Chapter 0480: Devil Shen Kong

The Sect Master of these ghostly cultivators of the Giant Whale Sect was only a fifth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

But the position of the Giant Whale Sect was very high in the world of ghostly cultivators because they could control the demon giant whale beneath their feet. This demon giant whale was the treasure of their sect and had been passed down a few generations. With the protection of this giant whale, the Giant Whale Sect had always existed steadily. They would not be eliminated from the fierce competition in the East Sea.

Last time, when Wu Yu killed the Ecstasy Sect Father, he realized that most of the ghost cultivators would bring all their property with them. Because in the ghost cultivator world, killing and looting was very common, and those who could survive would generally have more cultivation resources than those at the same cultivation level.

Wu Yu gained a lot of random items from the Ecstasy Sect. Most of them were useless to him. However, Inner Sea Essence Pills were universal. If he sold those useful random items, he could probably earned a fortune equivalent to more than 3,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

In the future, his doppelgangers would only get stronger, so he would need more cultivation resources. He required resources greater than the average cultivator by a few thousand times.

The resources of the ghostly cultivators' world were even easier to plunder. Martial cultivation was originally snatching opportunities from heaven and earth, but he was going to snatch their achievements. Since it was all about plundering, it was only logical for Wu Yu to plunder from the evil ghostly cultivators. 

These ghostly cultivators were here to plunder from all his fellow citizens of the divine continent.

Once Wu Yu's doppelgangers appeared, they attacked immediately using the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique. Basically none of the ghostly cultivators could defend themselves, so the whole Giant Whale Sect fell on the giant whale. They lost all signs of life.

Their eyes were wide open. When they first saw Wu Yu, their souls shattered in the vibrations of the Oblivion Beasts. Hence, when they died, they did not suffer.

But that giant whale was angered. The Giant Whale Sect had controlled its feral instincts. Once the people of Giant Whale Sect had died, this demon giant whale lost all restraint and bellowed angrily. The bellow shocked the surrounding sea water into strong vibrations, and even from afar, its voice could be heard.

But Jiu Ying's movement was quick, and in the blink of an eye, a nine-headed giant creature appeared before the demon giant whale. Its godly body was even bigger than that of the demon giant whale. In the instant it appeared, nine big mouths bit and tore into the giant whale's body. They surrounded the giant whale instantly.

The most terrifying things about Jiu Ying were his nine types of negative cold powers. Once he bit into his enemy’s body, nine types of negative power instantly poured into the body of the demon giant whale. After struggling for a while, it stopped moving.

Instant kill.

"Usually, our Gloomy Dreams Seas controls those demons without sentience. If not, they will only harm people everywhere they go. Once the people of Giant Whale Sect died, this giant whale lost control. I can only do this…."

Actually, this underwater demon had lived for a long time and was already aging.

Wu Yu took all the cultivation resources from the Giant Whale Sect and said, "We’ve created quite a mess. Let's leave quickly."

"Yes." Both of them left quickly without second words and went in the direction of the Four Islands of the East Sun.

On the way, Wu Yu chatted. "Do you think what the Giant Whale Sect said was true?" 

"Emperor Yan's Hall and the East Sea Swirls do exist. That Godly Sea Steadying Needle should exist too. Except I did not know that Emperor Yan's Hall would fall into ruins if we took the Godly Sea Steadying Needle. Now that we’ve heard this piece of news, it can indeed be a breakthrough point for us," Jiu Ying answered.

"Then let's set our goal on this Godly Sea Steadying Needle. Except we have to gather more information when we reach the place."

The two of them moved quickly.

After breaking through the layers of sea and going the longer route, they realized that the amount of ghostly cultivators flying past their heads had finally decreased.

What they did not know was that in the position that they had fought the Giant Whale Sect and left, a person suddenly appeared there.

That person was wearing a plain white robe and there some white in his black hair. It was not the grey hairs of old age, but pure white.

His physique was tall and thin, like a skeleton. His face was demonically handsome. He did not look old but looked pale. It was as though he had applied lots of powder on his face. There were red dots at the corners of each of his eyes, adding to his demonic aura.

But the most outstanding thing was that this person had four arms. There were two arms on both his right and left side. One was in the front and the other was at the back. However, they did not look odd or clumsy. These four arms seemed to be natural and did not look weird at all. They also did not seem ugly. On the contrary, the longer one looked, the more one would feel that this was how this person should look like.

After he arrived at the spot, he saw the demon giant whale’s carcass sinking into the sea and the many corpses of the Giant Whale Sect’s ghostly cultivators floating in the surroundings. With the ebb and flow of the sea waves, these ghostly cultivators’ corpses floated and looked to be asleep. There were no wounds or injuries.

“Martial cultivators heading towards the Four Islands of the East Sun? Thinking of attacking our base?” This person stared in the direction that Wu Yu and Jiu Ying had gone in. He could not hold back. He stuck out his tongue and licked his blood red lips. You could see that his tongue was actually sharp and as long as a middle finger.

“Interesting. They actually want to attack the base of my Emperor Yan's Hall. And there seems to be a demon too. No matter who you are, I, Shen Kong, will meet you guys.”

This man called Shen Kong had a strange speed. He disappeared with a blink and flew towards Wu Yu’s direction. He was much faster than Wu Yu and Jiu Ying.


Wu Yu counted his spoils. The cultivation resources that he had received from Giant Whale Sect totalled up to over 4,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. It was more than he had gained from the Ecstasy Sect Father.

The many beauties from the Ecstasy Sect had nothing on them. Most of the resources were on the Ecstasy Sect Father. They were unlike the Giant Whale Sect, where everyone had some resources with them.

“Indeed, I still get the most resources in my battles with ghostly cultivators. Martial cultivation is plunder. Such plundering is the truth of cultivation!” Wu Yu was a little doubtful of dao.

Sometimes, plundering did not seem morally sound.

But on this road to becoming immortal, the strong usually relied on plundering.

It was indeed very difficult for one to protect their dao heart while plundering and never waver in this dao of strengthening one’s body. Most martial cultivators struggled between good and evil and could not understand when to fight and when to let their enemies go alive.

As he was still pondering, he suddenly sensed great danger and his hairs instantly stood up on end. Wu Yu sensed that there was an enemy behind him, and that enemy was catching up to them with terrifying speed.

Eyes of Fire and Gold!

Abyss. He turned back to look and saw that there was a white person chasing him from the depths of the sea! He could tell with one look that this person was a ghostly cultivator of high level - he was strong and his speed was exceptional. His level was at least equivalent to the Shushan Sword Sages or Yan Huang generals!

Wu Yu instantly split into 1,000 doppelgangers. He stopped in his tracks and grabbed Jiu Ying. Then they hid towards the depths of the sea. At this moment, the fewer moves they made, the higher the chance they had for escaping.

Instantly, 1,000 doppelgangers formed into pairs and escaped in all directions!

The opponent had reached them, and Wu Yu could only use this method.

His method was very effective. Usually, when someone was giving chase and their enemy suddenly split into 500 groups and escaped everywhere, it would be difficult to determine which group was the target of chase.

But Wu Yu realized that the opponent had still locked onto him and ignored all the other doppelgangers!

“He has locked onto Jiu Ying!”

Wu Yu instantly realized.

If it was just him, then once his 1,000 doppelgangers appeared and ran in all directions, it would be difficult for the opponent to find his true body, but now that Jiu Ying was following him, there was an obvious demonic aura on him that was difficult to hide. The 500 pairs and the pair with Jiu Ying were indeed too different.

Hence, Wu Yu could only retrieve the doppelgangers instantly. Seeing that he could not hide from this battle, he could only fight here!

Before this, he had not met any opponent that truly psoed a threat, but this one was definitely one!

When Wu Yu saw this person appearing before him, he confirmed his suspicions that this was indeed someone at the level of the Shushan Sword Sages! Black and white hair, pale face, cold eyes, and a soul-shocking smile. The most terrifying were the four hair-rising arms. These four arms were thin and long, and about 1.5 times longer than the usual arm.

“Oh, I was wondering who it was. So it’s the famous Wu Yu from the divine continent. As for this little demon, if I’m not wrong, I think you are the son of Ying Huang. You two are famous people. I’m really lucky to be able to meet you two here.” The man’s voice was sharp and ear-piercing. It could send shivers down the listener's spine.

This man recognized him. That was even more troublesome. Wu Yu had no idea who this ghostly cultivator was. Since he knew his name, then obviously this person had been following the events in divine continent. Then he must have long had the desire to invade divine continent.

“Who are you?” He was not anxious to fight. Wu Yu also tried to learn as much as he could.

The other party smiled sinisterly and said, “I am who I am, my name is Shen Kong.”

After hearing this, Wu Yu still did not know him, but Jiu Ying whispered, “I’ve heard of him, Shen Kong, the son of the Second Hell Emperor.

He should be a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, training for over 50 years.”

Ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea, that was the level of the Shushan Sword Sages, the Yan Huang Generals!

Wu Yu knew that Shen Xingyao was also a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator and had similarly trained for over 50 years. This meant that this Shen Kong before his eyes was someone that could match up to Shen Xingyao, both in terms of talent and current ability! And he had this important identity of being the son of the Second Hell Emperor. Then he should have many resources on him.

The problem was that even if Wu Yu and Jiu Ying joined forces now, they could probably barely fight against an eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. Now they were faced with a Ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. There was definitely no hope of winning.

Shen Kong said, "I'm so lucky to meet the two of you here. If I capture both of you, at least I can lure out Ying Huang. Maybe I can also lure out the Imperial General or the Ursae Sword Immortal. Looks like I'll have to hand you guys over to our distinguished Ghostly Emperor."

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