Chapter 0465: The Power of Purgatory Chains

Their battle was way more impressive than what people had imagined. Originally, they had made a huge battle ground, but when Beishan Mo made his move in anger, everyone could not help but retreat. They were amazed by Beishan Mo's show of ability!

As a sword cultivator, Beishan Mo had used ultimate moves! The Green Depths Emperor Sword in his hand exploded with sword qi. Wu Yu was indeed fast, but at this moment, he was forced into a corner by Beishan Mo and could not retaliate!

Millions of sword cultivators roared and cheered for him.

Beishan Mo was currently at his proudest moment! His black hair was flying, his sword lanyard was flapping in the air. It was like there was a 10,000-zhang tsunami surrounding his body. It even formed into a huge beast pacing around his body.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see clearly that the spirit remnant of the Green Depths Sword Emperor resided within the Green Depths Emperor Sword. Even in this battle, this super strong individual from ancient times was instructing Beishan Mo.

"Let me see where else can you escape to!" Beishan Mo suddenly stopped before his eyes. His fingers were like swords and dark green flames burst at his fingertips. At this moment, he placed the flames on his eyes and instantly his eyes burned with those dark green flames!

"Eyes of Green Hell!"

This was an ultimate mystique! After litting up his eyes, dark flames instantly erupted from him like a tsunami, rolling out into the surroundings and quickly covering the whole Mortal Arena. Naturally, Wu Yu was also instantly swallowed within this jade green sea of flames!

In the eyes of the millions of sword cultivators and in the eyes of the people from Yan Huang Imperial City, in the center of the Mortal Arena, looking down from the top, a huge jade green eye appeared. It seemed to have grown out of the earth and was angrily staring at the sky. It was a soul-leeching gaze.

And for Wu Yu, he blocked the spread of the sea of flames from covering his body. He looked out and saw an endless sea of flames. The soul-leeching eyes were everywhere. He could not see where Beishan Mo was!

These jade green flames were actually very cold. Once they touched something, that thing would immediately be burned into ice and then shattered into pieces.

The key part was the countless eyes within those flames. Even if one shut his eyes, he would still suffer from this soul-shaking effect! Once relaxed, those heartless flames would rush up and then one would break into pieces and dust.

"Wu Yu, your moment of desperation is here."

Within the Eyes of Green Hell, Beishan Mo's laughter echoed. Even outside the Eyes of Green Hell, everyone heard it clearly. 

"Green Depths Emperor Sword Formation!"

In this instant, when Beishan Mo used the Eyes of Green Hell to trap Wu Yu and attack him spiritually, he activated the Offensive Spirit Design on the Green Depths Emperor Sword. This was an Offensive Spirit Design from a dao treasure, so all the spirit designs on it were real. Once activated, tens of thousands of shapeless spirit designs instantly appeared in the area surrounding the two of them and activated crazily, sucking in the power within the heavens and earth! 

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Over 10,000 spirit designs appeared out of nowhere. After absorbing the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, they transformed into huge green swords. Over 10,000 of these huge green swords were stuck within this Eyes of Green Hell! In an instant, sword qi gathered and the aura of death spread!

At this key moment, not only Wu Yu, but at least 99% of the audience outside could not find Beishan Mo's position within this huge Eyes of Green Hell.

Everyone could only see that there were tens of thousands of swords all connected together in this Green Depths Emperor Sword Formation. They formed a closed net and covered Wu Yu within it! Wu Yu was now surrounded by Beishan Mo's mystique and the Offensive Spirit Design of the Green Depths Emperor Sword. He looked like he was out of ideas. The millions of sword cultivators from the Shushan Immortal Sect were ready to cheer upon seeing this situation.

On that black warship, the people of Yan Huang Imperial City had not made any moves so far. Other than his ultra quick speed, Wu Yu had not shown anything else. This made them very anxious, especially the Heaven's Equal Camp, whose hearts were in their throats.


The Green Depths Emperor Sword Formation suddenly exploded!

What Beishan Mo had shown was a level that surprised even the Imperial General. He did not expect such a young Beishan Mo to be so strong. He even exceeded Murong Xu by quite a lot on the use of a dao treasure.

"Wu Yu?" The Imperial General was a little puzzled. Wu Yu looked angry but was still very calm. Anger had not caused him to lose his mind.

At this moment, Wu Yu's line of sight had passed through the Eyes of Green Hell and looked at Nangong Wei. Nangong Wei's eyes were calm and filled with trust for Beishan Mo's ability. Now Wu Yu indeed looked like he was losing. Looking at her expression, she must have thought that this was only natural.

"Looks like our relationship is totally broken." Wu Yu understood very clearly.

He looked out. Beishan Mo's dao treasure's offensive sword formation seemed so impressive! Inside the Eyes of Green Hell, the huge green swords were vibrating and aimed at Wu Yu. These huge green swords came from all directions. There was no way of escape for him. Beishan Mo had used this Offensive Spirit Design to limit Wu Yu's speed, to cut off all means of escape for him.


The sword formation exploded and over 10,000 huge swords covered in the flames of the Eyes of Green Hell pierced towards him.

Accompanying them was the proud laughter of Beishan Mo. His laughter echoed in the surroundings, but Beishan Mo's position was still unclear.

This was a fatal blow!

Everyone had a moment where their minds were twisted. Most Shushan sword cultivators now wished to see Wu Yu die.

But no one saw the golden symbols that had floated out of Wu Yu's eyes.

Those were the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

He only took a sweeping glance and those eyes locked onto Beishan Mo's real position. In his field of vision, all the flames and sword qi disappeared. Traces of Beishan Mo appeared clearly. He was not far from Wu Yu. It was this sea of flames from the Eyes of Green Hell that acted as his cover. 

In that instant!

Beishan Mo was feeling very excited. When he noticed Wu Yu looking at him, he thought it was just Wu Yu's luck.

But when Wu Yu's gaze locked onto him, and he even smiled at him, his heart skipped a beat. At the instant he was shocked, the golden symbols in Wu Yu's eyes suddenly changed!

They became much more complicated, and a soul-shocking energy even surfaced!

"What is this evil move?!" Beishan Mo was shocked. At this moment, the Green Depths Emperor Sword Formation that he controlled was about to engulf Wu Yu and tear him apart! But he did not expect at all that before that, he would actually let out a painful howl without reason! Or to be accurate, there were two painful howls. One from Beishan Mo and the other from the Green Depths Emperor Sword in his hand!

Wu Yu's eyes clearly saw the spirit remnant on the Green Depths Emperor Sword. Now it was burning in golden flames. These flames were fierce and terrifying. They carried Wu Yu's anger, and within an extremely short period of time, they swallowed that spirit remnant and burned it!


The spirit remnant on the Green Depths Emperor Sword was burned away in the instant of its howl. Wu Yu was not merciful on this. He burned away the last spirit remnant and hopes of the Green Depths Sword Emperor.

That was right, his Eyes of Fire and Gold had raised to the next level, from Abyss to Purgatory Chains.

One look burned the soul. The weak spirit remnant of the Green Depths Sword Emperor had met his nemesis, and was the first to be burned by Wu Yu on the spot! Obviously, the Ursae Sword Immortal and the others knew of the existence of the Green Depths Sword Emperor. Hence, when this happened, you could imagine the reactions of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. 

But Wu Yu had no regrets.

The Green Depths Sword Emperor was only one of them. Most of the power of the Purgatory Chains of Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had been used on Beishan Mo's soul. Actually, he had waited this long  to make his move because he had been preparing the Purgatory Chains. When he executed the move, he burned the Green Depths Sword Emperor first. Then fierce flames also incinerated Beishan Mo's soul!

This was the Great Dao Mystique that Wu Yu had trained for a year. It was much stronger than that Eyes of Green Hell by many folds! At this moment, Beishan Mo's soul was being burned. His spirit instantly wilted and there was a piercing pain in his head. His will broke down. Under these circumstances, he could not control the Green Depths Emperor Sword Formation and Eyes of Green Hell at all. That Eyes of Green Hell dissipated immediately and the offensive sword formation of the dao treasure immediately fell into chaos. Wu Yu easily rushed out from that messy sword qi, and in the instant the offensive sword formation fell into chaos, some of the swords rushed towards the clouds but were stopped by Shushan's sect protecting spirit design. Some rushed towards the earth and instantly flattened over 10 gigantic mountains. The icy cold qi swallowed all the cedar trees. When one looked down, it was just ruins! 

In Wu Yu's eyes, the dao treasure Green Depths Emperor Sword dropped from Beishan Mo's hands while he grabbed his head with both his hands and wailed painfully. His eyes were bloodshot. He looked at Wu Yu in fear and with soul-shocking gaze. Within his eyes were disbelief.

But Wu Yu was not going to be merciful.

The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff appeared in his hands!

Activation of the Swift Art!

Wu Yu was terrifyingly fast and suddenly appeared before Beishan Mo's eyes. He slammed the staff down. This was his fastest physical attack. Beishan Mo was in a moment of shock. He blocked the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff with his arms, but with Wu Yu's strength, his arms broke and fresh blood burst out. His whole person slammed into the Mortal Arena and was covered in blood!


In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu landed on the Mortal Arena. His eyes were calm and he held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff in his hand. He instantly appeared before Beishan Mo's eyes. At this moment, the effect Wu Yu's Purgatory Chains had just ended. Beishan Mo's soul and body had suffered heavy blows. His head was empty and he was blankly staring at Wu Yu. This was probably the most unbelievable reality in his whole life!

Perhaps it wasn’t until this moment that the millions of sword cultivators and the Yan Huang Immortal Army reacted. They looked at this unbelievable scene in horror.

They still recalled that it was Wu Yu who was suffering from a fatal blow. It was him who was in danger. Suddenly, the tables had turned. What had happened?

Even the Yan Huang Immortal Army did not expect this and hence were all shocked, staring at Wu Yu with surprise as they watched him about to kill Beishan Mo.

Of them, people like the Mizar Sword Immortal, the Ursae Sword Immortal, and the Imperial General had seen what had happened clearly. There was another person who had totally died and disappeared.

That was the Green Depths Sword Emperor, who used to be one of the most powerful!

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