Chapter 0464: Green Depths Emperor Sword

It didn't matter.

He had prepared for over three years for this moment. The small amount of time wouldn't make a difference. 

However, Nangong Wei was still standing within the Mortal Arena. 

While Beishan Mo was taunting Wu Yu, Wu Yu looked towards Nangong Wei. The truth was that she was the one he hoped to see the most today. Although the barriers between them had thickened and he felt a foreign feeling when seeing her again, the things that had happened before weren't that easy to forget. 

Initially, Nangong Wei wasn't facing Wu Yu. Perhaps because she had felt Wu Yu's gaze, she turned over. The nine-colored flames that raged in her eyes were perhaps for masking her emotions and making it hard for one to tell how she was feeling. Amidst the snow, the boundless flames coming from her made the entire Mortal Arena several degrees hotter. 

At this moment, even Beishan Mo wasn't existing in Wu Yu's world. Before, he didn't have the time to bid her goodbye when he was expelled from Shushan. There were many things he couldn't understand. Now that the battle was about to start, he still wished to explain some matters to Nangong Wei. 

As such, he gritted his teeth and asked, "Up to this point, have you ever felt regret or changed your mind? If I insisted on my beliefs and ideas, would you be willing to accept me? Or would you insist on asking me to do as you wish? If you are willing to not pressure me, I can forget about everything that happened over the past few years." 

The greatest dilemma between Nangong Wei and him was the matter of Jiu Ying. Once, Nangong Wei felt that Jiu Ying had to die no matter what. Moreover, she couldn't accept the fact that her dao companion wasn't willing to help her and had even stopped her.

Wu Yu was sincere in his question. When Nangong Wei heard him, she went silent for a while. 

Beishan Mo interrupted and said, "Wu Yu, are you really that bored? You ask these questions now? Your selfishness and shamelessness utterly disappointed Big Sister Nangong. Don't put on a self-righteous front and ask her these questions now. If you weren't that shameless, she would have long forgiven you." 

Many Shushan sword cultivators agreed with Beishan Mo and thus were making a ruckus at this point. 

The vulgarities they hurled made Wu Yu recall the time they wanted him to scram! Over 100,000 people were shouting the same time, and the majority of them had said the word "scram" to him! 

However, he was still only interested in Nangong Wei's answer. 

Nangong Wei stared at him with her burning eyes and answered emotionlessly, "Haven't you said that people of different daos go their separate ways? My feud with the demons is as deep as the sea. I'm no longer in the same world as you. From the day you left Shushan, there is nothing left between us. Your questions today aren't necessary at all." 

"There's good and evil in the world, and causes and effects. I'm willing to aid you in seeking your revenge, but I'm not willing to help you slaughter the innocent. As long as you don't try to influence me in this aspect, I can accede to you in all other matters. Between us, there's no need for things to end on bad terms." Wu Yu felt a little indignance and wanted to persevere for a little longer. He still couldn't forget the one who had given him the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column as a gift. Even when he had returned it to her, those memories with her couldn't be forgotten easily. 

However, Nangong Wei had probably given up a long time ago. Her expression contorted with anger and she said in a vengeful tone, "Wu Yu, I'm not here today to listen to your nonsense. The line between us is now as clear as it can get. From here onwards, we aren't related in any way. It's pointless to speak any more. You will just make me look down on you even more. If you truly wish to receive my respect, defeat him in an open and direct way. As for other tricks, they will just turn out to be futile." 

She had let everything go. 

Upon hearing her, Wu Yu knew that the connection between her and him had been completely severed. Even though both parties might reminiscence the memories from time to time, reality was set before their eyes. Their stands were on completely opposite ends! In such a standoff, there was no way their differences would dissipate without a trace. They would only become confrontational. 

"If I were you, I wouldn't have come today. You have no understanding at all of the difference between you and us. When I was still young and we parted ways for the first time, I long exceeded you. When we got ahead of you, you were destined to never have the chance to catch up with us in your lifetime. We will always be better than you. Wu Yu, you came from a lowly place. You should have resigned to your fate long ago." 

To Wu Yu's astonishment, she added these words while she retreated out of the battle zone. 

This infuriated Wu Yu a little. 

He finally realized that up to this point, she had always looked down on him in the aspect of personal strength. When she first returned from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, Wu Yu had noticed some signs of it. No matter how he protected her, she had not seen him as someone at the same level as her. She had strong confidence in herself. When Beishan Mo could even win against her, she started recognizing his strength. However, Wu Yu rarely had the opportunity to truly impress her before her eyes. 

It was especially so after they entered the Shushan Reincarnation Realm once again and achieved huge improvements. 

"Big Sister Nangong, don't worry about it. I will swat away this annoying fly for you! All you have to do is watch silently from the side. From this point onwards, I'll help sever your past relationship with him. From here onwards, you can focus and cultivate," said Beishan Mo proudly. 

"Feel free to do so," Nangong Wei answered without emotion. 

Perhaps it was because the surrounding crowd was too huge. Perhaps it was because Wu Yu still wouldn't lower his head before her. Over the past four years, he had not even lowered his head before her once. Therefore, the hatred in her heart had exploded and was gushing out. Regardless, her temper was explosive and the words she had said were exceptionally crude. The surrounding million sword cultivators, the Mizar Sword Immortal, and Beishan Mo weren't able to infuriate Wu Yu. However, a few words from her had truly pissed Wu Yu off! 

“She has always looked down on me! “

He was calm and composed initially. but anger was raging in his heart right now. Soon, the anger engulfed his rationality. His Invincible Vajra Body had also become restless. Moments like these were when he was the most insane. His physical body had devoured an entire volcano. At this point, it was as though a volcano was about to erupt. Therefore, even the Mortal Arena was shaking. 

"Small feat. All bluff and bluster. It will just take one move for me to send you to the deepest levels of hell." Beishan Mo grinned and started walking towards Wu Yu. 

Bountiful and strong Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy emitted from his body. As the energy spread, the surrounding atmosphere became violent like a tornado. At this very moment, almost all the sword cultivators were cheering for Beishan Mo! Raucous cheers broke out instantaneously! Standing within the raucous cheers, the cultivators from Yan Huang Imperial City weren't going to be intimidated. They stood behind Wu Yu and cheered him on with screams, roars, and chants. 

Everyone had been waiting for this battle for too long. 

At this point, quarrels wouldn't solve anything. While Wu Yu was feeling utterly disappointed by Nangong Wei, Beishan Mo grabbed onto this great opportunity and suddenly launched his attack. 

Wu Yu's eyes, which were burning with golden flames, were fixed on Nangong Wei. This was a clash of two different flames. The sweet memories they shared... At the very least, what she had said now was like telling Wu Yu to die. 

Obviously, she might be doing this out of anger. Even so, her words were sufficient to completely crush Wu Yu's heart. 

At this moment, Beishan Mo drew a green longsword out of nowhere. That longsword emitted an alarming chill. A huge frozen pond appeared above the sky and started to diffuse open. Countless sword cultivators shivered upon sensing the chilling aura - they retreated rapidly. 

Wu Yu could also see countless spirit designs on that green longsword. There was at least 1,000, and perhaps even more than 10,000. That dao treasure seemed to have a life of its own. 

This was indeed a dao treasure - it was the tooth-like object that Beishan Mo once hung around his neck. The dao treasure was known as the Green Depths Emperor Sword. Obviously, this was from the extreme expert, the Green Depths Sword Emperor, who was once a part of Shushan. 

This wasn't a simple dao treasure. Even the Damask of the Sea's Heart and the Mixed Thunder Daosword couldn't be compared with it. 

Holding the Green Depths Emperor Sword in his hand, the current Beishan Mo resembled a killing god that had walked out of the chilling hell. His eyes were covered by a shroud of black aura and his body was as chilling as the center of a frozen pond. From every possible perspective, he appeared to be even more talented than Murong Xu. Now that Murong Xu had become a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, many had regarded this to be the limit at his age. However, it would appear that he still wouldn't be a match for Beishan Mo. 

Indeed, there was a reason why Nangong Wei had such thoughts. Even though she had treated Wu Yu well in the past, she was still extremely proud deep in her core. 

Perhaps this was something that the Mizar Sword Immortal had instilled in her over time! 

Wu Yu didn't have the luxury of time to think deeply. 

Beishan Mo held the Green Depths Emperor Sword in his hand and smirked. While the crowd was cheering and sword qi was raging, he suddenly charged towards Wu Yu. As he swung his sword across, a jade-green sword qi erupted and form a dull green lake. Countless waves swept across like waves of the sea, leaving no room to escape. Within the chilling waves, dull     green sword qi was hidden within and ripped apart anything in its way. 


As the waves swept across and engulfed Wu Yu, sounds of metal clashing reverberated across the arena. While the crowd was still feeling astonished, they saw countless cracks on the Mortal Arena after the dull green waves swept across. Even the mountain peaks behind the Mortal Arena had shattered in a loud explosion. They were frozen by the chilling aura before being smashed to ashes by the sword qi! 

Wu Yu's figure had disappeared! 

The crowd was surprised. Could it be that Wu Yu had been reduced to dust in the clash earlier? Beishan Mo was truly too strong! As for Wu Yu, they wouldn't feel that Wu Yu was weak. After all, Wu Yu was the champion of the Trial of Yan. All the crowd would feel was that Beishan Mo had inherited the legacy of Green Depths Sword Emperor, who had almost become an immortal, so he would obviously be more terrifying. 

"He's there!" 

Just as countless people were still in shock from what they had witnessed, others had spotted Wu Yu's trail. Before anyone could realize, Wu Yu was now standing to the side of Beishan Mo. 

"He's fast!" 

The truth was that anyone who was stronger than Wu Yu could basically tell that Wu Yu had avoided Beishan Mo's attack in an instant. He was so fast that even the Mizar Sword Immortal and the rest had to squint their eyes to watch vigilantly. 

Looking at Wu Yu's speed, Beishan Mo would likely have to expend more effort to kill him today. 

"Is running all you know? A coward that can't face the truth!" Beishan Mo snorted and the Green Depths Emperor Sword glowed once again. For Beishan Mo, the ultimate killer move he had prepared for three years had just started! 

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