Chapter 0461: The Black Warship

Wu Yu!

The words coming out of Shen Xingyao's mouth were a slap in the face to the sword cultivators who had been passing a pleasant and idyllic day.

In that instant, everyone who was preparing to leave halted, staring at Shen Xingyao in shock. Many smiles were frozen.

Of course, the biggest reaction still came from the Sword Sages and Beishan Mo.

They turned violently, staring at Shen Xingyao with such hatred that it was as if Shen Xingyao were Wu Yu.

A deathly hush fell on the entire Mortal Arena instantly.

Eyes widened and turned in Shen Xingyao's direction. Countless gazes were trained on his person right now, many with a hint of menace in them. Because Shen Xingyao's words had not been very palatable.

However, even so, Shen Xingyao would not be intimidated by this level of pressure. He continued with even calm, "Let me tell everyone the truth. Wu Yu is not dead. Evidently, what leaked out before was nothing but fabrication. As for why he is not here today, I shall just read out his message to me verbatim."

He paused and then continued before the virulent and menacing glares, "It reads: Senior, due to some matters holding me up, I'm afraid I cannot reach Shushan today. However, please do not worry. Bid Beishan Mo sit tight. Within 10 days, Wu Yu will definitely head for the Mortal Arena and resolve the enmity in a conclusive battle!" These were fiercely arrogant words that completely spurned Beishan Mo. Actually, he was not even giving the brethren of Shushan any respect. Wu Yu was going to make them wait 10 days!

They had been in good spirits and bided their day's time. Just as they were about to pack it up, they suddenly heard that Wu Yu was still alive, and the sword cultivators found this hard to swallow. Worse still was that Wu Yu had not just ignored the time, but was going to make them wait 10 days! This challenge immediately roused fiery anger in many present.

Finished, Shen Xingyao turned to the crowd, especially addressing Beishan Mo. "This is the core-tail talisman that I left to Wu Yu. I can confirm that it is authentic. Two pieces of news. Firstly, Wu Yu is not dead. Secondly, he will come here within 10 days. Looks like the battle is still going to take place."

The Sword Sages' faces were grim, and the sword cultivators began to rain scorn and abuse.

"Who does this Wu Yu think he is, to keep us here? To make us wait 10 days for him!?"

"He's a rotten egg for not abiding by the time. How dare he make our Beishan Mo wait 10 days for him! Such an unreliable character. What a joke! This just shows Wu Yu's true face clearer than ever."

"Keeping one's word is the foundation of being a man. He doesn't even command basic trust! I wager that the news of his vanishing was also spread by him! He used these cheap tricks to infuriate us. That person is so despicable!"

Everyone was glaring angrily at Shen Xingyao. They knew that he was on good terms with Wu Yu, and therefore most of the rage was directed his way right now.

This news was as good as heavy-duty excretion hitting them squarely on the face.

This news had actually shaken Beishan Mo badly, but he still remained calm. Even the Sword Sages were raising their voices in anger, but Beishan Mo smiled coldly. "Very well. I thought that he was really dead, and that would be a pity for my three years of spurred effort! He's actually not dead! Wonderful! My three years of hard work can be put to the test. Most importantly, him and I indeed crave a resolution!"

He spoke all of this through gritted teeth.

The passion of battle coursed through him anew.

The Lunar Flower Sword Sage's expression was ugly. "Little Mo, this Wu Yu is clearly playing us for a fool. The time has already been set, and he still does not take our Shushan seriously. Not only is he playing for time, but the rumors about his death and disappearance were very likely of his own devising! A honest-to-goodness martial cultivator using such cheap tricks - it makes me sick! On what basis should we wait 10 days for him?"

This was largely spurred by their discontent.

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage said, "Shen Xingyao, get that Wu Yu to get his ass over right now! How can Shushan wait for him!?”

Beishan Mo raised a hand to stop him. "Everyone, please do not get so worked up. Hear me out. We of the Shushan Immortal Sect are righteous and open. Have we not encountered all kinds of enemies before? If he were righteous and open, then we would kill him in fair combat. If he likes to play his petty tricks, then we cannot be bothered with these. I will make him understand that no matter how despicable he is, our Shushan Immortal Sect and I, Beishan Mo, can still conquer and exterminate him! Since this is the case, then what are 10 days? Be that as it may, that wretch has his little smarts. He has bought himself 10 days of life."

"Rightly spoken. Who are we to fear the despicability of this Wu Yu? Fearing an exile, a traitor? If he wants to play such tedious tricks, all he does is reveal the lowliness of his character to the martial cultivators of the entire divine continent!"

"Then we will give this wretched junior 10 days. I've really expanded my horizons today. In my century of cultivation, I have yet to see such a shameless person. To be absent on the appointment day, and then make so many people of Shushan wait for him. What kind of ass does that!?"

"These tedious tricks are useless. When he dies in battle, he'll just become a laughing stock."

Wait, and accept the battle. This was Beishan Mo's intent.

"Galaxy Sword Sage, send my reply to Wu Yu. I will wait for him for another 10 days. If he still does not come, then I might slay my way into Yan Huang Imperial City to look for that craven wretch," Beishan Mo said with righteous anger.

Shen Xingyao nodded. To reply was a small matter. He also did not want Wu Yu to renege on his word. Now that he had said 10 days, then he had to come. Actually, his heart was feeling pretty light at this moment. That Wu Yu. Anything was possible as long as he was not dead.

Shen Xingyao's gaze swept across the crowd. As expected, Shen Xingyu, Baili Feihong, and the rest were looking happy as well.

Everyone had initially thought that they would not be able to witness this battle. Now that they had been riled up by Wu Yu, their anger was towering. Although he had said 10 days, the sword cultivators who had just left immediately doubled back. Not even a day had passed, and the Mortal Arena had swelled to close to a million people again! Once this news got out, the stream of returning sword cultivators was endless.

Beishan Mo stood on the Mortal Arena.

He lifted his head towards the peak of the Clear Sky of Shushan.

He knew that Nangong Wei must have heard the news.

"He still lives. Hearing this news, will she be happy? Or is she as sick at heart as I am?

"Wu Yu has left her in such a shaky state for so long. Only if I kill him, right in front of her - perhaps only then can she truly be free.

"That is why, to me, it might be a good thing that Wu Yu still lives. This is a golden opportunity for me to prove myself before all."

Right now, Wu Yu's reputation as the champion of the Trial of Yan was bigger than Beishan Mo's own.

After thinking about many things, Beishan Mo let loose with cold laughter that dragged on and on. His body burned, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy surging forth, a limitless sea of energy. In his two years within the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, he had supreme faith in his own improvement. Right now, the only thing he contemplated was how to kill Wu Yu before all the people of Yan Huang Imperial City.

"No matter how much you still think of him, I will still see him die painfully before you! I will prove to you that this Wu Yu is far inferior to me. Compared to me, he is slag!"

After emerging from the Reincarnation Realm and hearing news that Wu Yu was dead or gone, Beishan Mo had been at a loss for a while. After all, he had trained for so long, only for his opponent to have dropped dead prematurely. That was truly a little dispiriting.

But now, the fire in his heart was lit anew, and it was burning fiercely! Burning every single atom in his body. The Mizar Sword Immortal had said that it would have been better if Wu Yu had died beforehand, but as a passionate, raring youngster, and given his bitter hatred for Wu Yu, how could he not relish the idea of personally killing him with the entire divine continent watching?

"I will wait 10 days for him!

"If he does not appear in 10 days, I will fight my way into Yan Huang Imperial City and personally drag him out!"

Beishan Mo's voice was death. It roused the sword cultivators into angry cries and yells. Instantly, all of Shushan was highly charged.

Shen Xingyao watched all of this wordlessly.

Actually, he knew that if there had been nothing truly important, then Wu Yu would not bother with cheap tricks, given his personality.


Wu Yu saw that the time was almost upon him, but his clones' refining was just that little bit short.

He thought that everyone outside must have thought him dead, and he had made up his mind to just go in a few days. After all, he only needed these few days.

This time, the clones completely expended all 30,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills! Finally, on the second day after the appointment, all of them had risen to the second tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea, the same cultivation level as Wu Yu.

He had succeeded!

When he retracted all 1,000 fearsome clones back into his main body, the Imperial General, clad in black armor, watched him excitedly. "The time is past. Are you still going?"

"Of course I am going. I am going now," Wu Yu said resolutely.

Although he had given himself 10 days, after completing his training, he naturally left immediately.

"Very good. Full of grit and fire. I like such boldness in youngsters." The Imperial General chortled.

This time, he agreed to accompany him!

"Come. Let us go."

Wu Yu left the Yan Huang Ancient Well with the Imperial General. As they walked out, he also bade farewell to the Yan Huang City Lord. The Yan Huang City Lord looked at him. "Wu Yu, since you are a member of my Yan Huang Imperial City, then from now on, we will be your shield. If anyone wants to hold your life in their hands, they have to ask us first. You understand?"

Clearly, the Yan Huang City Lord valued him greatly.

Wu Yu was extremely overjoyed, and he hastily expressed his gratitude. He was actually a simple man. He was grateful to all who treated him well, and always repaid their grace. Wu Yu and Luo Pin had walked into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence together, and the Imperial General and City Lord not punishing him was already very charitable of them.

When they left the City Lord Residence, it must have been the Imperial General who had leaked the news of his return and their immediate journey for Shushan Immortal Sect. Outside the City Lord Residence, a sea of people was waiting for him!

In that moment, all eyes of the Yan Huang Immortal Army were riveted on him.

The Imperial General tossed up a black warship 10 times the size of the Yan Huang Warship. It flew into the sky.

The Imperial General said, "Who wants to go with Wu Yu to challenge Shushan?

“If you are willing, get on board."

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