Chapter 0493: Heroes From The World

"It's a conflict between cultivators, yet mortals are being held as hostages. The dao of ghostly cultivators is truly exceptionally unscrupulous! My demon race wouldn't resort to such means." After learning about this incident, Jiu Ying growled angrily. 

However, getting angry at this juncture wouldn't do anything to the circumstances. 

Since the Ghostly Emperor wasn't going to intercept him, Wu Yu wouldn't have to hide. He charged out of the water and took flight on his sword. As for Jiu Ying, he stood on Wu Yu's sword and followed him. 

Wu Yu executed the Swift Art! Using five times his usual speed when travelling on his sword, he rushed towards the direction of Dong Yue Wu frantically. 

The Ghostly Emperor and the other ghostly cultivators definitely knew Wu Yu would be heading back. Therefore, Wu Yu wouldn't have to be in such a rush. 

However, for Wu Yu, those that were being controlled were the most important people to him. He wasn't willing to wait a moment longer! 

In fact, even his brothers of the Heaven's Equal Camp were likely in the hands of the Ghostly Emperor! 

Wu You, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, Qing Mang.... 

At this moment, Wu Yu was burning with indescribable fury. It wasn't just mystical dragons that had a raw nerve, Wu Yu had one too. Those people from Dong Yue Wu were Wu You's current raw nerve. Regardless of who the other party was, as long as they dared to touch his raw nerve, Wu Yu would disregard all reasoning for revenge, even if the other party was the Necro Lord! 

"He's the leader of the ghostly cultivators and yet he has to take mortals as hostages! His actions are truly disgusting!" 

"Wu Yu, you have to remain calm. This isn't the time to lose your rationality. You have to keep your composure." Jiu Ying was equally flustered as he constantly reminded Wu Yu. 

However, after giving it some thought and putting himself in Wu Yu's shoes, he might have reacted even more recklessly. After all, Wu Yu's kin were too weak. The Ghostly Emperor and the eight Hell Emperors could easily destroy the entire Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. 

Within Dong Yue Wu, no one could possibly hide. The spirit design that Wu Yu had set up was as fragile as a piece of paper to them. It would be broken upon contact. 

Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. The mortal kingdom that his ancestors had passed down through generations and the birthplace of Wu Yu! All his memories from the first half of his life were in that place....

If there was a bloodbath in that place, he couldn't imagine how desperate the situation would be! Perhaps the Immortal Dao was just as such. No one could possibly be at ease and have everything under control all the time. No one could possibly keep smiling. After having a smooth journey, catastrophe was bound to strike. 

Even the Imperial General couldn't handle the situation and had asked him to hurry back. One could easily tell that how troublesome the entire matter had become. 

Wu Yu rode on his sword frantically. The Swift Art was insanely quick at five times the speed. The speed he was travelling at was similar to that of a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. If he was really in a chase, even the Eighth Hell Emperor might not be able to catch up with him. 

After emerging from the sea and diving into the clouds, flying on the sword was truly a lot faster. The vast and majestic divine continent was now within his sight. Along the coast, most areas were mortal kingdoms. Wu Yu was nearing the south-east region, so there were fewer ghostly cultivators. Wu Yu entered from this direction and charged towards the east. The more he travelled east, the thicker the miasma and the more pungent the scent of blood that shrouded the land. 

Looking further ahead, it was a patch of arid waste land. The land was torched black at multiple locations and the scene was almost identical to what Wu Yu had seen on the Four Islands of the East Sun. After the ghostly cultivators swept across this area, not a single blade of grass could grow again. A cultivation path like this could be classified as the destroyer of lives! 

Typically speaking, even demons in the mortal world wouldn't kill so brutally. 

Looking towards the east, as the sun rose, the land was still a patch of pitch-black darkness. This was because the grey and ominous clouds that had floated across from the east weighed on the skies like a huge beast. The clouds had blocked off the sunlight, and a large area of the eastern region of the divine continent was now within the shadows of the ghostly cultivators! 

Within the darkness, Wu Yu identified the direction towards Dong Yue Wu. 

Below his feet, the majority of people were still cultivators from all corners of the divine continent. Lots of sects had come out in full force and headed towards the east. Although the main military strength would be from elite sects, such as Yan Huang Imperial City, the humans from ordinary sects still made up the majority. After a month or two to react, the cultivators of the divine continent had basically blocked off the advance of the ghostly cultivators. 

The numbers of the cultivators still overwhelmed the ghostly cultivators! 

Even so, the damage dealt to the divine continent by the ghostly cultivators was grave. There were countless cultivators who had died in battle. 

Wu Yu made his way through the black clouds and charged towards Dong Yue Wu. The truth was that he knew that without the Necro Lord, the ghostly cultivators wouldn't be a match for the cultivators and would eventually be pushed back and expelled. At the same time, they would suffer huge losses. The only uncertainty was the Necro Lord. 

At this moment, the Necro Lord was holding onto Wu Yu's lifeline. 

After a highly exhausting and frantic journey, he was almost nearing Dong Yue Wu. Looking from afar, Wu Yu saw that his hometown seemed to be shrouded in a black circle of light. That was a form of elite spirit design! It was this black, translucent circle of light that had trapped everyone in Dong Yue Wu inside. Just judging from some of the engravings upon it, the world within the circle would be dark and full of death. 

The only question was if they were still alive.... 

Wu You, whom he had the utmost respect for... Feng Xueya, who had changed his entire life...... 

"Wu Yu!" 

Suddenly, he heard someone shouting his name. It was then that Wu Yu woke up from his anger and anxiety. At the other end, there were a large number of experts. There were several thousand people standing in the air, and most of them were Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Clearly, the main strength of the entire divine continent had gathered here! 

The Yan Huang Immortal Army took up a portion. The one leading them was the Imperial General and the City Lord of Yan Huang Imperial City. The one who had shouted his name was none other than the Imperial General. Behind them were a dozen-odd Yan Huang generals. All of them were extremely powerful and tough! Their determination was resolute whilst their physical bodies raged with exuberance and vitality. Blood stains were also visible on them. Clearly, over the past period, they had gone through several intense battles. Even the young Murong Xu, Li Kuhai, and Jiang Zhixun were here. In the face of a catastrophe, their animosity towards Wu Yu was reduced greatly. Vaguely, one could tell that they were respectful of Wu Yu. This was probably because Wu Yu had destroyed Emperor Yan's Hall! 

As for the other areas, there was the Shushan Immortal Sect. The group leading them was none other than the Seven Immortals of Shushan! Wu Yu had met them some time ago. Among them, the refined and exquisite-looking Dubhe Sword Immortal was the strongest. There were several sword sages that Wu Yu was familiar with behind the Seven Immortals of Shushan. For example, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, the Distant Fire Sword Sage, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, and others. When the incident with the ghostly cultivators happened, Wu Yu was at Shushan to severe their relations. He had killed Beishan Mo, and the Shushan Sword Sages had hated Wu Yu to their cores. They were even confrontational towards him. However, now that Wu Yu had returned, the extreme hatred for him had dissipated from their eyes. Instead, it was replaced with a tinge of respect and pity... 

The respect was probably because Wu Yu had worked together with Jiu Ying to destroy the foundation of Emperor Yan's Hall! If the Necro Lord wasn't around, Emperor Yan's Hall wouldn’t have suffered catastrophic damage. 

Pity was probably because of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. All of them had expected a tragedy to occur upon his return. Losing a mortal kingdom might be barely acceptable for most of them. However, Wu Yu would never be able to accept it. 

Quite a number of Shushan sword cultivators had come. Behind the Mizar Sword Immortal, Wu Yu saw Nangong Wei. She had probably killed a number of ghostly cultivators. Similar to the other Shushan Sword Sages, her gaze was probably complicated right now. Therefore, she wasn't looking at Wu Yu currently. 

Other than Shushan and Yan Huang Imperial City, the most prominent group would be the Shangyuan Dao Sect, who claimed to be the core of orthodox cultivation! The Shangyuan Dao Sect had a myriad of dao techniques. Compared to the specialized Shushan and the messy Yan Huang Imperial City, the dao techniques of the Shangyuan Dao Sect could be considered as exceptional in the divine continent. Among that group, the sect leader of the Shangyuan Dao Sect, the Taixu Sage Master, was also present. He was definitely a terrifying character and was indeed not any weaker than the Yan Huang City Lord. From his appearance, he looked like a young man. However, he had white eyebrows and hair. His disposition was even more exceptional than that of Duomingshan Shengxue. His body was also emitting a faint light. If anyone were to tell Wu Yu that this was a real immortal, Wu Yu would probably believe them. 

Across the chest area of his robe, there was the word "dao" formed by the image of a dragon and a phoenix. The nuance behind it was ample, making it hard for one to look away from it. 

Behind the Taixu Sage Master were experts from the Shangyuan Dao Sect. Among them, there should be another Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. He had the nickname of Sect-Protector Sage Master. 

Similar to Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shangyuan Dao Sect had two Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts. It was just that the Sect-Protector Sage Master was at a similar level as Duomingshan Shengxue and far from being as powerful as the Imperial General. 

There was another huge group. Everyone in the clan was good-looking and agile. Their appearances were a little different from that of various large sects as they wore animal skins and fur while carrying bows and arrows. They had strong minds, wild eyes, and it was clear that they were the powerful Tianyi Race! Just as expected, they had joined the team to hunt down ghostly cultivators. Wu Yu remembered that the Tianyi Race had two clan leaders - one male and a female - and they were a couple. The two clan leaders were responsible for managing the clan. The male clan leader of this generation was Jin Shengshen, while the female clan leader of this generation was Liu Xuexian. 

The truth was, the male and female clan leaders of the Tianyi Race were usually not husband and wife. It was just a coincidence for this generation. It was said that Jin Shengshen had a humble background but emerged victorious from the Tianyi Race's secret realm, the Solar Disk Seas. He had a fiery temper and was extremely protective when it came to hiding his weakness. He also claimed to be the strongest in the world. Wu Yu saw a middle-aged man with the appearance of a hunter. This should be him. He had one of his eyes covered in a black cloth, but it wasn't that he was blind. It was said that his covered eye was a Great Dao Mystique with terrifying might. 

Liu Xuexian was the daughter of the previous male clan leader. She had showed great talent from a young age, so inheriting the position as the clan leader was just as expected and within reasoning. 

Other than them, Wu Yu also saw the sect leader of the Heavenly Ares Sect, the peak leader of Gusu Fairy Peak, the palace master of the Imperial Thunderbolt Palace and other Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. Looking across, one could say that almost all the experts of the divine continent had gathered here. A grand occasion like this could be considered unprecedented! And at this moment, everyone had their eyes on Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. All of them felt a little complicated. 

Jiu Ying was a demon, and for people like Mizar Sword Immortal, this was the son of his enemy. Under any other circumstances, he would’ve killed Jiu Ying without hesitation if they crossed paths. However, the other six sword immortals had reminded him in advance. Jiu Ying had contributed greatly in destroying Emperor Yan's Hall, so no matter what, he had to endure today. The most problematic one today was probably Wu Yu. 

Once, Wu Yu could be said to have been expelled from Shushan because of Jiu Ying. Upon returning today, he had proved to all in his own way that his decision in the past wasn't erroneous. It was also to prove to Nangong Wei that there were good and bad demons. More importantly, Jiu Ying was a demon with a pure heart. 

Even more pure than the majority of people. 

Speaking of which, ghostly cultivators were humans too. 

At this point, their gazes were filled with a little more pity when they looked at Wu Yu. 

The Imperial General walked ahead, heaved a sigh, and said, "I'm sorry that you are in such a state." 

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