Chapter 0458: May Fate Bring Us Together

Standing before the two supreme experts of Yan Huang Imperial City and having Luo Pin behind him, Wu Yu felt pressure. 

He took a deep breath. 

Now that Luo Pin wasn't concealing her identity as a mystical dragon, Wu Yu explained the whole development to the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General. 

In the end, he added, "In fact, you don't have to worry. In the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has long withered away. There's nothing left in there. She was only retrieving something that belongs to her dragon race. From another perspective, it is also returning the object to the owner." 

In his illustration, Wu Yu had hidden the fact that he had obtained that egg. However, he did mention Qin Fuyao. At this moment, Wu Yu wasn't aware of whether or not Qin Fuyao had remained in Yan Huang Imperial City after getting out of this place. 

"You are saying that Qin Fuyao is an undercover agent of the ghostly cultivators?" the Imperial General asked dubiously. 

"That's right. When she trapped us here and left, she told me personally that her name was Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas." 

The Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General exchanged glances. The next moment, the City Lord said, "That should be the truth. Qin Fuyao has gone missing some time ago. We have sent out quite a number of people but still couldn't find her. She has probably returned to Emperor Yan's Hall on the Four Islands of the East Sun." 

Just as expected, Qin Fuyao wouldn't remain in this place for long. 

"She's lucky she got away quickly." 

However, Wu Yu still found this suspicious. Qin Fuyao must have been completely convinced that they wouldn't get out. Why had she run away in caution? Could it be that her undercover mission was completed? 

"Putting aside the matters of Qin Fuyao. Luo Pin, although you are a mystical dragon, you have barged into the Yan Huang Ancient Well through your means without informing my brother and I. You have even forcefully broken into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, which we regard as the most important place and have been protecting for generations. I don't care about your motives. Your actions have encroached onto the bottomline of our Yan Huang Imperial City. Do you think that my brother and I will just let you leave?" The Imperial General's tone was cold as he stared at Luo Pin with his deep and dark eyes. 

Wu Yu added immediately, "I hope you can understand that the circumstances were unique. This concerns Luo Pin's life, and she knew that you wouldn't take the risk of allowing her into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Therefore, she took the risk. At the very minimum, nothing has happened thus far, right? Within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that both of you have been guarding has long withered away for countless years." 

Yan Huang Imperial City was established to suppress the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, and Luo Pin knew about it. Although she was an immortal beast, there was no way she would have been able to convince the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General to allow her to search for the Precursor Dragon Scale. 

"Wu Yu, you are from our Yan Huang Imperial City and shouldn't be siding with her now." The Imperial General stared intensely at Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu was fearless and unaffected as he shook his head and continued, "Imperial General, you are right. However, she's a friend of mine. Seeing her at the verge of death, I could only choose to help her. Now that everything is fine, I hope you won't pursue this. After all, it's better to forgive than having an additional enemy. I believe that if you don't make things difficult for her, she would be grateful towards both of you too. Am I right?" 

Seeing Wu Yu working to fight for her, Luo Pin nodded her head and said, "I was rash in this matter and I should apologize to both of you. If there's anything I can help with in the future, you can look for me." She was trying to offer a favor in exchange for forgiveness. 

The truth was that she had done so because she knew Wu Yu would remain behind even after she left. She wouldn't want Wu Yu to be stuck between two parties. 

The Imperial General and the Yan Huang City Lord exchanged glances and discussed in secret. Subsequently, the Yan Huang City Lord nodded his head and said, "Seeing that nothing has happened to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, we shall not pursue this rash actions of yours. Besides that, congratulations on your rebirth. As for help, it won't be necessary. We just hope that there won't be a second time. If anything were to go wrong, we would be unable to be held accountable for all lives in the world, considering the mortal danger." 

Hearing this, Wu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. 

"Thank you to the both of you." Luo Pin retrieved several core-tail talismans and handed them to Wu Yu. The core-tail talismans were complicated and could probably cover a huge distance. 

"If fate allows, may we meet again." She smiled gently and her clear blue eyes were filled with tenderness. 

"We will definitely meet again." 

"It's a shame that I have many urgent matters to attend to and can't return to Shushan with you," Luo Pin said apologetically. 

"It's fine." 

"Immortal beast, please." The Yan Huang City Lord opened the exit of Yan Huang Ancient Well and gestured for her to leave. Luo Pin told them that if they truly needed help, she could be contacted through Wu Yu. 

She was also anxious at this moment. She needed to find a quiet place to recover 80% of her strength. Her current state was still exceptionally perilous. 

Wu Yu stood upright and watched Luo Pin fly out of the exit. With the yellow sand as the backdrop, her faint blue figure was as beautiful as a poem or drawing. The beautiful girl gradually disappeared within the sand storm. At the final moment, her tender gaze was forever etched in Wu Yu's mind. 

May fate bring us together. 

If they were not fated, this goodbye would be forever. 

In the blink of an eye, Luo Pin disappeared. Within the Yan Huang Ancient Well, only Wu Yu was left standing with the two supreme figures of Yan Huang Imperial City - the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General. 

Now that they had sent Luo Pin away, they seemed to still be in shock. The Imperial General said, "She has only recovered a little. Who would have thought that there were still such powerful immortal mystical dragons in this world. When she fully recovers, her power will be insane." 

"If she's hurt by the Heaven's Wrath, her cultivation level was way beyond ordinary. As for you and I, we are not even close to the level to accept the Heaven's Wrath. She was probably at her wit’s end. If she had not acted rashly as she did, we wouldn't have allowed her into a dangerous place like the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Luckily, nothing happened." 

Seeing that the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was sealed again, the greatest emotion they were feeling at the moment was relief. 

They looked at the elevated platform leading to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. The Imperial General said emotionally, "The truth is, I've long known that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord withered away two yuan ago. We are tasked with the heavy responsibility of guarding this place. But the truth is, there's nothing to guard. Nonetheless, a mission is a mission. As long as we have not received the instructions to stop guarding, we have to continue. Even if that means protecting the resting place of Heaven Devouring Evil Lord." 

From their conversation, Wu Yu could clearly tell that this was the most important thing to them. It was just that he didn't know who had instructed them. Their predecessors? 

It was no surprise that Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't participate in various conflicts across the divine continent. 

After discussing for some time, their attention fell on Wu Yu. 

"Thank you, City Lord, Imperial General!" Wu Yu said immediately. 

He had initially thought that Luo Pin would have a hard time fighting her way out. 

The Imperial General shook his head and said, "You don't have to thank us. The truth is, even though she has only recovered a little, we wouldn't have the upperhand even if we fought together against an immortal mystical dragon like her. If she really wanted to leave, no one could have stopped her." 

Upon hearing this, Wu Yu was shocked. 

"Luo Pin is that incredible?" In his imagination, the most exaggerated thought was that she was at the level of the Yan Huang City Lord. Wu Yu could clearly feel that although the Yan Huang City Lord wasn't as domineering and mighty-looking as the Imperial General, and even looked a little ordinary, it wouldn't be an issue at all to say that he was the strongest in the entire divine continent. 

The number one Dubhe Sword Immortal of the Seven Immortals of Shushan was also a far cry from him. 

Hearing how Wu Yu had responded, the Imperial General chuckled. "How could you not have known after spending so much time with her? She's an immortal beast after all! Her bloodline is countless times stronger than those of demons. Immortal beasts are few and scarce in current times. If she was at her peak condition, we wouldn't be a match at all. Even today, my brother and I might not be able to stop her." 

The Imperial General would never praise an enemy while putting himself down. 

Wu Yu finally realized that he might have underestimated Luo Pin. In that case, if he wished to catch up to her level, it would be even harder! When would he be able to see this immortal mystical dragon again? 

"Wu Yu, I did not expect you to make such great improvements in a barren place like the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. This is unbelievable." The Yan Huang City Lord scrutinized Wu Yu and complimented him. 

The Imperial General observed Wu Yu too and said, "Pretty good. You are the most incredible genius I have seen in recent times. In terms of cultivation level, you would probably rank pretty low among geniuses of your age. However, your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy isn't any inferior to that of a fifth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator! Your physical body is even more incredible. You seem to have mastered another mystique with your eyes. Can you even see through me with your eyes?" 

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold looked across rapidly. There were many things on the Imperial General that wouldn't fool Wu Yu's eyes. In fact, Wu Yu was even able to see his channels and meridians and muscles. It was just that he couldn't understand how the Imperial General could be so strong and tough. 

The Yan Huang City Lord nodded his head and said, "Qin Fuyao is a traitor and Luo Pin is an immortal mystical dragon. Currently, you are the strongest in Yan Huang Imperial City at your age. Murong Xu has practiced diligently for three years and yet he has just reached the fifth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Even with his dao treasure, he probably wouldn't be a match for you." Murong Xu wasn't able to enter the City Lord Residence, so General Murong had used other means to toughen him. This allowed him to improve by leaps and bounds, and he had reached the fifth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm recently. He could already be considered the most elite genius in Yan Huang Imperial City. 

The compliments from the two authoritative figures made Wu Yu felt a little overwhelmed from their attention. 

They had not punished or reprimand him. Instead, they complimented him. 

While the Imperial General was observing him with interest, he suddenly asked, "Wu Yu, have I promised you something? Some time ago, I thought you had gone missing and wouldn't be able to make it to the duel. Therefore, this has slipped off my mind. Now that you have returned, shouldn't I go to Shushan with you for some fun?" 

Luckily, he recalled his promise. 

Wu Yu nodded his head. 

The Imperial General laughed and asked, "How many more days do we have?" 

"Half a month," Wu Yu answered. 

"That's about time then. We can make our way there slowly. This is an extremely important day for you. At this moment, the world probably thinks that you are dead. If you were to appear now, it would get really interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome after you return to Shushan. After all, rumors have it that your opponent has reaped huge rewards from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm." 

Beishan Mo....

Now that he was out, Wu Yu wasn't feeling as anxious. 

This was because he had now reached the second tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Although he did not have much time, this didn't sway his resolve of strengthening all his doppelgangers to the limit. 

At that time, he would certainly be incredibly powerful.

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