Chapter 0467: Neptune's Dark Fortress

Come at me together.

As he said this, Wu Yu was very calm and at peace.

And this indifferent attitude only served to enhance his intimidating presence. Since he had already defeated Beishan Mo, he knew that Beishan Mo was not his opponent, no matter what.

And at this moment, Nangong Wei wanted to join to up the challenge. He would bravely meet her challenge.

Nangong Wei was right. Wu Yu had come to Shushan for clarification. But this clarification was not sought through words. Only a life and death battle would yield answers.

Showing something was often better than telling. Words were iffy things.

Only in that space between life and death would true emotions be belied.

Therefore, facing the combined swords of Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei, he only had a stoic acceptance in his heart. Clearly, their combined power was terrifying, but Wu Yu would use this terror as a cruel test of war.

Reality often left one stranded. Now someone he loved was his opponent, but Wu Yu saw no reason to cower at this point. His eyes lit up with determination, and everyone could see his resolve to win.

After he took the win, there would be no need to ask about the outcome. Back then, he had been abused on the day of his exile. Today, Shushan would pay it all back to him. From this day on, to everyone else uninvolved, the tale would spread that Wu Yu had risen up by stepping on the back of the cream of Shushan's crop. No one could stop him.

This understanding was roughly what Wu Yu was hoping for. After all, he had finally come to terms with it. Nangong Wei could not possibly be suited for him. The moment a relationship fractured and a scar appeared, the scar would be like an ugly worm, forever lingering between the two. No matter how forbearing one was, they would firstly see that ugly worm, and the first instinct would forever be repulsion and detest.

Today, Nangong Wei had pointed her sword at him. This was judgment and finality for Wu Yu, a thorough severance between the two. This was her answer to Wu Yu, and Wu Yu would accept it.

"Today, I just need to defeat him. After that, I can be me. Shushan can be Shushan, and Nangong Wei can be Nangong Wei. There will be nothing between us to stop us any further!"

The sword pointed at him was very keen indeed.

On one side was the nine-colored mystical fire, and on the other was the abyssal frost. The heat and chill clashed, yet gave rise to the most curious of responses. It was as though they were a singular body, bringing both sides to their peak.

And Wu Yu, one man with one staff, stood at the center of the Mortal Arena.

Actually, the sword cultivators of the Shushan Immortal Sect had softened their gazes. They could not help but give Wu Yu respect, especially after he had defeated Beishan Mo. He had gone beyond the rules to allow Nangong Wei to join the fight as well. This nobility and courage alone had set questions in the hearts of many.

Therefore, even as they rained curses on his head, they felt the pangs of guilt.

Right now, everyone held their breath! Clearly, this battle would be even more spectacular than the solo fight between Wu Yu and Beishan Mo! Before, no one had seen exactly how Wu Yu had defeated Beishan Mo. And therefore, this battle looked to be up in the air. Who would live, and who would die? Would it be Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo to kill Wu Yu, or Wu Yu to finish off the pair? Or would Nangong Wei not have the heart to kill Wu Yu, or vice versa?

As the martial cultivators were puzzling this out, the battle below commenced in a flash! From the opening of the fight, it was clear that at least Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei were showing no mercy!


Nangong Wei firstly used her mystique Radiant Phoenix Wings! From her back, a pair of Phoenix wings sprouted, burning with Nine-colored flame. It was even more mature than the Radiant Phoenix Wings from before. Waves of heat billowed forth! The deep, unpretending power of her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy instantly made everyone realize that Nangong Wei was not at all weaker than Beishan Mo.

She was shoulder-to-shoulder with Beishan Mo. From above, Nangong Wei's flames blazed forth. From below, Beishan Mo's black frost surged forth. The extremes of flame and frost!

"Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress!" This Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress was a powerful killing move. When on the offense, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fire could enhance one's attack. When on the defense, it would not be easy to break through this Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress either!

"Neptune's Dark Fortress!"

At the same time, Beishan Mo also used another mystique! Actually, he still had many cards up his sleeve to play, even though he had been defeated by Wu Yu.

This mystique was extremely similar to the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress. Beishan Mo was circled by ink-green water. He himself seemed to blend into the water, becoming one with the sinister Neptune's Dark Fortress. Neptune's Dark Fortress was like a huge beast of the seas, occasionally letting loose with a savage roar.

At this moment, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress and Neptune's Dark Fortress attacked together from the flanks!

In the instant that they clashed, the entire world shook. The two magnificent mystiques exploded with power that rapidly combined with the other. A torrent of ice and fire rushed out from all directions, and these two mystiques met in a frenzy at the center. It was not just defensive. Even the combined attacks alone made each other stronger!

This was the combination that the elders of Shushan had designed for them! The two, combined, could achieve three times the offensive power!

Before the two great mystiques, Wu Yu could not afford to be as relaxed as he had been.

And yet this combined attack could not beat him down. Everyone wanted to see what his response would be to the combination. Anger? Or hate?

Before Wu Yu, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress and Neptune's Dark Fortress were like a pair of enormous eyes - one ink-green, the other with nine differently colored bands. This pair of eyes stared angrily at Wu Yu!

The Shushan Immortal Sect had not seen the likes of these two superb geniuses in a very long time. They were the hope of the future, and now that they had joined forces, the result was truly wonderful to behold!

But the problem was, their opponent was not some esteemed elder, but the exiled Wu Yu. Just Wu Yu, and yet they needed their two greatest geniuses in the course of history to join forces. That was a snub.

However, the harmony between Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo was virtually perfect. Each within their own fortress, the two brandished their longswords. Within the lattice of intricate swordwork, the two mystique fortresses continued to expand.

"Sword of Ten Thousand Waves!"

On the left, Beishan Mo's Green Depths Emperor Sword was a little more frantic as he executed an elite Heaven Earth Void technique of Shushan. Instantly, Neptune's Dark Fortress exploded, sending forth a huge sea that surged forth. The sea had no water, but was instead comprised of wave after wave of sword qi. The 10,000 waves of sword qi were like a sea. They flew out with an ear-piercing keen!

The chilly power of Neptune's Dark Fortress was sent forth on the Sword of Ten Thousand Waves, tinging the sword qi a dark, ink-green!

The sword dao of Shushan was always so keen, so dominating, so sharp! The 10,000 waves of sword qi whistled forth. Beishan Mo again showed off his extreme killing power!

Of course, Nangong Wei was no slacker either. Although she did not have a dao treasure, she had mastered another mystique. This Great Dao Mystique was called Phoenix Nirvana. It was said to have three tiers. At the first tier, one could be reborn once during battle. At the third tier, one could be reborn three times in succession! This was basically being reincarnated three times!

Right now, Nangong Wei's true features could no longer be seen, hidden within the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress. They seemed to have been replaced with an indomitable mystical Phoenix. The ancient Phoenix was an immortal beast, like the mystical dragons. With the bloodline of the Phoenix, Nangong Wei would definitely see unbelievable results if she cultivated this mystique.

According to the legend, if she actually became immortal through cultivating this, then it was possible that she would even become an immortal beast Phoenix.


Alongside Beishan Mo's Sword of Ten Thousand Waves, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress shot out tens of thousands of feathers with a multitude of colors. They burned with different flames, their only similarity being the sharpness of the feathers. These feathers flew out in conjunction with Beishan Mo's Sword of Ten Thousand Waves' sword qi - a truly fear-inspiring sight to behold!

At the moment, Wu Yu was completely caught in the flurry of the Sword of Ten Thousand Waves' sword qi and the burning feathers. They made a good combination - the collision of water and fire resulted in even more fearsome destructive power!

Wu Yu was faced with complete annihilative power!

All around him, the mountains were being directly reduced to rubble!

Under their combined strength, the million sword cultivators and Yan Huang Immortal Army cried out in wonder. They were clear that Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei were not at all weak. Their ability matched their reputation. However, Wu Yu was infinitely more terrifying!

Just like now, when everyone was worrying about him, he was just sitting and biding his time, even giving a cold laugh.

With the Eyes of Fire and Gold, nothing could obscure his vision. He could see Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo. As Beishan Mo attacked, his eyes were filled with killing intent. As for Nangong Wei, although her killing intent was not as intense, she had joined forces against him!

"It's over." Wu Yu felt like he had her answer now.

That was why he had made his choice.

He blinked and morphed into the Immortal Ape.

And then he started to pluck bunches of golden hair and blew on them. A truly shocking scene transpired. Beside Wu Yu, each golden hair transformed. Soon, there were 1,000 golden monkeys. They leapt and pranced, one hand wielding a sword and one hand bunched in a fist. They stood beside Wu Yu, and all raised their immortal treasure longswords!

They were all supreme immortal treasures!

The appearance of these 1,000 clones caused the crowd to be impressed by Wu Yu again.

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