Chapter 0499: The Major Battle Of The East Sea

This was a mass battle that was qualified to be recorded as the most crucial battle of the divine continent’s history. 

Between both parties, only the most elite experts would engage in the most intense, brutal, and direct confrontations. 

Above the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, cultivators and ghostly cultivators were about to clash directly! 

After losing that egg, the Necro Lord seemed to be possessed by a demon. He had lost all rationality. Despite being in human form, he was growling angrily. Just the angry growls alone had affected the battle capacity of various Sword Sages and generals as their ears rang. Those cultivators, which also included Nangong Wei, that were staying a long distance away were retreating further.

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying might be able to cause an uproar in the East Sea. However, they appeared insignificant at this place. 

Within the divine continent, there was quite a number of existences at the same level as the Shushan Sword Sages and various leaders of third-class sects. In terms of numbers, they had three times as many as the Four Islands of the East Sun. 

Clearly, the courage of the ghostly cultivators to charge ahead bravely had all come from the Ghostly Emperor. 

At that instant, the Taixu Sage Master and the rest stepped. The horsetail whisk in the hands of the Taixu Sage Master might very well be a real dao treasure. One could see the snow white horsetail whisk extending instantly into a river with an image of a mountain river that spanned thousands and thousands of miles. It was as though a small world had surfaced out and instantly stopped the charging Ghostly Emperor. After an abrupt swing, the Ghostly Emperor was sent flying into the sky. As he was flung away, his figure appeared to shrink into a little dot. 

The reason the Taixu Sage Master had employed such means was because he was afraid the Ghostly Emperor would harm the rest in the ensuing battle. 

Following the actions of the Taixu Sage Master, the Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators that were designated to deal with the Ghostly Emperor charged ahead. With a dozen-plus people together, their strength was two to three times that of the eight Emperors as the group included people like the Yan Huang City Lord, the Taixu Sage Master, the Imperial General and others.  

Wu Yu could only watch the experts of the divine continent charge ahead, chase down, and block off the Ghostly Emperor. 

"I definitely wouldn't be able to help in that battlefield!" 

He was truly grateful of the Taixu Sage Master and the Yan Huang City Lord. They were definitely the ones who had saved Dong Yue Wu. The crucial thing was that the egg wasn't lost. As such, Wu Yu wouldn't have to bear the accusations of others. Considering that the egg wasn't lost, the cultivators of the divine continent were on high spirits. From the beginning of the battle, they clearly held a huge advantage! 

"The key was still with the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest keeping their composure. When everyone was pressuring me, they went with the flow and made it seem like I had to hand over the egg because there were no other options. Therefore, the Necro Lord had not prepared well for it." 

At this moment, Wu Yu couldn't help but be impressed by the act put up by the Taixu Sage Master and the rest. It was truly stunning! Otherwise, the Ghostly Emperor wouldn't be as infuriated as he was right now. Wu Yu could tell that the Necro Lord wasn't a particularly intelligent person. He was just a man with a tough life who had gotten insane talents subsequently. With these talents, he had to shoulder the mission that came with it. He was deeply engrossed in defeating his opponents and getting stronger.  The decision to trap Dong Yue Wu was clearly suggested to him by the eight Emperors. 

Therefore, he appeared to be exceptionally brutal when striking just now. 

Wu Yu remained above Dong Yue Wu. At this moment, other than the Ghostly Emperor, the cultivators had clashed directly with the ghostly cultivators!  The cultivators were mostly in groups of two as they surrounded and hunted down ghostly cultivators. Taking Shen Xingyao as an example, even he had to group up with others to surround and kill the ghostly cultivators!  As for ghostly cultivators, there was still a substantial number of cultivators below the eighth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. They weren't participating in this battle as they would just be cannon fodder. 

As for the eight Emperors and the sect leaders of the four major sects, they had specific experts to deal with. Those that were fighting with them were basically the sect leader of various second-rate sects. For example, the leader of the Heavenly Ares Sect was facing off against the Third Hell Emperor! 

Among them, the strongest and oldest wasthe Dragon Slaver Lord. He was being dealt with by the Merak Sword Immortal from the Shushan Immortal Sect.  Wu Yu paid attention to the battles. At least for the moment, both parties looked evenly matched. 

All 11 ghostly cultivator experts had Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts to handle. Within a short period, the outcome wouldn't be clear. Just as the crowd was being held down by one another in battle, the three Sword Immortals from Shushan, the Megrez Sword Immortal, the Ursae Sword Immortal, and the Alioth Sword Immortal, had no specific opponent. They were specifically excluded out to form a small group specialized in sword formations! 

When Shushan sword cultivators worked together, their teamwork was peerless in this world. At this moment, the three of them dove into the battle between the Mizar Sword Immortal and the Seventh Hell Emperor. Instantly, the battle became four against one.  The key was that when the four surrounded and attacked together, they formed a new sword formation! 

Four Sword Immortals working together against the Seventh Hell Emperor! 

The outcome was easy to predict. The only uncertainty would be the time required to eventually kill the Seventh Hell Emperor. 

Killing him was definitely achievable. The four of them struck at the same time. The dao techniques of sword cultivators were sharp to begin with, and their mystiques weren't weak at all. When the four fought intensely at close quarters, their teamwork was perfect. They had the Seventh Hell Emperor surrounded perfectly and were completely overwhelming him. Wounds started piling up on the Seventh Emperor as he struggled bitterly to resist! 

It was already too late for other Emperors even if they wished to save him. After all, they were all being held back by their own opponents. 

It was the same for other battles. Once the cultivators had finished their opponents, they would join the others near them to attack the other ghostly cultivators. As time passed, there would only be more and more ghostly cultivators being killed and injured. Cultivators who had the absolute advantage would have more people surrounding and attacking other ghostly cultivators, and the numbers of new casualties on their side would also decline!  

After the battle had lasted close to 30 breaths, the four Sword Immortals kept their composure, worked perfectly in sync, and destroyed the Seventh Hell Emperor directly to the pleasant surprise of everyone in the battlefield.  The Seventh Hell Emperor roared furiously, but under the intense pressure from four longswords of dao treasure-class, there was no way for him to escape, as he was reduced to ashes directly! 

The four Sword Immortals didn't wait for long. They observed their surroundings for a moment and saw the palace master of the Imperial Thunderbolt Palace being suppressed by his opponent fiercely. They immediately joined in. This time, it was five people against one. The unlucky one was none other than the East Ghostly King! 

This time, the four Sword Immortals took less than 20 breaths to finish off the wildly infamous East Ghostly King! 

After the death of two Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts, the focus was placed on the battles between Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Within a short span, over 20 ghostly cultivators had died in battle. The majority of the remaining were also injured. As for the side of the cultivators, their numbers and strength was close to three times that of the other party. Therefore, only one had died in battle. This was mainly because he was unlucky and was stopped by a 10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea ghostly cultivator. 

The situation was great for the divine continent. 

The Taixu Sage Master and the rest were still confident in this battle to the death. After all, the side of ghostly cultivators was inferior to the divine continent, and they had relied solely on the Ghostly Emperor. 

Wu Yu had also joined the battle. Teaming up with Jiu Ying and several experts of the divine continent, they focused on surrounding and attacking Ghostly Sages at the eighth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm while avoiding those at the ninth tier and 10th tiers. At the same time, they were paying attention to the situation of the battle above them. The truth was that the key was still in the battle between the Ghostly Emperor and the Taixu Sage Master and others. 

Suddenly, following a blood-curdling scream, even the Fifth Hell Emperor fell in battle.  If this went on, Emperor Yan's Hall would definitely be extinguished. None of the eight Emperors and the sect leaders of the four major sects would be left unscathed. This was because whenever one of them died, one person from the divine continent side would be released to join in the group attack. There were now two mobile groups moving around to surround and kill. No matter if it was the eight Emperors or other ghostly cultivators, the speed of their deaths would only accelerate! 

The opponents each of them faced would only get harder and harder to deal with! 

Even Wu Yu had killed two opponents when things got chaotic. His Purgatory Chains had insane effects in this place. While he was torching the soul of his opponent, the Ghostly Sage was slain by Wu Yu's companion. 

"Argh!" Wu Yu followed the source of the scream and looked over. The Second Hell Emperor was being surrounded by five Sword Immortals from Shushan. The Mizar Sword Immortal had joined the team. With five Sword Immortals attacking the Second Hell Emperor together, the tough Second Hell Emperor was killed on the spot in less than 30 breaths. When the ghostly cultivators witnessed this with their own eyes, they finally started getting frightened! 

To the surprise of the crowd, the first to escape was the First Hell Emperor, the Dragon Slaver Lord, who was known for his bravery when he was young. 

Looking upwards, the Ghostly Emperor didn't seem to possess an absolute advantage. He was also surrounded and suppressed. As for the other battle ground, more and more of his ghostly cultivators were falling. East Ghostly King, Second Hell Emperor, Fifth Hell Emperor and the Seventh Hell Emperor had all been killed. The seven of them were now being chased down and attacked by thirteen people. At certain areas, five to six people would be attacking one ghostly cultivator. If he wasn't going to escape now, he would probably be dead! 

"We can only rely on the Ghostly Emperor now! We can't do this ourselves! Run!" 

When the Dragon Slaver Lord took the lead to escape, the other ghostly cultivators didn't hesitate any further. The truth was that the Merak Sword Immortal wasn't a match for the Dragon Slaver Lord. Therefore, he was under immense pressure in battle. Other Sword Immortals would be assisting him right away. To his surprise, his opponent started fleeing. He still didn't possess the capability to restrict the ghostly cultivators from escaping. 

As for the rest, escaping wouldn't be that easy. That beautiful lady, Snow Jade, failed to escape and was killed on the spot by the Shushan Sword Immortals while preparing to escape. 

There were only six of them left! 

All of them had managed to escape.  Behind them, quite a number of Ghostly Sages were also escaping. However, a substantial number of them were killed while trying to escape. The Ghostly Sages that truly made it out was just one-third of the original number. 

The ghostly cultivators had truly suffered grave losses! 

The Dragon Slaver Lord turned around and spewed blood from anger. Looking above, the Ghostly Emperor wasn't on a killing spree and controlling the battle field as he had envisioned. At this point, all he could do was regret.  

"Our East Sea doesn't have the number advantage. We can only rely on the Ghostly Emperor. The Ghostly Emperor has not fully shown how terrifying he is. Everyone, get away and wait for it. When the Ghostly Emperor kills all the experts from the divine continent, we will charge ahead again and take revenge for our brothers who have died in battle!" the Dragon Slaver Lord shouted loudly to encourage the Ghostly Sages. However, this wasn't necessary as the Ghostly Sages seemed extremely convinced that their eventual victory was assured. After escaping, they didn't flee too far. They were probably still paying attention to the battle. 

Shall we pursue further? 

At the lower battle ground, the divine continent had scored a complete victory. 

As for the battle ground above, Wu Yu couldn't really tell yet. That would be the place with great uncertainty. 

After a brief discussion between Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts at the lower battle ground, they charged ahead and chased the Dragon Slaver Lord to a long distance away. At this point, they could no longer see the situation of the Ghostly Emperor. It was then that the Shushan Sword Immortals returned. However, the Dragon Slaver Lord and the others also followed back. Such cowardly and despicable actions were truly shameful. 

At this moment, everyone's attention was on the higher battle ground. In fact, the Merak Sword Immortal, the Ursae Sword Immortal, and the Megrez Sword Immortal had flown up to join into battle. 

Subtly, Wu Yu felt that the Ghostly Emperor was truly frightening. Despite being surrounded and attacked by so many people, he had not been defeated!

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