Chapter 0501: The Hatred In His Heart

This turn of events had been too sudden, so the Taixu Sage Master and the others were not in time to stop it.

They had just rushed up to hear the anguished wails of the Dragon Slaver Lord and the others. In front of their very eyes, the Ghostly Emperor was starting to expand at a fearsome rate, like a demon. He seemed to explode outwards, becoming a gigantic, strange beast. The enormous beast had neither head nor tail, nor any limbs. All it had was a huge maw. The appearance of this huge beast continued to morph, as though it were an oversized cicada.

However, the huge beast only revealed its form for a moment. In that moment, a powerful suction was generated in its mouth. The Hell Emperor, sect leaders, and ghostly sages were all bathed in white light and then swallowed by the huge beast in a flash!

The huge beast's devouring was a success!

At this time, the huge beast was continuously shrinking, even while white light continued to shoot out of its body. It was blinding. Amidst the white light, its body shape continued to change. Occasionally, it would emit some strange noises - happy, satisfied sounds of a beast that had finished gorging.

Without question, Emperor Yan's Hall, the four major sects, and perhaps even the entire ghostly cultivator world were finished. Although there were still countless ghostly cultivators in the East Sea, besides the Ghostly Emperor, they had lost their leadership. And in truth, the Ghostly Emperor was not a ghostly cultivator. Perhaps he was the puppet of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was a Spirit of the Universe with no affinity to the ghostly cultivators whatsoever.

However, this was no good news to the divine continent. Originally, the divine continent's only opponent was this Ghostly Emperor who had appeared suddenly. Right now, after swallowing the eight Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators, as well as virtually all the ghostly sages who had survived in the East Sea, his powers must have swelled to some stunning level!

"Retreat, everyone!" The Yan Huang City Lord had already surmised how terrifying the Ghostly Emperor would be. That was why, besides those at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he ordered all the other divine continent martial cultivators backwards. Otherwise, there was a very real possibility that the Necro Lord would come and swallow Wu Yu and the others as well. The Ghostly Emperor would definitely destroy the divine continent!

The sword sages and generals were all the cornerstones of the divine continent.

Right now, the world of the ghostly cultivators was in ruins, but the divine continent had to be protected! The Taixu Sage Master and the others had already prepared themselves to fight to the death.

As a result, besides those at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, everyone else hastily retreated. Wu Yu was also in the retreating party, although he was not content! At this moment, lifting his head to look at the Ghostly Emperor, he was restless. Perhaps in that moment, they realized why the Ghostly Emperor was so confident - he alone could probably destroy the entire divine continent. And from the looks of it, he was certainly powerful enough to do it!

At that moment, the hearts of all the divine continent martial cultivators were in their throats.

As Wu Yu and the others retreated, the ultimate Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm elites of the divine continent were ready to embrace their duty and pursue justice without a second thought. They surrounded the Ghostly Emperor again. While he was still digesting and growing, this was probably their best chance of attacking!


With a chorus of angry roars, all the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts attacked at the same time!

They used various dao treasures!

Everyone moved together, with the Yan Huang City Lord, the Taixu Sage Master, and the others taking point.

Wu Yu finally saw the real Yan Huang City Lord. In that moment, the ordinarily benign, unremarkable old man was suddenly blazing with light. His skin had now changed to a pale gold, and even his head of white hair had turned golden, his features shifting to become much younger.

A golden suit of armor appeared on his body amidst the golden light! The pure golden armor was very similar to the Imperial General's jet-black armor. It was very likely of the dao treasure level. The black looked domineering and fierce, while the golden armor looked extremely threatening, the symbol of order and authority!

In his hand, the even more terrifying Emperor's Pagoda spun. It flew from his hand, appeared above the Ghostly Emperor's head, and bloomed to a tremendous size. There were a total of nine levels, and each level was inhibited by many gods. When the Yan Huang City Lord used it to its full effect, it seemed like many heavenly immortals were reading heavenly scripture. Beam after beam of golden light rained down on the head of the Ghostly Emperor. The Emperor's Pagoda suddenly plummeted!

Beside the Yan Huang City Lord was the Imperial General, fully dressed in a suave and impressive black. His build was burly and robust, and he held a black battle halberd. The battle halberd had three blades, each as sharp as a dragon's fang, and just as imposing. Overall, it did not look any weaker than the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

The Imperial General gave a fearsome bellow. The black battle halberd dao treasure cut down towards the enemy's head. A wave of angry black fire exploded forth. A black tiger burst through the black fire, snarling and biting the Ghostly Emperor.

The Taixu Sage Master was also bathed in white light. Like a descending god, an Eight Trigram appeared in his hand. The trigram was also a dao treasure at the level of the Emperor's Pagoda. A dao portal appeared before the Taixu Sage Master, with immortal fog swirling within. It seemed like paradise within, when suddenly an assortment of items flew out of the door. Wind, fire, water, lightning. These were no ordinary elements, but instead heavenly fire and heavenly wind! These four things seemed very ordinary, but their potency was fearsome. If ordinary ghostly sages but touched it, they would die without question!

The next strongest was the combination of the Seven Immortals of Shushan and the Tianyi Race. One side was a seven-person sword formation, and one side was a pair of archers. With their only chance at hand, everyone poured in all they had. The divine continent's survival rested on this moment.

The Taixu Sage Master and the others all looked grim.

They, better than anyone else, knew how fearsome this ghostly sage was. In truth, the true terror was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. As long as they took it as they were facing the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, that was a good equivalent for the horror they were facing. If this attack still could not kill the Ghostly Emperor, then up next would be the successive slaughter of the divine continent's experts by the Ghostly Emperor!

Most terrifying was the fact that he would devour every one he killed. He would grow stronger even as the casualties accumulated here.

In the hearts of the experts of the divine continent, a storm raged!

Even the Yan Huang City Lord looked ready to fight to the death. Although they did not voice it, this was an enemy that could even topple immortals.

Besides the sounds of the divine continent's experts fighting, not a single sound was heard. Complete silence!

Bang, bang, bang!

More than 20 different Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm attacks rained down on the Ghostly Emperor! The light that resulted was colossal, and the divine continent itself shook. Especially the Yan Huang City Lord's Emperor's Pagoda and the Taixu Sage Master's Shangyuan Eight Trigram. These two dao treasures shook the earth and sky respectively. Heaven and earth shuddered, and the entire eastern landmass of the divine continent shook and cracked. 

Everyone held their breath and watched.

"Will the Ghostly Emperor die...."

"They should be able to kill him, right? After all, all these super strong experts have already used their best moves...."

"If he's still not dead, then we're in trouble. Will everyone be eaten by the Ghostly Emperor......"

"The Ghostly Emperor is too terrifying. We're doomed!"

"Please be dead, please be dead!"

The martial cultivators were extremely anxious. They watched the scene in the sky.

At this time, Wu Yu and the others were still retreating. They had to quickly exit the battlefield.

As Wu Yu moved backwards, he continued to look at the position of the Ghostly Emperor.

He had a bad feeling about this.

Each time he had such a feeling, something would happen that made one despair.

No exceptions here. The Ghostly Emperor was already strong. He was the marionette of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Right now, he had virtually devoured a majority of the experts of the ghostly cultivators' world. He had caused the martial cultivators of the divine continent to despair!

The white light around the Ghostly Emperor's position suddenly vanished. A huge, grey vortex appeared, expanding to a radius of thousands of zhang. It forced all the divine continent experts apart. At this moment, all of the Heaven Earth Void techniques and mystiques that had been trained on the Ghostly Emperor were devoured by the grey vortex!

As the grey vortex continued to revolve, it generated a huge storm. Not only did it devour all the attacks, but it was on the verge of even sucking up the dao treasures. The expressions of the divine continent experts changed. They could feel the prodigious power tugging at them. All they could do now was quickly stow their dao treasures. Otherwise, they would even lose their dao treasures!

After they put their dao treasures away, the previous concerted attack naturally failed as well.

Before their eyes, the grey vortex suddenly vanished. In its core was the Ghostly Emperor Necro Lord. His skin was completely ash-grey, as was his long hair. His eyes were blood-red, and those blood-red pupils swept across all of them. He was completely unharmed, and his eyes were narrowed, his mouth curved in a sly smile. Silent up till now, he finally said, "You lot, once you were beings that I had to respect. Even the weakest amongst you could make my life hell. You could make me feel what true misery was...."

As he spoke, he laughed. It seemed like he had no equal now. 

After all, the divine continent's martial cultivators were all completely undone by their fear of him. So many powerful attacks combined had not been able to kill him. Now that he had digested the power of the ghostly cultivators, what else did they have to put up in defense?

The Necro Lord was once a commoner of the lowest level in the Four Islands of the East Sun - a slave.

"No one could imagine - all these people stronger than I was, oh how much I hated them!"

The Ghostly Emperor was in no rush to attack. He smiled as he surveyed the martial cultivators. Right now, this was his world. If he wished to speak, he would. No one could stop him. The Yan Huang City Lord and the others had fallen back into a defensive huddle. They had ceased their attack for now, allowing them to consider things. But how could they possibly defeat the Ghostly Emperor?

Wu Yu heard it.

The Necro Lord had come because of his hatred. Because he had once been weak, he had hated everything that he now faced.

He hated the heavens, he hated the world. Because of this hate, he now had the horrifying power to devour things. He had to move under the sway of his hatred, destroying everything.

Perhaps this was the true reason why the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had chosen him.

And not Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

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