gathered his courage and come to this fight. And on this battlefield, he had found true peace.

He was being harassed by the vengeful spirit and was about to be killed off by the Spectral Concubine, under the terrified looks of the citizenry. At this time, it was clearly the most chaotic moment.

"Immortal Path."

Behind the Spectral Concubine, Wu Yu saw a golden passage burning with golden flames!

This would not be a hallucination caused by the vengeful spirit, right?

"Charge! Charge!! Wu Yu!!"

In that instant of absolute silence before death, Wu Yu surged forth from within the body of the Immortal Ape!

His blood boiled and coursed!

As though someone was exhorting him.

"Wu Yu, on the vast path of immortality, there are billions of obstacles. What do you think is the most important?"

At that moment, Wu Yu understood. He wanted to reply: courage.

The courage to challenge!

The courage to rise!

The courage to slay demons!

The courage to challenge the path of immortals, to contest bad with good, and to shatter the void!

A seed that absorbed all around it, in preparation for germination!


Something seemed to snap within the body of the Immortal Ape.

Actually, there was nothing of the sort before Wu Yu's eyes. Just the Spectral Concubine, the 10 snakes, and the Soul Summoning Banner.


Just like that, he could feel that the body of the indomitable Immortal Ape belonged to him again!

"I, Wu Yu, my life hangs on a thread....

"But! My acts defy nature itself. I underwent transformations and stole the mystical power of the sun and moon itself! Using heaven and earth as my spiritual qi, I built my body! That is why being on the brink of death is nothing unusual for me!

"Victors, sing on!"

"Vanquished, fall to the yellow soil! Your bodies litter the path!

"I will not be part of that yellow soil. If I must, I will be the unparalleled monkey king. I am invincible and unlimited!"

His boiling blood, centered around his heart, coursed through his whole body. The body of the golden ape heated up until it seemed to be on fire! 

"Wu You, I vowed to protect your life!

"I, Wu Yu, will not allow these demons to sully you!"

His vow spoken, his hatred swelled.

All the fire in his heart spewed from his mouth.

"Spectral Concubine!!"

Wu Yu exploded forth, the Demon Subduing Staff gripped in a single hand, cracking forth.

"How?" The Spectral Concubine laughed, but the Soul Piercing Snake Spear did not stop. It was already piercing Wu Yu's breast!

"I will see you reduced to ash and smoke!"

As Wu Yu said “I,” his thick arm moved!

One staff, a powerful blow!

That was A Staff to Ascension!

This staff's attack was packed with all his strength, his will, and even the Demon Subduing Staff itself.

This attack was a breakthrough!

As the staff swung out, Wu Yu's life itself began to change!

He seemed to come to an endless void. As he swung the staff, all the stars, constellations, and suns shattered in that instant!

A Staff to Ascension!

This strike allowed Wu Yu to absorb spiritual qi like crazy. His physical and mental state underwent metamorphosis and fusion. They surpassed mortal levels. His martial way ascended, and he reached the 10th tier of the martial way!

This strike had over 10,000 warhorses' worth of immense strength!

This strike shocked the entire Capital Wu!

It was as though the sun had risen over the East Sea. In that instant, light burst forth blindingly!

As for the Spectral Concubine, under this onslaught of will, she had been reduced to a wraith!

A Staff to Ascension crashed down on the Spectral Concubine's head!

When the staff landed on her skull, the Soul Piercing Snake Spear pierced Wu Yu's flesh. In that instant, Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body's first realm had been completed!

And now his Immortal Ape Transformation state had an even more resistant body. Although the Soul Summoning Banner was not actually a spear immortal treasure, it took a heavy toll on Wu Yu when it pierced his flesh!

But at this time, Wu Yu's A Staff to Ascension had already caused the Spectral Concubine to be completely shattered.


In a flash, the world turned. The Spectral Concubine died instantly, unable to even cry out. She fell heavily to the ground before Wu Yu, already lifeless.

With a clatter, the Soul Summoning Banner fell to the ground.

As for the vengeful spirit, it vanished without the tethering of the Soul Summoning Banner.


In an instant, the dark clouds cleared, and the intense sun shone brightly in the sky. The golden ape let out a roar, venting the pent-up emotions in its heart. The Demon Subduing Staff, gripped tightly in its fist, plunged into the ground. From the point below Wu Yu's feet, a huge shockwave burst forth, crashing against the base of the Capital Wu castle walls. The entire Capital Wu shook from the power!

Spectral Concubine, dead!


The Immortal Ape Transformation was too savage. Wu Yu had to release the pent up rage before he could revert to human form.

Luckily, his brain had not been overly taxed during the Immortal Ape Transformation, and he still held onto the Demon Ape Mask. Otherwise, his identity would have been revealed.

When he returned to his human form, he turned towards Capital Wu.

Nine Regicides King, Wu You, Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi... and tens of thousands of citizens of Capital Wu. All looking at him.

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