Chapter 0481: The Four Souls Devil Lord

Wu Yu did not expect to meet such a dangerous opponent so soon after leaving the divine continent. He was now in a dangerous situation! 

Luckily, Jiu Ying had Ba She following him. While Ba She would not attack voluntarily, he would still help if Jiu Ying was in grave danger. Under usual circumstances, Ying Huang ordered Ba She to follow him to make sure that Jiu Ying would not die. If he kept interfering, then Jiu Ying would lose many opportunities to train.

"Wu Yu, don't stray too far from me. My Uncle Ba doesn't really listen to me. He'll only come out if my life is in danger."

In other words, if Wu Yu were to be killed, then Ba She would likely to just watch. Wu Yu had to use his Eyes of Fire and Gold to find the position of an existence like Ba She. But he was very strange. It seemed like he had disappeared and melted into the sea water. Other than Wu Yu, no one else could see its existence.

Shen Kong naturally could not.

And Shen Kong had already locked onto Jiu Ying. It was no longer feasible to use the Swift Art to escape.

His goal was to present Wu Yu and Jiu Ying to the Ghostly Emperor Necro Lord. With Jiu Ying and Wu Yu's identities, if they were enslaved, the martial cultivators of divine continent and the demons would be greatly restrained by the Ghostly Emperor. For instance, the Ghostly Emperor could use Jiu Ying to threaten Ying Huang and force him to attack divine continent.

Hence, they must never allow Shen Kong to get his way!

Hence, Wu Yu and Jiu Ying exchanged looks and were already prepared to battle. Even though they were facing an opponent of Shen Xingyao's level and had no chance of victory. However, Wu Yu did not think too much. He just wanted to try his best in this battle and used all his moves. As for life or death, that would depend on whether Ba She would protect them.

Shen Kong did not notice at all that Ba She was nearby. There was proudness in his eyes. It was like he controlled the whole situation. He smiled coyly and said, "I see it, you two are really young and naive. You are eager to gain some achievements during this big mobilization of our ghostly cultivators. That's why you are trying to attack our base to create some trouble for us. Luckily, I discovered you two. So, do I make a move or will you two surrender?"

He actually knew these two youths very well. After all, they were his juniors. Shen Kong had 100% confidence that he could defeat them easily.

After saying this, he stretched out his long, slim, blood red tongue and licked his lips. His gaze was invasive and he looked at Wu Yu and Jiu Ying with amusement, as though he was looking at prey in his trap.

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying did not waste words. At this moment, Jiu Ying retreated. Behind Wu Yu, he transformed into his original form, a nine-headed giant creature, each head like a dragon. The huge wings and the long,spiny tail were hard as steel. He looked very terrifying!

Wu Yu instantly armored himself to handle this Shen Kong. In the first instant, he underwent the Immortal Ape Transformation to transform into a golden immortal ape. Then he plucked his fur and blew. Those golden furs magically changed into 1,000 identical golden immortal apes standing beside him. These golden immortal apes changed their positions in front of Jiu Ying. At least Shen Kong would not be able to identify the real Wu Yu quickly.

Actually, even Jiu Ying, who was right beside him, could not really find the real one.

Jiu Ying in his beast form and Wu Yu and his doppelgangers did surprise Shen Kong. Especially Wu Yu - his 1,000 doppelgangers were not only lively, they could all fight individually!

"Such an envying doppelganger mystique! A pity I've already trained my four great mystiques. Of course, if I can get your mystique, then I can give up on one of the four that I've learnt previously!" Shen Kong muttered. He looked intrigued by Wu Yu's mystique!

There was endless desire in his eyes!

Crunch, crunch!

When both Wu Yu and Jiu Ying made the stance of a battle to the death, Shen Kong's eyes were greedy. At this moment, his bones made crunching sounds. It was a skin-crawling sound. He was a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, meaning he surpassed Wu Yu by seven whole tiers. His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was many times stronger than Wu Yu's! If not for the advantage in numbers with his doppelgangers, when he stood before Shen Kong, a genius martial cultivator, he was really terrifyingly weak.

Even Jiu Ying was weaker by three tiers!


The two of them coordinated well and attacked immediately. They definitely would not let Shen Kong have the opportunity to grasp the situation first! Obviously, Shen Kong was very confident in himself. Hence, when he saw Wu Yu and Jiu Ying attacking, he was not anxious and was still relaxed. His eyes were lit brightly! Even though the two of them had joined hands to make a grand attack, his facial expression did not change. That sinister smile still hung on his face.

"Four Souls Devil Lord!"

Shen Kong's four arms and his four palms pressed together before his chest, the position of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. The complicated signs representing a mystique were exhibited and instantly covered his whole body! At this moment, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was boiling like lava. Suddenly, he separated his hands. On each hand, he held a ball of light of different colors. And in the balls of light, the inner sea rumbled for a while. It was as if an ancient, giant monster had awakened within the balls of light, roaring angrily and scaring all living beings!

Shen Kong's speed to counterattack was really fast!

However, this did not affect Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's attacks! Both of them used their most deadly killing moves directly before Shen Kong! Wu Yu naturally hid within his doppelgangers. He used his second mystique, Eyes of Fire and Gold, immediately. Purgatory Chains! He shined it on Shen Kong. As long as Wu Yu could see Shen Kong, Shen Kong would not be able to escape from the ultimate kill of Purgatory Chains!

And to Wu Yu, Purgatory Chains was just the start!

While his original body was using Purgatory Chains, the doppelgangers held onto their supreme immortal treasures and united again. They used the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword formation with the most synergy at the same time!

Thousands of dragons rushed out and covered the sky from all directions. The power of a single strike was not great. But when thousands of them attacked together, its power would undoubtedly increase rapidly. At this time, he was using the Purgatory Chains and the greatest means to torture Shen Kong!

The fire in his eyes was burning crazily on Shen Kong!

Obviously, Shen Kong had a kind of tenacity that Wu Yu had never met before. He continued to persevere and seemed to be holding on!

However, it did not matter. Jiu Ying was ready at this time. He faced Shen Kong and used his Natural Mystique that demons were best at!

"Gates of Hell!"

His nine heads, arranged from top to bottom and left to right, created a round-shaped gate. The mystique marks emerged and various lines piled up. Suddenly, among the nine heads, a really old and gloomy gate was formed!

When the Gates of Hell were formed, they opened immediately. This was the Gates of Hell supported by the nine heads. In this Gates of Hell, river water suddenly rushed out of the Gates of Hell. The river water was dark yellow in color. Everywhere it flowed, everything turned into smoke and disappeared. The whole sea area in front of it even turned to ashes. Shen Kong was being torn apart by Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains. Now the river from the Gates of Hell was gushing towards him, and he would be submerged in an instant!

This was the water from Lethe! Jiu Ying's mystique opened the gates of the ninth hell and led the waters from Lethe here. It was said that the river water from hell could evaporate and wipe rivers and lands clean. Now, under the joint efforts of Wu Yu and Jiu Ying, Shen Kong was hit directly!

In short, Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's attacks were released at the same time and matched perfectly, like art. Purgatory Chains, Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation, and the mystique Gates of Hell were three heavy strikes. In this deep sea, all these attacks crashed into Shen Kong, making it impossible to escape!

At this time, Wu Yu had really exerted his strength to the extreme!

"Did he die?" Jiu Ying asked.

"It shouldn't be that easy." Wu Yu was a little puzzled. His Purgatory Chains were still burning the opponent's soul. Although he could not see him now, there was still a connection. Shen Kong could not break free from his mystique. But suddenly, he felt Shen Kong's soul weakening. All of a sudden, he was destroyed directly by his Purgatory Chains!


Wu Yu could not believe it. Shen Kong was so powerful. He knew that the Eyes of Fire and Gold were very powerful, but they definitely could not kill Shen Kong directly!

At this time, the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation rushed in, and Jiu Ying's ball of river water from Lethe suddenly exploded. Wu Yu, his 1,000 doppelgangers, and Jiu Ying were sent flying by the shock.

The water from Lethe splashed onto many places. If it was not controlled by Jiu Ying, Wu Yu's doppelgangers would most likely suffer. After all, the biggest weakness of doppelgangers was low defense.

Looking through the river waters of Lethe, Wu Yu saw that the soul there seemed to be Shen Kong. However, he had no wounds at all and was standing there happily.

This made Wu Yu felt astonished. He could not understand how Shen Kong managed to escape from his Purgatory Chains!

Soon he understood.

Beside Shen Kong, there were four ten Zhang statues of demonic gods. Those statues looked very ancient. Their bodies seemed to be made of rocks. The four statues had different colors. They seemed to control different forces. They had grotesque faces and fangs. Each one was powerful and like an ancient giant beast! Huge powers exploded from within!

However, at this time, one of the demonic god's eyes were dull. It dissipated suddenly. The other one seemed to be hurt by sword qi. It was covered with thousands of scars and directly annihilated. The other one vaporized instantly, leaving only one of the demonic god statue intact in front of Shen Kong.

Shen Kong stood on the top of the demonic god statue, and he was not hurt at all. At this time, he looked at Wu Yu and said, "You two are really capable. You can kill the three souls of my "Four Souls Devil Lord" so fast. It's a pity you can't hurt me at all."

Wu Yu guessed that the intriguing part of his mystique was that Shen Kong could transfer the damage onto them! At first, Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains was targeting Shen Kong but unknowingly it went to the demonic god statue.

This way it was like Shen Kong had 5 lives!

He used 3 lives to block both Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's ultimate killer attacks. At this moment, he exploded again. He did not give them any time to attack and directly rushed for the kill. The suppressing power that Shen Kong released this time was unparalleled.

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