Chapter 0497: The Last Decision

To Wu Yu, he had most definitely made his decision.

If he chose not to hand the egg over, then the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would be destroyed now. This was a set ending and it could not be changed!

If he made that decision, he would be in great pain and have regrets. And obviously the ghostly cultivators had already prepared to slaughter Dong Yue Wu and battle to the end, in case Wu Yu refused to give. 

If he chose to hand the egg over, then Dong Sheng Divine Continent would have a chance of survival! This was not something that would happen immediately, and it was still possible that the strong of the divine continent could not defeat the Necro Lord. It was just that the situation had worsened.

In that case, he would not regret it immediately because there was still a chance. It was just that the fight had lengthened.

Hence, at this moment, in front of everyone! He plucked up some courage and said steadily, "I cannot just watch my family die! I'm going to give them the egg, but this fight is not over!"

After giving the egg, no one could predict what would happen next. Wu Yu could not predict it either.

But if he did not give, then the destruction of Dong Yue Wu was definite.

Wu Yu was a little over his head to say such words.

Most of the strong people from the divine continent looked at Wu Yu in shock. In their eyes, Wu Yu was mad. Obviously, everyone should be concerned with the overall situation. How could he lack the most basic sense of justice?

They could not understand him. They became upset and even scolded him.

As for the strong ghostly cultivators, like the Ghostly Emperor and the Eighth Hell Emperor, they looked at them like watching a show. They were waiting for their quarrel to end and give an answer.

They were like tall mountains and wide oceans before Wu Yu's eyes.


These agitated, angry, detestable glares, the countless angry voices - and when he looked and listened to all this, his heart was set. At this moment, Wu Yu was visualizing the Inner Ape. Within those golden flames, the Unparalleled Monkey King bathing in the flames was grand and majestic. His whole body was burning, as if he was saying, "There are millions and billions of lives in this world. The cycle of karma governs all. Under the dao of the heavens, everyone has their own fate. I only guard the people who wish to guard their loved ones. All the others, what have they got to do with me?"

If one could not even protect his closest family and friends, then he need not speak about protecting the world.

At this moment, he was the subject of all scoldings.

No matter what others said, Wu Yu was not shaken. He did not wish to explain much. Now he only looked at the Yan Huang City Lord and his group to see if they would stop him. If they wanted to stop him, he would have no other way.

Of course he would fight.

At this moment, the Taixu Sage Master, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the other leaders were about to make their decisions.

Wu Yu did not know what they were thinking. He only saw that they had included Jin Shengshen from the Tianyi Race and Liu Xuexian in the private discussion.

They were looking at Wu Yu and considering Wu Yu's attitude. After all, Wu Yu was the one who had the egg.

Actually, there were over a million lives in this mortal kingdom. It was not a small number. They also needed to weigh the casualties!


Wu Yu suddenly realized that after the discussion, Jin Shengshen of the Tianyi Race was strongly objecting and furious. On the other hand, the others were calmer. It seemed the final decision had left Jin Shengshen dissatisfied, or perhaps he felt that the sacrifice was too much. This was no doubt a good sign for Wu Yu.

As expected, after the discussion, the Yan Huang City Lord signalled for everyone to be quiet. He looked at Wu Yu and asked, "You, give me the egg."

Would it not be traded for Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's survival?

Wu You and the others still had to die?

Wu Yu clenched his jaw. He could not do that!

Unexpectedly, the Yan Huang City Lord said, "Let's use it to make a deal with them. This way, we can minimize our losses.  If it's you, you might be tricked easily."

This was clear. They had decided to protect the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom! Except they could better ensure that this exchange with the Necro Lord would proceed smoothly.

To Wu Yu, this decision was unbelievable! He knew that his actions were crazy, but the Yan Huang City Lord and the others were as crazy as Wu Yu at this moment. Wu Yu stared at them blankly and was stunned.

He could not believe his ears!

Was this real?

Beside him, the Taixu Sage Master said, "The difference between martial cultivators and ghostly cultivators is that we train in the path of dao, and that is the dao of merits. You are very talented and have gained great merits for the divine continent. It is only natural that we help protect your loved ones. As for this egg, we were meant to lose it. This cannot be helped. But who knows if we will lose everything!"

Hearing his words, it seemed like they intended to wage war against the ghostly cultivators after the exchange! Their goal was probably to slay the eight Emperors and Ghostly Emperor, to kill all of them in one go!

Such grand courage, they were indeed the few strongest martial cultivators of the divine continent! On one hand, it was because of Wu Yu's unparalleled talent that made him the biggest hope of the divine continent. On the other, it was because Wu Yu had gained great merits for the divine continent. On the last point for consideration, it was because they had already made the decision. Regardless of whether they would give this egg, they would start the final battle with the ghostly cultivators after Wu Yu arrived! 

This was the first time that they met the Ghostly Emperor and his group. Other times, the Ghostly Emperor was hidden. This was such a good opportunity. Other than the Ghostly Emperor, there was a huge difference in power between them. This was an excellent opportunity that they would not let pass!

Handing over the egg would only increase the risk of battle and worsen the results of a defeat! After all, this was the last battle. Wu Yu had just gained merits and returned. They still needed to be tactful.

Of course, these discussions were exclusive to them and they did not let the ghostly cultivators know.

But even so, many strong people of the divine continent who looked to the Tianyi Race as their leader were very upset. They still felt that this was too dangerous!

The Imperial General turned back and roared,"What?! Are you all cowards?! Scared like mice?! Since battle is inevitable, we as martial cultivators have to be generous. Wu Yu has made great accomplishments. Besides, this mortal kingdom has over a million mortals. If they were to be sent to the slaughter house like this, it would be because of our mistakes and uselessness. If that is the case, we should retreat as a form of moving forward. If we do not fight, how can we willingly allow them to slaughter a million lives? What are you even thinking?"

His words shut many of them up. 

But there was some truth to his words. This was no small number of lives in this huge mortal kingdom. Many mortal kingdoms surrounding it might have been eliminated, but most of the mortals had actually escaped to the west, so the number of mortal casualties had not exceeded the number of lives within the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Those martial cultivators with consciences would not be able to bear watching them get slaughtered like this!

"Ghostly cultivators are despicable. They use such a shameless way to threaten us. We can only kill all of them to return our divine continent into its glorious, bright state!"

This was the attitude of most top sect leaders in the divine continent. At least the Taixu Sage Master, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the Dubhe Sword Immortal were of this attitude. As for Jin Shengshen and Liu Xuexian, they felt that this was too risky, but they were only one side of the argument, so they had to join hands with divine continent. Hence, at this moment, they could only endure.

Reaching this point in the conversation, the strong of the divine continent shut their mouths. They were also asking their hearts. To be honest, neither choice was good, but in this junction, where they had to make a choice, they should just pursue the ideal solution! And the true perfect end was to trap and kill them immediately after giving them the egg! If they could slay the Ghostly Emperor, then this egg would be inconsequential.

The negotiation was finally over! 

Wu Yu was extremely grateful to these few. To be honest, they had decided to risk it with him in consideration for his feelings. While he was worthy enough to make them face him seriously, this was not for sure. The key was still in Wu Yu's determination, which had made them understand how loyal Wu Yu was to be able to choose to protect his loved ones!

Perhaps many of them were not satisfied, but this was decided by their various sect leaders. Upon hearing that the decisive battle was about to happen, they put down their hatred and dissatisfaction and turned these feelings to the ghostly cultivators.

"Everyone, once we send this thing out, we have lost one round. But we obviously still hold the advantage. This is the final battle, and it will decide the true victory! It is going to start soon - is everyone prepared!? As martial cultivators of the divine continent, a power three times that of our opponent, do not allow them to take us too lightly!"

Indeed they were very strong. Just the number of people at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was two times that of the ghostly cultivators. There were also a few major sects whose leaders were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, like the Heavenly Ares Sect's leader.

The only variable was the Ghostly Emperor! But the Yan Huang City Lord and the others had also arranged for many people to take down the Ghostly Emperor!

Since the negotiation had reached this step, Wu Yu knew that if he refused to hand the egg over to the Yan Huang City Lord at this moment, then he would be disappointing them. He was extremely grateful in his heart and made up his mind at the same time to take part in this battle! Even if he was the weakest in this final battle team.

He took out the egg from his Sumeru Pouch and handed it over to the Yan Huang City Lord.

When the ghostly cultivators saw the egg, they were agitated. They were originally relaxed and laughing, waiting for the divine continent to come out with an answer. It seemed like they were prepared no matter what the answer was!

Even the face of Ghostly Emperor changed.

"You guys, are you giving it up or not? Our time is precious, if you are not going to hand it over, then just say it. Don't be draggy. I can't wait to kill a few mortals for a taste." The ancient, half-dead-looking Dragon Slaver Lord cackled.

The strong ghostly cultivators were all very relaxed and seemed not to realize that a shocking life and death battle was about to descend upon them!

The strongest people of the divine continent and East Sea were all increasing this shapeless killing intent. At this moment, the Yan Huang City Lord held the egg and faced the Ghostly Emperor. He said, "We choose to give you this thing. But you guys also have to guarantee that you will not destroy the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, not even a grass or a tree!"

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