Chapter 0466: Severing All Ties

Other than these three, it was difficult for others to witness the death of the Green Depths Sword Emperor.

After all, they were the only ones at the scene that were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

The others did not even have Primordial Spirits, so how could they witness the death of a spirit remnant?

Now, in the eyes of millions of people, Wu Yu had used some mysterious method to defeat Beishan Mo. Until now, at least 99% of the audience was doubtful and could not believe their eyes. They had seen Wu Yu being suppressed by Beishan Mo's impressive attacks but had not seen at all how Wu Yu had retaliated.

At this moment, all these pairs of eyes, all these white frozen faces, and all these shivering hands all proved that in an instant, Wu Yu had destroyed Beishan Mo with shocking performance and, of course, also destroyed the hearts of millions of sword cultivators.

And even though the Yan Huang Immortal Army on the black warship did not understand what had happened, at least they had witnessed Wu Yu's victory! The Heaven’s Equal Camp was the fastest to react. In an instant, all the people shouted and cheered enthusiastically. They also sympathized with Wu Yu's encounter and hated the Shushan sword cultivators. When Wu Yu beat Beishan Mo completely, their hot-blooded energy and pride were released!

"Wu Yu!" Crazy, roaring cheers reverberated in the surroundings. At this moment, it completely suppressed the pride of millions of sword cultivators. When Beishan Mo was defeated in battle, they could not summon up the courage to cheer for him.

"How could this be…."

"Wu Yu must have used some shameful means!"

"I don't believe it's true. How can Wu Yu be so strong... Beishan Mo was trained personally by the Seven Immortals of Shushan!"

Their hearts were filled with pain and depression. They were unconvinced and confused, but reality was presented clearly in front of them.

Wu Yu had not rushed to kill Beishan Mo. When he suppressed Beishan Mo with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he suddenly turned and looked at Nangong Wei. As expected, her face was shocked and her eyes were wide. She looked at Wu Yu with reddened eyes. Perhaps at this moment, her heart was hit hard by Wu Yu. While she was stunned and shocked, there was hatred in her eyes too. When Wu Yu defeated Beishan Mo, she did not become understanding as Wu Yu had imagined, but acted as if she was insulted.

However, at this time, there was a movement in the sky. When he just reached Beishan Mo and was about to kill him, he sensed a killing intent lock onto him in that instant. That terrifying killing intent froze Wu Yu. He felt suppression over his whole body!

He knew very well that this was the Mizar Sword Immortal!

"Wu Yu, you dare to kill Green Depths....." the Mizar Sword Immortal roared angrily. Midway through his sentence, the Ursae Sword Immortal stopped him. After all, this was Shushan’s secret. At this moment, the spirit remnant of the Green Depths Sword Emperor had died. This elevated the amount of secrecy that had to be kept.

But when Wu Yu looked up, he unintentionally saw that Mizar Sword Immortal. His eyes were bloodshot and seemed crazy. He must have never hated him so much before!

However, Wu Yu did not feel like he had done anything wrong. Beishan Mo and the whole of Shushan were all eager for his death, why should he not retaliate?

The Mizar Sword Immortal had once slapped Wu Yu. While he could not return the slap now, this result was worse than a slap for the Mizar Sword Immortal. There was only one emotion in his eyes now: the desire to kill Wu Yu.

In fact, the cold sword qi had covered Wu Yu's whole body at this moment, freezing him!

Wu Yu could not help thinking that if the Imperial General had not followed him here, he would’ve surely died.

Fortunately, at the moment the Mizar Sword Immortal was about to kill Wu Yu, the Imperial General, who was clad in black armor, suddenly appeared in the sky over Wu Yu. When he appeared, the pressure on Wu Yu suddenly disappeared. He raised his head and saw a raging Imperial General. He roared in a deep voice, "Nangong Xuan! He is from my Yan Huang Imperial City. He is having a life and death duel with your people from the Shushan Immortal Sect. As one of the Seven Immortals of Shushan, why are you interfering!? I, Di Yi, am here. Who gave you permission to pressure my people with killing intent? Are you instigating and raising hatred between Yan Huang Imperial City and the Shushan Immortal Sect?"

The Imperial General was usually easy-going, but when he was angry, his overbearing voice was indeed terrifying. His voice created a violent shock through the whole of Shushan, even knocking away the Mizar Sword Immortal and the Ursae Sword Immortal, forcing them back into their positions.

The Mizar Sword Immortal was very respectful of the Green Depths Sword Emperor, so his eyes were red and his breath was heavy. He was almost out of his mind. However, the Ursae Sword Immortal held him back. He was still calm and said, "Imperial General, please don't misunderstand. Mizar was too impulsive, let me apologize to you.” 

The Shushan Immortal Sect was not qualified to compete with Yan Huang Imperial city. Besides, they could not openly talk about the Green Depths Sword Emperor. If it spread out that the Green Depths Sword Emperor, who used to rule the world, had died by Wu Yu’s hands, then the reputation of Green Depths Sword Emperor would be heavily damaged. The Ursae Sword Immortal thought that they really could not be impulsive. After all, he also understood that the Green Depths Sword Emperor, who should have passed away long ago, did not belong to this era.

The Imperial General said, "That's good. To be honest, I didn't mean to make things difficult for Shushan, but Nangong Xuan, you have to think clearly. Wu Yu no longer belongs to Shushan, so you can't kill him as and when you want to. Let's be honest. Can I kill the geniuses of the Shushan Immortal Sect at will? Since you make moves at will, it seems that you don't take me seriously at all."

His words made Nangong Xuan speechless. Even though he was angry, he had to suppress it. He finally understood how difficult Wu Yu would be to deal with as he had been accompanied by the Imperial General. If not for the Imperial General, wouldn’t Wu Yu be at his mercy today?

In this instant, the scene was quiet. Only the Imperial General turned around and smiled at Wu Yu, reminding him, "You are welcome. The battle of life and death is not over yet. Don't give the other side a chance to fight back."

If Wu Yu could defeat Beishan Mo, he would undoubtedly be happy.

With the Imperial General here, it looked like the Mizar Sword Immortal really wouldn’t dare to do anything to him. In fact, this had to do with Wu Yu as well. If the one defeated now had been him, then Imperial General could not have saved him. After all, the Seven Immortals of Shushan were here.

The presence of the Imperial General could only at most ensure that Wu Yu was treated fairly.

Now, even the million sword cultivators could not save Beishan Mo! Because on that black warship, everyone was cheering for Wu Yu. At this moment, Wu Yu's reputation rose to the extreme. Today, Beishan Mo's defeat was actually his own fault. After all, this battle of life and death was suggested by him.

With the Imperial General protecting him, Wu Yu’s gaze landed on Beishan Mo again. Before this, Beishan Mo was already not his match. Now, with the Green Depths Sword Emperor’s death, his heart was suffering from an unprecedented setback. His face was deathly white and he struggled to get up from the ground.

Wu Yu approached him without any more words and his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff swept upwards. It was aimed at Beishan Mo’s head. Wu Yu had no reason to be merciful towards an opponent who wanted to kill him so much.

Beishan Mo was going to die.

People could not help but close their eyes. Their hearts were bitter and trembling. They dared not watch this scene.

Beishan Mo was once the pride of Shushan. These million sword cultivators never expected that he would be crushed by Wu Yu, defeated, or even killed in the battle.

For Wu Yu, everything would be over after killing him. From then on, he probably would not step into Shushan again. This prior fate and relationship of his would completely be over.

What he never thought was that someone else would make a move.

A nine-colored flame suddenly swept away Beishan Mo and his Green Depths Emperor Sword, avoiding Wu Yu’s fatal strike! Wu Yu's attack missed. In front of him, Nangong Wei placed the Green Depths Emperor Sword into Beishan Mo's hand and fed him an immortal medicine filled with spiritual qi. Beishan Mo's body was not seriously injured. The most serious injury was from the Purgatory Chains. Both the Mizar Sword Immortal and Nangong Wei had come out to delay for time. That mysterious immortal medicine helped him recover quickly. In the blink of an eye, his eyes were clear again. As long as his soul was slightly repaired, his battle power would not be greatly affected.

For Wu Yu, Nangong Wei's move seemed reasonable. He had expected it.

He was a little sad when he had expected her to do that. After all, this was a fair battle. If he was defeated and died, she probably would not have come out to protect him.

Watching this scene, the Imperial General was displeased. He was about to help Wu Yu chase Nangong Wei away from the arena when Wu Yu shook his head at him and said, "Imperial General, there is no need to do that."

The Imperial General glanced at Nangong Wei, nodded, and said, "If that’s the case, you deal with it yourself."

When he said that, Beishan Mo's face was already showing some colors of life. Nangong Wei said a few words in his ear. He should have gradually stepped out of the shadow of the death of Green Depths Sword Emperor. He held the Green Depths Emperor Sword. He had recovered most of his battle power. His eyes were very gloomy as he looked at Wu Yu.

At this moment, Nangong Wei actually took out an immortal treasure. Although she did not have a dao treasure, the immortal treasure Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix Sword was practically the most terrifying of all supreme immortal treasure. Many Sword Sages' immortal treasure longswords were not as powerful. The hilt was made up of nine pairs of Phoenix wings of various colors, from which the flame rose and turned into a phoenix flying around the blade, sending out sharp cries. Nangong Wei now pointed the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix Sword at Wu Yu. Needless to say, this sword represented her attitude!

At the same time, Beishan Mo stood out and combined his sword with hers.

The two of them must have practiced this method of joint attack. Now the cooperation between water and fire was complete and had a sense of impeccability. Their combined battle power far exceeded that of a single person. This undoubtedly presented as a terrifying challenge to Wu Yu.

Nangong Wei said, "You will only be impressive enough if you finish things with me. I admit I’ve underestimated you. But I don't need Little Mo to die for me for something between us. Hence, we'd better settle it between us. "

She wanted Beishan Mo to retreat, but Beishan Mo would rather die. He said, "This is a duel between us men. It has nothing to do with you. I haven't lost yet."

It was enough that these two had to fight among themselves.

Wu Yu’s lips pressed together. Actually, their current actions could only force him to utter this sentence.

That was: "Come at me together."

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