Chapter 0487: Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage

Once the Three Fields Ghostly Sage finished speaking, Wu Yu waited patiently.

Not long after, three figures emerged from the main door of Emperor Yan's Hall. With the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design standing between them, Wu Yu could not make out their features clearly, at least for now.

However, these three beings were on the same level as the Grand Architect Sword Sage, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, and the Galaxy Sword Sage.

There was no way he could take them down in a direct confrontation.

After their appearance, the three of them didn't seem to be in a hurry to deactivate the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design. Perhaps the previous suicidal efforts of the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect had made them slightly wary. Therefore, even though they could clearly identify the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, he was still questioned by the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage, who was at the 10th tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea and the leading figure of authority amongst the three. "What business do you have here, Three Fields Ghostly Sage?"  

Upon seeing that the enemy remained vigilant and did not allow them immediate passage, Jiu Ying tightened his control over the Three Fields Ghostly Sage and forced him to reply, "Some important matters cropped up in the East King Palace, I have to discuss it with you guys!" Actually, they had all gathered not too long ago, just not within the walls of Emperor Yan's Hall.

"Important matters? Come on in quickly, then." The Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage didn't seem overly cautious. Having heard that there were urgent issues to discuss, he was prepared to allow them in directly. After all, there was usually no need for such tight security during normal times when the Ghostly Sages from the four major sects came to visit.

"And those two behind you are?" another Ghostly Sage standing behind the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage suddenly inquired. This Ghostly Sage was a female, and apparently more meticulous.

Now it was risky!

Based on what they had planned beforehand, if the identities of Wu Yu and Jiu Ying came under scrutiny, they would just say that they were the followers of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage.

But suddenly, the female Ghostly Sage said, "Recently, the blind audacity of the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect has brought us much embarrassment, so unauthorized people had better not enter Emperor Yan's Hall. Just come in alone, Three Fields Ghostly Sage."

She could see that these were the Three Fields Ghostly Sage's followers, but while they had to extend their hospitality to him, his followers didn't deserve any such respect. Of course, this was her own personal bias, yet it meant a whole lot of trouble for Wu Yu and Jiu Ying!

Nonetheless, the leading Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage had already begun opening the passage, and the three Ghostly Sages were starting to appear more distinctly before them.

"Alright, the two of you wait outside for me." Jiu Ying could only adapt and speak the words expected of him under such circumstances.

This allayed the suspicions of the three Ghostly Sages. They lacked the imaginative prowess to even vaguely guess that the Three Fields Ghostly Sage would be controlled in this manner.

At this point, the passage had been cleared entirely and Wu Yu could finally see the three Ghostly Sages standing within the mist. There were two males and one female, with the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage being one of the males.

They had planned to act only after entering Emperor Yan's Hall in hopes of delaying conflict as long as possible, but with the female Ghostly Sage's words, they had been barred from entry. As such, Wu Yu could only choose to take action now!

What he needed to rely on at this moment was the Swift Art!

"Hey, you guys, I hope you've been well!" The Three Fields Ghostly Sage's three heads were all talking at once as he extended his arms and walked in their direction jovially.

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying still remained outside.

Amidst the tension, Jiu Ying shot a glance at Wu Yu. In the instant that their eyes met, Wu Yu made his move!

The Swift Art, bursting into action!

He grabbed Jiu Ying by the collar and made a dash for it! Up to this point, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was being used to obstruct the enemy's vision. When Wu Yu began to move, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage had basically passed through the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design. It was in this split-second that Jiu Ying controlled the Three Fields Ghostly Sage and made him launch his attack!

His assault came way too abruptly! All three of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage's heads opened their colossal mouths, and from their gaping depths, a black torrent came spurting forth, completely engulfing the three Ghostly Sages nearby!

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying had been waiting for this moment. Together with the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, they charged into the passage and through the main door of Emperor Yan's Hall!

Upon being attacked by the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage's instinctive reaction was to immediately reactivate the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design! With the three Ghostly Sages controlling the spirit design together, the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design was activated almost instantaneously, barely after Wu Yu and his party entered. This coincidentally shut them within the domain of the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design, rather than keeping them out!

No matter what, their plan to infiltrate Emperor Yan's Hall had succeeded!

It was easy to be surrounded near the main door, so they chose not to linger. Using the Swift Art, Wu Yu grabbed the Three Fields Ghostly Sage and they quickly rushed into Emperor Yan's Hall. After entering, their field of vision had broadened considerably. Before them lay a boundless city of great proportions. There were countless palaces, and the city was comparable in size to Yan Huang Imperial City. The only glaring contrast was that while Yan Huang Imperial City's primary colors were white and gold, Emperor Yan's Hall was cloaked in absolute darkness with deep red shades standing out amidst the entire compound. An air of desolation and bloodthirst permeated the whole city, as if it were truly the Emperor Yan's Hall of legend existing within hell itself!

The walls, alleys, and everywhere else had a multitude of sculptures and carvings, depicting the various rituals practiced by Ghostly Cultivators.

The eight tallest structures, standing out in all their majesty, should be the Eight Emperors Hall, where the Eight Emperors usually resided.

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had no interest in exploring Emperor Yan's Hall in detail, which was on roughly the same level as Shushan!

Behind them, the three Ghostly Sages had caught up. They stared at the Three Fields Ghostly Sage in disbelief. The Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage said with an air of foreboding, "Three Fields Ghostly Sage, are you just playing a prank on us, or have you gone crazy?" 

"That's not it, we've been had! Take a look at the other two." At this point, the third unidentified Ghostly Sage finally turned a sinister gaze towards Wu Yu and Jiu Ying.

"A martial cultivator and a demon! What an odd combination! The Three Fields Ghostly Sage actually betrayed the East Ghostly King, the Eight Emperors, and the Ghostly Emperor, and chose to stand against us because of the two of you?" the female Ghostly Sage said incredulously.

The only reason they had not attacked yet was because they had too many unclarified doubts!

Their suspicious gazes landed on Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. Wu Yu was asking the Three Fields Ghostly Sage discreetly where the precise location of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was. The Three Fields Ghostly Sage pointed out the direction for him and said, "Go down from here and you'll be able to see the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean below."

"That demon, it looks like it possesses an unparalleled bloodline! At this young age, it should either be Jiu Ying or the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu! More likely Jiu Ying! As for this martial cultivator who entered earlier using the Art of Sword Flight, could it be that you're the Wu Yu who has been stirring up waves and rising in fame in the divine continent recently?" Now the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage finally understood everything. It seemed that they had been scrutinizing every little piece of news from the divine continent, and therefore were able to quickly determine Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's true identities.

"Surprised?" After confirming the direction of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, Wu Yu knew that what followed would be a thrilling battle.

For now, at least, he was confident and fearless in the face of the three Ghostly Sages.

The Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage shook his head in skepticism, saying, "Unbelievable. The two geniuses of the divine continent, so closely tied to Ying Huang, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the Imperial General, actually dared to trespass in our Emperor Yan's Hall. Of all the paths you could have chosen, you chose to take the one leading to hell! Now if we want to seize the two of you to claim credit, haven't you made it too easy for us?"

The other two Ghostly Sages were also perplexed.

This was a huge pleasant surprise for them!

However, as they thought about it, the biggest question that surfaced was: why was the Three Fields Ghostly Sage helping Wu Yu and Jiu Ying?

Jiu Ying had a flash of inspiration, and controlled the Three Fields Ghostly Sage to stand aside from Wu Yu and himself before saying to the three Ghostly Sages with a laugh, "My apologies, I was being held hostage by these two. They wanted me to bring them in, so I thought to myself, why not do you three a big favor and deliver this big credit into your hands? So, I pretended to be defeated and controlled by them. After all, I couldn't possibly betray my own people, can I?"

"So that's it!" The three of them laughed. It all made sense now. Anyway, it was very unlikely that they would know of the existence of an ability like the Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture. Ying Huang himself rarely displayed this ability, not wanting others to know that he possessed a mystique such as this.

In actual fact, there were many loopholes in their story that could not stand up to further scrutiny, but the three Ghostly Sages were obviously not overly concerned. After all, with such a great opportunity to win credit placed before their eyes, they were already pretty excited.

"Wu Yu, use your fastest speed to locate the Godly Sea Steadying Needle. I'll delay them here. Don't worry - with Uncle Ba around, I'll definitely be able to occupy them," Jiu Ying said discreetly.

Wu Yu knew what he had to do.

This was also their plan from the start. Wu Yu had every bit of confidence in Jiu Ying; even without Ba She, he still had the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, who had obtained the trust of the three Ghostly Sages! The power of an ambush could be devastating indeed.

It was time for action!

Wu Yu turned, preparing to rush off with the Swift Art.

The commotion had attracted a number of ghostly cultivators, but as long as they were not at the Ghostly Sage level, they could not pose a threat to Wu Yu, regardless of how many arrived.

It had been a long time since anyone had invaded Emperor Yan's Hall. On the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, all the major powers were busy maintaining peaceful relations amongst themselves and resisting the demons, so they barely had any time or resources to spare to interfere with the distant ghostly cultivators.

Therefore, a large number of ghostly cultivators were genuinely intrigued when they saw Wu Yu.

Just as he spun around, Wu Yu caught a glimpse of a familiar presence amidst the crowd of ghostly cultivators! That person was wearing a dress of black and red, tresses of black hair flowing around her. Even in the crowd, she was especially seductive and beguiling. She was a natural-born temptress, every movement and smile ensnaring and driving men to sin. After a long period of absence, she was now at home amongst the ghostly cultivators, which only served to augment her charming presence. After all, she had finally returned and readopted her original identity as a ghostly cultivator, thereby topping off her original elegance with a layer of bewitching allure!

Qin Fuyao!

No, it should be Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

A long name, but also exquisite indeed.

"Wu Yu, you managed to leave the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?" Upon seeing Wu Yu, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas displayed delightful astonishment. It was the jubilation of searching everywhere for a particular treasure, only to stumble upon it by accident.

"Obviously. Ghostly cultivator." Wu Yu would have never expected her to be a ghostly cultivator in the past. He had even treated her as a friend once upon a time!

What a pity…

She had truly concealed herself too well.

"Being able to leave that place is one thing, but for you to come to Emperor Yan's Hall, you are really too daring. Keke, but that has always been your personality after all. If he had known earlier that you would come here anyway, the Necro Lord needn't have gone through all the trouble to invade the divine continent." Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas laughed.

Wu Yu started.

What was the meaning of this?

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