Chapter 0506: The Soul of the Hidden Sea

Who would have expected her to appear here at this moment? 

The devouring might of the Ghostly Emperor was overwhelmingly terrifying. The experts of the divine continent were at their greatest moment of despair, helpless and frightened like routed mice. 

If she had come a little later, there might not be any living humans left in this place. 

If not for Wu Yu's Ruyi Jingu Bang undergoing sudden changes, she wouldn't have been able to see Wu Yu if she had only arrived now. 

The Taixu Sage Master and the rest were utterly exhausted. All their mystiques had hit the Ghostly Emperor several times. However, the issue was that the Ghostly Emperor was still unscathed and they were already exhausted of spiritual power and at their limits. 

At this moment, only Luo Pin could go against the Ghostly Emperor alone. This was also buying time for the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest to catch their breath. However, they were still anxious. This was because no one would really know how long could Luo Pin last. 

Her cultivation level was still a mystery! 

"Wu Yu, how long can she withstand the Ghostly Emperor?" The Imperial General could only think of asking him. After all, this was a crucial question. The longer she could withstand, the more the rest could recover. When the time came, they would then be able to join in the battle! 

"I don't know. But let's have trust in her!" Wu Yu wasn't certain either and could only think of this response. 

"Alright then. Everyone, make the best use of the time we have!" 

While Luo Pin was facing off with the Ghostly Emperor, they grabbed and gobbled down numerous immortal medicines. Several hundreds of years of accumulation and all the treasures that the divine continent had gathered that could help them recover quicker were instantly taken out and shared among the group. There was no time for them to feel their hearts ache. Otherwise, once they died in battle, all these treasures would be useless for them.


At the same time, they were naturally watching the battle ground of Luo Pin and the Ghostly Emperor like ants on a hot pot. When he saw Luo Pin, the greed in the Ghostly Emperor had clearly erupted. As for Luo Pin, she recalled the hatred that the mystical dragon race had for the Ghostly Emperor, who had almost caused their total extinction! Even the black reverse scale on her, or in other words, the Precursor Dragon Scale, had surfaced at this moment. Although it looked ordinary, it had an ancient might of a mystical dragon on it. 

When the anxious crowd was holding their breath in trepidation, their battle started. 

Luo Pin was really swift. To the astonishment of the crowd, the white mystical dragon that had only appeared for an instant previously had now appeared before the crowd in the blink of an eye! The mystical dragon was as white as a glacier and looked just like a treasured stone. Her purity and holiness could only be described by all the beautiful phrases of the world. 

The kingdoms of the mortals had always used the image of the divine beast, the dragon, as engravings on their supreme totems. Now that this mystical dragon had appeared before everyone's eyes, countless mortals went on their knees and worshipped the dragon. To the mortals, the battle between the ghostly cultivators and the cultivators was clearly a battle between the devils and the immortals. Even the mystical dragon had joined the battle! 

When the white mystical dragon descended into the world, an awe-inspiring vibe transmitted across. Countless cultivators looked up at the mystical dragon and couldn't help but exclaim! 

Naturally, the exhilarated Ghostly Emperor was also amongst those in awe. 

"I'm supposed to have a short and miserable life. Who would have expected me to experience the day when I kill the immortals and devour a mystical dragon! Fate is truly magical! Magical!" 

He laughed hysterically like a maniac. Both of his eyes were red and a large amount of greyish gas emitted from his body. The grey gas filled the surroundings and formed a huge beast that was almost as large as the mystical dragon within the mist. He was about to go head to head with the snow-white mystical dragon! 

The mystical dragon was holy and mighty. However, the huge beast formed from the greyish gas was incomparably eerie and creepy. It had a form of evil and spine-chilling vibe that even ghostly cultivators and demons didn't possess. It was like a bottomless pit of evil. If one were to put a phrase to describe it, the word would be "annihilation!" 

That's right! A Spirit of the Universe like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was likely born as a destroyer. His devouring ability could annihilate everything but only strengthen himself. If the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord wasn't killed in the past, he might have destroyed the world or even devoured the world completely. 

However, no matter how crude and arrogant he was, Luo Pin didn't react to him with words. 

Wu Yu could see Luo Pin's dao treasure, the Soul of the Hidden Sea, appearing on her dragon claws. It was an ocean-blue trident and a little similar to the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. However, it was likely a lot more terrifying. Now that Luo Pin had transformed into a mystical dragon, the Soul of the Hidden Sea had also become exceptionally huge. Therefore, it didn't feel weird at all when Luo Pin manipulated the dao treasure in her mystical dragon form. 

There were several dao treasures hovering and spinning rapidly before the giant beast formed from the greyish gas from the Ghostly Emperor. At this juncture, the Ghostly Emperor had numerous means and specialized in various mystiques of the ghostly cultivators, so it was difficult to guard against him. 

However, Luo Pin appeared to be unprecedentedly calm before him. This was also where she was more extraordinary than the rest! At this moment, when she showed her mystical dragon form, no one dared to belittle her. Unknowingly, the might and demeanor of a supreme emperor was on full display, making even the Taixu Sage Master, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the rest of the people look up to her. 

It was just that the Ghostly Emperor had scared the crowd out of their wits completely. 

The moment Luo Pin turned into her mystical dragon form and released her dao treasure, she didn't hesitate at all to strike. While the mystical dragon was flying in the air, the snow-white dragon scales were exceptionally stunning. On her dragon claws, the dao treasure, Soul of the Hidden Sea, was launched towards that greyish huge beast! 

"Let's hope that the mystical dragon can last a little longer...." 

"As long as she can buy the City Lord and the rest some time for them to recover, they might just be able to defeat the Ghostly Emperor if they strike with the mystical dragon...." 

"Let's hope that she won't be devoured! If the Ghostly Emperor devours the mystical dragon, he will definitely get stronger. If that time comes, the divine continent will be completely finished!" 

Countless people were worried and apprehensive. Some had even made preparations to escape in a hurry and out of the divine continent. 

The news had spread throughout the entire divine continent, and the divine continent had been plunged into chaos. Amidst the confusion, quite a number of people took advantage of the chaos to serve their own ends. The current Divine Continent could be said to have fallen into an exceptionally chaotic period. 

At this moment! 

Everyone could see Luo Pin's Soul of the Hidden Sea push ahead a little. 

Suddenly, a stream of magical mystique force penetrated the body of the Ghostly Emperor from the sharpest tip of the trident. Wu Yu had seen this mystique before. This was the Mystic Ice Mirror that she had executed in the Trial of Yan. 

At that time, many people were frozen and subsequently reduced to dust and ashes! 

Naturally, this mystique had a real name called the Great Mystique Ice Mirror! 

"Argh...." Unknowingly, the Ghostly Emperor screamed out in horror. For him, it might be unbelievable. However, the crowd had witnessed with their own eyes that both the Ghostly Emperor and the greyish mist that had coalesced beside him were frozen solid within the Great Mystique Ice Mirror. In the blink of an eye, the giant beast that was formed from the greyish mist had now turned into a block of murky ice in the sky. As for the body of the Ghostly Emperor, one could vaguely see it at the middle of the block of ice! 

He had been frozen. 

He was frozen just like the other opponents of Luo Pin. At that moment, everything was deathly silent. There wasn't any movement from him at all. 

"The Ghostly Emperor will break out of that block of ice soon. When the time comes, the mystical dragon would be in grave danger!" 

Although the majority of the people didn't say it out loud, the horrified crowd was thinking of it. 

Only Wu Yu was squinting his eyes at this moment. He knew how terrifying tough Luo Pin was when she was at her peak, and this didn't appear to be her peak form! Nonetheless, it was terrifying! 

He was thinking about how great would it be if there would be a day where he caught up with her. 

In this world, she was the real expert! 

After freezing the Ghostly Emperor in the Great Mystique Ice Mirror, Luo Pin, who was circling the ice, didn't stop. She grabbed onto the Soul of the Hidden Sea with her dragon claws. At the next instant, a blinding holy light flashed from the Soul of the Hidden Sea. Amidst the blinding holy light, one could see with their own eyes that a black, majestic, and domineering ray of light was added from the black reverse scale on her neck. Together, the sharpest power was formed over the middle tip of the trident! 


The mystical dragon held the trident and lunged it at the block of ice instantly. That block of ice was penetrated, hitting the body of the Ghostly Emperor! 

At that moment, the expression of the Ghostly Emperor changed drastically. To the surprise of the crowd, he let out a deafening and blood-curdling cry! Following the blood-curdling cry, the entire block of ice was ground into the finest powder. The strong experts, like the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest, could clearly see that the body of the Ghostly Emperor was also ground into powder at this moment. Perhaps that ray of black light was what had truly sealed him! 


The Great Mystique Ice Mirror disappeared following an explosion, turning into powder that shrouded the sky. There wasn't even a grain that was as large as a grain of sand. The Ghostly Emperor had been completely dismembered.

Luo Pin moved a little and everyone could see that from the East Sea, trillions of tons of seawater had shot into the sky and swept towards them. Luo Pin had pulled the seawater to the sky of Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, and an ocean was formed over the sky. As the ocean moved past her, the powder from the Great Mystique Ice Mirror was swept into it! 

After which, the ocean that shrouded the sky finally returned to the East Sea and fell down heavily. 

Wu Yu knew what she was doing. To play it safe, she had mixed the powder of the Ghostly Emperor's corpse into the endless sea! 

When the seawater fell back into the ocean, Luo Pin directed the water using the Soul of the Hidden Sea towards the boundaryless sea with the finest powder of the Ghostly Emperor's corpse. The waters did not stop and constantly moved further apart. It was just a body being reduced to powder. Now that the powder had been scattered across the sea and was not just limited to the region of the East Sea, the Ghostly Emperor would very likely not be able to regenerate! 

It was only then that peace and calm returned to the battle ground. 

However, everyone was speechless and had a stiff expression while witnessing what had transpired. A lot of people still didn't know what had happened. 

Perhaps even Wu Yu had not expected this to happen! He didn't know Luo Pin could be so powerful at this moment! He didn't know she was capable of such feats! Miracle! There were no words to describe it. 

Luo Pin transformed back into her human form, descended gradually towards the crowd, and said, "Everyone, you don't have to worry anymore. The Ghostly Emperor is utterly dead and definitely can't regenerate. Peace has finally returned to the divine continent. This incident started because of me, and I can only say that I have barely made up for my mistake. I hope everyone can forgive my recklessness for entering the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. After all, the outcome was truly out of everyone's expectations." 

After her speech, no one gave a response for a long time. 

It wasn't that the people were blaming her. It was that everyone had not reacted to the fact that she had defeated the Ghostly Emperor so easily. After all, even the Taixu Sage Master, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the rest had been completely suppressed by the other party and could only watch helplessly as the Ghostly Emperor was about to destroy the divine continent. 

Wu Yu had not expected it either! 

However, he wasn't too surprised. At this moment, they had narrowly avoided the catastrophe! The only thing he was thinking about was making a vow. He wished to catch up to Luo Pin. 

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