Chapter 0456: A Dragon Of The Violet Kingdom Realm

There was a storm brewing outside, but Wu Yu wasn't aware of anything. 

Within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, it was almost completely silent as long as Luo Pin and him didn't make a sound. 

Wu Yu placed the medicinal furnace, immortal treasure furnace, and various materials and tools on the floor. At the same time, he opened up the two books on refining immortal medicines and spirit designs from the Mystical Dragon tribe on the floor. Driven by his thirst for knowledge, he enriched himself rapidly. 

What was the most imposing was that there was a total of 1,000 doppelgangers seated neatly around him. With their legs crossed, they had the same actions and progress as they crushed their Jindans and expanded their Violet Kingdoms. 

For the entire process, Wu Yu exhausted 18,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills for the doppelgangers to reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm with strength close to the main body. 

Compared to his doppelgangers, Wu Yu had an advantage because of his physical body, Great Dao Mystiques, and Ground Demon Transformation Arts. 

The 1,000 Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea doppelgangers were an imposing sight to witness. Wu Yu used to lead soldiers into war. He clearly knew the miraculous effects of attacking when he had 1,000 soldiers fully under his control and knew exactly what the others were thinking.


The remaining Inner Sea Essence Pills might seem like a huge sum. However, Wu Yu understood that if he continued this path of development, the wealth or merit points he would require would be an astronomical sum. He still had to equip his doppelgangers with various immortal treasures and learn various Heaven Earth Void techniques. 

30,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills might not last for a long time. 

At this moment, the doppelganger army was divided neatly. Even Wu Yu was excited about them. He was exhilarated to find out the effects if they were used in real battles! 

Nonetheless, he still remained focus on refining immortal medicines, crafting spirit designs, and expanding his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. Through various trials and deciphering the understanding of those who came before him, he enriched himself. This process was dry and exceptionally tough to endure. If it weren’t for his unwavering resolve and will to become an immortal, coupled with the fact that he had an important duel to attend, he might not have been able to endure this process. 

Regardless, this was the path towards becoming an immortal. 

Luck and perseverance were both extremely important aspects. They weren't any less important than one's talent. 

As for talent, that could be considered luck. 

Time passed by slowly. There were times when Wu Yu felt that he had refined immortal medicines for over a dozen days but only a day had passed. This was because he was too focused. As a result, he had forgotten about the date on multiple occasions and had to ask Luo Pin. 

However, Luo Pin was in a critical state the entire time, so he couldn't possibly disturb her all the time. 

Regardless, the day of the destined duel was still approaching. While estimating the time left, Wu Yu's emotions were still affected a little. 

After approximately a year. 

Refining immortal medicines, crafting spirit designs, and expanding his Violet Kingdom. Three processes. With the Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book and the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon, everything seemed to be progressing more rapidly. His capabilities in refining immortal medicines and crafting spirit designs were greatly enhanced and he was confident that no one at his age would be a match for him! At this point, Wu Yu's success rate in refining immortal medicines had greatly increased. Over the past year, he had refined 31 different kinds of immortal medicines and 10,000 pills with various effects. Most of them were supreme-grade miracle medicines. If he were to sell them, he would probably be able to get back over 5,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. 

This was all possible only because of the Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book. With Wu Yu’s skill level before, it would be great if he could even get 500 Inner Sea Essence Pills from the pills he refined in a year’s time. 

In the aspect of spirit designs, Wu Yu had gained greater rewards. Although he was simply imitating, there were many descriptions and explanations from high-level mystical dragons on spirit designs in the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon. From their records, Wu Yu's improvements were rapid. After just a year of diligent practice, his achievements would exceed those of someone who had researched spirit designs for 30 years. Up till this point, he was well versed in various talismans, crafting immortal treasures, and the set up of Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. In the aspect of immortal treasures, he had even crafted a supreme immortal treasure! 

That was a sword. It was entirely black and looked a little ugly. However, it was extremely powerful. The main spirit design was the Black Fury Dragon Array, which Wu Yu had drawn every stroke of. He succeeded in the end and the overall quality had reached the level of a supreme immortal treasure. In the entire divine continent, there was definitely not a second person at Wu Yu's age who could craft a supreme immortal treasure. 

This was all possible because of the various forms of guidance left behind by various mystical dragons within the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon

Wu Yu had achieved great success in these two aspects because of Luo Pin. This had also led to Wu Yu achieving a great leap in understanding his dao. Despite the fast ascension, his progression was still steady, which was really rare. His Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea within his meridian was expanding constantly and his Violet Kingdom Primordial Fire and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy were strengthening and increasing! 

However, regardless of how incredible the genius was, it wouldn't be easy to break through the first tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm in a single year. Moreover, Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom was different from others. 

As time approached, he felt that he was exceptionally close to reaching the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, but he was seemingly always lacking one final step. It was also because of the final step that he was stuck in the first tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. 

"If I can reach the second tier, I could have more initiative, regardless of the progress Beishan Mo has made.

"What a shame! I'm always lacking that little bit! Over the past year, I have worked so diligently and yet I'm still lacking the last bit. If I had three to four more months, I could definitely make it. But... I don't have the luxury of time on my side...." 

Although he was a little blurry about the dates, Wu Yu could still sense that the day wasn't far away. 

Or perhaps the day had passed. 

"I remember the day. You still have 16 days." Just as Wu Yu was frowning over the date, Luo Pin's voice suddenly resounded in his ears. 

16 days! 

"Wu Yu, have you reached the second tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm?”

Her voice seemed to have relaxed a little. 

Could it be....

Wu Yu retracted his doppelgangers and stood up. At this moment, a faint blue figure rushed out from the gates of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Luo Pin descended like a fairy. She was looking at Wu Yu with a faint smile. Although the smile was gentle, it still hit Wu Yu's soul. 

She had ended her recuperation! Could it be she that had fully recovered? 

Wu Yu instantly asked with ecstasy, "Have you succeeded?" 

Luo Pin moved towards Wu Yu and a feminine scent assailed his nostrils. With her eyes that seemed as deep as the sea, she gently looked at Wu Yu and said with a soft voice, "My injuries are too grave. I have only recovered approximately 20%. If I want to return to my old cultivation level, it will take at least 10 years. However, you don't have to worry. The reason I have stopped now is also to give you half a month's time. I have a 70% chance of breaking out now." 

20% was equivalent to one-fifth. 

Wu Yu was a little astonished. In his eyes, Luo Pin resembled a fairy that had fallen to the mortal world. Even with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he couldn't pierce through the mysterious veil around her. A girl that was so perfect had only recovered one-fifth of her strength? 

The current Luo Pin was completely different from her previous self. In the past, she was more like an elder sister. At this moment, she was a mystical dragon lord that ruled over a region. Even though she was gentle and kind to Wu Yu, Wu Yu could still feel the pressure on his life. 

Wu Yu wasn't certain of today’s date and was even more uncertain of whether she could get them out before the destined date. Who would have thought that she had everything in mind and would even leave Wu Yu with half a month as buffer. 

Half a month should be sufficient. 

It was a shame that he hadn't reached the second tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm yet. 

"Let's give it a try then!" Wu Yu was agitated. He was finally seeing hope of getting out of this place. 

However, Luo Pin shook her head and said, "Before that, let me give you a little help!" 

"Help?" Wu Yu was puzzled. 

"This day is very important to you. Shouldn't you gain some confidence for that occasion? Sit down." She extended her snow-white hands and pressed on Wu Yu's shoulders. Wu Yu listened to her instructions and sat with his legs crossed on the floor. He still wasn't aware what Luo Pin would like to do and thus felt a little lost. 

On a separate note, any man would find it hard to imagine things with Luo Pin being so close to him. 

"Don't let your mind stray!" Luo Pin stared at him. 

"Alright, alright." Wu Yu looked down a little, feeling a little embarrassed. Luo Pin had carried the demeanor of a ruler from the day she was born. Although her voice was soft, her words were not to be doubted. 

Suddenly, mist started forming around Wu Yu. When Wu Yu raised his head, a snow-white dragon was descending from his head. The dragon wrapped around his body and the dragon head faced Wu Yu directly. From that pair of clear blue eyes, Wu Yu could tell that the dragon was Luo Pin. 

"Close your eyes," Luo Pin said softly. 

Wu Yu followed her instructions. 

"Focus on your Violet Kingdom. I'll help you to break into the second tier." Luo Pin's soft voice resounded in his ears. 

No wonder!

So that's what she was thinking. 

Wu Yu was a little touched. However, this wasn't the time for that. Instead, he had to grab onto this opportunity dearly! He calmed his mind, gathered his qi into his meridian, and focused on his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. The instant Luo Pin wrapped around him, Wu Yu suddenly saw a snow-white mystical dragon within his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

The moment the mystical dragon appeared, it roamed freely within the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. Initially, its movements was small. However, the dragon expanded in size rapidly and its movements became sharper and quicker. The peaceful Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was instantly triggered. At that instant, the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was tumbling violently. Wu Yu could only feel disorder and his body was about to explode. 

"Execute your immortality art to expand your Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea when the chaos begins. Devour Inner Sea Essence Pills and break through to the new realm!" Luo Pin's words exploded in his ears. 

He knew that Luo Pin would definitely not harm him. As such, he organized his mind and followed her instructions closely. This was also a unique method thought up by her. When the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was tumbling, Wu Yu clearly felt that his opportunity had arrived. 

He started the Great Way of Immortality Art to forge his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. At the same time, he gobbled down Inner Sea Essence Pills! Who would have thought that the deluge and storm roused by Luo Pin within his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea would substantially strengthen the circulation of his immortality art and enhance the absorption of Inner Sea Essence Pills into his body! In the whole process, Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom was constantly expanding. What would take three to four months had been accomplished within a day. The invisible barrier between the first and second tiers of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm were forcefully broken when Luo Pin tumbled within his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea! 

After a day, Wu Yu had consumed close to 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. He had succeeded in reaching a higher cultivation level, the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm! 

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