Chapter 0453: Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon

After exchanging gifts, Luo Pin continued focusing on recuperating her cultivation level. She seemed to be making visible progress.

As for Wu Yu, he returned to the empty space outside the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, scrutinizing the Sumeru Pouch given by Luo Pin with gratitude and excitement in his heart.

Firstly, she definitely knew what he most sorely needed - Inner Sea Essence Pills.

The Sumeru Pouch was big enough to store an entire mountain range. In fact, the pouch itself could be considered a Supreme Immortal Treasure. The Na Word Array on the pouch was so sturdy that even if its owner died in battle, the Sumeru Pouch might not implode.

Upon opening the pouch, the overwhelming scent of immortal medicines assailed his nostrils. It was so strong that Wu Yu nearly fainted just by smelling it!

There were just too many!

There was no way he could tell at a glance just how many Inner Sea Essence Pills were within the pouch. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that there were enough to form a sea!

Wu Yu spent a considerable amount of time before he could even count exactly how many Inner Sea Essence Pills he now possessed.

Luo Pin was truly extravagant. There were up to 50,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills within the Sumeru Pouch!

Even at his richest, Wu Yu probably only had around 8,000 at most. When he finished counting, the immensity of his current wealth nearly left him trembling.

"Looks like I'm not losing out at all by giving her the Damask of the Sea's Heart..."

The Damask of the Sea's Heart could only be considered an ordinary level dao treasure.

50,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills! Equivalent to 50 million merits! Suffice to say, Wu Yu probably had about the same amount of resources on hand compared to most of the Shushan Sword Sages.

For example, the likes of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage might not even be as rich as Wu Yu right now.

Even though he had 1,000 doppelgangers now, they needed less than 50,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills altogether in order to reach Wu Yu's current cultivation level. After all, these doppelgangers had a much lower requirement for immortal medicines to raise their cultivation levels than Wu Yu's real body.

He immediately summoned all his clones and initiated the process of shattering their Jindans and expanding their Violet Kingdoms using Inner Sea Essence Pills. Every clone consisted of a vestige of Wu Yu's consciousness, and it took some effort to maintain precise control over this delicate process.

Now the medicinal requirements for his clones had been addressed, but Luo Pin's gift far exceeded just these Inner Sea Essence Pills. Although she hadn't said much, she understood exactly what Wu Yu needed most.

In the other compartment of the Sumeru Pouch were countless immortal essences, empty talisman papers, and valuable materials for refining immortal medicines and drawing spirit designs. Whatever he needed, he could find here. These immortal essences and precious treasures had up to five spiritual marks and were considerable in number.

They would probably cost quite a few thousand Inner Sea Essence Pills if he were to purchase them himself.

Looking at the vast resources available to him, Wu Yu knew that even if he were to practice refining immortal medicines and drawing spirit designs for many years, he still might not be able to exhaust his hoard.

Luo Pin was a lot more considerate than he could have imagined.

In front of all these materials, there were also two extremely important things! They were two thick and heavy books! They were almost one chi in thickness, with tens of thousands of pages per book!

One of them was called the Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book.

After a brief flip through, Wu Yu was staggered. The book included the secrets of refining all sorts of immortal medicines from the Mystical Dragon tribe. Even supreme-grade miracle medicines were considered simplistic compared to what was recorded within this book.

At the same time, there were annotations left by elders from the Mystical Dragon tribe under each recipe, detailing their own experiences at refining these medicines. These tips and tricks would prove crucial indeed.

Even though mystical dragons were immortal beasts and had similar roots as demons, their refining techniques for immortal medicines, as well as their skills in making spirit designs, were nonetheless far superior to ordinary demons and even human cultivators.

The Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book was all-encompassing; even the Inner Sea Essence Pill had more than a thousand ways of being refined. When he reached the back, Wu Yu saw many medicines that required immortal essences with seven to eight spiritual marks. How remarkable! He was truly startled.

Simply put, just this book alone was worth more than the Damask of the Sea's Heart.

Suffice to say, with this Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book, he would likely never need to trade for any more immortal medicine books in Yan Huang Imperial City from now on. This book probably held the methods for refining every single immortal medicine in existence.

The Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book was already an invaluable treasure, yet when Wu Yu saw the other book, it all the more made him feel that the Damask of the Sea's Heart was an inadequate gift for Luo Pin.

This book was the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon.

Of course, this Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon listed all the methods for drawing all sorts of spirit designs, as well as the annotations and experiences of the Mystical Dragon tribe elders. Many of the spirit designs within this book had been constructed from scratch by the ancestors of the Mystical Dragon tribe, and had never been taught to outsiders! Naturally, these included most of the existing spirit designs within the present divine continent. Be it Talisman Spirit Designs, Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs, Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs, or Mechanism Spirit Designs, this book had everything. There were more than 10,000 types of spirit designs, and every page was packed densely with words.

Usually, as the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon was a tribal treasure of the mystical dragon tribe, it would never have been given to outsiders. However, the fact that Luo Pin had actually presented him with this amazing manual indicated the amount of gratitude she felt towards him.

No matter what, these were the drastically more powerful original versions of the spirit designs rather than later copies, with some requiring the use of one's primordial spirit in their production. Priceless beyond words. Definitely more valuable than the Damask of the Sea's Heart by far.

Even though these two books would not be able to raise his combat power for the moment, in the long run, they would undoubtedly play an unimaginably crucial role in his progress! Wu Yu initially thought that he would never be able to break through to the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea by the time they left the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, but now there was actually hope for him to do so.

He put the books away, feeling slightly embarrassed. Staring in Luo Pin's direction, he was stuck in a dilemma as to whether he should return these precious gifts to her.

"I don't think that's necessary. It might be valuable to you, but to her, these are just some simple items. Take the large amount of resources you gave to the Heavenly Sword Sect, for example. Those were just ordinary items to you, but to them, you were giving them priceless treasures. Furthermore, this is a gesture of her goodwill, and you've returned it with one of your own. If you give her back these items now, you'll just be showing how calculative and petty you are. If I were you, I would do my best to rise above everyone else in the future, then bestow upon her a fitting gift. Otherwise, how would you be able to ride the dragon..."

Ming Long would indeed be Ming Long, still joking around even while discussing a serious topic.

Nonetheless, what she said did hold water. Since he had accepted the gift, he should think about what he could give Luo Pin in the future rather than worrying about being undeserving of her gift now.

The problem was, would he be able to meet her again after they left the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?

They both belonged to different worlds, and she would eventually have to return to her own.

From this moment, Wu Yu had concrete goals and the intense motivation to achieve them. Besides controlling his doppelgangers in their use of Inner Sea Essence Pills, he focused fully on three other things with clarity of mind.

Firstly, refining immortal medicines. Of course, this would be done according to the Dragon Race Immortal Medicine Book, using the materials and medicinal furnace that Luo Pin had carefully prepared for him.

Secondly, fashioning spirit designs using the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon, including Talisman Spirit Designs, Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs, and Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs.

Lastly, expanding his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea using Inner Sea Essence Pills!

Naturally, the first two goals had a higher chance of failure and the materials would be permanently lost. However, in the process of his experiments, his focus and determination would be tested greatly, and he would be able to experience for himself what the elders of the Mystical Dragon tribe had gone through during the process. This would ultimately benefit his dao enlightenment to a great extent, and accelerate the pace at which his Violet Kingdom could expand.

"For all I know, there might really be hope for me to break through to the second tier within a year. By that time, at least I'll have more confidence heading up to Shushan!" 

Having stumbled into this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, Wu Yu was not resigned to letting his time be wasted.

And now, with the resources Luo Pin had gifted him, he basically had everything he needed. Moreover, given the serenity of this place, it was truly an ideal place to cultivate in seclusion.

To add on, he had a ravishing beauty by his side. As time passed and Luo Pin continued to recuperate, the snow-white mystical dragon seemed to be getting more and more beautiful in Wu Yu's eyes. Her allure was so great that he could not even avert his gaze from her at times, even though he knew it was unseemly to stare. She was so captivating that she quite literally took his breath away, and with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could even see what others could not…

Luo Pin’s status was near sacred in Wu Yu's eyes, and her beauty was not to be desecrated.

Within the dark and silent confines of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, time passed like water in a damp and smelly drain, trickling away slowly.

Without Wu Yu and Luo Pin,Yan Huang Imperial City still bustled with activity. In the outer city, cultivators from all over the divine continent could be seen meeting, trading for goods, and gathering information.

The outer city could be considered the most updated place in the divine continent when it came to current information. No matter what happened anywhere else in the divine continent, it would easily be communicated back here.

For example, not long ago, there seemed to be news from the inner city stating that two people had gone missing, namely Luo Pin and Wu Yu, although no one knew further details. After all, they had been in the City Lord Residence, and how could one simply go missing there?

In any case, people found it unbelievable.

The truth of the matter would definitely not have been spread widely, given that a large majority of people still did not know about the existence of the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

The inner city, on the other hand, would not be overly affected by this development anyway. The only major consequence applied to the Heaven's Equal Camp. Although they had only heard rumours, Jiang Xuechuan had come by a few days ago and told them somberly that a new centurion would probably be deployed to take over their camp soon. This essentially implied that Wu Yu was truly gone.

Once that happened, the name “Heaven's Equal Camp” would vanish as well.

This was equivalent to dumping a bucket of cold water on the heads of the soldiers from the Heaven's Equal Camp. They vehemently pursued Jiang Xuechuan with their questions, but he was unable to provide any answers. The Blue Dragon Camp was in a similar situation, but their reactions were considerably milder. After years of operating individually, they did not have the opportunity to forge substantial bonds anyway, so it did not really matter to them who their centurion would be.

"Rumor has it that Wu Yu is dead!" Wu Tianyu and the others heard someone saying as they entered the Yi Palace in the inner city to take on their missions.

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