Chapter 0482: Four Major Sects

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying had expended all their strength but were still unable to take Shen Kong down. When Shen Kong used the Four Souls Devil Lord to attack, its might and strength instantly exceeded the limits which Wu Yu could take.

Bang! Bang!

The other party held a pitch-black scythe on his hand. There were spirit designs densely packed on it, and the most central spirit design resembled a bright red heart. At this very moment, it was still beating. 

Shen Kong could be considered as one of the faster ghostly cultivators and was similar to the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, who specialized in Heaven Earth Void techniques used for assassination. As he flashed across Wu Yu's eyes, several dozen of his doppelgangers had wounds across their necks. The next moment, these doppelgangers exploded! 

With his speed, he could kill over 100 of Wu Yu's doppelgangers in the blink of an eye. Now that he had charged into the group of doppelgangers, it was too late for them to disperse. 

"Wu Yu, get behind me!" 

Jiu Ying growled softly. 

Jiu Ying was being protected by Ba She, and Wu Yu instantly understood Jiu Ying's intentions. When Shen Kong was laughing arrogantly, Wu Yu moved to the back of Jiu Ying under the cover of his doppelgangers. At the same time, his doppelgangers transformed back into monkey hair. As such, Shen Kong lost his targets instantly. This made him extremely bitter, and he shifted his eyes to Jiu Ying. He laughed creepily. "Son of Ying Huang, don't try to bite off more than you can chew!" 

"What the hell are you? Are you a human or not? If you are a human, why do you have four arms?" Jiu Ying remarked coldly. 

His comments seemed to have hit a nerve within Shen Kong. The truth was that he was born with four arms. Everyone said that this was retribution for the Second Hell Emperor after the countless lives he had taken. Because of this, he had been discriminated against and ridiculed since young. When he reached his adult years, his terrifying talent was fully displayed. In less than 30 years, he had achieved what he had today. Those who had once mocked him for his four arms had all been killed by these four arms. 

"You must be courting death!" 

Shen Kong stuck out his long, bright red tongue once again and licked his lips. He looked across and three different immortal treasures appeared on the remaining three arms. There was a total of four weapons. A scythe, a shortsword, a heavy hammer, and a bronze bell! Holding the four elite immortal treasures in his hands, he stared coldly at Jiu Ying. Suddenly, he charged ahead. 

This was battle strength similar to that of a Shushan Sword Sage. When he released his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy fully, it was as though the entire sea was weighing on Jiu Ying and Wu Yu. At that instant, the threat of death was prominent. Despite standing behind Jiu Ying, Wu Yu could still clearly pick up the scent of death! 

"I'll let people like you guys, who have always been successful in the path of cultivation, know the consequences of falling into the hands of a ghostly cultivator like I, Shen Kong. I'll let you experience total collapse and constant cries. Now that you guys have offended me, I'll definitely let you have a taste of what is worse than death!" 

This Shen Kong was definitely a monster who had a perverse mind. If he wasn't angered, he was fine. At this moment, he was infuriated. It was as though the devils that had taken roots within him were in full control of his body. At this moment, his eyes were filled with blood capillaries. 


To Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's astonishment, the four immortal treasures released four types of Heaven Earth Void techniques at the same time. It was as though there were four different kinds of storms sweeping towards Jiu Ying like a deluge! 

Jiu Ying's expression turned heavy. At this moment, he was in the middle of the storm and naturally knew that he wouldn't be able to withstand the powerful Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy encompassed in the four Heaven Earth Void techniques. In order not to be smashed into smithereens, he called out directly, "Uncle Ba, save me!" 

Wu Yu and him had not thought about risking their lives to fight with Shen Kong. After all, they admitted that they wouldn't be a match for Shen Kong. It was especially so after the initial round of attacks failed to injure Shen Kong at all. 

Countless vengeful spirits and ghostly shadows followed behind Shen Kong and were about to devour Jiu Ying. 

At this moment, a huge head suddenly appeared before Jiu Ying's body. Just the head alone was as huge as Jiu Ying. It was especially so for the pair of green eyes. They resembled the entrance to hell, and Shen Kong seemed to have picked up the smell of death at that instant. 

He was startled! 

All his attacks fell on Ba She's head. However, they seemed to have been devoured by Ba She without causing any effect. 

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. 

Shen Kong's eyes widened and he finally got a good glimpse of Ba She. At the same time, he realized its identity. 


At that instant, fear originated from the very core of his soul. All his arrogance and ruthlessness dissipated into thin hair. What replaced them were only panic and horror. At this moment, Ba She simply opened its mouth, stuck out its bright red tongue, wrapped it around Shen Kong, and devoured him without a second of delay. After which, Ba She disappeared instantly. It was as though he had dissolved into the water and nothing was left of Shen Kong! 

"He's dead?" Wu Yu couldn't help but be shocked by what Ba She was capable of. This was an expert that could match a Shushan Sword Sage or a genius like Shen Xingyao. Yet, the moment Ba She appeared, it devoured him instantly. 

"Probably...." Jiu Ying turned into his human form and nodded his head. At this moment, although they were no longer in life-threatening danger, both of them were still covered in cold sweat. After all, they were in a perilous situation just moments ago. 

Looking across, the surroundings were empty and deserted. Suddenly, both of them saw the remaining Four Souls Devil Lord that Shen Kong had left behind. That Four Souls Devil Lord was staring and clearly looked horrified. After which, it turned around and started to escape. As it escaped, it gritted its teeth and shouted, "Both of you can forget about leaving after coming to the East Sea! Including Ba She! I'll definitely ask my father to sacrifice you in rituals! And return me my physical body! 

That was clearly Shen Kong. They didn't know what kind of trick he had used to transfer himself into the Four Souls Devil Lord. It was probably his soul that had been transferred over. 

This was unbelievable. 

Ba She would only take action when Jiu Ying was in real danger. 

"Don't let him escape! Otherwise, our movements will be exposed. That Second Hell Emperor will also come and give us trouble! We might even alarm the Ghostly Emperor!" 

While speaking, Wu Yu had already starting chasing after the Four Souls Devil Lord. 

"Swift Art!" 

Controlling the Grand Emperor Sword, he flew at the bottom of the sea. At the same time, he released the Swift Art, which gave him five times his usual speed! 

The Four Souls Devil Lord had speed to similar Wu Yu’s. However, the instant Wu Yu executed his five times speed buff, he caught up to him almost instantaneously. At this moment, the Four Souls Devil Lord turned around in horror and saw Wu Yu! 

Wu Yu released the Violent Art instantly. His muscles throughout his body bulked up and golden veins bulged out. He raised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and smashed it on the head of the Four Souls Devil Lord. After an explosion, the Four Souls Devil Lord was reduced to dust. At the same time, Shen Kong shrieked in horror and fury! 

"The Ghostly Emperor will take revenge for me!" Before he died, he gathered all his strength to let out a deafening, angry roar that could reach a far distance. 

After settling matters, Wu Yu met up with Jiu Ying. Without having to discuss further, they knew that it was time to leave. Otherwise, if they were discovered by the eight Hell Emperors or the Ghostly Emperor, they would be in deep trouble, even with Ba She around. After all, the Second Hell Emperor was exceptionally fond of Shen Kong and had seen him as his successor. 

Both of them moved rapidly and made detours constantly. They didn't take breaks at all and hurried along their journey for several days to completely get out of the battle region. It was only then that they were finally able to heave a sigh of relief. 

"I believe nothing has leaked out," said Jiu Ying. 

"However, they will eventually notice as time passes. We have to get to the Four Islands of the East Sun as soon as possible." 

"Let's go!" 

Both of them were direct and quick to the point. Soon, they were on their way again. As they were afraid that their Message Talismans would be intercepted by ghostly cultivators, Wu Yu didn't dare to use any. However, the number of ghostly cultivators above them had greatly reduced after such a long time. They were almost certain that they had reached the back of the ghostly cultivator army. If they proceeded further ahead, they would be able to reach the Four Islands of the East Sun safely. As for the other matters, everything could be left till they reached the Four Islands of the East Sun. 

"I wonder what the situation on the divine continent is like right now." Wu Yu turned back and looked at the boundless sea. The divine continent had disappeared from his sight. He appeared on the surface of the sea. The waves were tumbling and one could only see seawater in all directions. 

"I don't know. The battle has probably started. However, I have asked Uncle Ba. He told me that his descendants seem to be unharmed. The battle has most likely not affected your Dong Yue Wu Kingdom," said Jiu Ying. 

For Wu Yu, Dong Yue Wu was a place that had to be protected. However, the countless lives on the divine continent, the mortals of the Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms, the countless small sects, and sentimental humans shouldn't be affected by this catastrophe. Clearly, wherever the Ghostly Emperor crossed, the place would be wrecked. In fact, he was still wondering if the birth of the Necro Lord had something to do with his entrance into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. 

If that was the case, his sins would be deep and heavy. 

"Once I find Qin Fuyao, I will be able to get a clear answer. No, she should be Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas." 

Before entering the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, Wu Yu had never thought that she would be an undercover of a ghostly cultivator or the daughter of the Eighth Hell Emperor, Duomingshan Shengxue. Duomingshan Shengxue had placed her daughter into Yan Huang Imperial City when she was a kid. His actions were truly ruthless! 

After a grueling period of travelling and slaughtering a number of ghostly cultivators, they finally reached the Four Islands of the East Sun, which were far away from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent! 

Although this place was called the Four Islands of the East Sun, they were no different from four pieces of land. 

There were several hundred thousands of islands around the four islands. Each island had an Island Lord. Some were occupied by ghostly cultivators, while others may have mortals living wretched lives on them. 

The Four Islands of the East Sun were the largest islands in the archipelago and were distributed like stripes. Wu Yu made his way through countless small islands and arrived at the core location of Four Islands of the East Sun. A short distance away from him lied the famous East Sea Swirls! 

Emperor Yan's Hall was built on the East Sea Swirls! 

The truth was that Emperor Yan's Hall wasn't on the Four Islands of the East Sun. The Four Islands of the East Sun were occupied by four huge sects respectively. Each sect had strength that almost equalled the Heavenly Ares Sect of the divine continent. Each of these four major sects had a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm expert. 

Emperor Yan's Hall was located between the two islands name East King Island and Eight Gods Island. This was also the place where spiritual qi was the densest. Although Emperor Yan's Hall wasn't on the Four Islands of the East Sun, they were on the most core position of the Four Islands of the East Sun. Its influence reached all the islands in the East Sea and was the definite ruler of this region. Even the four large sects were attached under them. 

Initially, this place was ruled by the ghostly cultivators, and mortals were just like ants. Ghostly qi filled the atmosphere and the mortals lived in misery and suffering. Ghostly cultivators reared mortals as though they were rearing livestock. 

At this moment, as most of the ghostly cultivators had headed to the divine continent, this place was much cleaner. 

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