Chapter 0494: Necro Lord

If he couldn't even protect his closest kin, what was the point of cultivation and pursuing the Immortal Dao? 

Wu You wasn't just thinking of becoming an immortal himself and enjoying eternal life. He desired even more dearly for the people around him to be able to live forever. It was especially so for Wu You. 

Even though her life seemed to be so exceptionally fragile right now, Wu Yu was still hoping for that day! 

Yet, when he returned after causing a huge ruckus in the East Sea, an incident like this had to happen. 

The lives of his family, master, senior and younger brothers, and all the mortals of the kingdom were in the hands of the ghostly cultivators! 

He couldn't really blame the Imperial General and the rest for it. They didn't know that the real motive of the Ghostly Emperor was related to Wu Yu. Otherwise, they would have stationed huge troops in this place to guard against them. 

With Wu Yu's kin under the control of the ghostly cultivators, everyone could foresee what kind of terrifying means the Ghostly Emperor and the eight Hell Emperors would resort to if they had acted recklessly. Therefore, having these considerations in mind, most people wouldn't know what else they could do for Wu Yu other than pity him. 

Logically speaking, he should be celebrated as a great hero of the divine continent right now. 

"Follow me to meet the Necro Lord. We have waited for you to listen to their demands. Rest assured! We will expend all our forces to protect your kin," the Imperial General said with a solemn voice. 

At the other end, the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest led the strongest Yan Huang generals, the Shushan Sword Sages, and many others over. This lineup of close to 100 people were the strongest in the divine continent. Every single one of them was stronger than Wu Yu. With such a grand lineup behind Wu Yu, it was a majestic scene to witness! 

Their fervent eyes strengthened Wu Yu's confidence! No matter how perilous the situation the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom might be in, the only solution would be to face it bravely! 

The Taixu Sage Master stepped ahead and said, "Heroes often emerge at a young age! The destruction at the East Sea is your merit. You will reap what you sow. The heavens wouldn't let you suffer such grievances." 

When the surrounding crowd saw all the experts of the divine continent surrounding Wu Yu at this moment, they couldn't help but feel emotional. It was especially so for the Shushan Sword Sages. They knew clearly that Wu Yu was just an insignificant character within Shushan just years ago and had only become known because of Nangong Wei. Right now, not a single talent at his age could dim the brilliance he was emitting! 

Even the unprecedented talent selected by the Green Depths Sword Emperor had been reduced to dust! 

"Let's go!" 

With the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest as the main force protecting Wu Yu, the group headed towards the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom in a grand fashion! The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was currently shrouded in a black light. Darkness would have definitely descended into the world inside. All the mortals in it would be in grave danger. Anxiety was written on their faces. Even though the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation had been activated by the Heavenly Sword Sect, it didn't seem capable of dispelling the despair and fear in the hearts of the citizens. 

"Rest assured. At least for the time being, the First Hell Emperor, the Dragon Slaver Lord, has only enclosed this space with his mystique. Everyone inside is still fine without any injuries or death. It is clear that they are doing this in hopes of getting something important from you. Or perhaps their target is you. As for the exact reason, only they would know," said the Imperial General. 

Wu Yu stared through the light mask and could vaguely see the rivers and mountains within it. Other than this layer of light mask, the rivers and mountains of Dong Yue Wu looked to be intact without any destruction. The people were in the city, while Wu You and his brothers of the Heaven's Equal Camp had stayed within the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation. When catastrophe struck, none of them dared to head out. For the time being, they probably weren't aware of what had happened. 

Seeing that they were still safe, Wu Yu was finally able to feel more assured. Naturally, his anger was raging and he was on the brink of exploding. The ghostly cultivators had encroached onto his raw nerve. Regardless of how strong they might be, Wu Yu was determined to slaughter them. The powers in his body were compressed to the maximum and he could explode at any moment. 

The group stood next to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. 

This was the territory of the Nan Shan Zhao Kingdom. However, the Nan Shan Zhao Kingdom had been completely annihilated by now. Pitiful cries could be heard everywhere and the remaining people were plunged into misery. The sins of the ghostly cultivators were unforgivable! A feud like this wouldn't be resolved even in 10,000 years. 

Wu Yu could feel that at the other end of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom and above the circle of light, a group of ghostly cultivators was approaching in great numbers. Wu Yu and his group flew above the circle of light. What greeted them was tumbling clouds reeking of the scent of blood. Countless ghostly cultivators were hidden within the clouds as they approached in grand fashion! 

The light mask below their feet was created by the First Hell Emperor. The Imperial General and the rest didn't dare to act recklessly. After all, the lives of the mortals were too fragile in their perspective. They were worried that they might harm the mortals if they tried to break in forcefully. 

Before their eyes, an eerie-looking ghostly cultivator stepped out of the tumbling clouds. 

Within the ominous clouds, one could also see several hundred ghostly cultivators. Most of them were elite experts from Emperor Yan's Hall and the four major sects. Naturally, their numbers were dwarfed by those from the divine continent. Seven of the eight Hell Emperors were here, which would roughly cancel out against the Seven Immortals of Shushan. Therefore, if the Necro Lord wasn't present, the strength of the ghostly cultivators would be far inferior to the combined strength of the divine continent! 

Although there were more ghostly cultivators, the overall strength of the divine continent was at least three times stronger than the other party. If a fight broke out without the Necro Lord, it would be a complete landslide victory! 

It was especially so with the two supreme experts, the Taixu Sage Master and the Yan Huang City Lord, present. 

This time, they were truly facing off against the elite characters among the ghostly cultivators. The other seven of the eight Hell Emperors were all older than Duomingshan Shengxue. Different from Duomingshan Shengxue who came from the Shangyuan Dao Sect, the other seven were all real ghostly cultivators! Moreover, they were the seven people who stood at the peak of countless ghostly cultivators. They were both men and women, and among them, the Dragon Slaver Lord had a stooping figure and looked extremely hideous. He was in his twilight years and clearly wouldn't live much longer. 

Each of these seven Hell Emperors were cruel and savage. The amount of vengeful spirits they had created probably reached more than 100 million! Therefore, they were also the ghostly cultivators with the most pungent stench of blood Wu Yu had ever seen. If they had not chosen to hide the stench, one would probably find it hard to not pick up their scent, no matter how far away they were. Every single one of them could be described as massacre machines! Some of them looked refined and could even be described as handsome and good-looking. However, under those appearances were hearts so black and hideous daos. 

Besides them, the sect leaders of the four major sects were also Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. They were the East Ghostly King, the Eight God Ghostly King, Snow Jade, and the Gate Closing Ghost. 

However, in the entire group of ghostly cultivators, the most attention-grabbing and the one that made the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest frown was the Ghostly Emperor, Necro Lord. He stood in the middle of the eight Hell Emperors. Wu Yu's eyes had also fallen on him from the very beginning. He resembled an emaciated young man with rugged and tattered clothing. His appearance was just like the rumors about his background stated, a slave of a ghostly cultivator. He was supposed to be struggling at the brink of death and one of the lowest lifeforms in the East Sea. It was already difficult for him to live to this age. 

However, there were still some differences. For example, his skin was of a dull grey shade without any signs of vitality, just like a person who had just died. Looking at his eyes, they were grey without soul and life. They were like death vortexes, and while spinning, they were devouring various souls. And those grey lips and rather huge mouth resembled an endless black cave. Looking at his stomach, writhing muscles could clearly be seen. Clearly, he possessed some unbelievable ability to digest. 

He was none other than the Necro Lord, who incited the entire incident between the divine continent and the East Sea. 

Having seen him in person, Wu Yu was even more sure that he would probably have something to do with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. And the source of this relationship definitely had something to do with Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas. Otherwise, why would she return to Emperor Yan's Hall and give up her undercover identity when she didn't know if Wu Yu could return from the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence? 

This person might be part of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, or even a puppet of it! 

At the thought that this was a terrifying demon that could go against real immortals in the past, Wu Yu felt a chill down his spine. However, he had a huge doubt in mind. How had the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord lasted till now? He should have long been dead! The Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation and several hundreds of thousands of years of torture in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, where light couldn't even reach, should have suppressed him into oblivion! How could he even leave behind any trails?

The only logical deduction would be: even if he had a chance for revival, he should be really weak at this moment. The earlier they could kill the Necro Lord, the better it would be. Otherwise, the entire divine continent would be in dire danger! If the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord were to appear again, it would undoubtedly be a catastrophe. 

At that time, even the Shushan Immortal Sect, Yan Huang Imperial City, and the others would be annihilated directly, let alone the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. The entire divine continent would become a real hell. At that time, they could only possibly pray to the heavens and hope that real immortals would descend to save them! At least for a very long time, no one had heard anything about immortals. 

Looking at the Necro Lord, Wu Yu had a lot in mind. 

He was probably the most dangerous existence Wu Yu had ever faced. The fear was one that originated from the core. It was especially so for that pair of dull and vortex-like eyes. 

At this moment, the Yan Huang City Lord remarked, "Wu Yu is now back. For you to resort to such unscrupulous means that would draw flak, there's definitely an important motive. We can solve it now." 

The actions and behavior of the ghostly cultivators, holding mortals as hostages, had truly made them look down on their means. Since a long time ago, the dao of ghostly cultivators would be to achieve their objectives regardless of the methods. 

The Necro Lord didn't say a word and simply stared at Wu Yu with his pair of eyes. Under his attention, Wu Yu resisted the numbing sensation. The anger and hatred in him had built to an astronomical level and had completely suppressed his fear for this person. 

At the side, the old First Hell Emperor, the Dragon Slaver Lord, was dressed neatly and had a domineering demeanor that showed signs of why he was the former number one character in the East Sea. He cleared his throat, faced Wu Yu, and said, "Since we have waited for such a long time for your return, we are indeed looking to make a trade with you. We want something that is on you. As long as you are willing to give it to us, our ghostly cultivators shall keep to our end of the promise for once and evacuate from this mortal kingdom. Moreover, we are willing to guarantee that we won't harm anyone." 

Indeed, this was their plan. 

In that case, Wu Yu was almost certain that he possessed what they were looking for. 

That strange egg. 

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