Chapter 0509: Difficult Conquest of Dao Treasure

Yan Huang Imperial City.

The inner city seemed very spacious because most of the Yan Huang Immortal Army were at various places of the divine continent and East Sea, slaying the remaining ghostly cultivators.

It was difficult to meet even a few people while walking out here.

Hence, when Wu Yu was preparing to conquer the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, his surroundings were quiet. The Heaven's Equal Camp was very quiet. The Blue Dragon Camp next door was even quieter.

After all, Luo Pin had left.

In the dark training room, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was shining like a crystal. It was glowing in blue color and lit up this dark area, making it seem like the blue ocean.

A blue mystical dragon floating sculpture was coiled around this dao treasure. At this moment, the mystical dragon's eyes shone and looked at Wu Yu. It seemed to be asking if Wu Yu was prepared, if he had enough courage!

Wu Yu was, of course, prepared. He had reached the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, and at this moment, he was at his peak! At this moment, he needed to accomplish everything in one go!

There were also 1,000 doppelgangers aiding him!

When conquering the dao treasure, the doppelgangers were not very useful. But the facade now could suppress the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean a little.

People like Murong Xu could control their dao treasures only because they had received legacies. And at this moment, Wu Yu was different. He needed to depend on himself to conquer this dao treasure. The difficulty level was raised by multiple folds.

At this moment, his eyes were serious. He reached out and touched the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. He grabbed it by the blue mystical dragon's neck. He then used great strength to seize this mystical dragon. 

In that instant, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean struggled fiercely. One after another, streaks of light exploded and it vibrated like the great ocean. It looked to be a normal struggle, but it actually was extremely powerful!


Wu Yu used Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and his strong physical strength to physically obstruct the struggle of this dao treasure. This was a direct battle on a corporeal level!  It was indeed a dao treasure. At first, it was suppressed by Wu Yu and pressed under his hands. However, it did not give up at all and repeatedly retaliated with a power as heavy as the great sea. It seemed to have gone crazy and wanted to tear apart from the control of Wu Yu's palms.

Other than battling its opponent's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and physical strength, there was another more important layer of battle!

That was the battle in the spiritual world. This was the most important!

It was taming a wild, violent beast. Just suppressing the other party based on strength was not enough. He still needed to conquer it in the spiritual world! At least now, the difficulty in conquering this dao treasure far exceeded the difficulty Wu Yu had experienced when gaining control of supreme immortal treasures.

In the first instant he controlled this dao treasure, he sunk into an endless sea. This endless sea was much bigger than he had imagined and was like the real East Sea. Wu Yu floated above this sea and could not see the end!

But this sea was not icy cold; it was actually very hot. The whole sea was like boiling water, rolling and bubbling continuously. The waters were agitated and even spewed out!

Looking carefully, the bottom of this sea was not real water, but a type of liquid-state blue fire! Sometimes it was spewing liquid and sometimes it was burning blue flames. This endless sea was actually formed by these endless blue flames. They were too tightly packed and looked like the real sea.

This was much larger than the environment Wu Yu had imagined.

But there was one point that was right, and that was: the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was not a dao treasure built on water, but on fire.

And most of its spirit designs were related to fire.

The reason it could suppress the East Sea Swirls had to do with these fire spirit designs. The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was not like its appearance. It looked like a crystal, but it had an angry and fiery heart. 

Within its blue body, the power of angry fire flowed and raged.

Hence, it was suitable for Wu Yu. If not, it would be more suitable for Luo Pin.

At this moment, the sea-like blue flames rolled beneath him and under this sea. Wu Yu could see a huge deep sea beast with his own eyes. That deep sea beast was rolling in the sea and swimming. Such a huge size was rarely seen! The vibrant spirit and willpower on it possessed strong offensive powers. In the blink of an eye, that huge beast went from being deep under the sea to standing before Wu Yu and looking into his eyes.

Wu Yu knew that the real battle with this dao treasure had just begun!

There was no doubt that this huge, underwater beast was the blue mystical dragon, the immortal treasure spirit of this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!


Just as the two of them looked at each other, the giant blue dragon rushed out from that sea of flames.

And knocked directly into Wu Yu!

Just the dragon’s head alone was extremely huge and seemed endless to Wu Yu. Before the mystical dragon, he was like a speck of dust.

How could a speck of dust control this huge beast?

Once the blue dragon appeared, it used a suppressing force and pushed towards Wu Yu. Even at this moment, the immortal treasure spirit thought that Wu Yu would be unable to control it. Hence, it was also teaching Wu Yu a lesson!

The blue dragon carried the sea of flames with it and fiercely knocked into Wu Yu. In that instant, Wu Yu was rolled into the blue dragon's body!

After all, this was all spiritual power!

After entering, he could see a blue flame sea. The flames burned brightly and burned him. It was piercingly painful and unbelievable. But his physical body was fine - this was a spiritual pain! 

"You are still not worthy, give up!"

In the spiritual world, the blue dragon's voice reverberated continuously. It smashed Wu Yu with one wave after another. 

"Improve a little more and maybe you can control dao treasures. To think of conquering me now, that will be difficult."

The blue dragon kept suppressing Wu Yu and succeeded on the spiritual level. On the battle with Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and physical strength, its strong vibrations also gained an upper hand. That strong power, once it rolled out in waves, actually destroyed the whole training room. It caused a loud disturbance. The continuous explosions and shaking attracted many Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers left in the inner city to gather and watch!

"Wu Yu is forming a blood bond with his immortal treasure!" Many people walked nearer and saw Wu Yu gritting his teeth and struggling with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in the training room and instantly understood.

"That's not an immortal treasure, it's a dao treasure! It's the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!"

"My God, he actually wants to control a dao treasure? He didn't receive the legacy of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. It is indeed difficult to control this dao treasure at this moment."

"But he always creates miracles. It is not impossible this time either."

As the discussion heated, more people joined in.

Of course, Wu Yu was now engrossed in the fight in the spiritual world. The number of people watching outside was not important to him.

At this moment, it was like he had been swallowed by this blue dragon, and the blue dragon carried him and rushed into that fiery, deep sea again. It rushed, knocked, and rolled about in the deep sea and pushed all the pressure onto Wu Yu. At this moment, the blows that Wu Yu suffered were unprecedented!

His spirit was burning and in uncomparable pain!

"It's still not too late to give up now," the blue dragon repeated.

In reality, to it, it was already good enough that Wu Yu could persist for so long and not give up.

"You want me to give up? Impossible!" Within those burning flames, Wu Yu was covered by blue color. At this moment, he was already a golden Immortal Ape. His whole body of golden fur birthed golden flames and formed a circle, protecting him within.

"Visualizing the Inner Ape!"

Everytime he conquered immortal treasures, this was Wu Yu's trump card. It was indeed difficult to depend only on his own will to defeat his opponent, but he had the help of the Inner Ape. At this moment, when he was Visualizing the Inner Ape, the blue sea of flames was very quickly swallowed and turned golden. These golden flames combined and reformed. Within a short period of time, it became a giant, golden beast!

That was an agile, golden Monkey King!

The golden Monkey King was the core. Wu Yu was at its heart. He continued Visualizing the Inner Ape. Wu Yu had already freed himself from the swallowing of that blue dragon!

"Submit yourself!"

The golden Immortal Ape roared and shocked the endless sea waves away. Its eyes were blood red and extremely violent. It used both its hands and feet and rushed onto the blue dragon. Its four limbs imprisoned the blue dragon. Its hands grabbed onto the mystical dragon's horns and its legs gripped tightly onto the blue dragon's neck!

Its legs were like iron and steel, and it suffocated the blue dragon. Its hands, which were grabbing onto the blue dragon's horns, periodically let go and punched the blue dragon's head furiously!

"How could you have such strong spirit and will!? This is definitely not you!" The blue dragon struggled even more violently, rushing and knocking everywhere. However, Wu Yu continued to lock him tightly, using all his limbs. No matter where the blue dragon rushed to, Wu Yu would not let go! On this aspect, it was the performance of his own infinite toughness!

In the battle at the East Sea, the great difference between him and Luo Pin made Wu Yu strongly desire power and ability. It was unprecedented. No doubt, this was the moment that his spirit was at its strongest. Hence, regardless of whether he had the help of Visualizing the Inner Ape or not, it was extremely difficult for him to give up now!

At this moment, the external and internal had reached the same level.

On the outside, Wu Yu's hands grabbed onto the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. No matter how this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean struggled, he would not loosen his grip.

On the inside, he transformed into a golden giant ape and rode on the blue dragon's head, grabbing its horns and periodically bashing the blue dragon. No matter what moves the blue dragon used to attack him, he sat above and simply refused to let go!

Time lapsed by!

This was especially so on the inside. The frustrated blue dragon had practically carried Wu Yu up to the sky and down into the ground, running everywhere. It used all its moves to attack until Wu Yu was covered in blood. But these were spiritual wounds, not real wounds. These would only cause Wu Yu to feel more tired and heavy. Even so, he gritted his teeth and continued to persist. The difficulty in conquering this dao treasure had exceeded his imagination, but he knew clearly that if it was easy, how would dao treasures be strong? 

Finally, after eight hours, basically all soldiers in the inner city who had heard the sounds had gathered here. They witnessed Wu Yu's fight with the dao treasure again and again. They were all impressed. At that moment, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean finally calmed down and stopped struggling....

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