Chapter 0505: Another One Bites the Dust

Although they had struggled to hold on to a thread of life, the problem was that the threat of the Ghostly Emperor was far from being resolved.

The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts furiously attacked in short order but could do little to the Ghostly Emperor. After devouring Wu Yu and the others, he was just about to devour them one by one, when Wu Yu unexpectedly broke back out.

In that instant, the Ghostly Emperor felt a power that made his heart tremble. It was exactly this surge of power that had allowed Wu Yu to escape.

The Ghostly Emperor was looking at him with narrowed eyes, ignoring the Taixu Sage Master and everyone else.

"What else is in your body?" The Ghostly Emperor inspected his body. His gaze seemed to pierce Wu Yu's flesh.

He sensed the presence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Shua! Shua!

At this time, all the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators were before Wu Yu. Right now, the egg had vanished. Wu Yu had been granted a hard-won chance at life, and the Taixu Sage Master and the others protected him, allowing him to run if he could. They were prepared to fight the Ghostly Emperor till the last. They had had some time to recover, and now everyone had recovered some fighting ability.

The divine continent was behind them. As the strongest here, they had a responsibility to protect the place. That was why no one could get them to leave.

"Lingshuang, go." The Taixu Sage Master shot a glance at Ji Lingshuang after her close brush with death.

There was not much point for them to remain here. Even the Shushan Sword Sages and the generals of Yan Huang Imperial City had retreated far, far away.

The close encounter with death had drummed some sense into Ji Lingshuang. She was of no help here, and she turned to go, returning to where the rest of the Shangyuan Dao Sect was. Jiu Ying, Nangong Wei, and Wu Yu remained. Wu Yu was still the primary target of the Ghostly Emperor. With the Ghostly Emperor's eye on him, he would only bring trouble upon whoever he went to.

"Jiu Ying, go on back to the Gloomy Dreams Seas," Wu Yu said.

After their close encounter, Jiu Ying conversely did not want to leave. He said, "This life was snatched back from the brink. But if you do not leave, there is no meaning to my departure either."

Nangong Wei had been sent by the Mizar Sword Immortal to Shushan's side, where a few Sword Sages remained. After receiving Nangong Wei, they retreated even further.

They only wanted to see the conclusion. Right now, the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts were all doomed. When that time came, they could only scatter and run. They would leave the Dong Sheng Divine Continent if they could.

Wu Yu moved backwards but did not go far. He could not get near the others. With the Ghostly Emperor's attention, anyone in his vicinity would only meet a calamitous fate.

"I asked you, what is it that you have in your body?" The Ghostly Emperor ignored the Taixu Sage Master and the others. He spat each word coldly as he continued to advance on Wu Yu.

"To arms!"

The Yan Huang City Lord gave a hearty cry!

More than 20 Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts attacked again!

In a trice, the Emperor's Pagoda, the Shangyuan Eight Trigram, and a plethora of other dao treasures surrounded the Ghostly Emperor. Each attack was powerful enough to destroy someone of Wu Yu's level many times over. The Ghostly Emperor's body kept being torn asunder within the attack, but he recovered just as quickly! He could not be killed or vanquished!

This devouring power was the most terrifying thing that Wu Yu had ever seen.

"You lot just won't give up, eh. Fine. Then let me send you on your way to the next world while you replenish me. And then I will examine what is within Wu Yu's body!" The Ghostly Emperor thundered, finally worked up. The grey fog rolled forth again, and an intense battle commenced. The earth and mountains themselves shook. Before long, there was suddenly an anguished howl. Wu Yu was shocked. He saw the Ghostly Emperor controlling a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, negating the flurry of attacks as he devoured that person.

Another one bit the dust!

After devouring him, the Ghostly Emperor was replenished and full of energy. He was even more awesome now. Evidently, he would grow stronger for every person he devoured. Most crucially, he could even use that person's dao treasures and mystiques!

This ungodly power was truly terrifying!

"Who's next?" At this time, the Ghostly Emperor was wielding seven or eight different dao treasures as he clashed with the divine continent's experts. He fended them all off with careless ease as his cold gaze and laughter swept across all of them. It made one quail.

The one he had just devoured was a sect leader.

At this time, he locked on to the Alkaid Sword Immortal. He ate from the weakest to the strongest. The Alkaid Sword Immortal was the weakest amongst the Seven Immortals of Shushan, which was why she was now the newest target.

"I ate a man just now. Time for a change in taste, I'll eat a woman. That's you!"

Saying thus, he actually grew a few more limbs, which appeared like an illusion trick. Using these hands to control the dao treasures and execute mystiques, he compelled the rest to retreat. All the while, his eyes were firmly fixed on the Alkaid Sword Immortal. He even stuck out his tongue to lick his lips. "Delicate skin, succulent flesh. Must be tasty."

Hearing this, the anger in Wu Yu's heart grew and grew. If not for his own lack of ability, he would already have entered the fray. He had not hated any being with such intensity for a very long time now. But the Ghostly Emperor had roused it in him.

Seeing the Alkaid Sword Immortal in imminent danger, the Seven Immortals of Shushan were all flustered. But against the Ghostly Emperor, who far surpassed them in strength, and only grew stronger the more he devoured, it was like a nightmare. Even the Taixu Sage Master and the Dubhe Sword Immortal could only throw their lives into the battle as well.

Although Wu Yu had his conflicts with Shushan, he found it too cruel if they were all to be wiped out as well.

He had not been this way for a very long time. He craved even more power, and this craving had developed into a demonic state.

At this time, the Ghostly Emperor arrived casually before the Alkaid Sword Immortal. His eyes beamed white light that became white flames which immolated the Alkaid Sword Immortal. She was rooted to the spot, looking up with despair in her eyes as the Ghostly Emperor approached!

No one wished to die by being devoured!

This was a nightmare beyond one's imagining.

Wu Yu was thunderstruck.

This was the moment of ultimate despair. If the Alkaid Sword Immortal died as well, then everyone would accept that there was more than a 95% chance that the Ghostly Emperor would only grow stronger and stronger, eventually devouring all of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts present and becoming exponentially stronger.

Basically, the divine continent was dead without hope!

Wu Yu was now being targeted. He too would not escape death.

Time itself seemed to falter!

The other Sword Immortals of Shushan had gathered into a sword formation, chasing the Ghostly Emperor from behind as they attacked. The dao treasures behind the Ghostly Emperor curled up in response. There were still limbs sprouting from his back, and they executed mystiques and dao techniques which held them firmly at bay.

The Alkaid Sword Immortal despaired.

"Delectable." The Ghostly Emperor snickered. He loved this feeling of oppressing others.

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, a curious feeling.

He could feel the aura of a dragon. He could feel the vast seas, and an immense power....

He had not expected that someone would come to his side from behind him. She wore long robes of blue, her long, snow-white hair cascading down like a waterfall. She was simply dressed, and her beauty crushed all mortal prettiness, despite wearing no makeup. Only she seemed like she had descended from heaven itself. And only she could reach such harmony and oneness with the sea, as though she were the queen over the vast sea.

Her warm smile, the gentle, tender look in her eyes. It was so familiar. Wu Yu had thought that he would never see her again in this lifetime. Who knew that she would appear to him today, saying, "I'm sorry I'm late."

That's right. Luo Pin had come.

Wu Yu had thought that she had returned to her territory.

"I hadn't gone too far before. I found a place to cultivate, and rushed over after hearing about the commotion at the divine continent," she explained.

Her arrival had halted the battle between the Ghostly Emperor and the experts of the divine continent. The Ghostly Emperor had been on the verge of devouring the Alkaid Sword Immortal when he sensed a powerful presence. He turned to see someone beside Wu Yu.

The Alkaid Sword Immortal took the chance to flee.

At this side, the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General recognized Luo Pin. They knew that she was the mystical dragon who had entered the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence with Wu Yu.

"This is... a real dragon!" The Ghostly Emperor's eyes blazed as his gaze landed on Luo Pin. Perhaps to him, this was a divine treat, and he could not resist licking his lips like a fanatic.

Luo Pin had spoken to Wu Yu warmly, but her gaze cooled with hatred and anger as it switched to the Ghostly Emperor. Her aura blasted forth, far surpassing that of the Taixu Sage Master and the others. Perhaps this was her true power. It seemed like she was the equal of the Ghostly Emperor!

"Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, the race of mystical dragons has not completely waned. No thanks to you! Today, I will avenge my ancestors!" The vengeance of an entire race was definitely even more awesome than the rage within Wu Yu's heart.

The Ghostly Emperor gave a cold laugh, "I am not the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!"

"Of course I know that. You are but a puppet. And far from the real thing." Luo Pin's voice thundered out. Truly like a dragon.

Being snubbed thus, the Ghostly Emperor was roused. His blood-red eyes were fixed dead on Luo Pin. This was an opponent that made him both fearful and excited.

The Ghostly Emperor gritted his teeth. "Very well, I will skewer you and barbeque you. The taste of a dragon should be wonderful indeed. Especially one of as high a lineage as you."

His eyes were filled with an incomparably intense desire.

Wu Yu was worried. He did not know how powerful Luo Pin was.

"Together?" the Yan Huang City Lord enquired of Luo Pin.

Luo Pin shook her head. "You are tired. It was I who entered the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. That he could escape was my error. Today, I came to pay for my mistake. First, I will kill him. Then I will make reparations to all of you."

Truly, this disaster was linked to her and Wu Yu. Of course, they had been ignorant, and Luo Pin had no choice at the time either. Without the Precursor Dragon Scale, she would have died.

At this time, she had shouldered her burden of responsibility and arrived on the scene.

That was why no one would blame her. But her words made Wu Yu very anxious indeed.

"No need to worry about me. Just watch. I'm not that weak." Luo Pin turned her head to give him a slight smile.

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