Chapter 0484: Three Fields Ghostly Sage

But he was not yet at the stage where he could save every life. Right now, he simply did not have that ability.

"Today, I have witnessed the wretchedness of the ghostly cultivators' world! They are devoid of humanity, and bring the wicked side of human nature to the extreme! On another day, when I am the alpha, I will exact heaven's justice! Eradicate the ghostly cultivators! I will cause the ghostly dao to be gone from the world! I will allow the mortals of the Four Islands of the East Sun to have a life, and even to cultivate dao, just like those on the divine continent!"

Wu Yu gritted his teeth as made his way above the vast expanse of land.

All of these vows were etched deeply on his heart.

"If such a day comes, I am willing to lend you a hand!" Jiu Ying felt that Wu Yu truly did not let him down. Within the world of demons, he saw Wu Yu as a rare friend and brother of a like mind.

They were neither the antithesis of human existence, nor saints. It was simply that the dao of their hearts paid no heed to anything before them. In their dao, the ghostly cultivators' savagery and mercilessness made them treat ordinary mortals like livestock. They had no sense of morality, and their dao was incompatible with theirs. So they all had to die!

Wu Yu's enemy was the ghostly dao!

Right now, he was full of the fire of youth, but he could not care much about this. The entire divine continent was on the brink of danger, so how could he rescue these mortals? If the Ghostly Emperor conquered the divine continent, then the vast expanse of the divine continent's lands would become like this East King Island. The sole purpose of the mortals' existence would become to procreate and then provide their spirit and flesh for the ghostly cultivators to cultivate.

In the Four Islands of the East Sun, the ghostly cultivators were the devils who dominated the lands.

They seemed to have crawled out of the fabled hells.

The entire East King Island was a desolate scene. The majority of the people here were mortals, and it was hard to find a single ghostly cultivator. Normally, there should be a few small ghostly cultivator sects where the spiritual qi was dense - roughly equivalent to the Heavenly Sword Sect. These were also branches of the East King Palace. On this East King Island, with 10 billion mortals, the East Ghostly King was the only lord.

The East King Palace was built near the side of the East Sea Swirls. Wu Yu had come on land from the East Sea Swirls' side, so he reached his destination before long. The East King Palace was enormous. It was almost a third of the Common Sword Domain's size. It was a circular piece of territory that forbade entry to mortals. As a result, one could spot ghostly cultivators in twos and threes.

Of course, there were usually many more ghostly cultivators in the vicinity.

The golden structure that was the East King Palace sparkled under the sunlight, radiating golden light as if it were a piece of gold that had grown out of the earth. It was unbelievably saintly, glowing and lighting up the land.

Those that did not know better might really think this was some holy place!

The ghostly cultivators that approached it were all members of the East King Palace. From afar, the East King Palace looked relaxed. Most people here were probably waiting for news from the other ghostly cultivators who had ventured out to the divine continent. They had not gone to take part in the fighting, and were therefore happy and content. 

Quite a few ghostly cultivators were entering and exiting the East King Palace. They were not strong. Evidently, this place did not have a Sect Protecting Spirit Design on the level of the 10,000 Ghosts Immortal Extinguishing Design that Emperor Yan's Hall had.

Not far from them, there was a ghostly cultivator roughly at the first tier of Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, hurrying back towards the East King Palace. Wu Yu wanted to find someone of a decently high status and wring the details of the East King Palace thoroughly from them. Therefore, he and Jiu Ying acted immediately. The two united to fully control this person without so much as the effort needed to blow a puff of dust.

Wu Yu used the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique to hold him tight, while Jiu Ying fashioned a sealed palace that completely separated them from the outside world. The ghostly cultivator was completely bemused. Seeing Wu Yu and Jiu Ying, he was uncomprehending. He asked, "Why have you moved against me, Brothers? I am one of the East King Palace, and work under the throne of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. Today, I am conducting business on his behalf. You two have delayed me - do you not fear that the Three Fields Ghostly Sage will cause trouble for you?"


His attitude was still superior. Although trapped, he did not take Wu Yu or Jiu Ying seriously. Evidently, his backer was someone important.

He evidently did not even consider that Wu Yu and Jiu Ying were actually a martial cultivator and demon instead of ghostly cultivators.

Wu Yu fixed his eyes on him, and the ghostly cultivator's soul was immediately gripped by the fire of the Purgatory Chains, causing him to howl as he burned. After a while, when his screams were truly unsettling and he was weeping and begging for forgiveness, he finally cried, "Seniors, please spare my life. This junior was just conducting business for the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. I went to fetch 30,000 departed souls for him. The Three Fields Ghostly Sage needs these spirits to cultivate. Although the East Ghostly King has said that these methods should be curbed, all of the mortals killed were reared personally by the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. This should not infringe the rules of you two seniors, right? Please, Seniors, tell me who you are...."

Hearing this, Wu Yu was very clear that this person deserved to die! The Three Fields Ghostly Sage also deserved to die! But he felt a sense of powerlessness. Because he could only stop what was happening before his eyes - yet how many souls had been sacrificed throughout the course of history, dead to the ghostly dao of the ghostly cultivators? This was the cruelty and bloodthirst of the ghostly dao that made the existence of the mortals from the Four Islands of the East Sun a miserable one.

"Calm yourself. This is no exception, but rather the entire ghostly cultivator world is like this." Jiu Ying was worked up as well, but not as much as Wu Yu. Wu Yu understood mortals better than anyone, having grown up amongst them.

Everyone had their own wishes, ambitions, and emotions. They had burdens and responsibilities, and this had nothing to do with one's ability.

Wu Yu's gaze burned through the ghostly cultivator. After he calmed down, he turned to the main conversation. "Let me ask you. How many experts of the Ghostly Sage level are there within the East King Palace? What cultivation level is the Three Fields Ghostly Sage at?"

After hearing these questions, the ghostly cultivator was stunned. His face changed. At long last, he was certain, and he yelped, "You're a martial cultivator!"

"Answer the question." Wu Yu's eyes shone with threat, and the ghostly cultivator was truly miserable under the power of the Purgatory Chains!

At this time, Jiu Ying began to chant some strange scripture. This was the Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture.  After chanting for a while, the ghostly cultivator changed from a frightened look to glazed. He answered, "Only the Three Fields Ghostly Sage is in the East King Palace currently. The Three Fields Ghostly Sage is the weakest Ghostly Sage. He is only an eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, and has just become a Ghostly Sage. He was ordered to guard the East King Palace, and the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was furious about it. His mood only improved after the East Ghostly King promised to gift him 200 million human slaves after the divine continent was conquered. However, he still felt like he was being ill-used these past few days, which was why he sent me out in a fit to retrieve souls...."

Jiu Ying's Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture was truly amazing. This way, they had no need to be worried about the ghostly cultivators lying.

"What Sect Protecting Spirit Designs are there on the East King Palace? Will they trigger now? Will it automatically attack outsiders?"

"The Sect Protecting Spirit Designs are the Nine Remote Yellow Springs Design, the Eight Demons of Fusang Design, and the Eight Serpents Design. Only the Eight Serpents Design will actively attack outsiders. However, as long as anyone stands within one zhang of me, and is led by me, they will not be attacked."

Under the control of Jiu Ying, the ghostly cultivator gave detailed answers. Wu Yu then asked about the inner design of the East King Palace. The ghostly cultivator supplied these as well. Wu Yu determined the location of the Immortal Treasures Hall and Immortal Essence Hall.

"Are you noting these down to plunder them?" Jiu Ying asked.

Wu Yu said, "Plunder is one reason. Mainly, it will lure the Three Fields Ghostly Sage out. If we fight him in the East King Palace, we will be severely restricted. He might even activate the Sect Protecting Spirit Designs to kill us. Besides, he would probably have enough time to tell someone about us. If the East Ghostly King gets word, he will contact Emperor Yan's Hall, then our plan will be scuppered. So we must lure him out here, where there is no one else, and finish him cleanly. If we try to steal the valuables here, then the Three Fields Ghostly Sage will definitely come in pursuit, afraid of the East Ghostly King's wrath upon his return. He will not dare to report the matter upwards, and this will be the best chance for us to finish him off."

"Your thinking is very sound." Jiu Ying could not help but be impressed. He had only thought about going in to finish off the Three Fields Ghostly Sage.

Actually, they were both clear that although the opponent had just reached the Ghostly Sage status, he was still an eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator with mastery over four Great Dao Mystiques. He was also at the Shushan Sword Sages' level, and was not easy to deal with. But in order to accomplish their goal, risks had to be taken. If not for the Ghostly Emperor, how could Wu Yu hope to enter Emperor Yan's Hall with the Three Fields Ghostly Sage leading?

Afterward, Wu Yu asked many questions, especially involving the actual strength of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. After getting a sense of things, he did not hurry to kill this ghostly cultivator. After all, he still had to lead Wu Yu and Jiu Ying in.

"Shall we begin?" Jiu Ying asked.


Jiu Ying continued to use the Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture to hold this ghostly cultivator under his sway. The ghostly cultivator seemed to regain some of his vigor. Although under Jiu Ying's control, he seemed about the same as before, while Wu Yu and Jiu Ying disguised themselves as lackeys of the ghostly cultivator. They followed closely as the three entered the East King Palace!

The East King Palace was extremely huge, but there was only one door. Only entering through the main door would not trigger the Sect Protecting Spirit Designs. The main door was naturally guarded by ghostly cultivators, but because the majority had gone on to the divine continent, many of the remaining ghostly cultivators were unwilling participants. They were lounging around in small groups. When the controlled ghostly cultivator returned, they barely lifted their heads for a glance. They were not yet at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and therefore did not ask too many questions about Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. The three entered the East King Palace smoothly!

And after moving through another long passage, they finally bypassed the Sect Protecting Spirit Designs of the East King Palace.

The East King Palace was a little like Yan Huang Imperial City. It was a huge castle and moat. Originally thick with ghostly cultivators, it was mostly deserted now, and nobody stopped the little party. Wu Yu began moving to the position of the Immortal Treasures Hall with speed.

The treasure house of immortal treasures for the East King Palace. They were kept here for the ghostly cultivator disciples to trade for. It was not split up like at the Shushan Immortal Sect, but all concentrated here. There had to be plenty of treasures inside!

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