Chapter 0457: Eyes On His Back

After everything had ended, Luo Pin was a little exhausted. She transformed back into her human form and said, "This is an accelerated method of our dragon race, and it should only be used in critical juncture. It wouldn't be effective if it were used constantly. Therefore, I can't help you reach a higher cultivation level." 

Wu Yu was consolidating his cultivation. Nonetheless, he was grateful and quickly thanked her. "This is already sufficient! Thank you...." 

The truth was that she had been really caring and had thought about him all along. 

"I'm just giving you a small push. From the first tier to the second tier, you have done 90% of the work yourself!" 

"It is only because of the two secret manuals and various materials that you have given me that I have reached this stage." 

After a period of consolidation and stabilizing his second tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm cultivation, Wu Yu stood up. Luo Pin was right in front of him. She had recovered rapidly and there was no time to waste anymore. 

Wu Yu wasn't going to express his gratitude in words further. He had remembered the help Luo Pin had given him over this period. If they were fated to meet again, he would return this favor. 

A second tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator was indeed different. Compared to before, he was even tougher. His weakness of lacking in Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had now been greatly strengthened. In terms of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he wasn't any weaker than an ordinary chiliarch. 

The two of them locked eyes in the deathly silence of the darkness....

Eyes with golden symbols and bright blue eyes....

Wu Yu knew that she would be attempting to break that exit right away. 

However, the two of them also knew that once they got out of this place, they would each go their separate ways. They might never meet again in their lifetimes. 

Luo Pin thought for a moment and asked Wu Yu, "Have you thought of leaving the divine continent and returning to the seas with me....?" 

She actually had the intention to bring Wu Yu along....

Wu Yu was overwhelmed from the attention. 

At this moment, Ming Long reminded Wu Yu, "Don't go with her. Under her protection, you will never be able to surpass her!" 

Wu Yu was also pondering deeply about it. 

What Ming Long had said was just a point for consideration. For Wu Yu, the most crucial factor was that he still couldn't put the divine continent aside. There were many things that he still wished to pursue. 

He was too far from Luo Pin right now. If he were to follow beside her, his thoughts would change slightly, no matter how she would treat him. 

Therefore, after a brief moment of hesitation, he shook his head and replied with a gentle smile, "I'll give it a pass. We are from different worlds and I still have various fetters remaining here." 

"Is it because of the girl called Nangong Wei?" asked Luo Pin. 

Wu Yu didn't understand her purpose of the question. He thought about it, shook his head, and replied, "It isn't entirely about her. It is just that I feel that I should forge my own path ahead." 

Luo Pin nodded her head and gently said, "I'm just giving you an option. The truth is, I wouldn't recommend you to follow me. I'm your senior and am much ahead of you. At this stage, you couldn't keep up with me. However, in the future, I hope there will be a day where I see you in a different world." 

They were going to separate soon. 

Wu Yu saw that she still had the Damask of the Sea's Heart around her neck. Truth be told, after spending such a long time together and going through what they had been through, Wu Yu wasn't willing to part with her at this moment. It was especially so as he might never meet a girl that could connect to him as well as her, and the fact that they might never meet again. 

There were moments when he thought of fighting for her. He might never meet a second girl that was so suitable for him in this lifetime....

However, he knew even clearer the difference between himself and her. Perhaps the difference in age and experience could be overcome. However, the difference in cultivation level was the hardest to overcome. 

He knew where he stood clearly! 

There were many times in life when one had to choose to give up. If he refused to give up, he couldn't receive anything in the future! 

Therefore, he gritted his teeth and buried his feelings away. He smiled gently and said to Luo Pin, "I'm really lucky to have been able to get to know you over this period. You have helped me uncover various doubts and you make me feel like I have found someone that shares the same views. Regardless, don't look for me in the future. Perhaps there might be a day when I go look for you." 

Wu Yu was still prideful in his heart. He wouldn't want Luo Pin to make a special trip to visit him. He would wish more for the day where he could reach the world she was in currently. 

Staring deeply into Wu Yu's eyes, Luo Pin's emotions had also changed. She was a person with few words. While staring at Wu Yu, she said, "The truth is, you have helped to uncover many of the doubts I had. Since I started cultivation, it has been 152 years. I have seen many youths like you, but never one that gave me the same feelings. Although you are younger than me, I truly respect you. In the future... you will come looking for me, right?" 

Wu Yu nodded without a moment of hesitation. This was the next goal for his cultivation path. 

However, Luo Pin was already over 100 years old. In the mortal world, she could even be his great, great grandmother. The thought of this made it a little hilarious. 

After Wu Yu nodded his head, Luo Pin received the answer she wanted. 

She didn't say a further word and instead walked towards the exit. Along the way, she said to Wu Yu, "Get ready and stand a little further away. The explosion might be a little overwhelming." 

Wu Yu retreated back into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and hid behind the door. 

At this moment, Luo Pin stood at the entrance with a long trident in her hands, resembling Poseidon. Right before her was the entrance where they had entered with the stone key. Suddenly, dragon scales started covering her body. The next instant, she had turned into a snow-white dragon in human form. At this moment, a majestic aura emitted from her physical body. Clearly, she was in an exceptionally strong form. 

Her current dragon human form was of a beautiful shade of white. She looked naturally pure, yet exceptionally domineering. While moving her arms, the might of a giant beast was on full display. Even while breathing, she seemed even more terrifying than a huge beast charging. 

She was prepared to strike. 

"She is confident in it. She will definitely be successful...." Wu Yu wasn't aware of her exact strength at the moment. Nonetheless, he was confident in her. 

At this moment, he suddenly felt eyes on his back. 

A chilling sensation ran down his spine instantly. 

Turning around, he found nothing. 

He instantly activated his Eyes of Fire and Gold. His gaze pierced through the darkness and he quickly looked through the entire Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Yet he found nothing. Other than the black wolf demon, there wasn't even a fly. 

At this moment, Luo Pin had lunged the trident on the entrance. Just as Wu Yu was still thinking about the gaze he had felt, everything was shaking. It was as though the entire Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was collapsing. That black demon wolf at the back hall was also crying wretchedly. That terrifying cry instantly took out Wu Yu's sense of hearing. When that dazzling, blue light erupted, Wu Yu's vision was taken away too. 

"I guess it's that Spirit of the Universe that is looking at me...." Wu Yu thought to himself. 

At the thought of this and amidst the blinding, blue light, a domineering force pulled him across. The next instant, he found himself to be enveloped within a gentle ball of water. His body shifted rapidly. He knew that Luo Pin had broken through the path and was carrying him along. 

When the surrounding light dimmed a little and his vision and hearing recovered, he could vaguely see Luo Pin controlling him, and they were on an upwards path. 

She had succeeded! 

Finally, they could return to the Yan Huang Ancient Well! 

The Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was dark and deathly silent. He wouldn't wish to enter a second time. 


With another shattering explosion, they charged into a different place. At this moment, he could pick up the smell of yellow sand. Going from a place without a tinge of spiritual qi to a place where spiritual qi was overwhelming, Wu Yu was completely thirsty. His body started devouring rapidly and gathered the spiritual qi within his Violent Kingdom of Inner Sea. 

Looking across, this was the ancient city! 

The Yan Huang Ancient Well! He had finally returned! 

Luo Pin let go of him and he gradually fell to the ground. Looking back, he saw that the elevated platform where the Yan Huang City Lord was sitting had been destroyed. Debris was everywhere. If he stood there and looked down, he could probably see the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence! 

When the entrance was destroyed by Luo Pin, the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and the Yan Huang Ancient Well became connected. At this point, Luo Pin retracted her trident immortal treasure. Wu Yu realized that that immortal treasure was probably the most terrifying. It would at least be a dao treasure, and it had played a huge role in Luo Pin opening up the tunnel. 

However, to his astonishment, the debris around them flew back, stacked up, and resealed the entrance the next instant. The entrance to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was sealed once again. 

This entrance was built by an immortal, so it wouldn't be strange if it could recover on its own. Nonetheless, if it couldn't be restored on its own, it would’ve likely been difficult for Luo Pin to break them out. 

When the dust settled, the entire ancient city became clear before their eyes. The ancient city was still covered in yellow sand. Other than the howling of the wind and sand within the Yan Huang Ancient Well, there seemed to be nothing else. 

Suddenly, two figures appeared before Wu Yu and Luo Pin. 

One of them had a burly stature, was wearing a suit of black armor, and resembled a god of war with domineering features. Although he wasn't targeting Wu Yu, Wu Yu could still feel the immense pressure. 

The other person had the build of a typical person. He was an old man and wasn't wearing shoes. His eyes were stale but pure. 

These two people were the Imperial General, Di Yi, and the Yan Huang City Lord, Di Yan, respectively. The one in the faint gold long robe was also the strongest expert in the divine continent, Di Yan. 

Their appearances at the same place at the same time were because of Luo Pin. 

At this moment, they were clearly shocked. They had seen Luo Pin before, but not the current Luo Pin. At this point, the Yan Huang City Lord blurted with surprise, "An immortal mystical dragon with such a deep attainment! Even I had not managed to recognize you before!"

"Immortal mystical dragon?" The Immortal General was green from anger. Suppressing his anger, he remarked, "I don't care who you are. How dare you barge into the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Don't you know that this is the place where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is suppressed!?" 

They had initially thought that Wu Yu and Luo Pin had disappeared within the Yan Huang Ancient Well because of other reasons. At that time, the City Lord had only been gone for a dozen-odd days. When he returned, Wu Yu and Luo Pin had disappeared. Everything in the ancient city was as before and Qin Fuyao was still around. Naturally, Qin Fuyao would deny knowing what had happened to them. 

At that time, he had searched around for a long time but couldn't find them. Regardless, he would’ve never expected them to have entered the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. 

Luo Pin wasn't willing to clash with them, so she moved behind Wu Yu and said, "I'm really sorry. Please let Wu Yu explain the whole matter to you." 

It would naturally be clearer if Wu Yu explained. 

After all, they still saw Wu Yu as one of them. 

To prevent both sides from clashing, Wu Yu had grave responsibilities. He wasn't certain how the City Lord and Imperial General would handle them after hearing the whole story.... 

Luo Pin had only recovered 20% of her strength, so she would likely not be a match for them....

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