Chapter 0463: Betray Your Master And Destroy Your Tribe

Shushan Immortal Domain! 

Around the tallest mountain of the Clear Sky of Shushan, snow was fluttering and filled the atmosphere. Snowflakes that resembled goose feathers were dancing in the air. 

Amidst the vast snow, a red palace was situated near the peak. Incomparably huge, crystal-shaped swords were sticking from it, making the palace resemble a huge, metal beast with protruding thorns. 

The snow that fell around the palace melted rapidly. Some even disappeared instantly. 

Within the palace, candlelight was not necessary. The spirit designs engraved into the walls would ignite with flames from time to time, illuminating the entire palace. 

Beyond the huge palace, an extended pathway would lead to a platform. There was a girl standing on the platform currently. The girl had an alluring figure and sparks of nine different colors shimmered around her. It was as though she was born from the flames. 

At her feet, one could see the most extraordinary scene in the Common Sword Domain. Millions of rays of sword qi were tumbling! However, what attracted her attention was a black warship that hovered beyond the Common Sword Domain. That black warship carried a boundless air of domination, and there were people on it shouting taunts. 

Although Nangong Wei had not seen him, she knew that he had arrived. 

To fulfil the promise made three years ago. 

"He's here." 

She wasn't hesitant at all. Stepping out of the elevated platform, she jumped off instantly. A pillar of nine-colored flames rapidly fell down. 


The Imperial General's ridicule instantly drew laughter from the people on the black warship. However, this was undoubtedly a taunt to the Shushan Immortal Sect. 

Upon hearing them and seeing the other party come with great domination, the Mizar Sword Immortal turned green from anger. As for the Ursae Sword Immortal, he seemed unaffected. He remarked, "Let him in. These insignificant details aren't worth harping on." 

It didn't matter if the black warship could come in. What was more important was the outcome of the promise made between Wu Yu and Beishan Mo three years ago. 

When the words of the Ursae Sword Immortal were heard, the Sect-Protecting Spirit Design gradually stopped activating and died down. 

"It's still the Ursae Sword Immortal who is more magnanimous." The Imperial General chuckled, steered the black warship, and charged into the Common Sword Domain. The black warship flew speedily towards where the Mortal Arena was located in the Common Sword Domain! 

After close to four years, Wu Yu had finally returned to Shushan! He stood at the forefront of the boat. When he looked down, he saw majestic mountain ranges. He was familiar with most of these areas. 

In fact, he had even visited the Jindan Cave. 

Soon, the black warship arrived at the Mortal Arena. However, the Imperial General had no intention of slowing down. As such, over 200,000 sword cultivator were forced to open up a path. While moving back, some even fell. The black warship had ripped apart an opening within the huge crowd! 

Although they were far inferior in number, the soldiers had much higher cultivation levels. It was especially so for the elite experts. There were over 10 generals who could even match the Shushan Sword Sages in the field. 

Wu Yu stood at the forefront of the warship. At this moment, he was staring down on the entire crowd of experts from Shushan. Before his eyes were two Sword Immortals, over 10 Sword Sages, and over a million sword cultivators. 

Naturally, after a brief moment of surprise from seeing the Imperial General and the various generals arriving with Wu Yu, their attention shifted and stayed on Wu Yu. 

He was undoubtedly the focus of attention today. 

His return to Shushan had attracted everyone's attention. In fact, some had even forgotten about Beishan Mo. 

Before Wu Yu's eyes, those familiar figures of Shushan were all standing opposite of him. Beishan Mo, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, the Mizar Sword Immortal, the Ursae Sword Immortal, and many others were all present. 

Being back in this place, he felt a myriad of emotions. 

However, he wasn't feeling emotional. 

He didn't manage to spot Nangong Wei. 

However, there was a huge number of people looking into the sky. Soon after Wu Yu arrived with the black ship, a beautiful figure shrouded in nine-colored flames landed on the Mortal Arena. The one standing with Beishan Mo on the Mortal Arena was none other than Nangong Wei. 

Nangong Wei looked emotionless and met Wu Yu's eyes. 

At that instant, that fervent gaze seemed to have torched through Wu Yu's heart. After not seeing each other for a long time, she seemed to still be her old self. It was just that the distance between them could now be clearly seen from her cold eyes. There was no way this would have turned out differently. 

Just as Nangong Wei descended on the Mortal Arena, the Imperial General had just met the few Sword Immortals. At this moment, the Ursae Sword Immortal smiled faintly and remarked, " Imperial General, we meet again. I can tell that the Imperial General has made huge improvements. Congratulations!" 

"That's nonsensical. I have reached my limit and haven't made any improvements! The future of the divine continent is still in the hands of these youths. Now, I have brought the most talented genius over to spar with your Shushan Immortal Sect." At this point, he turned to Wu Yu before continuing, "Let's not waste any more time. Since you are here, let's just start already." 

This was also Wu Yu's intention. Since he had come, he wanted to settle things quickly. 

He didn't speak a word. Before the eyes of millions of people, he leapt up high into the air and descended on the Mortal Arena! 

In the past, he was almost forced onto his knees when he left. Now he had returned standing tall! Following a huge explosion, he landed on the Mortal Arena! 

Three people were now standing in the Mortal Arena. Instantly, everyone's attention was drawn there. 

The crowd from Yan Huang Imperial City was supportive. When Wu Yu stepped forward to battle, they cheered his name with all their might. Although their numbers were far less than Shushan’s, their demeanor and dominance weren't any weaker than those from a million sword cultivators! These voices had unconsciously become the strongest backing of Wu Yu. At the same time, these voices were letting the disciples of Shushan knew that Wu Yu wasn't just an outcast disciple from Shushan. 

Just as the Imperial General had said, his only identity right now was the super genius from Yan Huang Imperial City! 

"Wu Yu!" 

"Crush them!" 

"A meagre Shushan Immortal Sect isn't qualified to fight with us from Yan Huang Imperial City!" 

"That must be Beishan Mo! That's what a sissy would look like! How could he possibly be a match for Wu Yu? Wu Yu is our number on in the Trial of Yan!" 

Seeing and hearing how arrogant the people from Yan Huang Imperial City were acting, countless sword cultivators were infuriated. Therefore, they exchanged taunts, and this devolved into a quarrel. In an instant, both parties started exchanging harsh words and taunts. They were extremely lively. 

The crux was that although Yan Huang Imperial City had few people, they weren't at a disadvantage. 

"Enough! Shut up!" The Mizar Sword Immortal was the first to break the silence. His shout instantly caused the entire crowd to feel a strand of sword qi shooting through their ears. They went quiet instantly and the Shushan Immortal Sect became deathly silent once again.

Wu Yu looked at the the Mizar Sword Immortal. Perhaps he found him irritating. One could tell the scorn the Mizar Sword Immortal had for Wu Yu. Compared to before, it would seem that the hatred had deepened. 

Seeing that everyone had turned silent, Beishan Mo grabbed the opportunity to speak. His eyes were as cold as an ice cellar. He stood before Nangong Wei and shouted harshly, "Wu Yu, who would have thought that a discarded and traitorous disciple would have the guts to return. Logically speaking, you are restricted from ever stepping into Shushan. However, only one of us will remain standing at the end of today. Therefore, the sect won't be nitpicky with you. Four years ago, you committed a heinous crime but got away by luck. Over the last four years, you have constantly tainted the reputation of Shushan. Today, I, Beishan Mo, shall represent all past generations and millions of sword cultivators in cleaning up the shame of Shushan on this Mortal Arena! Your outcome at the end of today will be to be executed on the spot!" 

Beishan Mo was agitated and passionate when he spoke. It was as though he had transformed into the judge and executioner. 

At this point, Wu Yu focused his thoughts and interrupted Beishan Mo. "Did a donkey kick your head? The moment my disciple amulet was erased, I had zero relationship with Shushan. Today, I represent Yan Huang Imperial City. The identity of being an outcast disciple had nothing to do with me since a long time ago. If you really want to pull relationships, I can only say that Shushan couldn't catch my eye. I despised Shushan, left Shushan on my goodwill, and joined the stronger Yan Huang Imperial City! You are free to criticize me, but get your facts right. Today, I'm here to fulfil our promised match as a member of Yan Huang Imperial City. Let me say this again: Shushan and I are not related in any way!"

When Wu Yu made this declaration, he instantly drew the irk of countless Shushan disciples. 

They were shouting and scolding. "Wu Yu! You're indeed a disciple that would betray your master and destroy your tribe! Shushan has raised you and yet you show no gratitude! Who would have expected a shameless person like you to exist in this world. It is only a matter of time before Yan Huang Imperial City is punished for accepting a rabid dog like you!" 

"Wu Yu, touch your conscience. Whatever you have achieved today, Shushan has played a huge role! Otherwise, you would just be an insignificant figure. There's no way you would be here today. Not only are ungrateful, but you even spouted nonsense here. Today, you will definitely die. Only with your death can the public anger be quenched!" 

Beishan Mo added, "You sure aren't feeling ashamed. Do you think you can act lawlessly with the support of Yan Huang Imperial City? Now that you have offended the entirety of Shushan, your outcome today has been decided. You should have realized this earlier. The moment you decided to come, the battle was destined to be a life and death one. Wu Yu, we are now in the Mortal Arena! Let me make it clear: no one is leaving until the other party perishes in battle here. Do you have the guts to accept?" 

Wu Yu chuckled. "That's a given. Now that I'm here, I have no intention of letting you live." 

When it came to arrogance, who could possibly be a match for him? Despite facing chants of vulgarities hurled at him, he simply laughed it off. This was because he knew that speaking more would be pointless. Everything would be decided when one side perished. 

"Anyone can boast. However, do you know how far apart you are from me?" Beishan Mo couldn't help but chuckle. 

In the sky, the Mizar Sword Immortal said, "Xiao Mo, don't waste your time on undeserving people. Just get things started!" 

"Yes! Sixth Master!" With the Mizar Sword Immortal's support, Beishan Mo was even more elated. He didn't make a sound but still showed off to Wu Yu by mirroring the mouth movements. 

"Look! He's saying that he will only recognize me as his son-in-law. Wu Yu, you are just one of many undeserving people!" 

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