Chapter 0478: Sword Pointing to the East Sun

Jiu Ying's words were enough.

He could not represent the demons, but he could represent himself.

Wu Yu naturally knew that he was a worthy friend.

Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo from Shushan were among those around his age that had reached Wu Yu's level and known Wu Yu. Now only Nangong Wei was left. Of the Four Geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City, Qin Fuyao had become Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas and was the daughter of the Eighth Hell Emperor, while the remaining three were not close to Wu Yu. 

As for the geniuses of the Shangyuan Dao Sect and Tianyi Race, he had not met any of them yet.

Hence, Jiu Ying was Wu Yu's only friend of around the same age.

The rest were like elder brothers, like Shen Xingyao, or like older sisters like, Shen Xingyu. 

People like his fellow disciples at the Heavenly Sword Sect and the brothers and sisters at Heaven's Equal Camp were all people who were close to him.

Of course, there was another, and that was Luo Pin. After their time together in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, Wu Yu and her were even closer than he was with Jiu Ying.

It was a pity that he was too far away from Luo Pin. He did not know when he would reach Luo Pin's cultivation level and meet her again.

Jiu Ying had come out of his training in seclusion specially to help him. Just based on this act, Wu Yu treated him as his best friend.

The two of them chatted for a while before the topic turned to defeating ghostly cultivators. Wu Yu said, "Those at the level of the Necro Lord and eight Hell Emperors will fight with the strong of the divine continent. We have no place in their fights. But it'll be good if we can help. It is just that I cannot leave Dong Yue Wu, so I can only kill the enemies within Dong Yue Wu's territory. I can only do so little for the divine continent."

This was his helplessness. He could not leave this place. If he was too far away, he would be unable to control his doppelgangers, not to mention operating the spirit design.

Jiu Ying thought for a moment and asked, "If you could leave, what would you do?"

Wu Yu said, "I'm probably no help on the frontlines at the highest level battlefields. But I'm thinking that since the ghostly cultivators are going all out in this attack, then the Four Islands of the East Sun at the back are probably very empty. Perhaps I can create some trouble there and force these ghostly cultivators who came from afar to hold back a little and be more cautious. After all, they all have their bases. For instance, Emperor Yan's Hall. If there is no one strong guarding it and I create great chaos there, I'm sure that will affect that eight Hell Emperors."

"That's a good idea." Jiu Ying nodded.

The idea was good. It was plausible. The key was to use one's abilities to the best. The problem was that Wu Yu could not leave Dong Yue Wu, not to mention going to the Four Islands of the East Sun far away.

That was the pure death world of ghostly cultivators.

Suddenly Jiu Ying said with delight and surprise, "I have an idea, but I'm not sure if it'll work."

"Do tell."

Jiu Ying said, "My abilities have improved now and I can communicate with Ba She a little. Ba She, under my father's orders, guards me all day long. If I'm in danger, he'll appear. Ba She has many descendants, and they are all of low sentience like him. The advantage is that they are very obedient and will not stray from orders. If Ba She orders his descendants to stand guard here and protect the mortals of your country, then these little snakes are sure to carry out the orders strictly and loyally. They have Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as well and can activate this spirit design for your sect. The only problem is that they are demons and cannot speak. They have no way of communicating with others. If martial cultivators of the divine continent sees these demons, will they attack them and kill them? If their lives are in danger, then I cannot be sure that these little snakes will not retaliate. After all, they are like wild beasts…."

If it was as Jiu Ying had said, then it was indeed a good idea! However, his worry was not without cause. There were many martial cultivators in the divine continent, and they did not know the descendants of Ba She. They had come here to slay ghostly cultivators, and if they realized that there were many demons on guard here, they would definitely attack them. They might even think that these demons were on the same side as the ghostly cultivators.

Wu Yu thought for some time and said, "How about this. Let me take a look at these little snakes first. If possible, I'll consult the Imperial General. If the Imperial General spreads the news of the unique situation here, I believe that such clashes could be avoided. It is very quick for messages to be passed around among the martial cultivators."

The key was that the descendants of Ba She were all very strong. As long as they did not initiate attacks on others, then all would be well. On the side of the martial cultivators, they were more organized and could probably avoid unnecessary clashes. Besides, Feng Xueya and the others could explain on their behalf.

Jiu Ying tried to summon Ba She. Talking about Ba She, Wu Yu had been scared by him before. Now that he was stronger, when he saw that huge, dark silhouette in the sky, that large pair of jade green eyes, he was calmer than before. After all, he had seen stronger existences. For instance, the Yan Huang City Lord.

Jiu Ying started to communicate with Ba She by hissing. He hissed like a snake. These sounds could not be made by the average human. It was probably something he had specially learned in order to communicate with Ba She. While Ba She had low sentience, and was violent, he was very obedient. When Jiu Ying was talking to him, he suddenly opened his mouth and over 1,000 “little snakes” instantly emerged from Ba She's mouth.

Compared to Ba She, these were “little snakes.” After landing on the ground, these demon snakes were all huge! They stood before Wu Yu, looking unsettled and restless. Looking into the horizon, the scene looked scary with over 1,000 of these huge snakes surrounding the green mountains. Moreover, there were all types of snakes.

The huge snakes on the ground became quiet only after Ba She hissed. It was like they had received an order. All of them transformed into their human forms. They were, after all, Ba She's descendants, and most of them were Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Such a troop, when dispersed, was comparable to Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

"Big Brother." A few of these huge snakes seemed to have higher levels of sentience than Ba She after transforming into demons. They looked a little lost, but after finding Jiu Ying, they actually knew to address him.

Ba She was born together with Ying Huang. He was considered Ying Huang's brother. So it was natural that these descendants of Ba She addressed Jiu Ying as “Big Brother.”

"Before we return, 10 of you will operate this spirit design. No matter who it is, they must not be allowed to break through this spirit design. The others, kill any ghostly cultivator who enter this mortal kingdom. Understood?"

"Understood!" the huge snakes answered at the same time.

Wu Yu observed for a long time and realized that it was as Jiu Ying had said. These huge snakes carried out their missions resolutely, and most of them had already spread out. They had the sharp senses of snakes and were very good at seeking out ghostly cultivators. 

The remaining 10 had the highest level of sentience and were all fifth or sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. They had robust Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and could maintain the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation easily. Wu Yu tried to communicate with them and realized that they were not stupid. Of them, one even said, "Big brother Wu, please don't worry. If martial cultivators approach us, I'll tell them our identities and missions. We'll not engage in conflicts with them."

Wu Yu was more reassured now. Besides, Jiu Ying was quite reliable. He would not do things without a certain level of confidence.

It was very important for Wu Yu to protect Wu You and the others. However, the divine continent was in crisis and he thought that he should contribute more. Now that there were someone guarding his home, he could join the battle without worry. It was also reassurance for the mortals caught in this battle.

He used the core-tail talisman to inform the Imperial General of the situation of demons standing guard. Before long, the Imperial General replied. He said, "I've sent the Heaven's Equal Camp to assist in guarding your mortal kingdom. If other martial cultivators arrive at Dong Yue Wu, the soldiers from the Heaven's Equal Camp will explain. As for the idea of you going to the Four Islands of the East Sun, I have to let you know that even if the Four Islands of the East Sun are empty now, they are still relatively dangerous. However, if you can do something that changes the battle situation, I leave you to make the decision. No matter what, you have to remember that humans need to be alive before they can have the opportunity to become immortal."

The Imperial General was more detailed and thoughtful than Wu Yu. Once the Heaven's Equal Camp members arrived and cooperated with the huge snakes, then there would be less chance of mishaps or conflicts with the martial cultivators from the Divine continent. The Heaven's Equal camp from Yan Huang Immortal Army would be more convincing in their explanation. 

Jiu Ying told the huge snakes the news of the Heaven's Equal Camp members arriving as reinforcements. At that moment, they only needed to announce that they were from the Heaven's Equal Camp and the huge demon snakes would let them in peacefully.

The arrangements here were complete. But the Imperial General's last few sentences caused Wu Yu to carefully reconsider his choices.

"It will be dangerous, but if it was not dangerous, then it would not be a challenge! In the important battlefield, I cannot contribute much and have to rely on the City Lord and the Imperial General. I can only make a bit of contribution and take revenge for the lives of divine continent by killing the enemies at the back!"

He had made his decision.

Besides, this was the best choice because Jiu Ying would be accompanying him. Jiu Ying's battle power was probably on par with his, but Jiu Ying had Ba She following him. Also, Jiu Ying could communicate with Ba She. So when Jiu Ying was in danger, Ba She would help him as well. Then the risk of losing his life would be lower.

After thinking carefully, Wu Yu summoned all his doppelgangers and gathered at the coast. All of his doppelgangers returned to his body, and in the end, only he and Jiu Ying remained.

"Let's go!"

The two of them left immediately and jumped into the deep sea.

It would be too eye-catching for them to rush to the Four Islands of the East Sun above the sea. Since if they were going to infiltrate the enemies' base, they had to be more careful. Hence, they dove into the deep sea and then headed in the direction of the Four Islands of the East Sun. In the deep sea, it was pitch black and the pressure was huge. It was dead silent.

The two of them remained silent and made their way in silence. Soon, one day had passed. At this moment, they could clearly sense the waves of ghostly cultivators above their heads. These ghostly cultivators were screaming excitedly as they ran above their heads.

Wu Yu wanted to rush up to block them.

But that would expose him.

"To enter deep into the tiger's den, one has to be extremely careful. Even with the protection of Ba She, I cannot do things on impulse!"

Gradually, he realized that there were more and more ghostly cultivators above his head!

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