Chapter 0500: The Invincible Ghostly Emperor

Only six experts were left from the East Sea to lead the ghostly cultivators. Although they had fled after defeat, they had not run far. Instead, they continued observing the battle from afar. Clearly, they had rock-solid confidence in the Ghostly Emperor. 

Once the experts from the divine continent pursued them, they would continue their escape right away. 

"Once the Ghostly Emperor is dead, the ghostly cultivators from the East Sea have to be annihilated! After all, even their main base camp, Emperor Yan's Hall, has been destroyed." Everyone was clear about it. 

The truth was that other than the experts from the divine continent, there were 100,000 to 1 million other cultivators that had gathered in the vicinity. They were all here to fight with the ghostly cultivators. It was just that the circumstances didn't allow them to be involved. 

At this moment, the focal point of the entire divine continent was on the battle ground in the sky. 

Close to 20 Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts were surrounding and attacking the Ghostly Emperor! As such, one could tell how insane the Ghostly Emperor was. What the rest were seeing under such circumstances was the experts of the divine continent launching barrage after barrage of Heaven Earth Void techniques and Great Dao Mystique at the Ghostly Emperor! All of them were using various elite dao treasures. The moment their weapons were drawn, ordinary immortal treasures were suppressed just in their presence. 

It was as though the entire sky was close to being ripped apart from the shockwaves of the battle. There wasn't an area where the sky was smooth! 

Looking back in history, no one could really tell how long had it been since a battle of such a grand scale had taken place. At this moment, every cultivator could feel their blood boiling as they desired to join in the battle! 

Wu Yu was roughly able to tell that the strongest combination in the battle ground above was the one from the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General. With one taking the lead while the other supported, they posed the greatest threat to the Ghostly Emperor. After which, it would be the Taixu Sage Master and his own unique means and the seven-person sword formation from the Seven Immortals of Shushan. The dao treasure of bow and arrow from Jin Shengshen and Liu Xuexian was also one of the attacks that the Ghostly Emperor was most wary of. His focus was on dealing with these four groups of people. 

Although the Ghostly Emperor seemed to be in human form, he now had the image of a huge beast around him. The huge beast was exceptionally enormous and its overall outline was constantly changing. That was probably what the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord looked like. 

"Roarrrr!" The Ghostly Emperor was furious after being surrounded and bombarded with various dao treasures and mystiques. 

The Yan Huang City Lord and the rest were solemn and their eyebrows were knitted together. They knew exactly how horrifying the Necro Lord was on the battle ground and were still unable to take him down at this point. 

At this moment, it was another round of suppression. The Yan Huang City Lord and the rest struck in succession as various mystiques bombarded the Ghostly Emperor. The Ghostly Emperor was overwhelmed once again. Even Wu Yu could tell that the body of the Ghostly Emperor was split into two and almost smashed into smithereens after the barrage of attacks.

The cultivators were just about to cheer! 

However, the ghostly cultivators weren't concerned at all. The rest of the people would soon see that in the next moment, the broken halves of the body would join back together. In the blink of an eye, the Necro Lord had returned to his energized form. 

No one would have expected the Necro Lord to be capable of such incredible feats. This was no different from returning from death! 

Wu Yu recalled that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was a Spirit of the Universe. Spirits of the Universe were mystical lifeforms. Therefore, when the Necro Lord received part of his power, having such capacity would still be considered reasonable. 

However, just before this happened, several experts from the divine continent let their guards down. They had assumed that they had killed the Ghostly Emperor and were about to celebrate. 

To their horror, they saw the Necro Lord making a creepy smile before appearing before their eyes once again. Moreover, the moment he reappeared, he was fast, decisive, and accurate as he charged out abruptly and broke through their siege. 

"Get him!" 

The crowd was flabbergasted. 

At this critical juncture, the Ghostly Emperor made an unbelievable move. He broke his five fingers with his other hand and threw them ahead. Instantly, the five fingers wiggled and expanded. In the blink of an eye, the five fingers grew into five identical Ghostly Emperors! 

A move like this was different from Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger but similar in some extent! It was just that the entire development appeared a little more gruesome. 

The Yan Huang City Lord, the Taixu Sage Master, and others were instantly vigilant upon seeing the sudden appearance of the five clones. Although they had stopped the main body of the Ghostly Emperor, they had also assigned five people to stop his clones. Those five clones charged in five different directions. However, there were people stopping them in their tracks right away. The next moment, majestic dao treasures were launched towards the clones. 

Their focus was still on stopping the main body of the Ghostly Emperor. The hardest part of dealing with the Ghostly Emperor was that he seemed to be a person who couldn't be killed. No matter how grave the injuries he had suffered, he wouldn't make a sound. Moreover, the wounds would recover rapidly. That was even more useful than Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body. 

Once again, the main body of the Ghostly Emperor was overwhelmed with all kinds of Heaven Earth Void techniques. Some were restraining him, some were weakening him, and there were some who went for the kill! What the crowd was witnessing was a cycle of the Ghostly Emperor, who seemingly had a body incapable of being killed, being ripped apart and rejoining together....

This was unbelievable to many who were witnessing it! 

However, a major accident suddenly occurred at this moment! 

One of the five clones of the Ghostly Emperor became exceptionally terrifying all of a sudden. The Taixu Sage Master had allocated five people to deal with the five clones initially. However, one of the five clones shot out a blinding white light from his eyes. Although an expert of the divine continent was on guard and prepared to dodge, he was still penetrated. The next instant, that clone transformed into the form of a beast and pounced over. In the blink of an eye, that expert from the divine continent was devoured! 

The drastic changes had begun! 

Although the four other clones were a little slower, they made the same moves. Nonetheless, the remaining four experts from the divine continent had learnt their lessons as they dodged immediately. At the same time, the Yan Huang City Lord also struck the fifth clone and knocked him out of the siege. It was so that the four opponents of the clones were finally protected. 

However, the main body of the Ghostly Emperor took this opportunity to rip the siege apart suddenly. The other four clones also charged out following the main body. As they broke away, the main body fused back with his clones. The clones disappeared rapidly after fusing and the expert from the divine continent that was devoured had disappeared without any traces of life. 

Wu Yu had seen it clearly. That person was the second Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm expert from the Shangyuan Dao Sect, Sect-Protector Sage Master! His strength was roughly the same as that of the Ursae Sword Immortal. 

Yet, this Sect-Protector Sage Master was probably dead by now! 

On the side of the divine continent, it was the first time that a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm expert was killed in battle. Therefore, a huge ruckus erupted! Moreover, the Ghostly Emperor had broken out of the siege. Although the outcome of this battle had not been decided, the toughness and strength of the Ghostly Emperor had truly left countless cultivators of the divine continent completely dumbfounded. 


Having witnessed the Ghostly Emperor devouring an expert, the Taixu Sage Master and the rest were even clearer of how horrifying he was. The Ghostly Emperor would only get stronger and stronger. Therefore, if they failed to kill him on the spot, he would only bring about greater catastrophe in the future! 

It was especially so for the Taixu Sage Master. The one who died was the person he had raised personally. Therefore, his heart was raging with fury and hatred! 

The group gave chase right away. At this moment, the Ghostly Emperor had just completed his fusion. Everyone could see him turning around abruptly, looking across and pushing his palm down. Instantly, a huge thunderbolt shot out from his palm, split into several paths, and bombarded all the experts of the divine continent. The thunderbolt was pale-white in color and had immense strength. Even the Yan Huang City Lord was forced to activate his Emperor's Pagoda to resist the attack! 

"That's the Soul Chasing Palm Shock of the Sect-Protector Sage Master!" someone exclaimed in surprise. 

Even Wu Yu was able to tell. Previously in battle, the Sect-Protector Sage Master had executed this mystique several times. It was fast and ferocious. The Sect-Protector Sage Master had probably been devoured by the Ghostly Emperor by now. No one had expected it to be so horrifying. The Ghostly Emperor could use the mystique of the Sect-Protector Sage Master right away. Moreover, it was clear that he had grown stronger after devouring the Sect-Protector Sage Master! 

He was appearing to be a little weak moments ago. However, he was completely different now. He seemed to have returned to his energized form and even had a smile on his face. 

Under the bombardment from the Soul Chasing Palm Shock, the majority of the experts from the divine continent who were giving chase were abruptly stopped in their tracks! The Ghostly Emperor started moving first and was successful in breaking the siege. At this moment, he was flying rapidly towards the group of ghostly cultivators! 

Seeing this, the Dragon Slaver Lord shouted instantly, "The Ghostly Emperor is retreating. We shall retreat for the time being!" 

Having witnessed the Ghostly Emperor killing an expert despite being surrounded and attacked by so many experts, the ghostly cultivators were filled with great hope. They were convicted that although they weren't successful this time, as long as the Ghostly Emperor continued to strike and devour them one by one, the divine continent would definitely be thrown into disheval. After all, no one was a match for him in a one-on-one battle! 

"Don't let him get away!" On the side of the divine continent, the crowd had charged forward. Even if the Ghostly Emperor got away, considering that he was sufficiently fast, ordinary ghostly cultivators weren't as fast. The current line-up of the divine continent could completely roll over the ghostly cultivators. Other than the six Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm ghostly cultivators, even the remaining Ghostly Sages were unlikely to escape! 

It would be a round of East Sea massacre soon! 

Wu Yu was also burning with vigor as he charged in the direction of the ghostly cultivators, prepared to kill some of them. This was the best opportunity to free the Four Islands of the East Sun from hell! 

However, at this moment, something completely out of everyone's expectations happened! 

The Ghostly Emperor simply stopped above the remaining ghostly cultivators. He didn't bring the ghostly cultivators to flee towards the East Sea. Instead, he charged down suddenly! 

"Ghostly Emperor?" The Dragon Slaver Lord was a little surprised by his actions. At this moment, he felt his body become completely sore and soft. It was as though he had suddenly lost all his strength and had become a mortal. This felt just like a nightmare. The Dragon Slaver Lord would never have expected himself to experience a moment like this! 

He looked around in a daze. To his horror, he found that the surrounding ghostly cultivators, regardless of whether they were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or were Ghostly Sages, had white glow emanating from their bodies. These glows seemed to have been deposited into their bodies since a long time ago and had only been released at this moment. 

They had no idea at all that there was something else in their bodies....

The white glows should have been from the Ghostly Emperor. However, the question would be: when had the Ghostly Emperor implanted these things into their bodies? 

"Ghostly Emperor, Ghostly Emperor... don't! We are your most loyal servants. You...." The Dragon Slaver Lord seemed to have discovered something. 

He went down on his knees and shouted to the Ghostly Emperor in tears. 

The rest had probably guessed the situation. Instantly, their faces paled and they slumped to the ground. There was quite a number of Ghostly Sages and six other Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm ghostly cultivators remaining. They were the strongest force of the ghostly cultivators! 

And now, their bodies were glowing in a white light, just like the Sect-Protector Sage Master that was hit previously. 

"He's thinking of devouring all the ghostly cultivator experts to strengthen himself before attacking the divine continent!" Wu Yu was struck with a sudden realization. Cold sweat broke out from his entire body and the rest of the people were experiencing the same. 

From the white glows from so many ghostly cultivators, the Ghostly Emperor seemed to have prepared to devour and kill them in advance. Especially in situations where his own strength wasn't sufficient! 

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