Chapter 0450: Eyes of Fire and Gold

Eyes of Fire and Gold?

Wu Yu was startled.

Judging by the name, it should be a mystique that had to do with the eyes.

Wu Yu had already witnessed for himself the uniqueness and power of the Unshackled Doppelganger. He did not know how distinctive the Eyes of Fire and Gold would be.

He was not worried. Right now, he could continue to stabilize his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm while he listened to Ming Long.

In any immortality art that concerned the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Ming Long would puff up her chest as though the immortality art had been personally created by her.

"This mystique's name is, Eyes of Fire and Gold! It is a mystique of the heavens! Thousands of times greater than mortal mystiques! The mythical effects of this are comparable to the Unshackled Doppelganger. Of course, it works in different ways," Ming Long said with an air of mystery.

“How is it different?” Wu Yu asked.

Ming Long said, "The Unshackled Doppelganger is a cloning mystique. One will command a huge army, and the transformations are endless. Until finally, when perfection is reached, a single person can become a world. All, from heaven to hell, are the same self!"

"And the Eyes of Fire and Gold?"

"This is a godly technique made for the eyes. In this world, there are mystiques that are utilized solely through the eyes. The Eyes of Fire and Gold is the mystique of an immortal, and naturally the best of the best! I have only a limited understanding of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and I only know the first five tiers. If you can reach the fifth tier of this mystique, it's already fairly terrifying."

"I'm willing to hear more."

Ming Long waved a little hand, then put it on her waist, assuming a lofty pose. "The first tier is known as Abyss! The gaze that penetrates even the abyss, the sight that pierces illusions! All that is false and illusory in this world will not be able to escape your Eyes of Fire and Gold. For example, demons and immortal beasts will not be able to hide before your eyes. If you had cultivated the first tier, you would have immediately seen the true form of Luo Pin as a mystical dragon. No demon in this world can hide their form. With the power of Abyss, your eyes will see through all. It is a rare power, and all sorts of disorienting formations and phantasmic techniques will be laid out before you! You can instantly identify the key of any complex spirit design. It will be of great use to you when you fashion and familiarize yourself with spirit designs."

If Ming Long was not exaggerating, then the Eyes of Fire and Gold mystique was truly magnificent! Just the first tier alone would give him power over the Abyss.

Seeing him curious and excited, Ming Long felt a sense of accomplishment. With a toss of her head and a hand on her hip, as though reciting a play on stage, she conceitedly continued her description, "The second tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold is known as Purgatory Chains! As you can guess from the name, your eyes can chain and burn someone's soul and primordial spirit! Of course, you cannot burn your own, only others'. Anyone who can be seen can have their soul burnt. As your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy continues to grow, the power of your Purgatory Chains will continue to grow as well. Eyes that leash the soul - its potency far surpasses that of your Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique! Your eyes alone can torture the souls of your opponents, and make them suffer and wish for death. Aren't these Eyes of Fire and Gold something special?"

To be able to burn the opponent's soul simply by looking at them. That did sound extraordinary indeed.

Hearing thus, Wu Yu set his resolve. He would cultivate the Eyes of Fire and Gold. This was indeed what he had been longing after all this time. He knew that the mystique of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal would be something incredible, but he had not expected it to be this devastating!

Ming Long continued her oratory. "The third tier leaves one even more dumbstruck. It is called Sun Vessel! The Sun Vessel makes your gaze channel the power of the sun. As long as you are beneath the sun, your eyes can absorb the radiance of the sun. Within a short amount of time, you can gather the sun's truefire within your eyes and unleash it on your opponent during battle. Against an ordinary opponent, wouldn't that scorch them to a crisp? Besides, the stronger you get, the amount of the sun's truefire you can absorb increases, and the more power it gets! A pity that in an environment like the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, it is basically useless. But wait! There's more! There's tier four!"

Ming Long was unstoppable now. And at this point, Wu Yu was already giving her his undivided attention. Of course, he was even more curious as to the subsequent powers of these Eyes of Fire and Gold.

"The fourth tier exceeds the realm of ordinary eye techniques. It is known as the World of the Golden Eye. I did not reach this tier before, so I'm not too familiar with it. It seems like you can use your eyes to create a world which traps your opponents within. The World of the Golden Eye is a world that we control, but the opponent will not be able to escape. It also has many other fantastic effects, which I won't elaborate on. Find out yourself when the time comes!

"As for the fifth tier, it feels quite unreachable. Its name is Paradise's Fiery Demise! The destruction of immortals! This tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold has the power to destroy immortals, which makes it even more difficult to reach. You must learn about it for yourself! Besides, I reckon that it doesn't just end there! Just like with the Unshackled Doppelganger, when you cultivate it to the peak, there will definitely be even more unimaginable abilities that emerge!

"To divide yourself into billions, to be able to see through abysses and universes, to be able to lay fiery waste to all the land. All of that is within reach.

"More, once you reach the fifth and eighth tiers of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, there are even more awesome mystiques waiting for you!"

These words truly fired Wu Yu's blood. It made him truly feel that, despite not having parents or seniors to lead him or sponsor him with resources, the immortal's legacy alone was enough to leave Beishan Mo in the dust!

However, he had to calm his expectations right now.

Even if the Eyes of Fire and Gold were thusly attractive, Wu Yu had still decided to cultivate this second mystique after mastering the third Transformation Art!

Ming Long gnawed on this problem for a while and spent a long time choosing. "Right now, your strength can suddenly double, and you also have the Invincible Vajra Body. You also have two Heaven Dao mystiques. It's damn near perfect, but there is a more common aspect. Speed. And within the Ground Demon Transformation Arts, there is precisely one transformation that has to do with speed. It's called the Swift Art. Are you willing to learn it?

The transformation of strength! Violent Art!

The transformation of speed, Swift Art!

From the sound of it, it indeed would help patch Wu Yu's shortcomings in this aspect. Besides, speed could sometimes decide a battle. And in a very crucial way! Therefore, Wu Yu asked, "This Swift Art. What are the specifics?"

Ming Long said, "After you finish cultivating it, you need only use the Swift Art to double your speed during battle. Some may even reach three times their usual speed. It will be as if there is a wild wind beneath your feet that helps you to move swiftly. If you fly on your sword, you can achieve five times your speed if you're flying in a straight line! This is the art of an immortal. This number will definitely not change within your life, and there will be no bottleneck."

Fighting speed two to three times!

Direct line of flight five times as fast!

The Violent Art only increased his strength by a factor of two.

The way Wu Yu saw it, this Swift Art was already enough to satisfy him. Thinking of when he was being pursued by the black wolf demon, if he had the Swift Art at that time, then perhaps the black wolf demon would not have been able to catch him.

Speed seemed to be unrelated to battle power, but it concerned one's life and death. It was no less crucial than offensive and defensive abilities. That was why when Ming Long offered the Swift Art for his consideration, he readily agreed.

"Then let it be the Swift Art," Wu Yu said.

"You're so blessed. You get everything you want. And to think that back then I had to wrestle it from the Ruyi Jingu Bang. A herculean effort, that was." Ming Long rolled her eyes.

"Who asked you to let your life fall into my hands, haha...." Wu Yu laughed.

"You have to treat this person better. All of this person's hopes rest on you~" Ming Long said coyly, mimicking Qin Fuyao's tone.

"Don't do that. Take a look at yourself”

Firstly, the Swift Art.

Of the 72 Transformations, this was one that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had left directly. Otherwise, he would have no time to rest now. All he needed to do was place the seed directly within his body, and the rest would be up to his own training.

Just like before, Wu Yu thoroughly mastered this Swift Art in just two or three days.

However, he soon discovered that the Swift Art had its own flaws.

The Fixed Body Art had a chance of failing.

The Violent Art would cause aching muscles and feebleness in the flesh afterwards.

And when this Swift Art was used, it was fairly draining on the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. During battle, with the Swift Art in support, his speed was incredible. Against an evenly matched opponent, they would be completely beaten back by Wu Yu's speed alone. But the energy drain was enormous. Besides, the regeneration rate of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy during battle was relatively slower, so it could not be sustained for too long. He could not constantly keep the Swift Art active.

However, a blistering burst of extreme speed in the moment could sometimes create a sure-kill.

Or perhaps save his life.

The Fixed Body Art, Violent Art, and Swift Art were used in the same way. They were a final ace up his sleeve, to be used when the enemy did not expect it.

Right now, Wu Yu was in front of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, boosting his speed to unbelievable levels. The naked eye was hard pressed to keep track, and at times he was just a shadow, darting everywhere. Especially when he charged in a straight line, and his speed increased to five times as fast, not even Shen Xingyao might be able to catch up with him.

He was basically gone in a flash.

After thoroughly analyzing the Swift Art, and integrating it into his fighting, Wu Yu calmed down again. Next was the difficult one: the Eyes of Fire and Gold!

"Abyss, Purgatory Chains, Sun Vessel, World of the Golden Eye, Paradise's Fiery Demise!"

Begin from the Abyss.

This mystique required one to train one's eyes.

And not in an ordinary fashion. It was a little like the Invincible Vajra Body. It required repetition after repetition of strengthening, restructuring, and putting them through difficult training in order to become Eyes of Fire and Gold.

The first step was smoking.

And one had to use cloying smoke, which required fuel. Luckily, Wu Yu had copious amounts of immortal essences, and some of them were burnable. And then the potent medicinal fumes had to fumigate the eyes.

He tested out the process. Even with eyes built up by the Invincible Vajra Body, it was still excruciating beyond belief.

"Martial arts rewards those with heart. Nothing to do but to go for it."

Who knew what would be waiting for him outside the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?

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