Chapter 0479: Godly Sea Steadying Needle

"So many ghostly cultivators, have they really emptied the nest?" Jiu Ying, hidden within the depths of the sea, raised his head and observed the shallow sea and the surface. Within his range of sight, there were millions of ghostly cultivators fighting to rush forward. They were moving towards the divine continent in a mess.

It was chaotic and messy.

All the ghostly cultivators had gathered together. The resentment and ghosts that used to gather in the skies above the Four Islands of the East Sun were spreading out towards the divine continent. 

Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and with the first tier, Abyss, he could clearly see what each and every ghostly cultivator looked like. Among these ghostly cultivators, most were Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, but there were some who had just reached the Qi Condensation Realm. Even those who had just reached the Qi Condensation Realm dared to step foot into the divine continent to take their share of the loot. This showed how much confidence these ghostly cultivators had in the Ghostly Emperor Necro Lord.

Luckily, the divine continent was now prepared. Just these ghostly cultivators were not much of a threat to the martial cultivators of the divine continent. The worrying part was that the Necro Lord might be too terrifying.

If he really could slaughter the strongest of the divine continent, like the Seven Immortals of Shushan, the Taixu Sage Master, the Yan Huang City Lord, and the Imperial General, then regardless of the huge gap between the abilities of the martial cultivators of the divine continent and the ghostly cultivators, the divine continent would be in danger. Other than these top few strongest, no one in divine continent would be able to block the Necro Lord and the eight Hell Emperors.

Hence, Wu Yu understood that in this battle, the Necro Lord was the biggest factor of change.

Also, the actions of the demons would affect the situation. He believed that the Yan Huang City Lord and the others would be wary of the demons too.

Wu Yu had already conveyed the split notions of the demons to the Imperial General. This was within the Imperial General's expectations.

In other words, the key of this battle was to kill the Necro Lord!

Such a character indeed caused Wu Yu's hair to stand.

He did not know where this Necro Lord and his eight Hell Emperors were hiding!

After the wave of ghostly cultivators was gone, the two of them continued their journey. They tried to use the longer and further route to avoid meeting the main forces of the ghostly cultivators. However, they still met many ghostly cultivators on the way.

And some were like Wu Yu, rushing in the deep sea.

Actually, Wu Yu and Jiu Ying were already in the safer areas. Suddenly, there were strong vibrations coming from the sea in front of them. It was like an underwater earthquake. At this moment, waves rolled and countless currents pushed and knocked everywhere. The sand in the sea floor rolled up and spread out. In an instant, the water became very cloudy.

"Demons?" Wu Yu and Jiu Ying sensed the existence of demons in front of them.

"Why are there demons in the bottom of the sea?"

Jiu Ying said, "There are many fishes, prawns, and beasts under the sea. They can also absorb the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Once they gain sentience, they become demons. In the Endless Sea Region, there must be even more demons than in the divine continent. The problem is that the sea is too big. Therefore, they do not have any organizations. The sea demons are more scattered and messy. Besides, in the sea, they can provide for themselves. Hence, they usually do not fight with the divine continent or ghostly cultivators."

So that was why!

So when they met demons in the sea, that should be normal. After all, within the sea, there were all types of fishes, prawns, and biological creatures. The variety was endless!

But why would these sea demons be heading towards the divine continent as well?

Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look deep into the sea. His line of sight penetrated through long distances. In an instant, he saw something huge! It was a deep sea giant whale. It swam in the sea but was huge like a little island! It was this giant whale approaching them that was causing the violent waves in the sea. To this giant beast, this deep sea was just like a lake.

It was much bigger than the giant whales that Wu Yu usually saw.

He had trained the Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas at the East Sea, so he was very familiar with the living creatures known as giant whales. Now this giant whale had become a demon. It had lived for long and was obviously very strong! But the few hundred ghostly cultivators standing on this giant whale attracted more of Wu Yu's attention. These ghostly cultivators seemed to be driving this giant beast and headed towards the divine continent. This demon giant whale was probably their steed!

But in reality, the cultivation level of this giant whale seemed to be higher than that of all the ghostly cultivators. It was at the seventh tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. And most of the ghostly cultivators were below that.

This was probably because while the giant whale had become a demon, its sentience was not high and was enslaved and controlled by the ghostly cultivators. After all, even mortals could rely on their intelligence to train fierce tigers and strong lions. It was no surprise that these ghostly cultivators could do this! 

This group of ghostly cultivators guided the giant whale and rushed towards the divine continent!

They could vaguely make out their conversations!

Someone said, "The Ghostly Emperor is really terrifying. I really don't know where he got his abilities. His devouring power is really rare!  Everyone can imagine, he only needs to defeat one Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator of the divine continent. Even if it is the weakest Shushan Sword Immortal, his ability and level will break through again. It is endless! The strong cultivators of the divine continent will definitely be defeated one by one by him. With every kill, he will only become stronger! I believe that one day, the divine continent will no longer have leaders, and every one of them will be scared of the Ghostly Emperor and escape everywhere. These martial cultivators cannot block the Ghostly Emperor at all. We only need to take down key territories, like the Clear Sky of Shushan, Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, and the Tianyi Race. Then all of the martial cultivators of divine continent may just perish without much effort needed!"

"Indeed. I've seen the Ghostly Emperor with my own eyes - he really is an unparalleled demon!  He is definitely someone that can revolutionize the world. With him, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is no doubt something that will be ours. Our Giant Whale Sect also has to snatch a good territory. There are such good resources in the divine continent, with so many mortals and ancient ruins. That is the best chance for our Giant Whale Sect to rise up!"

"Yes, not mentioning the ancient ruins and the number of mortals available for slavery, the immortal treasures, immortal medicines, and more that we can snatch from the martial cultivators are enough for our Giant Whale Sect to rise more than one level! A beautiful place like the divine continent should belong to us ghostly cultivators!"

"We need to fight with the human martial cultivators first and get the best positions and territories. Then we just have to wait for the Necro Lord to kill all their strong people."

They were blindly confident in the Ghostly Emperor. However, this confidence was not without proof. The Necro Lord was terrifying in that he could convince all the ghostly cultivators.

At this moment, the giant whale had already moved forward. Wu Yu was still considering if he should block them and send them to hell or to hide.

Suddenly, one of them said, "The only regret is our brother sect, the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect, did not grab this opportunity. They were once almost eliminated by Emperor Yan's Hall and now are struggling to stay alive. If that hadn’t happened, they would have formed an alliance with us."

"I must say that when we were allied, they really treated us well. They helped us many times and trust us a lot. Except we cannot form the same goal this time. That's a pity."

"There's one thing that I'm not sure if I should say. I heard from a friend in the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect that they are intending to take the chance when Emperor Yan's Hall is empty to take revenge on Emperor Yan's Hall. They are preparing to steal the Godly Sea-Steadying Needle that grounds Emperor Yan's Hall. If that Godly Sea-Steadying Needle is taken away, Emperor Yan's Hall's palace, which is built on countless East Sea Swirls, will definitely be destroyed. At that time, even if Emperor Yan's Hall has occupied the divine continent, our base in the East Sea will be gone."

When everyone heard this, their faces changed.

"Has the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect lost their minds? Now that Emperor Yan's Hall is fighting for all of the ghostly cultivators, how can they backstab them like this?"

"You're right. That's really deplorable. But they used to have a power ten times great than what they have now. It is because they were suppressed by Emperor Yan's Hall that they hold resentment in their hearts. This is for sure. I can understand them. But such an important matter, could it be that they were just joking..."

"Perhaps it's really just a joke? I think that they don't have the guts, or, more importantly, the ability to do that. After all, even if they steal the Godly Sea-Steadying Needle, where can they hide? Aren't they just seeking death?"

Everyone thought about it.

"Should we let Emperor Yan's Hall know about this? Even if it may just be a joke."

"I don't think that's good. After all, they are our brother sect. We formed the alliance in public."

"But if they really do such a deplorable thing, it may affect us!"

The ghostly cultivators were all arguing and could not form an agreement.

But all these words were heard by Wu Yu, especially those key terms such as Godly Sea-Steadying Needle, East Sea Swirls, Emperor Yan's Hall...

"I've indeed heard that Emperor Yan's Hall is built on a place called the East Sea Swirls. The spiritual qi there is the thickest, but the environment is terrible. It can be described as being covered in strong, evil waves. Emperor Yan's Hall sunk a dao treasure into the middle of the East Sea Swirls so they could steady the swirls. Now many years have passed. If they can take this dao treasure known as the Godly Sea-Steadying Needle, then there is no doubt that it will be a grave setback for the base of Emperor Yan's Hall."

Wu Yu understood. 

"What Godly Sea-Steadying Needle? It's a name that people gave it without thought. It's merely a dao treasure." Ming Long belittled it.

Of course, it could not compare to the Ruyi Jingu Bang, but a dao treasure that could steady the East Sea Swirls would not be a simple tool!

At this moment, the people of Giant Whale Sect drove the giant whale and passed by Wu Yu.

"Are we attacking?" Jiu Ying asked.

Wu Yu said, "They gave us a direction to advance toward, but if they tell Emperor Yan's Hall of the Devious Shadow Ghost Sect's plans, then it'll create trouble for us. Hence, we have to eliminate them."

Jiu Ying nodded and said, "Then I'm taking the giant whale."

He was still too kind and could not attack so many people, but Wu Yu was already very disappointed in ghostly cultivators, especially in their methods of using mortal blood, flesh, and souls to collect cultivation resources. That was unforgivable. 

Hence, on that giant whale, over 1,000 of his doppelgangers suddenly appeared and instantly surrounded the people of Giant Whale Sect.

"Who!?" The ghostly cultivators all paled. When they saw many identical Wu Yus, they were even more shocked.

"Martial cultivator?"

They had not expected to meet a martial cultivator here.

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